Wyoming zip codes

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ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
82001STANDARDCheyenne, Fe Warren AfbLaramie County307, 712
82002UNIQUECheyenne, Laramie County307
82003PO BOXCheyenne, Laramie County307
82005STANDARDFe Warren Afb, CheyenneLaramie County307
82006UNIQUECheyenne, Laramie County307
82007STANDARDCheyenne, Laramie County307
82008UNIQUECheyenne, Laramie County307
82009STANDARDCheyenne, Iron MountainLaramie County307
82010UNIQUECheyenne, Laramie County307
82050STANDARDAlbin, Laramie County307
82051STANDARDBosler, LaramieAlbany County307
82052STANDARDBuford, Albany County307
82053STANDARDBurns, EgbertLaramie County307
82054STANDARDCarpenter, Laramie County307
82055PO BOXCentennial, Albany County307
82058STANDARDGarrett, Rock RiverAlbany County307
82059PO BOXGranite Canon, Granite Canyon, HarrimanLaramie County307
82060PO BOXHillsdale, Laramie County307
82061PO BOXHorse Creek, Laramie County307
82063STANDARDJelm, LaramieAlbany County970
82070STANDARDLaramie, Bosler, FoxparkAlbany County307, 970
82071PO BOXLaramie, Albany County307
82072STANDARDLaramie, Bosler, Foxpark, Jelm, Mountain HomeAlbany County307
82073PO BOXLaramie, Albany County307
82081STANDARDMeriden, Laramie County307
82082STANDARDPine Bluffs, Laramie County307
82083STANDARDRock River, Arlington, McfaddenAlbany County307
82084PO BOXTie Siding, Albany County307
82190STANDARDYellowstone National Park, Mammoth, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yelwstn Nl PkPark County307
82201STANDARDWheatland, Bordeaux, Slater, UvaPlatte County307
82210STANDARDChugwater, DiamondPlatte County307
82212STANDARDFort Laramie, Goshen County307
82213STANDARDGlendo, Platte County307
82214STANDARDGuernsey, Platte County307
82215STANDARDHartville, SunrisePlatte County307
82217STANDARDHawk Springs, Goshen County307
82218PO BOXHuntley, Goshen County307
82219STANDARDJay Em, Goshen County307
82221STANDARDLagrange, Goshen County307
82222STANDARDLance Creek, Niobrara County307
82223STANDARDLingle, RockeagleGoshen County307
82224STANDARDLost Springs, Converse County307
82225STANDARDLusk, Kirtley, NodeNiobrara County307
82227STANDARDManville, KeelineNiobrara County307
82229STANDARDShawnee, Converse County307
82240STANDARDTorrington, Prairie Center, Prairie CtrGoshen County307
82242STANDARDVan Tassell, Niobrara County307
82243STANDARDVeteran, Goshen County307
82244STANDARDYoder, Goshen County307
82301STANDARDRawlins, Creston, Fort Steele, Muddy Gap, RinerCarbon County307
82310STANDARDJeffrey City, RawlinsFremont County307
82321STANDARDBaggs, Carbon County307, 970
82322PO BOXBairoil, Sweetwater County307
82323STANDARDDixon, Carbon County307, 970
82324PO BOXElk Mountain, Carbon County307
82325STANDARDEncampment, RiversideCarbon County307
82327STANDARDHanna, Elmo, Kortes Dam, LeoCarbon County307
82329STANDARDMedicine Bow, Carbon County307
82331STANDARDSaratoga, Ryan ParkCarbon County307
82332STANDARDSavery, Carbon County307
82334STANDARDSinclair, Carbon County307
82335PO BOXWalcott, Carbon County307
82336PO BOXWamsutter, Red Desert, TiptonSweetwater County307
82401STANDARDWorland, Washakie County307
82410STANDARDBasin, Big Horn County307
82411STANDARDBurlington, Big Horn County307
82412PO BOXByron, Big Horn County307
82414STANDARDCody, Park County307
82420PO BOXCowley, Big Horn County307
82421STANDARDDeaver, Big Horn County307
82422PO BOXEmblem, Big Horn County307
82423PO BOXFrannie, Big Horn County406, 307
82426STANDARDGreybull, Big Horn County307
82428STANDARDHyattville, Big Horn County307
82430PO BOXKirby, WorlandHot Springs County307
82431STANDARDLovell, Big Horn County307
82432STANDARDManderson, Big Horn County307
82433STANDARDMeeteetse, Park County307
82434STANDARDOtto, Big Horn County307
82435STANDARDPowell, Clark, Garland, Mantua, WillwoodPark County307
82440PO BOXRalston, Park County307
82441STANDARDShell, Big Horn County307
82442STANDARDTen Sleep, Washakie County307
82443STANDARDThermopolis, Hamilton DomeHot Springs County307
82450PO BOXWapiti, Park County307
82501STANDARDRiverton, Gas Hills, Lucky Maccamp, Midval, Morton, Sand DrawFremont County307
82510STANDARDArapahoe, Fremont County307
82512STANDARDCrowheart, BurrisFremont County307
82513STANDARDDubois, Fremont County307
82514STANDARDFort Washakie, Fremont County307
82515PO BOXHudson, Fremont County307
82516STANDARDKinnear, Fremont County307
82520STANDARDLander, Atlantic City, Ethete, S Pass City, South Pass City, Sweetwater Station, Sweetwatr StaFremont County307
82523STANDARDPavillion, Fremont County307
82524PO BOXSaint Stephens, St StephensFremont County307
82601STANDARDCasper, Bar NunnNatrona County307
82602PO BOXCasper, Natrona County307
82604STANDARDCasper, Mills, MonetaNatrona County307
82605PO BOXCasper, Natrona County307
82609STANDARDCasper, Allendale, Bar NunnNatrona County307
82615STANDARDShirley Basin, CasperCarbon County307
82620STANDARDAlcova, Natrona County307
82630STANDARDArminto, CasperNatrona County307
82633STANDARDDouglas, OrinConverse County307
82635PO BOXEdgerton, Natrona County307
82636STANDARDEvansville, Natrona County307
82637STANDARDGlenrock, Parkerton, Rolling HillsConverse County307
82638STANDARDHiland, Casper, MonetaFremont County307
82639STANDARDKaycee, Mayoworth, SussexJohnson County307
82640PO BOXLinch, Johnson County307
82642STANDARDLysite, Lost CabinFremont County307
82643STANDARDMidwest, Natrona County307
82644PO BOXMills, Natrona County307
82646STANDARDNatrona, CasperNatrona County307
82648PO BOXPowder River, Natrona County307
82649STANDARDShoshoni, Fremont County307
82701STANDARDNewcastle, Weston County307, 605
82710STANDARDAladdin, Crook County307
82711STANDARDAlva, Crook County307
82712STANDARDBeulah, Crook County307
82714STANDARDDevils Tower, Crook County307
82715STANDARDFour Corners, NewcastleWeston County307
82716STANDARDGillette, Campbell County307
82717PO BOXGillette, Campbell County307
82718STANDARDGillette, Campbell County307
82720STANDARDHulett, New HavenCrook County307
82721STANDARDMoorcroft, Carlile, Oshoto, Pine HavenCrook County307
82723STANDARDOsage, Weston County307
82725STANDARDRecluse, Campbell County307
82727STANDARDRozet, Campbell County307
82729STANDARDSundance, Crook County307
82730STANDARDUpton, Weston County307
82731STANDARDWeston, GilletteCampbell County307
82732PO BOXWright, GilletteCampbell County307
82801STANDARDSheridan, Sheridan County307
82831STANDARDArvada, Sheridan County307
82832STANDARDBanner, StorySheridan County307
82833PO BOXBig Horn, Sheridan County307
82834STANDARDBuffalo, Johnson County307
82835STANDARDClearmont, Sheridan County307
82836STANDARDDayton, Sheridan County307
82837PO BOXLeiter, Sheridan County307
82838STANDARDParkman, Sheridan County307
82839STANDARDRanchester, AcmeSheridan County307
82840PO BOXSaddlestring, BuffaloJohnson County307
82842STANDARDStory, Sheridan County307
82844STANDARDWolf, RanchesterSheridan County307
82845PO BOXWyarno, Sheridan County307
82901STANDARDRock Springs, Bitter Creek, QuealySweetwater County307
82902PO BOXRock Springs, Sweetwater County307
82922STANDARDBondurant, Sublette County307
82923STANDARDBoulder, Sublette County307
82925STANDARDCora, Sublette County307
82929PO BOXLittle America, Litl AmericaSweetwater County307
82930STANDARDEvanston, Bear RiverUinta County307, 435
82931PO BOXEvanston, Uinta County307
82932STANDARDFarson, EdenSweetwater County307
82933STANDARDFort Bridger, PiedmontUinta County307
82934PO BOXGranger, Sweetwater County307
82935STANDARDGreen River, Sweetwater County307
82936STANDARDLonetree, Uinta County307
82937STANDARDLyman, UrieUinta County307
82938PO BOXMc Kinnon, Green RiverSweetwater County307
82939PO BOXMountain View, Uinta County307
82941STANDARDPinedale, Sublette County307
82942PO BOXPoint Of Rocks, Pt Of Rocks, Rock SpringsSweetwater County307
82943PO BOXReliance, Sweetwater County307
82944PO BOXRobertson, Uinta County307
82945PO BOXSuperior, Sweetwater County307
83001STANDARDJackson, Hoback Jct, Hoback Junction, Jackson HoleTeton County307
83002PO BOXJackson, Jackson HoleTeton County307
83011STANDARDKelly, Teton County307
83012STANDARDMoose, Jenny LakeTeton County307
83013STANDARDMoran, Teton County307
83014STANDARDWilson, Teton County307
83025PO BOXTeton Village, Teton County307
83101STANDARDKemmerer, Fontenelle, HamsforkLincoln County307
83110STANDARDAfton, TurnervilleLincoln County307, 208, 435
83111STANDARDAuburn, Lincoln County208, 307
83112STANDARDBedford, Lincoln County307
83113STANDARDBig Piney, MarbletonSublette County307
83114STANDARDCokeville, RaymondLincoln County307
83115STANDARDDaniel, Sublette County307
83116PO BOXDiamondville, Lincoln County307
83118STANDARDEtna, Lincoln County307
83119PO BOXFairview, Lincoln County307
83120STANDARDFreedom, Lincoln County208, 307
83121PO BOXFrontier, Lincoln County
83122STANDARDGrover, Lincoln County307
83123STANDARDLa Barge, Lincoln County307
83124PO BOXOpal, Lincoln County307
83126STANDARDSmoot, Lincoln County307
83127STANDARDThayne, Star Valley Ranch, Star Vly RnchLincoln County307
83128STANDARDAlpine, Lincoln County307
83414STANDARDAlta, Teton County307

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Wyoming, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 488,374.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 5,232.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 13,898.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 5,212.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 579.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 20,083

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 91.56% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.11% of the population.