Washington zip codes

To find the postal code of a town or city, select it and then navigate until you reach the desired postal code.

ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
98001STANDARDAuburn, Algona, Federal WayKing County206, 253
98002STANDARDAuburn, King County253, 206
98003STANDARDFederal Way, AuburnKing County206, 253
98004STANDARDBellevue, Beaux Arts, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Yarrow PointKing County425, 206, 253
98005STANDARDBellevue, King County425, 206
98006STANDARDBellevue, IssaquahKing County360, 425, 206
98007STANDARDBellevue, King County425, 206
98008STANDARDBellevue, King County206, 425
98009PO BOXBellevue, King County425
98010STANDARDBlack Diamond, King County360, 206
98011STANDARDBothell, King County206, 425, 360
98012STANDARDBothell, Mill CreekSnohomish County425, 206
98013PO BOXBurton, VashonKing County206
98014STANDARDCarnation, King County425
98015PO BOXBellevue, King County425
98019STANDARDDuvall, King County425, 206
98020STANDARDEdmonds, WoodwaySnohomish County206, 425
98021STANDARDBothell, Snohomish County425, 206
98022STANDARDEnumclaw, King County253, 360, 206
98023STANDARDFederal Way, AuburnKing County253
98024STANDARDFall City, King County425
98025PO BOXHobart, King County
98026STANDARDEdmonds, Snohomish County425, 206
98027STANDARDIssaquah, King County425, 206
98028STANDARDKenmore, BothellKing County206, 425
98029STANDARDIssaquah, King County425, 206
98030STANDARDKent, King County253
98031STANDARDKent, King County206, 253, 425
98032STANDARDKent, King County253, 425, 206
98033STANDARDKirkland, King County206, 425
98034STANDARDKirkland, King County425, 206
98035PO BOXKent, King County253
98036STANDARDLynnwood, BrierSnohomish County425, 360, 206
98037STANDARDLynnwood, Snohomish County425, 206
98038STANDARDMaple Valley, King County253, 425, 206, 360
98039STANDARDMedina, King County425
98040STANDARDMercer Island, King County425, 206
98041PO BOXBothell, King County425
98042STANDARDKent, CovingtonKing County253, 425, 206, 360
98043STANDARDMountlake Terrace, Mountlake TerSnohomish County206, 425
98045STANDARDNorth Bend, King County425
98046PO BOXLynnwood, Snohomish County206
98047STANDARDPacific, AuburnKing County253
98050PO BOXPreston, King County425
98051STANDARDRavensdale, King County360, 425
98052STANDARDRedmond, King County425, 206
98053STANDARDRedmond, King County425, 206
98054STANDARDRedondo, King County
98055STANDARDRenton, King County206, 425, 253
98056STANDARDRenton, NewcastleKing County425, 206
98057STANDARDRenton, King County206
98058STANDARDRenton, King County425, 253, 206
98059STANDARDRenton, NewcastleKing County425, 206
98061PO BOXRollingbay, Kitsap County
98062PO BOXSeahurst, King County
98063PO BOXFederal Way, AuburnKing County253
98064PO BOXKent, King County253
98065STANDARDSnoqualmie, King County425
98068PO BOXSnoqualmie Pass, Snoqualmie PsKittitas County425
98070STANDARDVashon, King County206
98071PO BOXAuburn, King County206, 253
98072STANDARDWoodinville, King County425, 206, 360
98073PO BOXRedmond, King County206
98074STANDARDSammamish, RedmondKing County425, 206
98075STANDARDSammamish, IssaquahKing County425, 206
98077STANDARDWoodinville, King County425
98082PO BOXMill Creek, Bothell
98083PO BOXKirkland, King County425
98087STANDARDLynnwood, Snohomish County425
98089PO BOXKent, King County253
98092STANDARDAuburn, King County206, 253, 360
98093PO BOXFederal Way, AuburnKing County253
98101STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425, 360
98102STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425, 253, 360
98103STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98104STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425, 360, 253
98105STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98106STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98107STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98108STANDARDSeattle, TukwilaKing County206, 425
98109STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425, 360
98110STANDARDBainbridge Island, Bainbridge Is, SeattleKitsap County206
98111PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98112STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98113PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98114PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98115STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98116STANDARDSeattle, King County425, 206
98117STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98118STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98119STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98121STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 253, 360, 425
98122STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98124PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98125STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98126STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98127PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98129UNIQUESeattle, King County206
98131STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98132STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98133STANDARDSeattle, ShorelineKing County206, 425
98134STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98136STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98138PO BOXSeattle, TukwilaKing County206
98139PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98141PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98144STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98145PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98146STANDARDSeattle, BurienKing County206, 253
98148STANDARDSeattle, Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeatacKing County206, 253
98151UNIQUESeattle, Goodwill Games 1990King County206
98154STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425, 253, 360
98155STANDARDSeattle, Lake Forest Park, Lk Forest Pk, ShorelineKing County206, 425
98158STANDARDSeattle, SeatacKing County425, 360, 206
98160PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98161STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98164STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98165PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98166STANDARDSeattle, Burien, Normandy ParkKing County206, 360, 253
98168STANDARDSeattle, Burien, Seatac, TukwilaKing County425, 206, 360, 253
98170UNIQUESeattle, King County206
98171STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98174STANDARDSeattle, King County206
98175PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98177STANDARDSeattle, ShorelineKing County206, 425
98178STANDARDSeattle, TukwilaKing County206, 425, 253
98181UNIQUESeattle, King County206
98184UNIQUESeattle, King County206
98185UNIQUESeattle, King County206
98188STANDARDSeattle, Seatac, TukwilaKing County206, 425, 360, 253
98190UNIQUESeattle, Capital OneKing County206
98191UNIQUESeattle, King County206
98194PO BOXSeattle, King County206
98195UNIQUESeattle, King County206
98198STANDARDSeattle, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeatacKing County206, 253
98199STANDARDSeattle, King County206, 425
98201STANDARDEverett, Snohomish County425, 206
98203STANDARDEverett, Snohomish County425, 360
98204STANDARDEverett, Snohomish County425
98205STANDARDEverett, Snohomish County425
98206PO BOXEverett, Snohomish County425
98207UNIQUEEverett, Snohomish County425
98208STANDARDEverett, Snohomish County425, 206
98213PO BOXEverett, Snohomish County425
98220STANDARDAcme, Whatcom County360
98221STANDARDAnacortes, Skagit County360
98222STANDARDBlakely Island, Anacortes, Blakely IsSan Juan County360
98223STANDARDArlington, Snohomish County425, 360, 206
98224PO BOXBaring, King County360
98225STANDARDBellingham, Whatcom County360, 206
98226STANDARDBellingham, Whatcom County360
98227PO BOXBellingham, Whatcom County360
98228PO BOXBellingham, Whatcom County360
98229STANDARDBellingham, Whatcom County360
98230STANDARDBlaine, Whatcom County360
98231PO BOXBlaine, Whatcom County360
98232STANDARDBow, Skagit County360
98233STANDARDBurlington, Skagit County360
98235PO BOXClearlake, Skagit County360
98236STANDARDClinton, Island County360
98237STANDARDConcrete, Skagit County360
98238PO BOXConway, Skagit County360
98239STANDARDCoupeville, Island County360
98240STANDARDCuster, Whatcom County360
98241STANDARDDarrington, Snohomish County360
98243PO BOXDeer Harbor, San Juan County360
98244STANDARDDeming, Whatcom County360
98245STANDARDEastsound, San Juan County360
98247STANDARDEverson, NooksackWhatcom County360
98248STANDARDFerndale, Whatcom County360
98249STANDARDFreeland, Island County360
98250STANDARDFriday Harbor, Roche HarborSan Juan County360
98251STANDARDGold Bar, Snohomish County360
98252STANDARDGranite Falls, Snohomish County360
98253STANDARDGreenbank, Island County360
98255PO BOXHamilton, Skagit County360
98256PO BOXIndex, Snohomish County360
98257STANDARDLa Conner, Skagit County360
98258STANDARDLake Stevens, Snohomish County425, 360
98259PO BOXNorth Lakewood, N LakewoodSnohomish County
98260STANDARDLangley, Island County425, 360
98261STANDARDLopez Island, San Juan County360
98262STANDARDLummi Island, Whatcom County360
98263PO BOXLyman, Skagit County360
98264STANDARDLynden, Whatcom County360
98266STANDARDMaple Falls, Whatcom County360
98267STANDARDMarblemount, Skagit County360
98270STANDARDMarysville, Snohomish County360, 425
98271STANDARDMarysville, TulalipSnohomish County360, 425, 206
98272STANDARDMonroe, Snohomish County360, 425, 206
98273STANDARDMount Vernon, Skagit County360
98274STANDARDMount Vernon, Skagit County360
98275STANDARDMukilteo, Snohomish County425, 206
98276PO BOXNooksack, EversonWhatcom County360
98277STANDARDOak Harbor, Island County360
98278UNIQUEOak Harbor, Nas Whidbey, Whidbey Island Naval AirIsland County360
98279STANDARDOlga, San Juan County360
98280PO BOXOrcas, San Juan County360
98281STANDARDPoint Roberts, Whatcom County360
98282STANDARDCamano Island, StanwoodIsland County360
98283STANDARDRockport, Skagit County360
98284STANDARDSedro Woolley, Skagit County360, 425
98286PO BOXShaw Island, San Juan County360
98287PO BOXSilvana, Snohomish County206
98288PO BOXSkykomish, King County360
98290STANDARDSnohomish, Snohomish County360, 425
98291PO BOXSnohomish, Snohomish County206
98292STANDARDStanwood, Snohomish County425, 360
98293PO BOXStartup, Snohomish County360
98294STANDARDSultan, Snohomish County360
98295STANDARDSumas, Whatcom County360
98296STANDARDSnohomish, Snohomish County360, 206, 425
98297PO BOXWaldron, San Juan County360
98303STANDARDAnderson Island, Anderson IsPierce County253
98304STANDARDAshford, Pierce County360, 503
98305STANDARDBeaver, Clallam County360
98310STANDARDBremerton, Kitsap County360, 206
98311STANDARDBremerton, Kitsap County360, 425, 206
98312STANDARDBremerton, Kitsap County360
98314UNIQUEBremerton, Kitsap County360
98315STANDARDSilverdale, Kitsap County360
98320STANDARDBrinnon, Jefferson County360
98321STANDARDBuckley, Pierce County360, 253
98322PO BOXBurley, Kitsap County253
98323STANDARDCarbonado, Pierce County360
98324PO BOXCarlsborg, Clallam County360
98325STANDARDChimacum, Jefferson County360
98326STANDARDClallam Bay, Clallam County360
98327STANDARDDupont, Pierce County253
98328STANDARDEatonville, Pierce County360, 253
98329STANDARDGig Harbor, Pierce County253
98330STANDARDElbe, Pierce County360
98331STANDARDForks, Jefferson County360
98332STANDARDGig Harbor, Pierce County253
98333STANDARDFox Island, Pierce County253
98335STANDARDGig Harbor, Pierce County253, 360, 206
98336STANDARDGlenoma, Lewis County360
98337STANDARDBremerton, GorstKitsap County360
98338STANDARDGraham, Pierce County253, 360
98339STANDARDPort Hadlock, Jefferson County360
98340STANDARDHansville, Kitsap County360
98342STANDARDIndianola, Kitsap County360
98343PO BOXJoyce, Clallam County360
98344PO BOXKapowsin, Pierce County360
98345PO BOXKeyport, Kitsap County360
98346STANDARDKingston, Kitsap County360
98348PO BOXLa Grande, Thurston County
98349STANDARDLakebay, HomePierce County253
98350PO BOXLa Push, Clallam County360
98351STANDARDLongbranch, LakebayPierce County253
98352UNIQUESumner, Pierce County253
98353PO BOXManchester, Kitsap County
98354STANDARDMilton, Pierce County253
98355STANDARDMineral, Lewis County360
98356STANDARDMorton, Lewis County360
98357PO BOXNeah Bay, Clallam County360
98358STANDARDNordland, Jefferson County360
98359STANDARDOlalla, Kitsap County253
98360STANDARDOrting, Pierce County253, 360
98361STANDARDPackwood, Lewis County360
98362STANDARDPort Angeles, Clallam County360
98363STANDARDPort Angeles, Clallam County360
98364PO BOXPort Gamble, Kitsap County360
98365STANDARDPort Ludlow, Port HadlockJefferson County360
98366STANDARDPort Orchard, S Park Vlg, South Park VillageKitsap County360
98367STANDARDPort Orchard, Kitsap County360, 253
98368STANDARDPort Townsend, Jefferson County360
98370STANDARDPoulsbo, Kitsap County360, 425
98371STANDARDPuyallup, EdgewoodPierce County253
98372STANDARDPuyallup, EdgewoodPierce County253
98373STANDARDPuyallup, South HillPierce County253
98374STANDARDPuyallup, South HillPierce County253, 360
98375STANDARDPuyallup, South HillPierce County253
98376STANDARDQuilcene, Jefferson County360
98377STANDARDRandle, Lewis County360
98378PO BOXRetsil, Kitsap County
98380STANDARDSeabeck, Kitsap County360
98381STANDARDSekiu, Clallam County360
98382STANDARDSequim, Clallam County360
98383STANDARDSilverdale, Kitsap County360
98384PO BOXSouth Colby, Kitsap County
98385PO BOXSouth Prairie, Pierce County360
98386PO BOXSouthworth, Kitsap County
98387STANDARDSpanaway, BethelPierce County206, 253
98388STANDARDSteilacoom, Pierce County253
98390STANDARDSumner, Pierce County253, 360, 206
98391STANDARDBonney Lake, Lake Tapps, SumnerPierce County
98392STANDARDSuquamish, Kitsap County206, 360
98393PO BOXTracyton, Kitsap County360
98394STANDARDVaughn, Pierce County253
98395PO BOXWauna, Pierce County
98396PO BOXWilkeson, Pierce County360
98397PO BOXLongmire, Pierce County
98398PO BOXParadise Inn, ParadiseLewis County
98401PO BOXTacoma, Pierce County253
98402STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98403STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98404STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98405STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98406STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253, 206
98407STANDARDTacoma, RustonPierce County253
98408STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98409STANDARDTacoma, LakewoodPierce County253
98411PO BOXTacoma, Pierce County253
98412PO BOXTacoma, Pierce County253
98413STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98415PO BOXTacoma, Pierce County253
98416UNIQUETacoma, Pierce County253
98417PO BOXTacoma, Pierce County253
98418STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98419PO BOXTacoma, Pierce County253
98421STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98422STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98424STANDARDTacoma, FifePierce County253, 206
98430UNIQUECamp Murray, TacomaPierce County
98431UNIQUETacoma, Joint Base Lewis Mcchord, Lewis Mcchord, Madigan Hosp, Madigan HospitalPierce County253
98433STANDARDTacoma, Fort Lewis, Ft Lewis, Joint Base Lewis Mcchord, Lewis McchordPierce County253
98438PO BOXMcchord Afb, Joint Base Lewis Mcchord, Lewis Mcchord, TacomaPierce County253
98439STANDARDLakewood, Joint Base Lewis Mcchord, Lewis Mcchord, Mcchord Afb, TacomaPierce County253
98442STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98443STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98444STANDARDTacoma, ParklandPierce County253, 206
98445STANDARDTacoma, ParklandPierce County253
98446STANDARDTacoma, ParklandPierce County253
98447UNIQUETacoma, Pierce County253
98448PO BOXTacoma, ParklandPierce County253
98450UNIQUETacoma, Pierce County253
98455UNIQUETacoma, Pierce County253
98460UNIQUETacoma, Pierce County253
98464PO BOXTacoma, University Pl, University PlacePierce County253
98465STANDARDTacoma, Pierce County253
98466STANDARDTacoma, Fircrest, University Pl, University PlacePierce County253
98467STANDARDUniversity Place, Tacoma, University PlPierce County253, 206
98471UNIQUETacoma, Pierce County253
98477UNIQUETacoma, Pierce County253
98481UNIQUETacoma, Pierce County253
98490PO BOXTacoma, Pierce County253
98492STANDARDTacoma, LakewoodPierce County253
98493UNIQUETacoma, Pierce County253
98496PO BOXLakewood, TacomaPierce County253
98497PO BOXLakewood, Oakbrook, TacomaPierce County253
98498STANDARDLakewood, TacomaPierce County253
98499STANDARDLakewood, Joint Base Lewis Mcchord, Lewis Mcchord, Mcchord Afb, TacomaPierce County253
98501STANDARDOlympia, TumwaterThurston County360
98502STANDARDOlympia, Thurston County360
98503STANDARDLacey, OlympiaThurston County206, 425, 360
98504UNIQUEOlympia, Thurston County360
98505UNIQUEOlympia, Thurston County360
98506STANDARDOlympia, LaceyThurston County360
98507PO BOXOlympia, Thurston County360
98508PO BOXOlympia, Thurston County360
98509PO BOXLacey, OlympiaThurston County360
98511PO BOXTumwater, OlympiaThurston County360
98512STANDARDOlympia, TumwaterThurston County360
98513STANDARDOlympia, LaceyThurston County360
98516STANDARDOlympia, LaceyThurston County360, 253
98520STANDARDAberdeen, Grays Harbor County360
98522PO BOXAdna, Lewis County360
98524STANDARDAllyn, Mason County360
98526STANDARDAmanda Park, Grays Harbor County360
98527PO BOXBay Center, Pacific County360
98528STANDARDBelfair, Mason County360
98530PO BOXBucoda, Thurston County360
98531STANDARDCentralia, Lewis County360
98532STANDARDChehalis, NapavineLewis County360
98533STANDARDCinebar, Lewis County360
98535STANDARDCopalis Beach, Grays Harbor County360
98536STANDARDCopalis Crossing, Copalis XingGrays Harbor County360
98537STANDARDCosmopolis, Grays Harbor County360
98538STANDARDCurtis, Lewis County360
98539PO BOXDoty, Lewis County360
98540PO BOXEast Olympia, Thurston County360
98541STANDARDElma, Grays Harbor County360
98542STANDARDEthel, Lewis County360
98544PO BOXGalvin, Lewis County360
98546STANDARDGrapeview, Mason County360
98547STANDARDGrayland, Pacific County360
98548STANDARDHoodsport, Mason County360
98550STANDARDHoquiam, Grays Harbor County360
98552STANDARDHumptulips, Grays Harbor County360
98554PO BOXLebam, Pacific County360
98555STANDARDLilliwaup, Mason County360
98556PO BOXLittlerock, Thurston County360
98557STANDARDMccleary, Grays Harbor County360
98558PO BOXMckenna, Pierce County360
98559PO BOXMalone, Grays Harbor County360
98560STANDARDMatlock, Mason County
98561PO BOXMenlo, Pacific County360
98562PO BOXMoclips, Grays Harbor County360
98563STANDARDMontesano, Grays Harbor County360
98564STANDARDMossyrock, Lewis County360
98565PO BOXNapavine, Lewis County360
98566PO BOXNeilton, Grays Harbor County360
98568STANDARDOakville, Grays Harbor County360
98569STANDARDOcean Shores, Ocean CityGrays Harbor County360
98570STANDARDOnalaska, Lewis County360
98571PO BOXPacific Beach, Grays Harbor County360
98572STANDARDPe Ell, Lewis County360
98575STANDARDQuinault, Grays Harbor County360
98576STANDARDRainier, Thurston County360
98577STANDARDRaymond, Pacific County360
98579STANDARDRochester, Thurston County360
98580STANDARDRoy, Pierce County253, 360
98581STANDARDRyderwood, Cowlitz County360
98582STANDARDSalkum, Lewis County360
98583PO BOXSatsop, Grays Harbor County360
98584STANDARDShelton, Skok, Skokomish NationMason County360
98585STANDARDSilver Creek, Lewis County360
98586STANDARDSouth Bend, Pacific County360
98587PO BOXTaholah, Grays Harbor County360
98588STANDARDTahuya, Mason County360
98589STANDARDTenino, Thurston County360
98590STANDARDTokeland, Pacific County360
98591STANDARDToledo, Lewis County360
98592STANDARDUnion, Mason County360
98593STANDARDVader, Lewis County360
98595STANDARDWestport, Grays Harbor County360
98596STANDARDWinlock, Lewis County360
98597STANDARDYelm, Thurston County360
98599UNIQUEOlympia, Thurston County360
98601STANDARDAmboy, Clark County360
98602STANDARDAppleton, Klickitat County509
98603STANDARDAriel, Cowlitz County360
98604STANDARDBattle Ground, Clark County360
98605STANDARDBingen, CookKlickitat County509
98606STANDARDBrush Prairie, Clark County360
98607STANDARDCamas, Clark County360
98609STANDARDCarrolls, Cowlitz County360
98610STANDARDCarson, Skamania County509
98611STANDARDCastle Rock, Cowlitz County360
98612STANDARDCathlamet, Wahkiakum County360
98613STANDARDCenterville, Klickitat County509
98614PO BOXChinook, Pacific County360
98616STANDARDCougar, Cowlitz County360
98617PO BOXDallesport, Klickitat County509
98619STANDARDGlenwood, Klickitat County509
98620STANDARDGoldendale, Klickitat County509
98621STANDARDGrays River, Wahkiakum County360
98622PO BOXHeisson, Clark County360
98623PO BOXHusum, Klickitat County509
98624STANDARDIlwaco, Pacific County360
98625STANDARDKalama, Cowlitz County360
98626STANDARDKelso, Cowlitz County360
98628STANDARDKlickitat, Klickitat County509
98629STANDARDLa Center, Clark County360
98631STANDARDLong Beach, Pacific County360
98632STANDARDLongview, Cowlitz County360
98635STANDARDLyle, Klickitat County509
98637PO BOXNahcotta, Pacific County360
98638STANDARDNaselle, Pacific County360
98639PO BOXNorth Bonneville, N BonnevilleSkamania County509
98640STANDARDOcean Park, Pacific County360
98641PO BOXOysterville, Pacific County360
98642STANDARDRidgefield, Clark County360
98643STANDARDRosburg, Wahkiakum County360
98644PO BOXSeaview, Pacific County360
98645STANDARDSilverlake, Cowlitz County360
98647STANDARDSkamokawa, Wahkiakum County360
98648STANDARDStevenson, Skamania County509
98649STANDARDToutle, Cowlitz County360
98650STANDARDTrout Lake, Klickitat County509
98651STANDARDUnderwood, Skamania County509
98660STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98661STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98662STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98663STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98664STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98665STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98666PO BOXVancouver, Clark County360, 503
98667UNIQUEVancouver, Clark County360
98668PO BOXVancouver, Clark County360
98670STANDARDWahkiacus, KlickitatKlickitat County509
98671STANDARDWashougal, Clark County360
98672STANDARDWhite Salmon, Klickitat County509
98673PO BOXWishram, Klickitat County509
98674STANDARDWoodland, Clark County360
98675STANDARDYacolt, Clark County360
98682STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98683STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98684STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98685STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98686STANDARDVancouver, Clark County360
98687PO BOXVancouver, Clark County360
98801STANDARDWenatchee, Chelan County509
98802STANDARDEast Wenatchee, E Wenatchee, WenatcheeDouglas County509
98807PO BOXWenatchee, Chelan County509
98811PO BOXArdenvoir, Chelan County509
98812STANDARDBrewster, Okanogan County509
98813STANDARDBridgeport, Douglas County509
98814STANDARDCarlton, Okanogan County509
98815STANDARDCashmere, Chelan County509
98816STANDARDChelan, Chelan County509
98817PO BOXChelan Falls, Chelan County509
98819PO BOXConconully, Okanogan County509
98821PO BOXDryden, Chelan County509
98822STANDARDEntiat, Chelan County509
98823STANDARDEphrata, Grant County509
98824PO BOXGeorge, Grant County509
98826STANDARDLeavenworth, Chelan County509, 360
98827STANDARDLoomis, Okanogan County509
98828STANDARDMalaga, Chelan County509
98829PO BOXMalott, Okanogan County509
98830STANDARDMansfield, Douglas County509
98831STANDARDManson, Chelan County509
98832STANDARDMarlin, Grant County509
98833STANDARDMazama, Okanogan County509
98834STANDARDMethow, Okanogan County509
98836PO BOXMonitor, Chelan County509
98837STANDARDMoses Lake, Grant County509
98840STANDARDOkanogan, Okanogan County509
98841STANDARDOmak, Okanogan County509
98843STANDARDOrondo, Douglas County509
98844STANDARDOroville, Okanogan County509
98845STANDARDPalisades, Douglas County509
98846STANDARDPateros, Okanogan County509
98847STANDARDPeshastin, Chelan County509
98848STANDARDQuincy, GeorgeGrant County509
98849STANDARDRiverside, Okanogan County509
98850STANDARDRock Island, Douglas County509
98851STANDARDSoap Lake, Grant County509
98852PO BOXStehekin, Chelan County509
98853PO BOXStratford, Grant County509
98855STANDARDTonasket, Okanogan County509
98856STANDARDTwisp, Okanogan County509
98857STANDARDWarden, Grant County509
98858STANDARDWaterville, Douglas County509
98859STANDARDWauconda, Okanogan County509
98860PO BOXWilson Creek, Grant County509
98862STANDARDWinthrop, Okanogan County509
98901STANDARDYakima, Union GapYakima County509
98902STANDARDYakima, Yakima County509
98903STANDARDYakima, Union GapYakima County509
98904PO BOXYakima, GleedYakima County509
98907PO BOXYakima, Yakima County509
98908STANDARDYakima, Yakima County509
98909PO BOXYakima, Yakima County509
98920PO BOXBrownstown, Yakima County509
98921PO BOXBuena, Yakima County509
98922STANDARDCle Elum, Kittitas County509
98923STANDARDCowiche, Yakima County509
98925PO BOXEaston, Kittitas County509
98926STANDARDEllensburg, Kittitas County509
98929STANDARDNaches, Goose PrairieYakima County509
98930STANDARDGrandview, Yakima County509
98932STANDARDGranger, Yakima County509
98933STANDARDHarrah, Yakima County509
98934PO BOXKittitas, Kittitas County509
98935STANDARDMabton, Yakima County509
98936STANDARDMoxee, Yakima County509
98937STANDARDNaches, Goose PrairieYakima County509
98938STANDARDOutlook, Yakima County509
98939PO BOXParker, Yakima County509
98940PO BOXRonald, Kittitas County509
98941PO BOXRoslyn, Kittitas County509
98942STANDARDSelah, Yakima County509
98943PO BOXSouth Cle Elum, S Cle ElumKittitas County509
98944STANDARDSunnyside, Yakima County509
98946STANDARDThorp, Kittitas County509
98947STANDARDTieton, Yakima County509
98948STANDARDToppenish, Yakima County509
98950PO BOXVantage, EllensburgKittitas County509
98951STANDARDWapato, Yakima County509
98952STANDARDWhite Swan, Yakima County509
98953STANDARDZillah, Yakima County509
99001STANDARDAirway Heights, Airway HgtsSpokane County509
99003STANDARDChattaroy, Spokane County509
99004STANDARDCheney, Spokane County509
99005STANDARDColbert, Spokane County509
99006STANDARDDeer Park, Spokane County509
99008STANDARDEdwall, Lincoln County509
99009STANDARDElk, Spokane County509
99011STANDARDFairchild Air Force Base, Fairchild AfbSpokane County509
99012STANDARDFairfield, Spokane County509
99013STANDARDFord, Stevens County509
99014PO BOXFour Lakes, Spokane County509
99016STANDARDGreenacres, Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99017STANDARDLamont, SpragueWhitman County509
99018STANDARDLatah, Spokane County509
99019STANDARDLiberty Lake, Spokane County509
99020PO BOXMarshall, Spokane County509
99021STANDARDMead, Spokane County509
99022STANDARDMedical Lake, EspanolaSpokane County509
99023STANDARDMica, ValleyfordSpokane County509
99025STANDARDNewman Lake, Spokane County509
99026STANDARDNine Mile Falls, Nine Mile FlsStevens County509
99027STANDARDOtis Orchards, City Of Spokane Valley, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99029STANDARDReardan, Lincoln County509
99030STANDARDRockford, Spokane County509, 208
99031STANDARDSpangle, Spokane County509
99032STANDARDSprague, Lincoln County509
99033STANDARDTekoa, Whitman County509
99034STANDARDTumtum, Stevens County509
99036STANDARDValleyford, Spokane County509
99037STANDARDVeradale, City Of Spokane Valley, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99039PO BOXWaverly, Spokane County509
99040STANDARDWellpinit, Stevens County509
99101STANDARDAddy, Stevens County509
99102PO BOXAlbion, Whitman County509
99103STANDARDAlmira, Lincoln County509
99104STANDARDBelmont, FarmingtonWhitman County509
99105STANDARDBenge, Adams County509
99107STANDARDBoyds, Kettle FallsFerry County509
99109STANDARDChewelah, Stevens County509
99110STANDARDClayton, Stevens County509
99111STANDARDColfax, DiamondWhitman County509
99113STANDARDColton, Whitman County509
99114STANDARDColville, Stevens County509
99115STANDARDCoulee City, Grant County509
99116STANDARDCoulee Dam, Okanogan County509
99117STANDARDCreston, Lincoln County509
99118STANDARDCurlew, Ferry County509
99119STANDARDCusick, Pend Oreille County509
99121STANDARDDanville, Ferry County509
99122STANDARDDavenport, Deer Meadows, Seven BaysLincoln County509
99123STANDARDElectric City, Grant County509
99124PO BOXElmer City, Okanogan County509
99125STANDARDEndicott, Whitman County509
99126STANDARDEvans, Kettle FallsStevens County509
99128STANDARDFarmington, Whitman County509, 208
99129STANDARDFruitland, HuntersStevens County509
99130STANDARDGarfield, Whitman County509
99131STANDARDGifford, Stevens County509
99133STANDARDGrand Coulee, Grant County509
99134STANDARDHarrington, Lincoln County509
99135STANDARDHartline, Grant County509
99136STANDARDHay, Whitman County509
99137STANDARDHunters, Stevens County509
99138STANDARDInchelium, Ferry County509
99139STANDARDIone, Pend Oreille County509
99140STANDARDKeller, Ferry County509
99141STANDARDKettle Falls, Stevens County509
99143STANDARDLacrosse, Whitman County509
99144STANDARDLamona, OdessaLincoln County509
99146PO BOXLaurier, Ferry County509
99147STANDARDLincoln, CrestonLincoln County509
99148STANDARDLoon Lake, Stevens County509
99149PO BOXMalden, Whitman County509
99150STANDARDMalo, Ferry County509
99151PO BOXMarcus, Stevens County509
99152PO BOXMetaline, Pend Oreille County509
99153STANDARDMetaline Falls, Metaline FlsPend Oreille County509
99154STANDARDMohler, HarringtonLincoln County509
99155PO BOXNespelem, Okanogan County509
99156STANDARDNewport, Pend Oreille County509
99157STANDARDNorthport, Stevens County509
99158STANDARDOakesdale, Whitman County509
99159STANDARDOdessa, Lincoln County509
99160STANDARDOrient, Kettle FallsFerry County509
99161STANDARDPalouse, Whitman County509
99163STANDARDPullman, Whitman County509
99164UNIQUEPullman, Whitman County509
99165STANDARDPullman, Whitman County509
99166STANDARDRepublic, Ferry County509
99167STANDARDRice, Stevens County509
99169STANDARDRitzville, Adams County509
99170STANDARDRosalia, PlazaWhitman County509
99171STANDARDSaint John, Whitman County509
99173STANDARDSpringdale, Stevens County509
99174PO BOXSteptoe, Whitman County509
99176STANDARDThornton, Whitman County509
99179STANDARDUniontown, Whitman County509
99180STANDARDUsk, Pend Oreille County509
99181STANDARDValley, Stevens County509
99185STANDARDWilbur, Lincoln County509
99201STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99202STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99203STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99204STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99205STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99206STANDARDSpokane, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99207STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99208STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99209PO BOXSpokane, Spokane County509
99210PO BOXSpokane, Spokane County509
99211PO BOXSpokane, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99212STANDARDSpokane, Millwood, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99213PO BOXSpokane, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99214PO BOXSpokane, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99215PO BOXSpokane, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99216STANDARDSpokane, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99217STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99218STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99219PO BOXSpokane, Sunset HillSpokane County509
99220PO BOXSpokane, Spokane County509
99223STANDARDSpokane, Spokane Valley, Spokane VlySpokane County509
99224STANDARDSpokane, Spokane County509
99228PO BOXSpokane, Spokane County509
99251UNIQUESpokane, Spokane County509
99252UNIQUESpokane, Spokane County509
99256UNIQUESpokane, Spokane County509
99258UNIQUESpokane, Spokane County509
99260UNIQUESpokane, Spokane County509
99299UNIQUESpokane, Spokane County509
99301STANDARDPasco, Franklin County509
99302PO BOXPasco, Tri CitiesFranklin County509
99320STANDARDBenton City, Benton County509
99321STANDARDBeverly, Grant County509
99322STANDARDBickleton, Klickitat County509
99323STANDARDBurbank, Walla Walla County509
99324STANDARDCollege Place, Walla Walla County509
99326STANDARDConnell, Franklin County509
99328STANDARDDayton, Columbia County509
99329STANDARDDixie, Walla Walla County509
99330STANDARDEltopia, Franklin County509
99333PO BOXHooper, Whitman County509
99335PO BOXKahlotus, Franklin County509
99336STANDARDKennewick, Benton County509
99337STANDARDKennewick, Benton County509
99338STANDARDKennewick, Benton County509
99341STANDARDLind, Adams County509
99343STANDARDMesa, Franklin County509
99344STANDARDOthello, HattonAdams County509
99345PO BOXPaterson, Benton County509
99346PO BOXPlymouth, Benton County509
99347STANDARDPomeroy, Garfield County509
99348STANDARDPrescott, Walla Walla County509
99349STANDARDMattawa, Desert AireGrant County509
99350STANDARDProsser, Benton County509
99352STANDARDRichland, Benton County509
99353STANDARDWest Richland, RichlandBenton County509
99354STANDARDRichland, Benton County509
99356STANDARDRoosevelt, Klickitat County509
99357STANDARDRoyal City, Grant County509
99359PO BOXStarbuck, Columbia County509
99360STANDARDTouchet, LowdenWalla Walla County509
99361STANDARDWaitsburg, Walla Walla County509
99362STANDARDWalla Walla, Walla Walla County509
99363PO BOXWallula, Walla Walla County509
99371STANDARDWashtucna, Adams County509
99401STANDARDAnatone, Asotin County509
99402STANDARDAsotin, Asotin County509
99403STANDARDClarkston, Asotin County509

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Washington, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 5,130,920.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 307,565.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 121,468.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 730,596.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 64,933.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 51,314

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 80.09% of the population. The minority racial group is Others, representing 0.80% of the population.