Texas zip codes

To find the postal code of a town or city, select it and then navigate until you reach the desired postal code.

ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
73301UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
73344UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
75001STANDARDAddison, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75002STANDARDAllen, Lucas, ParkerCollin County972, 469, 214
75006STANDARDCarrollton, Dallas County214, 972, 469, 830
75007STANDARDCarrollton, Denton County214, 972, 469
75009STANDARDCelina, Collin County972, 214, 469
75010STANDARDCarrollton, Denton County972, 214, 469
75011PO BOXCarrollton, Dallas County214, 972
75013STANDARDAllen, Collin County214, 972, 469
75014PO BOXIrving, Dallas County214, 972
75015PO BOXIrving, Dallas County972
75016PO BOXIrving, Dallas County214
75017PO BOXIrving, Dallas County972
75019STANDARDCoppell, Dallas County972, 214, 469
75020STANDARDDenison, Grayson County903
75021STANDARDDenison, Grayson County903
75022STANDARDFlower Mound, Flowermound, LewisvilleDenton County817, 940, 972, 214, 469, 000
75023STANDARDPlano, Collin County214, 972, 281, 469
75024STANDARDPlano, Collin County469, 972, 214
75025STANDARDPlano, Collin County214, 469, 972
75026PO BOXPlano, Collin County214
75027PO BOXFlower Mound, Flowermound, LewisvilleDenton County214, 817
75028STANDARDFlower Mound, Flowermound, LewisvilleDenton County972, 214, 469, 817
75029PO BOXLewisville, Denton County469, 972, 214
75030PO BOXRowlett, Dallas County972, 214
75032STANDARDRockwall, HeathRockwall County972, 469
75034STANDARDFrisco, Denton County469, 214, 972, 817
75035STANDARDFrisco, Collin County469, 972, 214
75037UNIQUEIrving, Neiman MarcusDallas County214
75038STANDARDIrving, Dallas County214, 469, 972, 817, 210
75039STANDARDIrving, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75040STANDARDGarland, Dallas County469, 972, 214
75041STANDARDGarland, Dallas County972, 214, 469
75042STANDARDGarland, Dallas County972, 214, 469
75043STANDARDGarland, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75044STANDARDGarland, Dallas County972, 214, 469
75045PO BOXGarland, Dallas County469
75046PO BOXGarland, Dallas County214
75047PO BOXGarland, Dallas County972
75048STANDARDSachse, GarlandDallas County469, 972, 214
75049PO BOXGarland, Dallas County214
75050STANDARDGrand Prairie, Dallas County214, 469, 817, 972
75051STANDARDGrand Prairie, Dallas County214, 972, 817, 469
75052STANDARDGrand Prairie, Dallas County972, 214, 817, 469
75053PO BOXGrand Prairie, Dallas County214, 469, 972, 817
75054STANDARDGrand Prairie, Tarrant County214
75056STANDARDThe Colony, LewisvilleDenton County214, 972, 469
75057STANDARDLewisville, Denton County214, 972
75058STANDARDGunter, Grayson County903, 214
75060STANDARDIrving, Dallas County469, 972, 214, 817
75061STANDARDIrving, Dallas County214, 469, 972
75062STANDARDIrving, Dallas County469, 972, 214, 817
75063STANDARDIrving, Dallas County972, 214, 469, 817
75065STANDARDLake Dallas, Hickory CreekDenton County469, 940, 817, 214, 972
75067STANDARDLewisville, Denton County214, 972, 469, 817
75068STANDARDLittle Elm, Lakewood Village, Lakewood Vlg, Oak PointDenton County972, 214
75069STANDARDMckinney, Fairview, Mc KinneyCollin County214, 469, 972
75070STANDARDMckinney, Mc KinneyCollin County214, 469, 972
75071STANDARDMckinney, Mc KinneyCollin County469, 972, 214
75074STANDARDPlano, Collin County214, 972, 469
75075STANDARDPlano, Collin County469, 972, 214
75076STANDARDPottsboro, Grayson County903
75077STANDARDLewisville, Copper Canyon, Double Oak, Highland Vill, Highland VillageDenton County972, 940, 469, 214, 817, 000
75078STANDARDProsper, Collin County972, 214, 469
75080STANDARDRichardson, Dallas County972, 214, 817, 469
75081STANDARDRichardson, Dallas County214, 972, 817, 915, 469
75082STANDARDRichardson, Collin County469, 214, 972
75083PO BOXRichardson, Dallas County214, 972
75085PO BOXRichardson, Dallas County214
75086PO BOXPlano, Collin County214, 972
75087STANDARDRockwall, Rockwall County972, 214
75088STANDARDRowlett, Dallas County972, 214, 469
75089STANDARDRowlett, Dallas County972, 214, 469
75090STANDARDSherman, Grayson County903, 430
75091PO BOXSherman, Grayson County903
75092STANDARDSherman, Grayson County903
75093STANDARDPlano, Collin County972, 469, 817, 214
75094STANDARDPlano, Murphy, ParkerCollin County972, 214, 469
75097PO BOXWeston, Collin County972
75098STANDARDWylie, Lucas, St PaulCollin County214, 972
75099UNIQUECoppell, Dallas County214
75101PO BOXBardwell, Ellis County972
75102STANDARDBarry, Navarro County903
75103STANDARDCanton, Van Zandt County903, 214, 430
75104STANDARDCedar Hill, Dallas County469, 972, 214
75105STANDARDChatfield, Navarro County903, 430
75106PO BOXCedar Hill, Dallas County972, 214
75109STANDARDCorsicana, Navarro County903
75110STANDARDCorsicana, Navarro County903
75114STANDARDCrandall, Kaufman County972, 469
75115STANDARDDesoto, Dallas County214, 469, 972, 817
75116STANDARDDuncanville, Dallas County214, 972, 817
75117STANDARDEdgewood, Van Zandt County903
75118PO BOXElmo, Kaufman County
75119STANDARDEnnis, Ellis County972, 903, 469
75120PO BOXEnnis, Ellis County214
75121PO BOXCopeville, Collin County972
75123PO BOXDesoto, Dallas County972, 214
75124STANDARDEustace, Henderson County903, 430
75125STANDARDFerris, Ellis County972, 214, 469
75126STANDARDForney, Heartland, HeathridgeKaufman County972, 214, 469
75127STANDARDFruitvale, Van Zandt County903
75132PO BOXFate, Rockwall County214
75134STANDARDLancaster, Dallas County972, 469
75135STANDARDCaddo Mills, Hunt County903
75137STANDARDDuncanville, Dallas County972, 214
75138PO BOXDuncanville, Dallas County214
75140STANDARDGrand Saline, Van Zandt County903, 430
75141STANDARDHutchins, Dallas County972
75142STANDARDKaufman, Kaufman County972, 214, 903, 469
75143STANDARDKemp, Seven Points, ToolHenderson County903, 214, 972
75144STANDARDKerens, Navarro County903, 430
75146STANDARDLancaster, Dallas County972, 469, 214
75147STANDARDMabank, Gun Barrel City, Gun Barrel CyKaufman County903, 430
75148STANDARDMalakoff, Log CabinHenderson County903, 430
75149STANDARDMesquite, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75150STANDARDMesquite, Dallas County972, 214
75151PO BOXCorsicana, Navarro County903
75152STANDARDPalmer, Ellis County972, 469
75153STANDARDPowell, Navarro County903
75154STANDARDRed Oak, Glenn Heights, Oak Leaf, OvillaEllis County972, 469, 214
75155STANDARDRice, Navarro County903
75156STANDARDMabank, Enchanted Oak, Enchanted Oaks, Gun Barrel City, Gun Barrel CyHenderson County903
75157PO BOXRosser, Kaufman County972
75158STANDARDScurry, Kaufman County972, 903, 469, 430
75159STANDARDSeagoville, CombineDallas County972, 214, 469
75160STANDARDTerrell, Kaufman County972, 214
75161STANDARDTerrell, Kaufman County972, 469
75163STANDARDTrinidad, Henderson County903, 430
75164PO BOXJosephine, Collin County972
75165STANDARDWaxahachie, Ellis County972, 214, 469
75166STANDARDLavon, Collin County214, 972
75167STANDARDWaxahachie, Ellis County972, 214
75168PO BOXWaxahachie, Ellis County972
75169STANDARDWills Point, Van Zandt County903
75172STANDARDWilmer, Dallas County972
75173STANDARDNevada, Collin County972
75180STANDARDBalch Springs, MesquiteDallas County972, 214
75181STANDARDMesquite, Balch SpringsDallas County972, 469, 214
75182STANDARDSunnyvale, MesquiteDallas County972, 214
75185PO BOXMesquite, Dallas County972, 214
75187PO BOXMesquite, Dallas County972, 214
75189STANDARDRoyse City, Rockwall County469, 972, 214
75201STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 512, 469, 817
75202STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 469, 972, 817
75203STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75204STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75205STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75206STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 469, 972
75207STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75208STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75209STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75210STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 469, 972
75211STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75212STANDARDDallas, Dallas County817, 972, 214, 469, 682
75214STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75215STANDARDDallas, Dallas County972, 214
75216STANDARDDallas, Dallas County972, 214, 469
75217STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 469, 972
75218STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75219STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75220STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 817, 469
75221PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75222PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75223STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75224STANDARDDallas, Dallas County972, 214
75225STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 817, 972, 469
75226STANDARDDallas, Dallas County903, 214, 469, 972
75227STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 940
75228STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75229STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 817, 469, 512
75230STANDARDDallas, Dallas County972, 214, 469
75231STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75232STANDARDDallas, Dallas County469, 972, 214, 817
75233STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75234STANDARDDallas, Farmers Branch, Farmers BrnchDallas County214, 469, 972, 817, 512
75235STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469, 682, 817
75236STANDARDDallas, Dallas County469, 214, 972
75237STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75238STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75240STANDARDDallas, Dallas County469, 972, 214
75241STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75242STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 469, 972
75243STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75244STANDARDDallas, Farmers Branch, Farmers Brnch, North BranchDallas County972, 214, 469
75245STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214
75246STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 469, 972
75247STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75248STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 469, 972
75249STANDARDDallas, Dallas County972
75250PO BOXDallas, Dallas County972
75251STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469
75252STANDARDDallas, Collin County214, 972, 469
75253STANDARDDallas, Dallas County972, 214, 940, 469
75254STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 972, 469, 817
75258STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214
75260STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214
75261PO BOXDallas, Dfw, Dfw AirportTarrant County972
75262PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75263PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75264PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75265PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75266PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75267PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75270STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 469, 972
75275UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75277UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75283UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75284UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75285UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75286UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75287STANDARDDallas, Collin County972, 469, 214
75301UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County469
75303UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75310UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75312UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75313PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75315PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75320UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75323UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75326UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75334PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75336PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75339PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75340PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75342STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214, 469, 972
75343PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75344PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75353UNIQUEDallas, Montgomery WardDallas County214
75354PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75355PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75356PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75357PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75358UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75359PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75360PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75363UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75364UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75367PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75368UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75370PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75371PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75372PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75373UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75374PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75376PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75378PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75379PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75380PO BOXDallas, Dallas County972
75381PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214, 972
75382PO BOXDallas, Dallas County214
75386UNIQUEDallas, Fingerhut CorpDallas County214
75387UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75388UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75389UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75390UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County469, 214
75391UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75392UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75393UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75394UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75395UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75396UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75397UNIQUEDallas, Dallas County214
75398STANDARDDallas, Dallas County214
75401STANDARDGreenville, Hunt County903
75402STANDARDGreenville, Hunt County903
75403PO BOXGreenville, Hunt County903
75404PO BOXGreenville, Hunt County903
75407STANDARDPrinceton, Collin County972, 469
75409STANDARDAnna, Collin County972, 214, 469
75410STANDARDAlba, Wood County903
75411STANDARDArthur City, Lamar County903
75412STANDARDBagwell, Red River County903
75413PO BOXBailey, Fannin County903
75414STANDARDBells, Grayson County903
75415STANDARDBen Franklin, Delta County903
75416STANDARDBlossom, Lamar County903
75417STANDARDBogata, Red River County903
75418STANDARDBonham, Fannin County903
75420STANDARDBrashear, Hopkins County903
75421STANDARDBrookston, Lamar County903
75422STANDARDCampbell, Hunt County903
75423STANDARDCeleste, Hunt County903
75424STANDARDBlue Ridge, Collin County972, 903
75425PO BOXChicota, Lamar County903
75426STANDARDClarksville, Red River County903
75428STANDARDCommerce, Hunt County903
75429PO BOXCommerce, Hunt County903
75431STANDARDComo, Hopkins County903, 430
75432STANDARDCooper, Delta County903
75433STANDARDCumby, Hopkins County903
75434PO BOXCunningham, Lamar County903
75435STANDARDDeport, Lamar County903
75436STANDARDDetroit, Red River County903
75437STANDARDDike, Hopkins County903
75438STANDARDDodd City, Fannin County903
75439STANDARDEctor, Fannin County903
75440STANDARDEmory, Rains County903, 430
75441PO BOXEnloe, Delta County903
75442STANDARDFarmersville, Collin County469, 972, 903, 214
75443PO BOXGober, Fannin County903
75444PO BOXGolden, Wood County903
75446STANDARDHoney Grove, Fannin County903
75447STANDARDIvanhoe, Fannin County903
75448STANDARDKlondike, Delta County903
75449STANDARDLadonia, Fannin County903
75450STANDARDLake Creek, Delta County903
75451STANDARDLeesburg, Camp County903
75452STANDARDLeonard, Fannin County903, 972
75453STANDARDLone Oak, Hunt County903
75454STANDARDMelissa, Collin County972, 214, 903, 469
75455STANDARDMount Pleasant, Mt PleasantTitus County903, 430
75456PO BOXMount Pleasant, Mt PleasantTitus County903
75457STANDARDMount Vernon, Mt VernonFranklin County903
75458PO BOXMerit, Hunt County903
75459STANDARDHowe, DorchesterGrayson County903
75460STANDARDParis, Lamar County903, 214
75461PO BOXParis, Lamar County903
75462STANDARDParis, RenoLamar County903
75468STANDARDPattonville, Lamar County903
75469STANDARDPecan Gap, Delta County903
75470STANDARDPetty, Lamar County903
75471STANDARDPickton, Hopkins County903
75472STANDARDPoint, East TawakoniRains County903
75473STANDARDPowderly, Lamar County903
75474STANDARDQuinlan, West TawakoniHunt County903, 972
75475PO BOXRandolph, Fannin County903
75476STANDARDRavenna, Fannin County903
75477STANDARDRoxton, Lamar County903
75478STANDARDSaltillo, Hopkins County903
75479STANDARDSavoy, Fannin County903
75480STANDARDScroggins, Franklin County903
75481STANDARDSulphur Bluff, Hopkins County903
75482STANDARDSulphur Springs, Sulphur SpgsHopkins County903, 430
75483PO BOXSulphur Springs, Sulphur SpgsHopkins County903
75485PO BOXWestminster, Collin County972
75486STANDARDSumner, Lamar County903
75487STANDARDTalco, Titus County903
75488STANDARDTelephone, Fannin County903
75489PO BOXTom Bean, Grayson County903
75490STANDARDTrenton, Fannin County903, 214
75491STANDARDWhitewright, Grayson County903
75492STANDARDWindom, Fannin County903, 430
75493PO BOXWinfield, Titus County903
75494STANDARDWinnsboro, Wood County903, 430
75495STANDARDVan Alstyne, Grayson County903, 972
75496STANDARDWolfe City, Hunt County903
75497STANDARDYantis, Wood County903
75501STANDARDTexarkana, S Texarkana, South Texarkana, Wake VillageBowie County903, 430
75503STANDARDTexarkana, Bowie County903
75504PO BOXTexarkana, Bowie County903
75505PO BOXTexarkana, Bowie County903
75507UNIQUETexarkana, Bowie County903
75550STANDARDAnnona, Red River County903
75551STANDARDAtlanta, Cass County903, 430
75554STANDARDAvery, Red River County903
75555STANDARDBivins, Cass County903
75556STANDARDBloomburg, Cass County903
75558STANDARDCookville, Titus County903
75559STANDARDDe Kalb, Bowie County903
75560STANDARDDouglassville, Cass County903
75561STANDARDHooks, Bowie County903
75562PO BOXKildare, Cass County903
75563STANDARDLinden, Cass County903
75564PO BOXLodi, Marion County903
75565PO BOXMc Leod, Cass County903
75566STANDARDMarietta, Cass County903
75567STANDARDMaud, Bowie County903
75568STANDARDNaples, Cass County903
75569STANDARDNash, Bowie County903
75570STANDARDNew Boston, BostonBowie County903
75571STANDARDOmaha, Morris County903
75572STANDARDQueen City, Cass County903
75573PO BOXRedwater, Bowie County903
75574STANDARDSimms, Bowie County903
75599UNIQUETexarkana, Bowie County903
75601STANDARDLongview, Gregg County903, 214
75602STANDARDLongview, Gregg County903, 430
75603STANDARDLongview, Gregg County903
75604STANDARDLongview, Gregg County903, 430
75605STANDARDLongview, Gregg County903
75606PO BOXLongview, Gregg County903
75607PO BOXLongview, Gregg County903
75608PO BOXLongview, Gregg County903
75615PO BOXLongview, Gregg County903
75630STANDARDAvinger, Marion County903
75631STANDARDBeckville, Panola County903
75633STANDARDCarthage, Panola County903, 430
75636PO BOXCason, Morris County903
75637PO BOXClayton, Panola County903
75638STANDARDDaingerfield, Morris County903
75639STANDARDDe Berry, Panola County903, 430
75640STANDARDDiana, New DianaUpshur County903
75641PO BOXEaston, Rusk County903
75642PO BOXElysian Fields, Elysian FldsHarrison County903
75643STANDARDGary, Panola County903, 936
75644STANDARDGilmer, Upshur County903
75645STANDARDGilmer, Upshur County903, 430
75647STANDARDGladewater, Gregg County903, 430
75650STANDARDHallsville, Harrison County903, 430
75651STANDARDHarleton, Harrison County903, 430
75652STANDARDHenderson, Rusk County903, 430
75653PO BOXHenderson, Rusk County903
75654STANDARDHenderson, Rusk County903
75656STANDARDHughes Springs, Hughes SpgsCass County903, 430
75657STANDARDJefferson, SmithlandMarion County903, 430
75658PO BOXJoinerville, Rusk County
75659PO BOXJonesville, Harrison County903
75660PO BOXJudson, Gregg County903
75661STANDARDKarnack, Harrison County903
75662STANDARDKilgore, Gregg County903
75663PO BOXKilgore, Gregg County903
75666PO BOXLaird Hill, Rusk County
75667STANDARDLaneville, Rusk County903, 430
75668STANDARDLone Star, Morris County903
75669STANDARDLong Branch, Panola County430
75670STANDARDMarshall, Harrison County903
75671PO BOXMarshall, Harrison County903
75672STANDARDMarshall, Harrison County903
75680PO BOXMinden, HendersonRusk County903
75681STANDARDMount Enterprise, Mt EnterpriseRusk County903, 430
75682PO BOXNew London, Rusk County903
75683STANDARDOre City, Upshur County903
75684STANDARDOverton, Rusk County903, 430
75685PO BOXPanola, Panola County903
75686STANDARDPittsburg, Camp County903
75687PO BOXPrice, Rusk County903
75688PO BOXScottsville, Harrison County903
75689PO BOXSelman City, TurnertownRusk County903
75691STANDARDTatum, Rusk County903
75692STANDARDWaskom, Harrison County903
75693STANDARDWhite Oak, Clarksville City, Clarksvle CtyGregg County903
75694PO BOXWoodlawn, Harrison County903
75701STANDARDTyler, Smith County903
75702STANDARDTyler, Smith County903
75703STANDARDTyler, Smith County713, 903
75704STANDARDTyler, Smith County903
75705STANDARDTyler, Smith County903
75706STANDARDTyler, Smith County903
75707STANDARDTyler, Smith County903
75708STANDARDTyler, Smith County903
75709STANDARDTyler, Smith County903
75710PO BOXTyler, Smith County903
75711PO BOXTyler, Smith County903
75712PO BOXTyler, Smith County903
75713PO BOXTyler, Smith County903
75750STANDARDArp, Smith County903
75751STANDARDAthens, Henderson County903
75752STANDARDAthens, Henderson County903, 430
75754STANDARDBen Wheeler, EdomVan Zandt County903, 972
75755STANDARDBig Sandy, Holly Lake Ranch, Holly Lk RnchUpshur County903, 430
75756STANDARDBrownsboro, EdomHenderson County903, 430
75757STANDARDBullard, Mount SelmanCherokee County903
75758STANDARDChandler, Henderson County903, 430
75759PO BOXCuney, Cherokee County
75760STANDARDCushing, Nacogdoches County936
75762STANDARDFlint, Smith County903
75763STANDARDFrankston, Anderson County903
75764PO BOXGallatin, Cherokee County903
75765STANDARDHawkins, Holly Lake Ranch, Holly Lk RnchWood County903, 430
75766STANDARDJacksonville, Cherokee County903
75770STANDARDLarue, Henderson County903, 430
75771STANDARDLindale, Garden Valley, Hide A Way, Hideaway, Mt SylvanSmith County903
75772PO BOXMaydelle, Cherokee County903
75773STANDARDMineola, Wood County903, 430
75778STANDARDMurchison, Henderson County903, 430
75779PO BOXNeches, Anderson County903
75780PO BOXNew Summerfield, New SummerfldCherokee County903
75782PO BOXPoynor, Henderson County903
75783STANDARDQuitman, Wood County903
75784STANDARDReklaw, Cherokee County936
75785STANDARDRusk, DialvilleCherokee County903, 430
75788PO BOXSacul, Nacogdoches County936
75789STANDARDTroup, Cherokee County903, 430
75790STANDARDVan, Van Zandt County903, 972
75791STANDARDWhitehouse, Smith County903
75792STANDARDWinona, Smith County903
75797UNIQUEBig Sandy, Upshur County903
75798UNIQUETyler, Smith County903
75799UNIQUETyler, Smith County903
75801STANDARDPalestine, Anderson County903
75802PO BOXPalestine, Anderson County903
75803STANDARDPalestine, Anderson County903, 430
75831STANDARDBuffalo, KeechiLeon County903
75832PO BOXCayuga, Anderson County903
75833STANDARDCenterville, Leon County903
75834STANDARDCentralia, Trinity County936
75835STANDARDCrockett, Houston County936
75838STANDARDDonie, Freestone County254, 903
75839STANDARDElkhart, SlocumAnderson County903
75840STANDARDFairfield, Freestone County903
75844STANDARDGrapeland, Houston County936, 979, 903
75845STANDARDGroveton, Trinity County936
75846STANDARDJewett, Leon County903
75847STANDARDKennard, Houston County936
75848PO BOXKirvin, Freestone County903
75849PO BOXLatexo, Houston County936
75850STANDARDLeona, MidwayLeon County903
75851STANDARDLovelady, Houston County936
75852STANDARDMidway, Madison County936, 903
75853STANDARDMontalba, Anderson County903, 430
75855STANDARDOakwood, Leon County903
75856STANDARDPennington, Trinity County936
75858PO BOXRatcliff, Houston County936
75859STANDARDStreetman, Freestone County903
75860STANDARDTeague, Freestone County254
75861STANDARDTennessee Colony, Tenn ColonyAnderson County903, 430
75862STANDARDTrinity, Trinity County936, 281
75865PO BOXWoodlake, Trinity County936
75880UNIQUETennessee Colony, Tenn ColonyAnderson County903
75882UNIQUEPalestine, Anderson County903
75884UNIQUETennessee Colony, Tenn ColonyAnderson County903
75886UNIQUETennessee Colony, Tenn ColonyAnderson County903
75901STANDARDLufkin, Angelina County903, 936
75902PO BOXLufkin, Angelina County936, 903
75903PO BOXLufkin, Angelina County936
75904STANDARDLufkin, Angelina County936
75915PO BOXLufkin, Angelina County936
75925STANDARDAlto, ForestCherokee County936
75926STANDARDApple Springs, Trinity County936
75928STANDARDBon Wier, Newton County409
75929STANDARDBroaddus, San Augustine County936, 409
75930STANDARDBronson, Sabine County409, 936
75931STANDARDBrookeland, Jasper County979, 409
75932STANDARDBurkeville, Newton County409
75933STANDARDCall, Newton County409
75934PO BOXCamden, Polk County936
75935STANDARDCenter, Shelby County936, 409
75936STANDARDChester, Tyler County936
75937STANDARDChireno, Nacogdoches County936
75938STANDARDColmesneil, RocklandTyler County409
75939STANDARDCorrigan, BarnumPolk County936
75941STANDARDDiboll, BurkeAngelina County936
75942PO BOXDoucette, Tyler County409
75943STANDARDDouglass, Nacogdoches County936
75944STANDARDEtoile, Nacogdoches County936
75946STANDARDGarrison, Nacogdoches County936
75948STANDARDHemphill, Sabine County409, 281
75949STANDARDHuntington, Angelina County936
75951STANDARDJasper, Jasper County409
75954STANDARDJoaquin, Shelby County936
75956STANDARDKirbyville, Bon Ami, Magnolia Spgs, Magnolia Springs, RoganvilleJasper County409
75958PO BOXMartinsville, Nacogdoches County936
75959STANDARDMilam, GenevaSabine County409
75960STANDARDMoscow, Polk County936
75961STANDARDNacogdoches, Nacogdoches County936, 903
75962UNIQUENacogdoches, Nacogdoches County936
75963PO BOXNacogdoches, Nacogdoches County936
75964STANDARDNacogdoches, Nacogdoches County936
75965STANDARDNacogdoches, Nacogdoches County936
75966STANDARDNewton, Newton County409
75968STANDARDPineland, Sabine County409
75969STANDARDPollok, Angelina County936
75972STANDARDSan Augustine, San Augustine County936
75973STANDARDShelbyville, Shelby County936
75974STANDARDTenaha, Shelby County936, 903
75975STANDARDTimpson, Shelby County936
75976PO BOXWells, Cherokee County936
75977STANDARDWiergate, Newton County409
75978PO BOXWoden, Nacogdoches County936
75979STANDARDWoodville, Tyler County409
75980STANDARDZavalla, Angelina County936
75990UNIQUEWoodville, Tyler County409
76001STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County817, 682
76002STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County817
76003PO BOXArlington, Tarrant County817
76004PO BOXArlington, Tarrant County817
76005PO BOXArlington, Tarrant County817
76006STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County817, 214, 972
76007PO BOXArlington, Tarrant County682
76008STANDARDAledo, Annetta, Annetta N, Annetta S, Willow ParkParker County817
76009STANDARDAlvarado, Johnson County817, 214, 972, 682
76010STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County817, 214, 682, 972
76011STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County817, 214, 682
76012STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County214, 817, 972, 682
76013STANDARDArlington, Dalworthington Gardens, Dw Gdns, PantegoTarrant County817, 972
76014STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County817, 682
76015STANDARDArlington, PantegoTarrant County972, 817, 214
76016STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County817, 972, 713
76017STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County817, 972
76018STANDARDArlington, Tarrant County817, 214
76019UNIQUEArlington, Tarrant County817
76020STANDARDAzle, SanctuaryParker County817
76021STANDARDBedford, Tarrant County817
76022STANDARDBedford, Tarrant County817
76023STANDARDBoyd, Wise County940, 817
76028STANDARDBurleson, Briaroaks, Cross TimberJohnson County817, 713
76031STANDARDCleburne, Johnson County817, 682
76033STANDARDCleburne, Johnson County817, 972
76034STANDARDColleyville, Tarrant County817, 682
76035STANDARDCresson, Hood County817
76036STANDARDCrowley, Tarrant County817, 972
76039STANDARDEuless, Tarrant County817, 214, 682, 972
76040STANDARDEuless, Tarrant County817, 214, 940
76041STANDARDForreston, Ellis County972
76043STANDARDGlen Rose, Somervell County254
76044STANDARDGodley, Johnson County817
76048STANDARDGranbury, Brazos BendHood County817, 682
76049STANDARDGranbury, Acton, DecordovaHood County817, 682
76050STANDARDGrandview, Johnson County817, 254, 972
76051STANDARDGrapevine, Tarrant County817, 972, 469
76052STANDARDHaslet, Tarrant County817
76053STANDARDHurst, Tarrant County817, 682
76054STANDARDHurst, Tarrant County817
76055STANDARDItasca, Hill County254
76058STANDARDJoshua, Johnson County817
76059STANDARDKeene, Johnson County817
76060STANDARDKennedale, Tarrant County817, 214, 682
76061PO BOXLillian, Johnson County682
76063STANDARDMansfield, Tarrant County817, 682, 512, 972
76064STANDARDMaypearl, Ellis County972, 469
76065STANDARDMidlothian, Ellis County972, 214, 817, 469
76066STANDARDMillsap, CoolParker County940, 817
76067STANDARDMineral Wells, Palo Pinto County940, 817
76068PO BOXMineral Wells, Parker County940
76070STANDARDNemo, Somervell County254
76071STANDARDNewark, Wise County817
76073STANDARDParadise, Wise County940, 817
76077STANDARDRainbow, Somervell County254
76078STANDARDRhome, AuroraWise County817, 940
76082STANDARDSpringtown, Parker County817
76084STANDARDVenus, Johnson County972, 469
76085STANDARDWeatherford, Parker County817, 682
76086STANDARDWeatherford, Parker County817, 682
76087STANDARDWeatherford, Brock, Hudson Oaks, Willow ParkParker County817
76088STANDARDWeatherford, Parker County817, 940, 682
76092STANDARDSouthlake, Grapevine, South LakeTarrant County817, 214, 682
76093STANDARDRio Vista, Johnson County817
76094PO BOXArlington, Tarrant County817
76095PO BOXBedford, Tarrant County817
76096PO BOXArlington, Tarrant County817, 214
76097PO BOXBurleson, Johnson County817
76098PO BOXAzle, Tarrant County817
76099PO BOXGrapevine, Tarrant County817, 972
76101PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682, 817
76102STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 682
76103STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682, 817
76104STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 682
76105STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 682
76106STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 682
76107STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 682
76108STANDARDFort Worth, Ft Worth, Lakeside, White Settlement, Wht SettlemtTarrant County817
76109STANDARDFort Worth, Benbrook, Ft WorthTarrant County972, 817
76110STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 682
76111STANDARDFort Worth, Ft Worth, Haltom CityTarrant County817, 682
76112STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 214, 682
76113PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76114STANDARDFort Worth, Ft Worth, River Oaks, Westworth Village, Westworth VlgTarrant County817
76115STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 682
76116STANDARDFort Worth, Benbrook, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 214, 972
76117STANDARDHaltom City, Fort Worth, Ft Worth, N Richland Hills, N Richlnd Hls, North Richland HillsTarrant County682, 817
76118STANDARDFort Worth, Ft Worth, N Richland Hills, N Richlnd Hls, North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, Richland HlsTarrant County817
76119STANDARDFort Worth, Forest Hill, Ft WorthTarrant County682, 817, 214
76120STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 972, 682
76121PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76122UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76123STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76124PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76126STANDARDFort Worth, Benbrook, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76127STANDARDNaval Air Station/ Jrb, Fort Worth, Ft Worth, Nas/jrbTarrant County817
76129UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76130UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76131STANDARDFort Worth, Blue Mound, Ft Worth, SaginawTarrant County817
76132STANDARDFort Worth, Benbrook, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76133STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76134STANDARDFort Worth, Edgecliff Village, Edgecliff Vlg, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76135STANDARDFort Worth, Ft Worth, Lake Worth, LakesideTarrant County682, 817
76136PO BOXFort Worth, Ft Worth, Lake WorthTarrant County682
76137STANDARDFort Worth, Ft Worth, Haltom City, WataugaTarrant County817, 972, 682
76140STANDARDFort Worth, Everman, Forest Hill, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 682
76147PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76148STANDARDFort Worth, Ft Worth, Haltom City, N Richland Hills, N Richlnd Hls, North Richland Hills, WataugaTarrant County817, 214
76150STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76155STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817, 682, 214, 469, 972
76161PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76162PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76163PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76164STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76166UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76177STANDARDFort Worth, Ft WorthDenton County817, 682
76179STANDARDFort Worth, Ft Worth, SaginawTarrant County817, 682
76180STANDARDNorth Richland Hills, Fort Worth, Ft Worth, Haltom City, N Richland Hills, N Richlnd Hls, Richland Hills, Richland HlsTarrant County817, 682
76181PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76182STANDARDNorth Richland Hills, Fort Worth, Ft Worth, N Richland Hills, N Richlnd HlsTarrant County817
76185PO BOXFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76191UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76192UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76193UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76195UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76196UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County817
76197UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76198UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76199UNIQUEFort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County682
76201STANDARDDenton, Denton County940, 214, 972, 817
76202PO BOXDenton, Denton County817, 940
76203PO BOXDenton, Denton County817
76204PO BOXDenton, Denton County940
76205STANDARDDenton, Denton County817, 940, 682
76206PO BOXDenton, Denton County940
76207STANDARDDenton, Denton County940, 972, 817
76208STANDARDDenton, Corinth, Shady ShoresDenton County940
76209STANDARDDenton, Denton County940, 682, 817
76210STANDARDDenton, CorinthDenton County214, 940, 972, 817
76225STANDARDAlvord, Wise County940, 817
76226STANDARDArgyle, Bartonville, Lantana, NorthlakeDenton County940, 214, 817, 682, 972
76227STANDARDAubrey, Crossroads, Krugerville, Providence Village, Providnce Vil, SavannahDenton County940, 214, 972
76228STANDARDBellevue, Clay County940
76230STANDARDBowie, Montague County940
76233STANDARDCollinsville, Grayson County903, 817
76234STANDARDDecatur, Wise County940, 817
76238STANDARDEra, Cooke County940
76239STANDARDForestburg, Montague County940
76240STANDARDGainesville, Callisburg, Lake Kiowa, Oak RidgeCooke County940, 214, 903
76241PO BOXGainesville, Cooke County940
76244STANDARDKeller, Fort Worth, Ft WorthTarrant County972, 817
76245STANDARDGordonville, Grayson County903
76246PO BOXGreenwood, Wise County940
76247STANDARDJustin, NorthlakeDenton County940, 817
76248STANDARDKeller, Tarrant County817, 972, 682
76249STANDARDKrum, Denton County940
76250STANDARDLindsay, Cooke County940
76251STANDARDMontague, Montague County940
76252STANDARDMuenster, Cooke County940
76253PO BOXMyra, Denton County940
76255STANDARDNocona, Montague County940
76258STANDARDPilot Point, Denton County940, 972
76259STANDARDPonder, Denton County940
76261STANDARDRinggold, Montague County940
76262STANDARDRoanoke, Keller, Northlake, Trophy Club, WestlakeDenton County817, 682, 214
76263STANDARDRosston, Cooke County940
76264STANDARDSadler, Grayson County903
76265STANDARDSaint Jo, Montague County940
76266STANDARDSanger, Denton County940, 214, 817
76267PO BOXSlidell, Wise County940
76268PO BOXSouthmayd, Grayson County
76270STANDARDSunset, Montague County940
76271STANDARDTioga, Grayson County940
76272STANDARDValley View, Cooke County940
76273STANDARDWhitesboro, Grayson County903, 940
76299UNIQUERoanoke, Denton County682
76301STANDARDWichita Falls, Wichita County940
76302STANDARDWichita Falls, Wichita County940
76305STANDARDWichita Falls, Cashion Cmnty, Cashion Community, Dean, Jolly, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant VlyWichita County940
76306STANDARDWichita Falls, Wichita County940
76307PO BOXWichita Falls, Wichita County940
76308STANDARDWichita Falls, Wichita County940
76309STANDARDWichita Falls, Wichita County940
76310STANDARDWichita Falls, Wichita County940
76311STANDARDSheppard Afb, Wichita County940
76351PO BOXArcher City, Archer County940
76352PO BOXBluegrove, Clay County940
76354STANDARDBurkburnett, Wichita County940
76357STANDARDByers, Clay County940
76360STANDARDElectra, Wichita County940
76363STANDARDGoree, Knox County940
76364STANDARDHarrold, Wilbarger County940
76365STANDARDHenrietta, Clay County940
76366STANDARDHolliday, Archer County940
76367STANDARDIowa Park, Wichita County940
76369PO BOXKamay, Wichita County940
76370PO BOXMegargel, Archer County940
76371STANDARDMunday, Knox County940
76372STANDARDNewcastle, ElbertYoung County940
76373STANDARDOklaunion, Wilbarger County940
76374STANDARDOlney, Young County940
76377STANDARDPetrolia, Clay County940
76379STANDARDScotland, Archer County940
76380STANDARDSeymour, Red Springs, VeraBaylor County940
76384STANDARDVernon, Wilbarger County940
76385PO BOXVernon, Wilbarger County940
76388STANDARDWeinert, Haskell County940
76389STANDARDWindthorst, Archer County940
76401STANDARDStephenville, Erath County254
76402UNIQUEStephenville, Erath County254
76424STANDARDBreckenridge, Stephens County254, 940
76426STANDARDBridgeport, Runaway BayWise County940
76427STANDARDBryson, Jack County940
76429STANDARDCaddo, Stephens County254
76430STANDARDAlbany, Shackelford County325
76431STANDARDChico, Wise County940
76432STANDARDBlanket, Brown County254, 325
76433STANDARDBluff Dale, Erath County254
76435STANDARDCarbon, Eastland County254
76436STANDARDCarlton, Hamilton County254
76437STANDARDCisco, Eastland County254, 325
76439PO BOXDennis, Parker County
76442STANDARDComanche, HasseComanche County254, 325
76443STANDARDCross Plains, Callahan County254
76444STANDARDDe Leon, Comanche County254
76445STANDARDDesdemona, Eastland County254
76446STANDARDDublin, LinglevilleErath County254
76448STANDARDEastland, Eastland County254, 817
76449STANDARDGraford, Palo Pinto County940
76450STANDARDGraham, Young County940
76452PO BOXEnergy, Comanche County
76453STANDARDGordon, Palo Pinto County254, 817, 940
76454STANDARDGorman, Eastland County254
76455STANDARDGustine, Comanche County325
76457STANDARDHico, Hamilton County254
76458STANDARDJacksboro, Jack County940
76459STANDARDJermyn, Jack County940
76460STANDARDLoving, Young County940
76461PO BOXLingleville, Erath County254
76462STANDARDLipan, Hood County254
76463STANDARDMingus, Palo Pinto County254
76464STANDARDMoran, Shackelford County325
76465PO BOXMorgan Mill, Erath County254
76466PO BOXOlden, Eastland County254
76467PO BOXPaluxy, Hood County254
76468PO BOXProctor, Comanche County254
76469PO BOXPutnam, Callahan County
76470STANDARDRanger, Eastland County254
76471STANDARDRising Star, Eastland County254
76472STANDARDSanto, Palo Pinto County940, 817
76474STANDARDSidney, Comanche County254
76475STANDARDStrawn, Palo Pinto County254, 940
76476STANDARDTolar, Hood County254
76481STANDARDSouth Bend, EliasvilleYoung County940
76483STANDARDThrockmorton, Throckmorton County940
76484STANDARDPalo Pinto, Palo Pinto County940, 817
76485PO BOXPeaster, Parker County
76486STANDARDPerrin, Jack County940
76487STANDARDPoolville, Parker County940, 817
76490STANDARDWhitt, Parker County940
76491STANDARDWoodson, Throckmorton County940
76501STANDARDTemple, Bell County254
76502STANDARDTemple, Bell County254
76503PO BOXTemple, Bell County254
76504STANDARDTemple, Bell County254
76505PO BOXTemple, Bell County254
76508UNIQUETemple, Bell County254
76511STANDARDBartlett, Bell County254
76513STANDARDBelton, Morgans Point, Morgans Point ResortBell County254
76518STANDARDBuckholts, Milam County254
76519STANDARDBurlington, Ben ArnoldMilam County254
76520STANDARDCameron, MaysfieldMilam County254, 817, 979
76522STANDARDCopperas Cove, Coryell County254, 512
76523PO BOXDavilla, Milam County254
76524STANDARDEddy, Falls County254
76525STANDARDEvant, Bee HouseCoryell County254, 512
76526PO BOXFlat, Coryell County254
76527STANDARDFlorence, Williamson County254
76528STANDARDGatesville, Izoro, Leon Junction, South Mountain, South MtnCoryell County254
76530STANDARDGranger, Williamson County512
76531STANDARDHamilton, Hamilton County817, 254
76533PO BOXHeidenheimer, Bell County254
76534STANDARDHolland, Bell County254, 817
76537STANDARDJarrell, Williamson County512, 254
76538STANDARDJonesboro, Coryell County254
76539STANDARDKempner, Lampasas County512, 254
76540PO BOXKilleen, Bell County254
76541STANDARDKilleen, Bell County254
76542STANDARDKilleen, Bell County817, 254
76543STANDARDKilleen, Bell County254, 512
76544STANDARDFort Hood, KilleenCoryell County254
76545UNIQUEKilleen, Bell County254
76546UNIQUEKilleen, Bell County254
76547PO BOXKilleen, Bell County254
76548STANDARDHarker Heights, Harker Hts, KilleenBell County254, 214
76549STANDARDKilleen, Bell County254, 512
76550STANDARDLampasas, Lampasas County512
76554STANDARDLittle River Academy, Ltl Rvr AcadBell County254
76556STANDARDMilano, Milam County512
76557STANDARDMoody, McLennan County254
76558PO BOXMound, Coryell County254
76559STANDARDNolanville, Bell County254
76561STANDARDOglesby, Coryell County254
76564PO BOXPendleton, Bell County254
76565STANDARDPottsville, Hamilton County254, 325
76566STANDARDPurmela, Coryell County254
76567STANDARDRockdale, Milam County512
76569STANDARDRogers, Bell County254
76570STANDARDRosebud, Falls County254
76571STANDARDSalado, Bell County254
76573PO BOXSchwertner, Williamson County254
76574STANDARDTaylor, Williamson County512
76577STANDARDThorndale, Milam County512, 254
76578STANDARDThrall, Williamson County512
76579STANDARDTroy, Bell County254
76596UNIQUEGatesville, Coryell County254
76597UNIQUEGatesville, Coryell County254
76598UNIQUEGatesville, Coryell County254
76599UNIQUEGatesville, Coryell County254
76621STANDARDAbbott, Hill County254
76622STANDARDAquilla, Hill County254
76623PO BOXAvalon, Ellis County972
76624STANDARDAxtell, McLennan County254
76626STANDARDBlooming Grove, Blooming GrvNavarro County903
76627STANDARDBlum, Hill County254
76628PO BOXBrandon, Hill County254
76629STANDARDBremond, Robertson County254
76630STANDARDBruceville, McLennan County254
76631STANDARDBynum, Hill County254
76632STANDARDChilton, Falls County254
76633STANDARDChina Spring, McLennan County254
76634STANDARDClifton, Laguna ParkBosque County254
76635STANDARDCoolidge, Limestone County254
76636STANDARDCovington, Hill County254
76637STANDARDCranfills Gap, Bosque County254
76638STANDARDCrawford, McLennan County254
76639STANDARDDawson, Navarro County254, 903
76640STANDARDElm Mott, McLennan County254
76641STANDARDFrost, Navarro County903, 254
76642STANDARDGroesbeck, Lake Limestone, Lk LimestoneLimestone County254
76643STANDARDHewitt, McLennan County254, 512
76644PO BOXLaguna Park, CliftonBosque County254
76645STANDARDHillsboro, Hill County254, 972
76648STANDARDHubbard, Hill County254
76649STANDARDIredell, Bosque County254
76650PO BOXIrene, Hill County254
76651STANDARDItaly, Ellis County972, 469
76652STANDARDKopperl, Bosque County254
76653STANDARDKosse, Limestone County254
76654PO BOXLeroy, McLennan County254
76655STANDARDLorena, McLennan County254
76656STANDARDLott, Falls County254
76657STANDARDMc Gregor, McLennan County254
76660STANDARDMalone, Hill County254
76661STANDARDMarlin, Falls County254
76664STANDARDMart, McLennan County254
76665STANDARDMeridian, Bosque County254
76666STANDARDMertens, Hill County903
76667STANDARDMexia, Limestone County254
76670STANDARDMilford, Ellis County972, 469
76671STANDARDMorgan, Bosque County254, 817
76673STANDARDMount Calm, BiromeHill County254
76676STANDARDPenelope, Hill County254
76678STANDARDPrairie Hill, Limestone County254
76679STANDARDPurdon, Navarro County903, 254
76680STANDARDReagan, Falls County254
76681STANDARDRichland, Navarro County903
76682STANDARDRiesel, Otto, PerryMcLennan County254
76684PO BOXRoss, McLennan County254
76685PO BOXSatin, Falls County254
76686PO BOXTehuacana, Limestone County254
76687STANDARDThornton, Limestone County254
76689STANDARDValley Mills, Bosque County254
76690STANDARDWalnut Springs, Walnut SpgsBosque County254
76691STANDARDWest, McLennan County254
76692STANDARDWhitney, Hill County254
76693STANDARDWortham, Freestone County254
76701STANDARDWaco, McLennan County254
76702PO BOXWaco, Mclennan County254
76703PO BOXWaco, Mclennan County254
76704STANDARDWaco, BellmeadMcLennan County817, 254
76705STANDARDWaco, Bellmead, Lacy LakeviewMcLennan County254
76706STANDARDWaco, RobinsonMcLennan County254
76707STANDARDWaco, McLennan County254
76708STANDARDWaco, McLennan County254
76710STANDARDWaco, McLennan County254, 281
76711STANDARDWaco, Beverly HillsMcLennan County254
76712STANDARDWoodway, WacoMcLennan County254
76714PO BOXWaco, Mclennan County254
76715PO BOXWaco, Mclennan County254
76716PO BOXWaco, Mclennan County254
76795UNIQUEWaco, Mclennan County254
76797UNIQUEWaco, Mclennan County254
76798STANDARDWaco, McLennan County254
76799UNIQUEWaco, Mclennan County254
76801STANDARDBrownwood, Brown County325
76802STANDARDEarly, BrownwoodBrown County325
76803PO BOXBrownwood, Brown County325
76804PO BOXBrownwood, Brown County325
76820STANDARDArt, Mason County325
76821STANDARDBallinger, Runnels County325
76823STANDARDBangs, Brown County325
76824PO BOXBend, San Saba County325
76825STANDARDBrady, FifeMcCulloch County325
76827STANDARDBrookesmith, Brown County
76828STANDARDBurkett, Coleman County325
76831STANDARDCastell, Llano County325
76832STANDARDCherokee, San Saba County325
76834STANDARDColeman, Coleman County325
76836STANDARDDoole, McCulloch County325
76837STANDARDEden, Concho County325
76841STANDARDFort Mc Kavett, Fort MckavettMenard County325
76842STANDARDFredonia, Mason County325
76844STANDARDGoldthwaite, Mills County325
76845STANDARDGouldbusk, Coleman County325
76848STANDARDHext, Menard County325
76849STANDARDJunction, Kimble County830, 325
76852STANDARDLohn, Pear ValleyMcCulloch County325
76853STANDARDLometa, Lampasas County512, 325
76854STANDARDLondon, Kimble County325
76855PO BOXLowake, Concho County325
76856STANDARDMason, Mason County830, 325
76857STANDARDMay, Brown County254
76858STANDARDMelvin, McCulloch County325
76859STANDARDMenard, Menard County325
76861STANDARDMiles, Runnels County325
76862STANDARDMillersview, Concho County325
76864STANDARDMullin, Mills County325
76865STANDARDNorton, Runnels County325
76866STANDARDPaint Rock, Concho County325
76869STANDARDPontotoc, Mason County325
76870STANDARDPriddy, Mills County325
76871STANDARDRichland Springs, Richland SpgsSan Saba County325
76872STANDARDRochelle, McCulloch County325
76873STANDARDRockwood, Coleman County325
76874STANDARDRoosevelt, Kimble County325
76875STANDARDRowena, Runnels County325
76877STANDARDSan Saba, San Saba County325
76878STANDARDSanta Anna, WhonColeman County325
76880PO BOXStar, Mills County325
76882STANDARDTalpa, Coleman County325
76883STANDARDTelegraph, Kimble County
76884STANDARDValera, Coleman County325
76885STANDARDValley Spring, Llano County325
76886PO BOXVeribest, Tom Green County325
76887STANDARDVoca, McCulloch County325
76888STANDARDVoss, LeadayColeman County325
76890STANDARDZephyr, Brown County254, 325
76901STANDARDSan Angelo, Grape CreekTom Green County325
76902PO BOXSan Angelo, Tom Green County325
76903STANDARDSan Angelo, Tom Green County325
76904STANDARDSan Angelo, Tom Green County325
76905STANDARDSan Angelo, Tom Green County325
76906PO BOXSan Angelo, Tom Green County325
76908STANDARDGoodfellow Afb, Goodfelow Afb, San AngeloTom Green County325
76909UNIQUESan Angelo, Tom Green County325
76930STANDARDBarnhart, Irion County325
76932STANDARDBig Lake, Best, TexonReagan County325
76933STANDARDBronte, Coke County325
76934STANDARDCarlsbad, Tom Green County325
76935STANDARDChristoval, Tom Green County325
76936STANDARDEldorado, Eldorado AfsSchleicher County325
76937STANDARDEola, Concho County325
76939PO BOXKnickerbocker, Tom Green County325
76940STANDARDMereta, Tom Green County325
76941STANDARDMertzon, Irion County325
76943STANDARDOzona, Crockett County325, 432
76945STANDARDRobert Lee, SilverCoke County325
76949STANDARDSilver, Coke County325
76950STANDARDSonora, Sutton County325
76951STANDARDSterling City, Sterling County325
76953PO BOXTennyson, Coke County325
76955STANDARDVancourt, Tom Green County325
76957STANDARDWall, Tom Green County325
76958PO BOXWater Valley, Tom Green County325
77001PO BOXHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77002STANDARDHouston, Clutch CityHarris County713, 832, 210, 281
77003STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77004STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77005STANDARDHouston, W Univ Pl, West University PlaceHarris County713, 281, 832, 214
77006STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832, 281, 210
77007STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77008STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832, 281
77009STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832, 512
77010STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77011STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77012STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77013STANDARDHouston, Harris County832, 713, 281
77014STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77015STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77016STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77017STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832, 281
77018STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77019STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77020STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77021STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77022STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 512
77023STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77024STANDARDHouston, Piney Point, Piney Point VillageHarris County713, 281, 832, 972
77025STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77026STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77027STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77028STANDARDHouston, Harris County832, 713, 281
77029STANDARDHouston, Jacinto CityHarris County281, 713, 832
77030STANDARDHouston, V A HospitalHarris County281, 713, 832
77031STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 979, 281, 832
77032STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77033STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77034STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77035STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77036STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77037STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77038STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77039STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77040STANDARDHouston, Jersey Village, Jersey VlgHarris County713, 979, 281, 832
77041STANDARDHouston, Jersey Village, Jersey VlgHarris County281, 713, 832
77042STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77043STANDARDHouston, Harris County832, 281, 713
77044STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832, 281
77045STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77046STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77047STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77048STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77049STANDARDHouston, Harris County832, 713, 281
77050STANDARDHouston, Harris County281
77051STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832, 281
77052PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77053STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77054STANDARDHouston, GridironHarris County713, 281, 832
77055STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832, 281
77056STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77057STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832, 713
77058STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77059STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77060STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77061STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832, 281
77062STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77063STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832, 936
77064STANDARDHouston, Jersey Village, Jersey VlgHarris County281, 713, 832, 972
77065STANDARDHouston, Jersey Village, Jersey VlgHarris County281, 713, 832
77066STANDARDHouston, Harris County832, 281, 713
77067STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77068STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832, 713
77069STANDARDHouston, Harris County832, 281, 713
77070STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832, 713
77071STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832, 281
77072STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77073STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832, 713
77074STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77075STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77076STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77077STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832, 512
77078STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77079STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77080STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832, 713
77081STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77082STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832, 713
77083STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832, 972
77084STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77085STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77086STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832
77087STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713
77088STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77089STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 713, 832
77090STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832, 936
77091STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832, 281
77092STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832
77093STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832, 713
77094STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77095STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832, 713
77096STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281
77097STANDARDHouston, Harris County713
77098STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 281, 832, 936
77099STANDARDHouston, Harris County281, 832, 713
77201STANDARDHouston, Harris County713, 832
77202PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77203PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77204UNIQUEHouston, Harris County713
77205PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77206PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77207PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77208PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77209UNIQUEHouston, Harris County713
77210PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77212UNIQUEHouston, Harris County713
77213PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77215PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77216UNIQUEHouston, Harris County713
77217PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77218PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77219PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77220PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77221PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77222PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77223PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77224PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77225PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77226PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77227PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77228PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77229PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77230PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77231PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77233PO BOXHouston, Harris County713, 210
77234PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77235PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77236PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77237PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77238PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77240PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77241PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77242PO BOXHouston, Harris County713, 281
77243PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77244PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77245PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77246PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77247PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77248PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77249PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77250PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77251PO BOXHouston, Harris County713, 281
77252PO BOXHouston, Harris County281, 713
77253PO BOXHouston, Harris County832, 713
77254PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77255PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77256PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77257PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77258PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77259PO BOXHouston, Harris County281
77260PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77261PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77262PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77263PO BOXHouston, Harris County713, 281
77265PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77266PO BOXHouston, Harris County832, 713
77267PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77268PO BOXHouston, Harris County281
77269PO BOXHouston, Harris County281, 713
77270PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77271PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77272PO BOXHouston, Harris County713, 281
77273PO BOXHouston, Harris County281
77274PO BOXHouston, Harris County281
77275PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77276PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77277PO BOXHouston, Harris County281, 713
77278PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77279PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77280PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77282PO BOXHouston, Harris County214, 281
77284PO BOXHouston, Harris County713, 281
77285PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77286PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77287PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77288PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77289PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77290PO BOXHouston, Harris County281
77291PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77292PO BOXHouston, Harris County281, 713
77293PO BOXHouston, Harris County281
77294PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77296PO BOXHouston, Harris County713
77297UNIQUEHouston, Harris County713
77298UNIQUEHouston, Harris County713
77299UNIQUEHouston, Harris County713
77301STANDARDConroe, Montgomery County409, 936, 281, 713
77302STANDARDConroe, Grangerland, WoodlochMontgomery County281, 936
77303STANDARDConroe, Cut And ShootMontgomery County936, 713
77304STANDARDConroe, Panorama Village, Panorama VlgMontgomery County979, 936, 281, 713
77305PO BOXConroe, Montgomery County936
77306STANDARDConroe, Cut And ShootMontgomery County936, 281
77315STANDARDNorth Houston, Harris County713
77316STANDARDMontgomery, Montgomery County936, 713
77318STANDARDWillis, Montgomery County936, 713, 281
77320STANDARDHuntsville, Walker County936
77325PO BOXKingwood, HumbleHarris County713
77326PO BOXAce, Polk County936
77327STANDARDCleveland, Liberty County281, 936, 832
77328STANDARDCleveland, San Jacinto County936, 281, 832
77331STANDARDColdspring, San Jacinto County936
77332PO BOXDallardsville, Polk County936
77333PO BOXDobbin, Montgomery County936
77334PO BOXDodge, Walker County936
77335STANDARDGoodrich, Polk County936
77336STANDARDHuffman, Harris County281, 713
77337PO BOXHufsmith, TomballHarris County713
77338STANDARDHumble, Harris County281, 713
77339STANDARDKingwood, HumbleHarris County281, 713, 832
77340STANDARDHuntsville, Walker County409, 936
77341UNIQUEHuntsville, Walker County936
77342PO BOXHuntsville, Walker County936
77343UNIQUEHuntsville, Walker County936
77344UNIQUEHuntsville, Walker County936
77345STANDARDKingwood, HumbleHarris County281, 713
77346STANDARDHumble, Atascocita, KingwoodHarris County281, 713
77347PO BOXHumble, Harris County281, 713
77348UNIQUEHuntsville, Walker County936
77349UNIQUEHuntsville, Walker County936
77350PO BOXLeggett, Polk County936
77351STANDARDLivingston, SegnoPolk County936, 832
77353PO BOXMagnolia, Montgomery County713
77354STANDARDMagnolia, Decker Pr, Decker Prairie, The WoodlandsMontgomery County832, 281, 713, 936
77355STANDARDMagnolia, Decker Pr, Decker Prairie, StagecoachMontgomery County832, 281, 936
77356STANDARDMontgomery, Montgomery County936, 832, 281
77357STANDARDNew Caney, Roman ForestMontgomery County281, 832
77358STANDARDNew Waverly, Walker County936
77359STANDARDOakhurst, San Jacinto County936
77360STANDARDOnalaska, Polk County936, 409
77362STANDARDPinehurst, Montgomery County281, 832
77363STANDARDPlantersville, Todd MissionGrimes County936
77364STANDARDPointblank, San Jacinto County936
77365STANDARDPorter, Montgomery County281, 936, 832
77367PO BOXRiverside, Walker County936
77368PO BOXRomayor, Liberty County
77369PO BOXRye, Liberty County936
77371STANDARDShepherd, San Jacinto County936, 281, 832
77372STANDARDSplendora, Patton Village, Patton VlgMontgomery County281, 713, 832
77373STANDARDSpring, Harris County281, 832, 713
77374PO BOXThicket, Hardin County409
77375STANDARDTomball, The WoodlandsHarris County281, 832, 713
77376PO BOXVotaw, Hardin County936
77377STANDARDTomball, Harris County713, 281
77378STANDARDWillis, Montgomery County936
77379STANDARDSpring, KleinHarris County281, 713, 832
77380STANDARDSpring, Shenandoah, The WoodlandsMontgomery County281, 713, 832
77381STANDARDSpring, Shenandoah, The WoodlandsMontgomery County281, 936, 713, 832
77382STANDARDSpring, The WoodlandsMontgomery County936, 713, 281, 832
77383PO BOXSpring, Harris County281, 832
77384STANDARDConroe, Shenandoah, The WoodlandsMontgomery County936, 281
77385STANDARDConroe, Oak Ridge N, Oak Ridge North, Shenandoah, The WoodlandsMontgomery County936, 281, 832
77386STANDARDSpring, Oak Ridge N, Oak Ridge North, The WoodlandsMontgomery County832, 713, 281
77387PO BOXSpring, The WoodlandsHarris County713
77388STANDARDSpring, Harris County281, 409, 713, 832
77389STANDARDSpring, Klein, The WoodlandsHarris County832, 281
77391PO BOXSpring, KleinHarris County936, 281
77393PO BOXSpring, The WoodlandsHarris County281
77396STANDARDHumble, Harris County281, 832
77399UNIQUELivingston, Polk County281
77401STANDARDBellaire, Harris County713, 281
77402PO BOXBellaire, Harris County713
77404PO BOXBay City, SargentMatagorda County979
77406STANDARDRichmond, Fort Bend County713
77407STANDARDRichmond, Fort Bend County713
77410PO BOXCypress, Harris County281
77411PO BOXAlief, Harris County832, 281
77412PO BOXAltair, Colorado County979
77413PO BOXBarker, Harris County281
77414STANDARDBay City, Clemville, SargentMatagorda County979, 281
77415PO BOXCedar Lane, Matagorda County
77417STANDARDBeasley, Fort Bend County979, 281, 832
77418STANDARDBellville, Austin County979
77419PO BOXBlessing, Matagorda County361
77420STANDARDBoling, Wharton County979
77422STANDARDBrazoria, Brazoria County979, 713
77423STANDARDBrookshire, PattisonWaller County281, 713, 832
77426STANDARDChappell Hill, Washington County979
77428PO BOXCollegeport, Matagorda County
77429STANDARDCypress, Harris County281, 713, 832
77430STANDARDDamon, Brazoria County979, 281
77431PO BOXDanciger, Brazoria County713
77432STANDARDDanevang, Wharton County979, 361
77433STANDARDCypress, Harris County281, 832
77434STANDARDEagle Lake, Colorado County979
77435STANDARDEast Bernard, Wharton County979
77436PO BOXEgypt, Wharton County979
77437STANDARDEl Campo, Wharton County979
77440PO BOXElmaton, Matagorda County361
77441STANDARDFulshear, Weston LakesFort Bend County281, 713
77442STANDARDGarwood, Colorado County979
77443PO BOXGlen Flora, Wharton County979
77444STANDARDGuy, Brazoria County979
77445STANDARDHempstead, Pine Island, Prairie ViewWaller County979, 409, 936
77446PO BOXPrairie View, Waller County936, 979
77447STANDARDHockley, Harris County409, 936, 281, 713
77448STANDARDHungerford, Wharton County979
77449STANDARDKaty, Park RowHarris County281, 713, 832
77450STANDARDKaty, Park RowHarris County281, 832, 713
77451PO BOXKendleton, Fort Bend County979
77452PO BOXKenney, Austin County979
77453PO BOXLane City, Wharton County979
77454PO BOXLissie, Wharton County979
77455STANDARDLouise, Wharton County936, 979, 361
77456PO BOXMarkham, Matagorda County979
77457PO BOXMatagorda, Matagorda County979
77458PO BOXMidfield, Matagorda County361
77459STANDARDMissouri City, Sienna Plant, Sienna PlantationFort Bend County832, 281, 713
77460PO BOXNada, Colorado County979
77461STANDARDNeedville, Fort Bend County979
77463PO BOXOld Ocean, Brazoria County979
77464PO BOXOrchard, Fort Bend County713, 979
77465STANDARDPalacios, Matagorda County361
77466PO BOXPattison, Waller County
77467PO BOXPierce, Wharton County979
77468STANDARDPledger, Matagorda County979
77469STANDARDRichmond, Booth, Clodine, RosenbergFort Bend County281, 832, 713
77470STANDARDRock Island, Colorado County979
77471STANDARDRosenberg, Fort Bend County281, 713, 832
77473PO BOXSan Felipe, Waller County979
77474STANDARDSealy, Austin County979, 713
77475PO BOXSheridan, Colorado County979
77476PO BOXSimonton, Fort Bend County281
77477STANDARDStafford, Meadows PlaceFort Bend County281, 832, 713
77478STANDARDSugar Land, Fort Bend County281, 832, 713
77479STANDARDSugar Land, Fort Bend County281, 832, 713
77480STANDARDSweeny, Brazoria County979
77481PO BOXThompsons, Fort Bend County
77482STANDARDVan Vleck, Matagorda County979
77483STANDARDWadsworth, Matagorda County979
77484STANDARDWaller, Prairie ViewHarris County409, 936, 713, 979
77485STANDARDWallis, Austin County936, 979, 281, 832
77486STANDARDWest Columbia, Brazoria County979
77487PO BOXSugar Land, Fort Bend County281
77488STANDARDWharton, Wharton County409, 979
77489STANDARDMissouri City, Fort Bend County281, 713, 832
77491PO BOXKaty, Park RowWaller County281
77492PO BOXKaty, Waller County281
77493STANDARDKaty, Park RowHarris County281, 832
77494STANDARDKaty, Park RowFort Bend County281, 832
77496PO BOXSugar Land, Fort Bend County713
77497PO BOXStafford, Fort Bend County281
77498STANDARDSugar Land, Fort Bend County713
77501PO BOXPasadena, Harris County713
77502STANDARDPasadena, Harris County281, 713
77503STANDARDPasadena, Harris County713, 281
77504STANDARDPasadena, Harris County713, 281
77505STANDARDPasadena, Harris County281, 713
77506STANDARDPasadena, Harris County713, 281
77507STANDARDPasadena, Harris County281, 713
77508PO BOXPasadena, Harris County713
77510STANDARDSanta Fe, Alta LomaGalveston County409, 979, 713
77511STANDARDAlvin, Brazoria County281, 409, 713, 832
77512PO BOXAlvin, Brazoria County281, 713
77514STANDARDAnahuac, Monroe CityChambers County409
77515STANDARDAngleton, Holiday Lakes, RichwoodBrazoria County713, 979, 281
77516PO BOXAngleton, Brazoria County979
77517STANDARDSanta Fe, ArcadiaGalveston County832, 409
77518STANDARDBacliff, Galveston County281
77519STANDARDBatson, Hardin County936
77520STANDARDBaytown, Beach City, Cove, Mont Belvieu, Old River-winfree, Old Rvr-wnfreHarris County830, 281, 832
77521STANDARDBaytown, Harris County281, 832, 713
77522PO BOXBaytown, Harris County281
77523STANDARDBaytown, Beach City, Cove, Mont Belvieu, Old River-winfree, Old Rvr-wnfreChambers County713
77530STANDARDChannelview, Harris County281, 713, 832
77531STANDARDClute, RichwoodBrazoria County936, 979
77532STANDARDCrosby, Harris County281, 713, 832
77533PO BOXDaisetta, Liberty County936
77534STANDARDDanbury, Brazoria County979, 214
77535STANDARDDayton, Dayton Lakes, Mont Belvieu, Old River-winfree, Old Rvr-wnfreLiberty County936, 281
77536STANDARDDeer Park, Harris County281, 832, 713
77538STANDARDDevers, Liberty County936, 409
77539STANDARDDickinson, San LeonGalveston County281, 713, 832
77541STANDARDFreeport, Jones Creek, Oyster Creek, Quintana, Surfside Bch, Surfside BeachBrazoria County979, 281
77542PO BOXFreeport, Brazoria County979
77545STANDARDFresno, Fort Bend County281, 832
77546STANDARDFriendswood, Galveston County713, 281, 832
77547STANDARDGalena Park, Harris County713, 281
77549PO BOXFriendswood, Galveston County713, 281
77550STANDARDGalveston, Galveston County409, 281
77551STANDARDGalveston, Galveston County409, 713
77552PO BOXGalveston, Galveston County409
77553PO BOXGalveston, Galveston County979, 409
77554STANDARDGalveston, Jamaica Beach, Tiki IslandGalveston County409, 281
77555UNIQUEGalveston, Galveston County409
77560STANDARDHankamer, Chambers County409
77561PO BOXHardin, Liberty County936
77562STANDARDHighlands, Harris County281, 713
77563STANDARDHitchcock, Bayou VistaGalveston County713, 409, 281
77564STANDARDHull, Liberty County936
77565STANDARDKemah, Clear Lake Shores, Clear Lk ShrsGalveston County281, 832
77566STANDARDLake Jackson, RichwoodBrazoria County979
77568STANDARDLa Marque, Galveston County409
77571STANDARDLa Porte, ShoreacresHarris County281, 713, 832
77572PO BOXLa Porte, Harris County281
77573STANDARDLeague City, Galveston County832, 281, 713
77574PO BOXLeague City, Galveston County281
77575STANDARDLiberty, AmesLiberty County936, 713, 409
77577STANDARDLiverpool, Brazoria County281, 832
77578STANDARDManvel, Brazoria County281, 832
77580PO BOXMont Belvieu, Chambers County281
77581STANDARDPearland, Brookside Village, Brookside VlBrazoria County281, 832, 713
77582PO BOXRaywood, Liberty County936
77583STANDARDRosharon, ArcolaBrazoria County281, 832
77584STANDARDPearland, Brazoria County832, 713, 281
77585STANDARDSaratoga, Hardin County936
77586STANDARDSeabrook, El Lago, Taylor Lake Village, Taylor Lk VlgHarris County281, 713, 832
77587STANDARDSouth Houston, Harris County713, 281
77588PO BOXPearland, Brazoria County281
77590STANDARDTexas City, Galveston County409, 281
77591STANDARDTexas City, Galveston County409
77592PO BOXTexas City, Galveston County409
77597STANDARDWallisville, Chambers County409, 281
77598STANDARDWebster, Harris County281, 713, 832
77611STANDARDBridge City, Orange County409
77612STANDARDBuna, Jasper County409
77613PO BOXChina, Jefferson County409
77614PO BOXDeweyville, Newton County409
77615PO BOXEvadale, Jasper County409
77616STANDARDFred, Tyler County409
77617PO BOXGilchrist, Galveston County409
77619STANDARDGroves, Jefferson County409
77622STANDARDHamshire, Jefferson County409
77623STANDARDHigh Island, Galveston County409
77624STANDARDHillister, Tyler County409
77625STANDARDKountze, Hardin County409
77626PO BOXMauriceville, Orange County409
77627STANDARDNederland, Jefferson County409
77629PO BOXNome, Jefferson County409
77630STANDARDOrange, West OrangeOrange County409
77631PO BOXOrange, Orange County409
77632STANDARDOrange, Orange County409
77639PO BOXOrangefield, Orange County409
77640STANDARDPort Arthur, Port AcresJefferson County409
77641PO BOXPort Arthur, Jefferson County409
77642STANDARDPort Arthur, Jefferson County409
77643PO BOXPort Arthur, Jefferson County409
77650PO BOXPort Bolivar, Crystal BeachGalveston County409
77651STANDARDPort Neches, Jefferson County409
77655STANDARDSabine Pass, Jefferson County409
77656STANDARDSilsbee, Hardin County409
77657STANDARDLumberton, Rose Hill Acres, Rose Hl AcresHardin County409
77659STANDARDSour Lake, Hardin County409
77660STANDARDSpurger, Tyler County409
77661PO BOXStowell, Chambers County409
77662STANDARDVidor, Orange County409
77663PO BOXVillage Mills, Hardin County409
77664STANDARDWarren, Tyler County409
77665STANDARDWinnie, Chambers County409
77670PO BOXVidor, Orange County409
77701STANDARDBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77702STANDARDBeaumont, Jefferson County409, 512
77703STANDARDBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77704PO BOXBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77705STANDARDBeaumont, Taylor Landing, Taylor LndgJefferson County409, 936
77706STANDARDBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77707STANDARDBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77708STANDARDBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77709PO BOXBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77710PO BOXBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77713STANDARDBeaumont, Bevil OaksJefferson County409, 936
77720PO BOXBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77725PO BOXBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77726PO BOXBeaumont, Jefferson County409
77801STANDARDBryan, Brazos County979
77802STANDARDBryan, Brazos County979
77803STANDARDBryan, Brazos County979
77805PO BOXBryan, Brazos County979
77806PO BOXBryan, Brazos County979
77807STANDARDBryan, Brazos County979
77808STANDARDBryan, Wixon ValleyBrazos County979
77830STANDARDAnderson, Grimes County936
77831STANDARDBedias, SingletonGrimes County936
77833STANDARDBrenham, Washington County979, 936, 512, 469
77834PO BOXBrenham, Washington County713
77835STANDARDBurton, Washington County979
77836STANDARDCaldwell, Burleson County979
77837STANDARDCalvert, Robertson County979
77838PO BOXChriesman, Burleson County979
77840STANDARDCollege Station, College StaBrazos County979
77841PO BOXCollege Station, College StaBrazos County979
77842PO BOXCollege Station, College StaBrazos County979
77843UNIQUECollege Station, College StaBrazos County979
77844PO BOXCollege Station, College StaBrazos County979
77845STANDARDCollege Station, College StaBrazos County979, 936
77850PO BOXConcord, Leon County903
77852PO BOXDeanville, Burleson County979
77853STANDARDDime Box, Lee County979
77855PO BOXFlynn, Leon County936
77856STANDARDFranklin, RidgeRobertson County979
77857PO BOXGause, Milam County
77859STANDARDHearne, Robertson County979
77861STANDARDIola, Grimes County936
77862PO BOXKurten, Brazos County979
77863PO BOXLyons, Burleson County979
77864STANDARDMadisonville, Madison County936, 903
77865STANDARDMarquez, Leon County979, 903, 409, 936
77866PO BOXMillican, Brazos County936
77867PO BOXMumford, Robertson County
77868STANDARDNavasota, Grimes County936, 979
77869UNIQUENavasota, Grimes County936
77870PO BOXNew Baden, Robertson County
77871STANDARDNormangee, Hilltop LakesLeon County936
77872STANDARDNorth Zulch, Madison County936
77873STANDARDRichards, Grimes County936
77875PO BOXRoans Prairie, AndersonGrimes County936
77876PO BOXShiro, Grimes County936
77878PO BOXSnook, Burleson County979
77879STANDARDSomerville, Burleson County979
77880STANDARDWashington, Washington County936, 979
77881PO BOXWellborn, Brazos County979
77882PO BOXWheelock, Robertson County979
77901STANDARDVictoria, Victoria County361, 512, 713
77902PO BOXVictoria, Victoria County361
77903PO BOXVictoria, Victoria County361
77904STANDARDVictoria, Victoria County361, 512
77905STANDARDVictoria, RaisinVictoria County361
77950PO BOXAustwell, Refugio County361
77951PO BOXBloomington, Victoria County361
77954STANDARDCuero, De Witt County361, 830
77957STANDARDEdna, Jackson County361, 512
77960PO BOXFannin, Goliad County361
77961PO BOXFrancitas, Jackson County361
77962STANDARDGanado, Jackson County361, 979
77963STANDARDGoliad, Goliad County361
77964STANDARDHallettsville, SpeaksLavaca County361, 979
77967PO BOXHochheim, De Witt County361
77968STANDARDInez, Victoria County361
77969PO BOXLa Salle, Jackson County361
77970PO BOXLa Ward, Jackson County361
77971STANDARDLolita, Jackson County361
77973PO BOXMcfaddin, Victoria County361
77974STANDARDMeyersville, De Witt County361
77975STANDARDMoulton, Lavaca County361, 979
77976PO BOXNursery, Victoria County361
77977PO BOXPlacedo, Victoria County361
77978PO BOXPoint Comfort, Calhoun County361
77979STANDARDPort Lavaca, Long MottCalhoun County361
77982PO BOXPort O Connor, Calhoun County361
77983STANDARDSeadrift, Calhoun County361
77984STANDARDShiner, Lavaca County361
77986PO BOXSublime, Lavaca County361
77987PO BOXSweet Home, Lavaca County361
77988PO BOXTelferner, Victoria County361
77989PO BOXThomaston, De Witt County361
77990STANDARDTivoli, Refugio County361
77991PO BOXVanderbilt, Jackson County361
77993PO BOXWeesatche, De Witt County361
77994STANDARDWesthoff, De Witt County830, 361
77995STANDARDYoakum, Lavaca County361
78001PO BOXArtesia Wells, La Salle County830
78002STANDARDAtascosa, Bexar County210, 830
78003STANDARDBandera, Bandera County830
78004STANDARDBergheim, Kendall County830
78005STANDARDBigfoot, Frio County830
78006STANDARDBoerne, Fair Oaks, Fair Oaks RanchKendall County210, 830
78007STANDARDCalliham, McMullen County361
78008STANDARDCampbellton, Atascosa County830, 361
78009STANDARDCastroville, Medina County830, 210
78010STANDARDCenter Point, Camp VerdeKerr County830
78011STANDARDCharlotte, Atascosa County830
78012STANDARDChristine, Atascosa County830
78013STANDARDComfort, Kendall County830
78014STANDARDCotulla, La Salle County830, 956
78015STANDARDBoerne, Fair Oaks, Fair Oaks RanchBexar County830, 210
78016STANDARDDevine, Medina County830, 210
78017STANDARDDilley, Frio County830
78019PO BOXEncinal, La Salle County956
78021STANDARDFowlerton, La Salle County830
78022STANDARDGeorge West, Live Oak County361
78023STANDARDHelotes, Bexar County210, 830
78024STANDARDHunt, Kerr County830
78025STANDARDIngram, Kerr County830
78026STANDARDJourdanton, Atascosa County830
78027STANDARDKendalia, Kendall County830
78028STANDARDKerrville, Kerr County830
78029PO BOXKerrville, Kerr County830
78039STANDARDLa Coste, Medina County830
78040STANDARDLaredo, Webb County956
78041STANDARDLaredo, Webb County956
78042PO BOXLaredo, Webb County956
78043STANDARDLaredo, Rio BravoWebb County956
78044PO BOXLaredo, Webb County956
78045STANDARDLaredo, Webb County956
78046STANDARDLaredo, El CenizoWebb County956
78049UNIQUELaredo, Webb County956
78050PO BOXLeming, Atascosa County830
78052STANDARDLytle, Atascosa County830, 210
78054PO BOXMacdona, Bexar County210
78055STANDARDMedina, Bandera County830
78056STANDARDMico, CastrovilleMedina County830
78057STANDARDMoore, Frio County830
78058STANDARDMountain Home, Kerr County830
78059STANDARDNatalia, Medina County830
78060STANDARDOakville, Live Oak County361
78061STANDARDPearsall, Frio County830
78062PO BOXPeggy, Atascosa County830
78063STANDARDPipe Creek, LakehillsBandera County830, 210
78064STANDARDPleasanton, Atascosa County830
78065STANDARDPoteet, Atascosa County830, 210
78066STANDARDRio Medina, Medina County830
78067STANDARDSan Ygnacio, Zapata County956
78069STANDARDSomerset, Atascosa County830
78070STANDARDSpring Branch, Comal County830, 210
78071STANDARDThree Rivers, Live Oak County361
78072STANDARDTilden, McMullen County361, 830
78073STANDARDVon Ormy, Bexar County830, 210
78074PO BOXWaring, Kendall County830
78075STANDARDWhitsett, Live Oak County830, 361
78076STANDARDZapata, Zapata County956
78101STANDARDAdkins, Bexar County210, 830
78102STANDARDBeeville, Bee County361
78104PO BOXBeeville, Bee County361
78107PO BOXBerclair, Goliad County361
78108STANDARDCibolo, Guadalupe County210, 830
78109STANDARDConverse, Bexar County210
78111STANDARDEcleto, GillettKarnes County830
78112STANDARDElmendorf, Bexar County210
78113STANDARDFalls City, MccoyKarnes County830
78114STANDARDFloresville, Wilson County830, 210
78115PO BOXGeronimo, Guadalupe County830
78116STANDARDGillett, Karnes County830
78117STANDARDHobson, Karnes County830
78118STANDARDKarnes City, Karnes County830
78119STANDARDKenedy, Karnes County830, 361
78121STANDARDLa Vernia, LaverniaWilson County830, 210
78122STANDARDLeesville, Gonzales County830
78123STANDARDMc Queeney, McqueeneyGuadalupe County830, 210
78124STANDARDMarion, Santa ClaraGuadalupe County830, 210
78125PO BOXMineral, KenedyBee County361
78130STANDARDNew Braunfels, Canyon LakeComal County210, 512, 830
78131PO BOXNew Braunfels, Comal County830
78132STANDARDNew Braunfels, Canyon LakeComal County830, 210
78133STANDARDCanyon Lake, New BraunfelsComal County830, 210
78135UNIQUENew Braunfels, Comal County830
78140STANDARDNixon, Gonzales County830
78141STANDARDNordheim, De Witt County361
78142PO BOXNormanna, Bee County361
78143PO BOXPandora, Wilson County830
78144PO BOXPanna Maria, Karnes County830
78145PO BOXPawnee, Karnes County361
78146PO BOXPettus, Bee County361
78147PO BOXPoth, RecycleWilson County830
78148STANDARDUniversal City, Universal CtyBexar County210
78150STANDARDRandolph A F B, Randolph Afb, Randolph Air, Randolph Air Force Base, Universal City, Universal CtyBexar County210
78151STANDARDRunge, Karnes County830, 361
78152STANDARDSaint Hedwig, Bexar County210, 830
78154STANDARDSchertz, SelmaGuadalupe County210
78155STANDARDSeguin, New BerlinGuadalupe County830, 210, 512
78156PO BOXSeguin, Guadalupe County830
78159STANDARDSmiley, Gonzales County830
78160STANDARDStockdale, Wilson County830
78161STANDARDSutherland Springs, Sutherlnd SpgWilson County830
78162PO BOXTuleta, Bee County361
78163STANDARDBulverde, Comal County830
78164STANDARDYorktown, De Witt County361
78201STANDARDSan Antonio, Balcones Heights, Balcones HtsBexar County210
78202STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78203STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78204STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78205STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78206STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78207STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78208STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78209STANDARDSan Antonio, Alamo Heights, Terrell HillsBexar County210
78210STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78211STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78212STANDARDSan Antonio, Olmos ParkBexar County210
78213STANDARDSan Antonio, Castle HillsBexar County210
78214STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78215STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78216STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210, 713
78217STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78218STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78219STANDARDSan Antonio, KirbyBexar County210
78220STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78221STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78222STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78223STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78224STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78225STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78226STANDARDSan Antonio, Kelly UsaBexar County210
78227STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78228STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78229STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78230STANDARDSan Antonio, Shavano ParkBexar County210, 830
78231STANDARDSan Antonio, Shavano ParkBexar County210
78232STANDARDSan Antonio, Hill Country Village, Hl Cntry Vlg, Hollywood Park, Hollywood PkBexar County210
78233STANDARDSan Antonio, Live OakBexar County210
78234STANDARDSan Antonio, Fort Sam Houston, Ft Sm HoustonBexar County210
78235STANDARDSan Antonio, Brooks Afb, Brooks Cb, Brooks City BaseBexar County210
78236STANDARDLackland A F B, Kelly Usa, Lackland, Lackland Afb, San Antonio, Security Services, Security Svc, Wilford Hall, Wilford Hall Usaf HospBexar County210
78237STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78238STANDARDSan Antonio, Leon ValleyBexar County210
78239STANDARDSan Antonio, WindcrestBexar County210
78240STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78241STANDARDSan Antonio, Levi Strauss, Levi Strauss Evacuee CtrBexar County210
78242STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78243STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78244STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78245STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210, 830
78246PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78247STANDARDSan Antonio, WetmoreBexar County210, 972
78248STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78249STANDARDSan Antonio, Shavano ParkBexar County210
78250STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78251STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78252STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210, 830
78253STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210, 830
78254STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78255STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210, 830
78256STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78257STANDARDSan Antonio, Shavano ParkBexar County210
78258STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210, 830
78259STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78260STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210, 830
78261STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County830
78262STANDARDSan Antonio, Kelly UsaBexar County210
78263STANDARDSan Antonio, China GroveBexar County210
78264STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78265PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78266STANDARDSan Antonio, Garden RidgeComal County210
78268PO BOXSan Antonio, Leon ValleyBexar County210
78269PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County830, 210
78270PO BOXSan Antonio, WetmoreBexar County210
78275UNIQUESan Antonio, Bexar County210
78278PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78279PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78280PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78283PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78284STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78285STANDARDSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78286UNIQUESan Antonio, Bexar County210
78287UNIQUESan Antonio, Bexar County210
78288UNIQUESan Antonio, Bexar County210
78289UNIQUESan Antonio, Bexar County210
78291PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78292PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78293PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78294PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78295PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78296PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78297PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78298PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78299PO BOXSan Antonio, Bexar County210
78330STANDARDAgua Dulce, Nueces County361
78332STANDARDAlice, Jim Wells County361
78333PO BOXAlice, Jim Wells County361
78335PO BOXAransas Pass, San Patricio County361
78336STANDARDAransas Pass, City By The Sea, Cty By The SeSan Patricio County361
78338PO BOXArmstrong, Kenedy County361
78339PO BOXBanquete, Nueces County361
78340STANDARDBayside, Refugio County361
78341PO BOXBenavides, Duval County361
78342PO BOXBen Bolt, AliceJim Wells County361
78343STANDARDBishop, Nueces County361
78344STANDARDBruni, Webb County361
78347PO BOXChapman Ranch, Nueces County361
78349STANDARDConcepcion, Duval County361
78350PO BOXDinero, Live Oak County361
78351PO BOXDriscoll, Nueces County361
78352PO BOXEdroy, San Patricio County361
78353STANDARDEncino, Brooks County361
78355STANDARDFalfurrias, Brooks County361
78357STANDARDFreer, Duval County361
78358PO BOXFulton, Aransas County361
78359PO BOXGregory, San Patricio County361
78360STANDARDGuerra, Jim Hogg County
78361STANDARDHebbronville, Jim Hogg County361
78362STANDARDIngleside, San Patricio County361
78363STANDARDKingsville, Kingsville Naval Air Station, Kingsvl Naval, Kingsvlle NasKleberg County361
78364PO BOXKingsville, Kleberg County361
78368STANDARDMathis, Lake City, Swinney Switch, Swinney SwtchSan Patricio County361
78369STANDARDMirando City, Webb County361
78370STANDARDOdem, San Patricio County361
78371PO BOXOilton, Webb County361
78372STANDARDOrange Grove, Jim Wells County361
78373STANDARDPort Aransas, Nueces County361
78374STANDARDPortland, San Patricio County361
78375STANDARDPremont, Jim Wells County361
78376STANDARDRealitos, Duval County361
78377STANDARDRefugio, Refugio County361
78379STANDARDRiviera, Kleberg County361
78380STANDARDRobstown, Nueces County361
78381PO BOXRockport, Aransas County361
78382STANDARDRockport, Aransas County361
78383STANDARDSandia, Live Oak County361
78384STANDARDSan Diego, Duval County361
78385PO BOXSarita, Kenedy County361
78387STANDARDSinton, San Patricio County361
78389STANDARDSkidmore, Bee County361
78390STANDARDTaft, San Patricio County361
78391STANDARDTynan, Bee County361
78393STANDARDWoodsboro, Refugio County361
78401STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78402STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78403PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78404STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78405STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78406STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78407STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78408STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78409STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78410STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78411STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361, 512
78412STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County512, 361
78413STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78414STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78415STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78416STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78417STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78418STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78419STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78426PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78427PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78460PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County512, 361
78461UNIQUECorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78463PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78465PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78466PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78467PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78468PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78469PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78470STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78471STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78472PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78473STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78474STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78475STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78476STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78477STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78478STANDARDCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78480PO BOXCorpus Christi, Crp ChristiNueces County361
78501STANDARDMcallen, Hidalgo County956
78502PO BOXMcallen, Hidalgo County956
78503STANDARDMcallen, Hidalgo County956
78504STANDARDMcallen, Hidalgo County956, 817
78505PO BOXMcallen, Hidalgo County956
78516STANDARDAlamo, Hidalgo County956
78520STANDARDBrownsville, Cameron County956
78521STANDARDBrownsville, Cameron County956
78522PO BOXBrownsville, Cameron County956
78523PO BOXBrownsville, Cameron County956
78526STANDARDBrownsville, Cameron County956
78535PO BOXCombes, Cameron County956
78536STANDARDDelmita, Starr County956
78537STANDARDDonna, Hidalgo County956
78538STANDARDEdcouch, Monte AltoHidalgo County956
78539STANDARDEdinburg, Hidalgo County956, 210
78540PO BOXEdinburg, Hidalgo County956
78541STANDARDEdinburg, Hidalgo County956
78542STANDARDEdinburg, Hidalgo County956
78543PO BOXElsa, Hidalgo County956
78545PO BOXFalcon Heights, Falcon HtsStarr County956
78547PO BOXGarciasville, Starr County956
78548PO BOXGrulla, La GrullaStarr County956
78549PO BOXHargill, Hidalgo County956
78550STANDARDHarlingen, Cameron County956
78551PO BOXHarlingen, Cameron County956
78552STANDARDHarlingen, Palm ValleyCameron County956
78553PO BOXHarlingen, Cameron County956
78557STANDARDHidalgo, Hidalgo County956
78558PO BOXLa Blanca, Hidalgo County956
78559STANDARDLa Feria, Cameron County956
78560STANDARDLa Joya, Hidalgo County956
78561PO BOXLasara, Willacy County956
78562PO BOXLa Villa, Hidalgo County956
78563STANDARDLinn, Hidalgo County956
78564STANDARDLopeno, FalconZapata County956
78565PO BOXLos Ebanos, Hidalgo County956
78566STANDARDLos Fresnos, Bayview, Indian LakeCameron County956
78567PO BOXLos Indios, Cameron County956
78568PO BOXLozano, Cameron County956
78569STANDARDLyford, Willacy County956
78570STANDARDMercedes, Hidalgo County956
78572STANDARDMission, Palmhurst, PalmviewHidalgo County956
78573STANDARDMission, Alton, PalmhurstHidalgo County956
78574STANDARDMission, Palmhurst, PalmviewHidalgo County956
78575STANDARDOlmito, Rancho ViejoCameron County956
78576STANDARDPenitas, Hidalgo County956
78577STANDARDPharr, Hidalgo County956
78578STANDARDPort Isabel, Laguna Heights, Laguna Hts, Laguna VistaCameron County956
78579PO BOXProgreso, Hidalgo County956
78580STANDARDRaymondville, Willacy County956
78582STANDARDRio Grande City, Rio Grande CyStarr County956
78583STANDARDRio Hondo, Cameron County956
78584STANDARDRoma, Starr County956
78585PO BOXSalineno, Starr County956
78586STANDARDSan Benito, Cameron County956
78588STANDARDSan Isidro, Starr County956
78589STANDARDSan Juan, Hidalgo County956
78590PO BOXSan Perlita, Willacy County956
78591STANDARDSanta Elena, Starr County956
78592PO BOXSanta Maria, Cameron County956
78593STANDARDSanta Rosa, Cameron County956
78594PO BOXSebastian, Willacy County956
78595STANDARDSullivan City, Hidalgo County956
78596STANDARDWeslaco, Progreso Lakes, Progreso LksHidalgo County956
78597STANDARDSouth Padre Island, S Padre Isl E, S Padre IsleCameron County956
78598PO BOXPort Mansfield, Prt Mansfield, RaymondvilleWillacy County956
78599PO BOXWeslaco, Hidalgo County956
78602STANDARDBastrop, Bastrop County512
78604PO BOXBelmont, Gonzales County830
78605STANDARDBertram, Burnet County512
78606STANDARDBlanco, Blanco County830
78607STANDARDBluffton, Llano County325
78608STANDARDBriggs, OakallaBurnet County512
78609STANDARDBuchanan Dam, Llano County512
78610STANDARDBuda, Creedmoor, Hays, Mountain City, Mustang RidgeHays County512
78611STANDARDBurnet, Burnet County512, 361
78612STANDARDCedar Creek, Lost PinesBastrop County512
78613STANDARDCedar Park, Williamson County254, 512
78614STANDARDCost, BebeGonzales County830
78615STANDARDCoupland, Williamson County512
78616STANDARDDale, McmahanCaldwell County512
78617STANDARDDel Valle, Travis County512
78618STANDARDDoss, Gillespie County830
78619STANDARDDriftwood, Hays County512
78620STANDARDDripping Springs, Dripping SpgsHays County512
78621STANDARDElgin, WebbervilleBastrop County512
78622PO BOXFentress, Caldwell County512
78623STANDARDFischer, Comal County830
78624STANDARDFredericksburg, FredericksbrgGillespie County830
78626STANDARDGeorgetown, Williamson County512
78627PO BOXGeorgetown, Williamson County512
78628STANDARDGeorgetown, Andice, Sun CityWilliamson County512, 254
78629STANDARDGonzales, Gonzales County830, 361
78630PO BOXCedar Park, Williamson County512
78631STANDARDHarper, Gillespie County830
78632STANDARDHarwood, Gonzales County830
78633STANDARDGeorgetown, Williamson County512
78634STANDARDHutto, Williamson County512
78635STANDARDHye, Blanco County830
78636STANDARDJohnson City, Blanco County830
78638STANDARDKingsbury, Guadalupe County830
78639STANDARDKingsland, Llano County512, 830, 325
78640STANDARDKyle, Niederwald, UhlandHays County512, 361
78641STANDARDLeander, VolenteWilliamson County512
78642STANDARDLiberty Hill, Williamson County512, 254
78643STANDARDLlano, Sunrise BeachLlano County915, 325
78644STANDARDLockhart, Caldwell County512
78645STANDARDLeander, Jonestown, Lago Vista, Point VentureTravis County512
78646PO BOXLeander, Williamson County512
78648STANDARDLuling, Caldwell County830, 512
78650STANDARDMc Dade, McdadeBastrop County512
78651PO BOXMc Neil, McneilWilliamson County512
78652STANDARDManchaca, Travis County512
78653STANDARDManor, WebbervilleTravis County512
78654STANDARDMarble Falls, Granite Shls, Highland Haven, Highland Havn, MeadowlakesBurnet County830, 956, 512
78655STANDARDMartindale, Caldwell County512
78656STANDARDMaxwell, Caldwell County512
78657STANDARDHorseshoe Bay, Cottonwd Shrs, Cottonwood Shores, Marble FallsLlano County830
78658PO BOXOttine, Gonzales County830
78659STANDARDPaige, Bastrop County512
78660STANDARDPflugerville, Travis County512
78661PO BOXPrairie Lea, Caldwell County512
78662STANDARDRed Rock, Bastrop County830, 512
78663STANDARDRound Mountain, Cypress Mill, Round MtnBlanco County830
78664STANDARDRound Rock, Williamson County512
78665STANDARDRound Rock, Williamson County512
78666STANDARDSan Marcos, Hays County512
78667PO BOXSan Marcos, Hays County512
78669STANDARDSpicewood, BriarcliffTravis County512, 830
78670PO BOXStaples, Guadalupe County512
78671STANDARDStonewall, AlbertGillespie County830
78672STANDARDTow, Llano County325
78673PO BOXWalburg, Williamson County512
78674PO BOXWeir, Williamson County512
78675STANDARDWillow City, Gillespie County830
78676STANDARDWimberley, WoodcreekHays County512, 830
78677STANDARDWrightsboro, Gonzales County830
78680PO BOXRound Rock, Williamson County512
78681STANDARDRound Rock, Williamson County512
78682UNIQUERound Rock, Williamson County512
78683PO BOXRound Rock, Williamson County512
78691PO BOXPflugerville, Travis County512
78701STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78702STANDARDAustin, Travis County512, 361
78703STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78704STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78705STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78708PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78709PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78710STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78711PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78712STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78713PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78714PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78715PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78716PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78717STANDARDAustin, Williamson County512
78718PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78719STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78720PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78721STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78722STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78723STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78724STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78725STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78726STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78727STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78728STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78729STANDARDAustin, Williamson County512
78730STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78731STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78732STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78733STANDARDAustin, Bee Cave, Bee CavesTravis County512
78734STANDARDAustin, Bee Cave, Bee Caves, LakewayTravis County512
78735STANDARDAustin, Sunset ValleyTravis County512
78736STANDARDAustin, Bee Cave, Bee CavesTravis County512
78737STANDARDAustin, Hays County512
78738STANDARDAustin, Bee Cave, Bee Caves, Lakeway, The Hills, Village Of The Hills, Vlg O The HlsTravis County512
78739STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78741STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78742STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78744STANDARDAustin, Travis County512, 361
78745STANDARDAustin, Sunset ValleyTravis County512
78746STANDARDAustin, Rollingwood, West Lake Hills, West Lake HlsTravis County512
78747STANDARDAustin, Travis County361, 512
78748STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78749STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78750STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78751STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78752STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78753STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78754STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78755PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78756STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78757STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78758STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78759STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78760PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78761PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78762PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78763PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78764PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78765PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78766PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78767PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78768PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78769PO BOXAustin, Travis County512
78772UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78773UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78774UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78778UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78779UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78780UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78781UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78783UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78785UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78786UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78788UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78789UNIQUEAustin, Travis County512
78798STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78799STANDARDAustin, Travis County512
78801STANDARDUvalde, Uvalde County830, 210
78802PO BOXUvalde, Uvalde County830
78827STANDARDAsherton, Dimmit County830
78828STANDARDBarksdale, Edwards County830
78829STANDARDBatesville, Zavala County830
78830STANDARDBig Wells, Dimmit County830
78832STANDARDBrackettville, Kinney County830
78833STANDARDCamp Wood, Real County830
78834STANDARDCarrizo Springs, Carrizo SpgsDimmit County830
78836PO BOXCatarina, Dimmit County830
78837STANDARDComstock, Val Verde County432
78838STANDARDConcan, Uvalde County830
78839STANDARDCrystal City, Zavala County830
78840STANDARDDel Rio, Laughlin A F B, Laughlin AfbVal Verde County830, 432
78841PO BOXDel Rio, Val Verde County432
78842PO BOXDel Rio, Val Verde County432
78843STANDARDLaughlin A F B, Del Rio, Laughlin AfbVal Verde County830
78847UNIQUEDel Rio, Val Verde County432
78850STANDARDD Hanis, Medina County830
78851STANDARDDryden, Terrell County432
78852STANDARDEagle Pass, Maverick County830
78853PO BOXEagle Pass, Maverick County830
78860PO BOXEl Indio, Maverick County830
78861STANDARDHondo, DunlayMedina County830
78870STANDARDKnippa, Uvalde County830
78871PO BOXLangtry, Val Verde County432
78872PO BOXLa Pryor, Zavala County830
78873STANDARDLeakey, Real County830
78877STANDARDQuemado, SpoffordMaverick County830
78879STANDARDRio Frio, Real County830
78880STANDARDRocksprings, Edwards County830
78881STANDARDSabinal, Uvalde County830
78883STANDARDTarpley, Bandera County830, 210
78884STANDARDUtopia, Uvalde County830
78885STANDARDVanderpool, Bandera County830
78886STANDARDYancey, Medina County830
78931STANDARDBleiblerville, Austin County979
78932STANDARDCarmine, Fayette County979
78933STANDARDCat Spring, Colorado County979
78934STANDARDColumbus, Colorado County979
78935STANDARDAlleyton, Colorado County979
78938STANDARDEllinger, Fayette County979
78940STANDARDFayetteville, Fayette County979
78941STANDARDFlatonia, Fayette County361, 830
78942STANDARDGiddings, Lee County979, 512
78943STANDARDGlidden, Colorado County979
78944STANDARDIndustry, Austin County979
78945STANDARDLa Grange, WinchesterFayette County979, 713
78946STANDARDLedbetter, Lee County979
78947STANDARDLexington, Lee County979, 512
78948STANDARDLincoln, Lee County512, 979
78949STANDARDMuldoon, Fayette County979, 830, 361
78950STANDARDNew Ulm, Austin County979
78951PO BOXOakland, Colorado County979
78952PO BOXPlum, Fayette County979
78953STANDARDRosanky, Bastrop County830, 979
78954STANDARDRound Top, Fayette County979
78956STANDARDSchulenburg, Fayette County979, 361
78957STANDARDSmithville, Bastrop County512, 830, 979
78959STANDARDWaelder, Gonzales County830, 361
78960PO BOXWarda, Fayette County979
78961PO BOXWarrenton, Round TopFayette County
78962STANDARDWeimar, Colorado County979
78963STANDARDWest Point, Fayette County979
79001STANDARDAdrian, Oldham County806
79002PO BOXAlanreed, Gray County806
79003PO BOXAllison, Wheeler County806
79005STANDARDBooker, Lipscomb County806
79007STANDARDBorger, PhillipsHutchinson County806
79008PO BOXBorger, Hutchinson County806
79009STANDARDBovina, Parmer County806
79010PO BOXBoys Ranch, Valle De OroOldham County806
79011STANDARDBriscoe, Wheeler County806
79012PO BOXBushland, Potter County806
79013PO BOXCactus, Moore County806
79014STANDARDCanadian, GlazierHemphill County806
79015STANDARDCanyon, Randall County806
79016UNIQUECanyon, Randall County806
79018STANDARDChanning, Hartley County806
79019STANDARDClaude, Armstrong County806
79021PO BOXCotton Center, Hale County806
79022STANDARDDalhart, Dallam County806
79024PO BOXDarrouzett, Lipscomb County806
79025PO BOXDawn, Deaf Smith County806
79027STANDARDDimmitt, Castro County806
79029STANDARDDumas, Moore County806
79031STANDARDEarth, Lamb County806
79032PO BOXEdmonson, Hale County806
79033PO BOXFarnsworth, Ochiltree County806
79034STANDARDFollett, Lipscomb County806
79035STANDARDFriona, BlackParmer County806
79036STANDARDFritch, Hutchinson County806
79039STANDARDGroom, Carson County806
79040STANDARDGruver, Hansford County806
79041STANDARDHale Center, Hale County806
79042STANDARDHappy, Randall County806
79043STANDARDHart, Castro County806
79044STANDARDHartley, Hartley County806
79045STANDARDHereford, Deaf Smith County806
79046STANDARDHiggins, Lipscomb County806
79051PO BOXKerrick, Dallam County806
79052STANDARDKress, Swisher County806
79053PO BOXLazbuddie, Parmer County806
79054PO BOXLefors, Gray County806
79056STANDARDLipscomb, Lipscomb County806
79057STANDARDMclean, Gray County806
79058STANDARDMasterson, Moore County
79059STANDARDMiami, Roberts County806
79061STANDARDMobeetie, Wheeler County806
79062STANDARDMorse, Hansford County806
79063STANDARDNazareth, Castro County806
79064STANDARDOlton, Lamb County806
79065STANDARDPampa, Gray County806
79066PO BOXPampa, Gray County806
79068STANDARDPanhandle, Carson County806
79070STANDARDPerryton, Ochiltree County806
79072STANDARDPlainview, Hale County806
79073PO BOXPlainview, Hale County806
79077PO BOXSam Norwood, Collingsworth County806
79078PO BOXSanford, Hutchinson County806
79079STANDARDShamrock, TwittyWheeler County806
79080STANDARDSkellytown, Carson County806
79081STANDARDSpearman, Hansford County806
79082STANDARDSpringlake, Lamb County806
79083STANDARDStinnett, Hutchinson County806
79084STANDARDStratford, Sherman County806
79085STANDARDSummerfield, Castro County806
79086STANDARDSunray, Moore County806
79087STANDARDTexline, Dallam County806
79088STANDARDTulia, Vigo ParkSwisher County806
79091PO BOXUmbarger, Randall County806
79092STANDARDVega, Oldham County806
79093PO BOXWaka, Ochiltree County806
79094STANDARDWayside, Armstrong County806
79095STANDARDWellington, Collingsworth County806
79096STANDARDWheeler, Wheeler County806
79097STANDARDWhite Deer, Carson County806, 817
79098STANDARDWildorado, Oldham County806
79101STANDARDAmarillo, Potter County806, 512
79102STANDARDAmarillo, Potter County806
79103STANDARDAmarillo, Potter County806
79104STANDARDAmarillo, Potter County806
79105PO BOXAmarillo, Potter County806
79106STANDARDAmarillo, Potter County806
79107STANDARDAmarillo, Potter County806
79108STANDARDAmarillo, Potter County806
79109STANDARDAmarillo, Randall County806
79110STANDARDAmarillo, Randall County806
79111STANDARDAmarillo, Potter County806
79114PO BOXAmarillo, Potter County806
79116PO BOXAmarillo, Potter County806
79117PO BOXAmarillo, Potter County806
79118STANDARDAmarillo, Palisades, Timbercreek Canyon, Timbercrk CynRandall County806
79119STANDARDAmarillo, Randall County806, 281
79120PO BOXAmarillo, Potter County806
79121STANDARDAmarillo, Randall County806
79124STANDARDAmarillo, Bishop HillsPotter County806
79159PO BOXAmarillo, Potter County806
79166UNIQUEAmarillo, Potter County806
79168UNIQUEAmarillo, Potter County806
79172UNIQUEAmarillo, Potter County806
79174UNIQUEAmarillo, Potter County806
79178UNIQUEAmarillo, Potter County806
79185UNIQUEAmarillo, Potter County806
79187UNIQUEAmarillo, Potter County806
79189PO BOXAmarillo, Potter County806
79201STANDARDChildress, NorthfieldChildress County940
79220STANDARDAfton, Dickens County806
79221PO BOXAiken, Floyd County806
79223STANDARDCee Vee, Cottle County940
79225STANDARDChillicothe, Hardeman County940
79226STANDARDClarendon, HowardwickDonley County806
79227STANDARDCrowell, TruscottFoard County940
79229STANDARDDickens, Dickens County806
79230STANDARDDodson, Collingsworth County806
79231PO BOXDougherty, Floyd County806
79233PO BOXEstelline, Hall County806
79234STANDARDFlomot, Motley County806
79235STANDARDFloydada, Floyd County806
79236PO BOXGuthrie, King County806
79237STANDARDHedley, Donley County806
79239STANDARDLakeview, Hall County806
79240STANDARDLelia Lake, Donley County806
79241STANDARDLockney, Floyd County806
79243STANDARDMcadoo, Dickens County806
79244STANDARDMatador, Motley County806
79245STANDARDMemphis, Hall County806
79247STANDARDOdell, Wilbarger County940
79248STANDARDPaducah, DumontCottle County806, 940
79250STANDARDPetersburg, Hale County806
79251STANDARDQuail, Collingsworth County806
79252STANDARDQuanah, Hardeman County940
79255STANDARDQuitaque, Briscoe County806
79256STANDARDRoaring Springs, Roaring SpngsMotley County806
79257STANDARDSilverton, Briscoe County806
79258PO BOXSouth Plains, Floyd County806
79259STANDARDTell, Childress County940
79261STANDARDTurkey, Hall County806
79311STANDARDAbernathy, Hale County806
79312STANDARDAmherst, Lamb County806
79313STANDARDAnton, Hockley County806
79314PO BOXBledsoe, Cochran County806
79316STANDARDBrownfield, Terry County806
79320STANDARDBula, Bailey County806
79322STANDARDCrosbyton, Crosby County806
79323STANDARDDenver City, Yoakum County806, 432
79324STANDARDEnochs, Bailey County806
79325STANDARDFarwell, Parmer County806
79326STANDARDFieldton, Lamb County806
79329STANDARDIdalou, Lubbock County806
79330STANDARDJusticeburg, Garza County806
79331STANDARDLamesa, La MesaDawson County806
79336STANDARDLevelland, Hockley County806
79338PO BOXLevelland, Hockley County806
79339STANDARDLittlefield, Lamb County806
79342STANDARDLoop, Gaines County806
79343STANDARDLorenzo, Crosby County806
79344STANDARDMaple, Bailey County806
79345STANDARDMeadow, Terry County806
79346STANDARDMorton, Cochran County806
79347STANDARDMuleshoe, Bailey County806
79350PO BOXNew Deal, Lubbock County806
79351STANDARDOdonnell, Lynn County806
79353STANDARDPep, Hockley County806
79355STANDARDPlains, Yoakum County806
79356STANDARDPost, Garza County806
79357STANDARDRalls, ConeCrosby County806
79358STANDARDRopesville, Hockley County806
79359STANDARDSeagraves, Gaines County806
79360STANDARDSeminole, Gaines County806, 432
79363STANDARDShallowater, Lubbock County806
79364STANDARDSlaton, Ransom Canyon, SouthlandLubbock County806
79366STANDARDRansom Canyon, Lubbock County806
79367PO BOXSmyer, Hockley County806
79369PO BOXSpade, Lamb County806
79370STANDARDSpur, Dickens County806
79371STANDARDSudan, Lamb County806
79372PO BOXSundown, Hockley County806
79373STANDARDTahoka, Lynn County806
79376STANDARDTokio, Terry County806
79377STANDARDWelch, Dawson County806
79378PO BOXWellman, Terry County806
79379PO BOXWhiteface, Cochran County806
79380PO BOXWhitharral, Hockley County806
79381STANDARDWilson, New HomeLynn County806
79382STANDARDWolfforth, Lubbock County806
79383PO BOXNew Home, Lynn County806
79401STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79402STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79403STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79404STANDARDLubbock, Buffalo Spgs, Buffalo SpringsLubbock County806
79405STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79406STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79407STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79408PO BOXLubbock, Lubbock County806
79409STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79410STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79411STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79412STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79413STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79414STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79415STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79416STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79423STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79424STANDARDLubbock, Lubbock County806
79430UNIQUELubbock, Lubbock County806
79452PO BOXLubbock, Lubbock County806
79453PO BOXLubbock, Lubbock County806
79457UNIQUELubbock, Lubbock County806
79464PO BOXLubbock, Lubbock County806
79490PO BOXLubbock, Lubbock County806
79491UNIQUELubbock, Lubbock County806
79493PO BOXLubbock, Lubbock County806
79499PO BOXLubbock, Lubbock County806
79501STANDARDAnson, Jones County325
79502STANDARDAspermont, Stonewall County806, 940
79503STANDARDAvoca, Jones County325
79504STANDARDBaird, Callahan County325
79505STANDARDBenjamin, Knox County940
79506STANDARDBlackwell, Nolan County325
79508STANDARDBuffalo Gap, Taylor County325
79510STANDARDClyde, Callahan County325
79511STANDARDCoahoma, Howard County432
79512STANDARDColorado City, Mitchell County325
79516PO BOXDunn, Scurry County325
79517STANDARDFluvanna, Scurry County
79518STANDARDGirard, Kent County806
79519STANDARDGoldsboro, Coleman County325
79520STANDARDHamlin, Jones County325
79521STANDARDHaskell, Haskell County940
79525STANDARDHawley, Jones County325
79526STANDARDHermleigh, Scurry County325
79527STANDARDIra, Scurry County432
79528STANDARDJayton, Kent County806
79529STANDARDKnox City, Knox County940
79530STANDARDLawn, Taylor County325
79532STANDARDLoraine, Mitchell County325
79533STANDARDLueders, Jones County325
79534STANDARDMc Caulley, Fisher County325
79535STANDARDMaryneal, Nolan County325
79536STANDARDMerkel, Taylor County325
79537STANDARDNolan, Nolan County325
79538STANDARDNovice, Coleman County325
79539STANDARDO Brien, Haskell County940
79540STANDARDOld Glory, Stonewall County940
79541STANDARDOvalo, Taylor County325
79543STANDARDRoby, Fisher County325
79544STANDARDRochester, Haskell County940
79545STANDARDRoscoe, Nolan County325
79546STANDARDRotan, Fisher County325
79547STANDARDRule, Haskell County940
79548STANDARDRule, SagertonHaskell County940
79549STANDARDSnyder, DermottScurry County325
79550PO BOXSnyder, Scurry County325
79553STANDARDStamford, Jones County325
79556STANDARDSweetwater, Nolan County325
79560STANDARDSylvester, Fisher County325
79561STANDARDTrent, Taylor County325
79562STANDARDTuscola, Taylor County325
79563STANDARDTye, Taylor County325
79565STANDARDWestbrook, Mitchell County325, 432
79566STANDARDWingate, Runnels County
79567STANDARDWinters, Runnels County325
79601STANDARDAbilene, Taylor County325
79602STANDARDAbilene, Taylor County325
79603STANDARDAbilene, Taylor County325
79604PO BOXAbilene, Taylor County325
79605STANDARDAbilene, Taylor County325
79606STANDARDAbilene, Taylor County325
79607STANDARDDyess Afb, AbileneTaylor County325
79608PO BOXAbilene, Taylor County325
79697UNIQUEAbilene, Taylor County325
79698UNIQUEAbilene, Taylor County325
79699UNIQUEAbilene, Taylor County325
79701STANDARDMidland, Midland County432
79702PO BOXMidland, Midland County432
79703STANDARDMidland, Midland County432
79704PO BOXMidland, Midland County432
79705STANDARDMidland, Midland County432
79706STANDARDMidland, Midland County432
79707STANDARDMidland, Midland County432
79708PO BOXMidland, Midland County432
79710PO BOXMidland, Midland County432
79711PO BOXMidland, Midland County432
79712PO BOXMidland, Midland County432
79713STANDARDAckerly, Dawson County806, 432
79714STANDARDAndrews, Andrews County432
79718STANDARDBalmorhea, Reeves County432
79719PO BOXBarstow, Ward County432
79720STANDARDBig Spring, VealmoorHoward County432
79721PO BOXBig Spring, Howard County432
79730PO BOXCoyanosa, Pecos County432
79731STANDARDCrane, Crane County432
79733PO BOXForsan, Howard County432
79734STANDARDFort Davis, Mcdonald Obs, Mcdonald ObservatoryJeff Davis County432
79735STANDARDFort Stockton, Pecos County432
79738STANDARDGail, Borden County806
79739STANDARDGarden City, Glasscock County432
79740STANDARDGirvin, Crane County432
79741STANDARDGoldsmith, Ector County432
79742PO BOXGrandfalls, Ward County432
79743PO BOXImperial, Pecos County432
79744PO BOXIraan, Pecos County432
79745STANDARDKermit, Winkler County432
79748STANDARDKnott, Howard County432
79749STANDARDLenorah, Martin County432
79752STANDARDMc Camey, MccameyUpton County432
79754PO BOXMentone, Loving County432
79755STANDARDMidkiff, Upton County432
79756STANDARDMonahans, ThorntonvilleWard County432
79758STANDARDGardendale, Ector County432
79759PO BOXNotrees, Ector County432
79760PO BOXOdessa, Ector County432
79761STANDARDOdessa, Ector County432
79762STANDARDOdessa, Ector County214, 432
79763STANDARDOdessa, Ector County432
79764STANDARDOdessa, Ector County432
79765STANDARDOdessa, Ector County915, 432
79766STANDARDOdessa, Ector County432
79768PO BOXOdessa, Ector County432
79769PO BOXOdessa, Ector County432
79770PO BOXOrla, Reeves County432
79772STANDARDPecos, VerhalenReeves County432
79776PO BOXPenwell, Ector County432
79777PO BOXPyote, Ward County432
79778PO BOXRankin, Upton County432
79780PO BOXSaragosa, Reeves County432
79781PO BOXSheffield, Pecos County432
79782STANDARDStanton, Martin County432
79783STANDARDTarzan, Martin County432
79785PO BOXToyah, Reeves County432
79786PO BOXToyahvale, Reeves County432
79788PO BOXWickett, Ward County432
79789PO BOXWink, Winkler County432
79821STANDARDAnthony, VintonEl Paso County915
79830STANDARDAlpine, Brewster County432
79831PO BOXAlpine, Brewster County432
79832UNIQUEAlpine, Sul RossBrewster County432
79834PO BOXBig Bend National Park, Bg Bnd Ntl PkBrewster County432
79835STANDARDCanutillo, El Paso County915
79836STANDARDClint, El Paso County915
79837PO BOXDell City, Hudspeth County505, 915
79838PO BOXFabens, El Paso County915
79839STANDARDFort Hancock, Hudspeth County915
79842PO BOXMarathon, Brewster County432
79843STANDARDMarfa, ShafterPresidio County432
79845STANDARDPresidio, Presidio County432
79846PO BOXRedford, PresidioPresidio County432
79847STANDARDSalt Flat, Dell CityCulberson County915
79848PO BOXSanderson, Terrell County432
79849STANDARDSan Elizario, El Paso County915
79851PO BOXSierra Blanca, Hudspeth County915
79852STANDARDTerlingua, LajitasBrewster County432
79853PO BOXTornillo, El Paso County915
79854STANDARDValentine, Jeff Davis County432
79855PO BOXVan Horn, KentCulberson County915
79901STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79902STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79903STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79904STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79905STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79906STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79907STANDARDEl Paso, Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, Ysleta SurEl Paso County915
79908STANDARDEl Paso, Biggs FieldEl Paso County915
79910STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79911STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79912STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79913PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79914PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79915STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79916STANDARDFort Bliss, El PasoEl Paso County915
79917PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79918STANDARDFort Bliss, Biggs Field, El PasoEl Paso County915
79920PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79922STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79923PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79924STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79925STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79926PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79927STANDARDEl Paso, Horizon City, Socorro, Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, Ysleta SurEl Paso County915
79928STANDARDEl Paso, Horizon City, SocorroEl Paso County915
79929PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79930STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79931PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79932STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79934STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79935STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79936STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79937PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79938STANDARDEl Paso, El Paso County915
79940PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79941PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79942PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79943PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79944PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79945PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79946PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79947PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79948PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79949PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79950PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79951PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79952PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79953PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79954PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79955PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79958UNIQUEEl Paso, El Paso County915
79960UNIQUEEl Paso, El Paso County915
79961UNIQUEEl Paso, El Paso County915
79968UNIQUEEl Paso, El Paso County915
79976UNIQUEEl Paso, El Paso County915
79978UNIQUEEl Paso, El Paso County915
79980UNIQUEEl Paso, El Paso County915
79990PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79995PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79996PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79997PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79998PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
79999PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88510PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88511PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88512PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88513PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88514PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88515PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88516PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88517PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88518PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88519PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88520PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88521PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88523PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88524PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88525PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88526PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88527PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88528PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88529PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88530PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88531PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88532PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88533PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88534PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88535PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88536PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88538PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88539PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88540PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88541PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88542PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88543PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88544PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88545PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88546PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88547PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88548PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88549PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88550PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88553PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88554PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88555PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88556PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88557PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88558PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88559PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88560PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88561PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88562PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88563PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88565PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88566PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88567PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88568PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88569PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88570PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88571PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88572PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88573PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88574PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88575PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88576PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88577PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88578PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88579PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88580PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88581PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88582PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88583PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88584PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88585PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88586PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88587PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88588PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88589PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88590PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915
88595PO BOXEl Paso, El Paso County915

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Texas, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 14,609,365.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 3,552,997.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 278,948.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 1,585,480.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 33,611.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 3,951,366

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 60.84% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.14% of the population.