Puerto-Rico zip codes

To find the postal code of a town or city, select it and then navigate until you reach the desired postal code.

ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
00601STANDARDAdjuntas, Adjuntas787, 939
00602STANDARDAguada, 787
00603STANDARDAguadilla, RameyAguadilla787
00604PO BOXAguadilla, Ramey
00605PO BOXAguadilla,
00606STANDARDMaricao, Maricao787, 939
00610STANDARDAnasco, 787
00611PO BOXAngeles,
00612STANDARDArecibo, Arecibo787
00613PO BOXArecibo,
00614PO BOXArecibo,
00616STANDARDBajadero, Arecibo
00617STANDARDBarceloneta, Barceloneta787
00622STANDARDBoqueron, 787
00623STANDARDCabo Rojo, 787
00624STANDARDPenuelas, 787
00627STANDARDCamuy, 787
00631PO BOXCastaner, Adjuntas
00636PO BOXRosario,
00637STANDARDSabana Grande, 787
00638STANDARDCiales, 787
00641STANDARDUtuado, 787
00646STANDARDDorado, 787
00650STANDARDFlorida, 787, 939
00652STANDARDGarrochales, Arecibo787
00653STANDARDGuanica, 787
00656STANDARDGuayanilla, 787
00660STANDARDHormigueros, 787
00662STANDARDIsabela, 787
00664STANDARDJayuya, 787
00667STANDARDLajas, 787, 939
00669STANDARDLares, 787
00670STANDARDLas Marias, 787, 939
00674STANDARDManati, 787
00676STANDARDMoca, 787
00677STANDARDRincon, 787, 939
00678STANDARDQuebradillas, 787
00680STANDARDMayaguez, 787
00681PO BOXMayaguez,
00682STANDARDMayaguez, 787
00683STANDARDSan German, 787
00685STANDARDSan Sebastian, 787
00687STANDARDMorovis, 787
00688STANDARDSabana Hoyos, 787
00690STANDARDSan Antonio,
00692STANDARDVega Alta, 787
00693STANDARDVega Baja, 787
00694PO BOXVega Baja,
00698STANDARDYauco, 787
00703STANDARDAguas Buenas, 787
00705STANDARDAibonito, 787
00707STANDARDMaunabo, 787, 939
00714STANDARDArroyo, 787, 939
00715STANDARDMercedita, Ponce787
00716STANDARDPonce, Mercedita787
00718STANDARDNaguabo, 787
00719STANDARDNaranjito, 787
00720STANDARDOrocovis, 787, 939
00721PO BOXPalmer, Rio Grande
00723STANDARDPatillas, Patillas
00725STANDARDCaguas, 787
00726PO BOXCaguas,
00727STANDARDCaguas, 787
00729STANDARDCanovanas, Can贸vanas787
00730STANDARDPonce, 787
00731STANDARDPonce, 787
00732PO BOXPonce,
00733PO BOXPonce,
00734PO BOXPonce,
00735STANDARDCeiba, Roosevelt Rds, Roosevelt Roads787
00736STANDARDCayey, 787
00737PO BOXCayey,
00738STANDARDFajardo, 787
00739STANDARDCidra, 787
00740STANDARDPuerto Real,
00741STANDARDPunta Santiago, Punta Stgo
00742PO BOXRoosevelt Roads, Ceiba, Roosevelt Rds
00744PO BOXRio Blanco,
00745STANDARDRio Grande, 787
00751STANDARDSalinas, 787
00754STANDARDSan Lorenzo, 787
00757STANDARDSanta Isabel, Santa Isabel787
00765STANDARDVieques, 787
00767STANDARDYabucoa, 787
00769STANDARDCoamo, 787
00771STANDARDLas Piedras, 787
00773STANDARDLuquillo, 787
00775PO BOXCulebra,
00777STANDARDJuncos, 787
00778STANDARDGurabo, 787
00780STANDARDCoto Laurel, Ponce787, 939
00782STANDARDComerio, 787
00783STANDARDCorozal, 787
00784STANDARDGuayama, 787, 939
00785PO BOXGuayama,
00786PO BOXLa Plata, Aibonito
00791STANDARDHumacao, 787
00792PO BOXHumacao,
00794STANDARDBarranquitas, 787
00795STANDARDJuana Diaz, 787, 939
00901STANDARDSan Juan, Old San Juan, Viejo San Juan, Viejo Sn Juan
00902PO BOXSan Juan, Old San Juan, Viejo San Juan, Viejo Sn Juan
00906PO BOXSan Juan, Pta De Tierra, Puerta De Tierra
00907STANDARDSan Juan, Condado, Miramar, Santurce787
00908PO BOXSan Juan,
00909STANDARDSan Juan, Fdez Juncos, Fernandez Juncos, Minillas, Santurce787, 939
00910PO BOXSan Juan, Fdez Juncos, Fernandez Juncos
00911STANDARDSan Juan, Loiza Street, Santurce787
00912STANDARDSan Juan, Santurce787, 939
00913STANDARDSan Juan, Isla Verde, Santurce
00914PO BOXSan Juan, Loiza Street, Santurce
00915STANDARDSan Juan, Barrio Obrero, Bo Obrero, Santurce787
00916PO BOXSan Juan, Barrio Obrero, Santurce
00917STANDARDSan Juan, Hato Rey
00918STANDARDSan Juan,
00919PO BOXSan Juan, Hato Rey
00920STANDARDSan Juan, Caparra, Caparra Hills, Caparra Ter, Caparra Terrace, Pto Nuevo, Puerto Nuevo787, 939
00921STANDARDSan Juan, College Park, Pto Nuevo, Puerto Nuevo, Rio Piedras
00922PO BOXSan Juan, Caparra, Caparra Hills, Caparra Ter, Caparra Terrace
00923STANDARDSan Juan, 65th Infantry
00924STANDARDSan Juan, Rio Piedras, 65th Infantry787
00925STANDARDSan Juan, Rio Piedras
00926STANDARDSan Juan, Cupey, Rio Piedras787
00927STANDARDSan Juan, Rio Piedras787
00928PO BOXSan Juan, Rio Piedras
00929PO BOXSan Juan, Rio Piedras, 65th InfantrySan Juan
00930PO BOXSan Juan, Rio Piedras, San Jose
00931PO BOXSan Juan, Rio PiedrasSan Juan
00933PO BOXSan Juan, San Juan
00934STANDARDFort Buchanan, Ft Buchanan
00935UNIQUESan Juan, San Juan
00936PO BOXSan Juan, Barrio Obrero, Caparra, Cupey, Gpo, Loiza Street, Minillas, Old San Juan, Rio Piedras, San Jose, Santurce, Santurce Station, 65th Infantry
00937PO BOXSan Juan, San Juan
00939UNIQUESan Juan, San Juan
00940PO BOXSan Juan, Minillas, Santurce
00949STANDARDToa Baja, Levittown787, 939
00950PO BOXToa Baja,
00951PO BOXToa Baja,
00952STANDARDSabana Seca, Toa Baja
00953STANDARDToa Alta, Toa Alta787
00954PO BOXToa Alta, Toa Alta
00955PO BOXSan Juan, San Juan
00956STANDARDBayamon, Bayam贸n787
00957STANDARDBayamon, Bayam贸n787, 939
00958PO BOXBayamon, Bayam贸n
00959STANDARDBayamon, Bayam贸n787
00960PO BOXBayamon,
00961STANDARDBayamon, Bayam贸n787
00962STANDARDCatano, Cata帽o787
00963PO BOXCatano, Cata帽o
00965STANDARDGuaynabo, Guaynabo787
00966STANDARDGuaynabo, Guaynabo787, 939
00968STANDARDGuaynabo, Guaynabo787
00969STANDARDGuaynabo, Guaynabo787
00970PO BOXGuaynabo,
00971STANDARDGuaynabo, Guaynabo787
00975UNIQUESan Juan, San Juan
00976STANDARDTrujillo Alto, Trujillo Alto787, 939
00977PO BOXTrujillo Alto,
00978PO BOXSaint Just, San Juan
00979STANDARDCarolina, Carolina787
00981PO BOXCarolina, Carolina
00982STANDARDCarolina, Carolina787
00983STANDARDCarolina, Carolina
00984PO BOXCarolina, Carolina
00985STANDARDCarolina, Carolina787
00986PO BOXCarolina, Carolina
00987STANDARDCarolina, Carolina787
00988PO BOXCarolina, Carolina

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Puerto-Rico, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 560,592.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 228,711.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 1,787.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 4,001.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 593.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 838,316

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is Others, comprising approximately 51.30% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.04% of the population.