New-York zip codes

To find the postal code of a town or city, select it and then navigate until you reach the desired postal code.

ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
00544UNIQUEHoltsville, Suffolk County631
06390PO BOXFishers Island, Fishers IsleSuffolk County631
10001STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 718, 917, 518, 646, 000
10002STANDARDNew York, KnickerbockerNew York County646, 917, 212, 516, 718
10003STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917, 347, 718
10004STANDARDNew York, Bowling GreenNew York County212, 917, 646, 516, 347, 000
10005STANDARDNew York, Wall StreetNew York County212, 646, 917, 347, 718
10006STANDARDNew York, TrinityNew York County212, 646
10007STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 917, 646, 718, 347
10008PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10009STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 212, 646, 718
10010STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 347, 646, 914, 917, 000
10011STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 718, 917, 212, 516, 000, 000
10012STANDARDNew York, PrinceNew York County917, 914, 212, 646, 347
10013STANDARDNew York, Canal Street, ChinatownNew York County212, 646, 914, 917, 516, 000, 000
10014STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 917, 212, 347, 718
10015STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10016STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917, 914, 718
10017STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917, 516, 914, 000
10018STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917, 516, 203, 000, 000
10019STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 718, 917, 347
10020STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 917, 212
10021STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917, 315, 347
10022STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 631, 646, 917, 914
10023STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 917, 212, 718
10024STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917, 718
10025STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 212, 646
10026STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 646, 212
10027STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 917, 212
10028STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 917, 646
10029STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 917, 646
10030STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 212, 646
10031STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 212, 917
10032STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 212, 646
10033STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917
10034STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 917, 646
10035STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 212, 646
10036STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917, 914
10037STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 917, 646
10038STANDARDNew York, Peck SlipNew York County646, 212, 917, 845
10039STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917
10040STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 646, 212
10041STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 347, 646, 718, 917
10043UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10044STANDARDNew York, Roosevelt Isl, Roosevelt IslandNew York County646, 212, 917
10045STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 347, 646, 917
10046UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10047UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10048STANDARDNew York, Manhattan, World Trade Ctr, NycNew York County212
10055STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10060STANDARDNew York, New York County646
10065STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10069STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 646, 212
10072UNIQUENew York, Philip MorrisNew York County212
10075STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10079UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10080UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10081UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10082UNIQUENew York, Capitol CitiesNew York County212
10087UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10090STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10094UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10095STANDARDNew York, New York County718
10096UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10098STANDARDNew York, New York County917
10099STANDARDNew York, New York County646
10101PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10102UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10103STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10104STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 914
10105STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 212
10106STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 347, 646, 718, 914, 000
10107STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 347, 646, 718, 914, 000
10108PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10109UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10110STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 718, 917
10111STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 917
10112STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10113PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10114UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10115STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10116PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10117UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10118STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 917, 212
10119STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917
10120STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10121STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 347, 646, 718
10122STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646
10123STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646
10124UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10125UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10126UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10128STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 917, 646, 203
10129PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10130UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10131UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10132UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10133UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10138UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10149UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10150PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10151STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10152STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 212, 646
10153STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 212
10154STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917
10155STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 646
10156PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10157UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10158STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10159PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10160UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10161STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10162STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646
10163PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10164UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10165STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 212, 917
10166STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646
10167STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 347, 646
10168STANDARDNew York, New York County516, 212, 646
10169STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917
10170STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646
10171STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10172STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646
10173STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10174STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 917
10175STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 212
10176STANDARDNew York, New York County212
10177STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646
10178STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 718, 917
10179UNIQUENew York, Bear StearnsNew York County212
10184UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10185PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10196UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10197UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10199STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 347, 646, 718, 917
10200STANDARDNew York,
10203UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10211UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10212UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10213UNIQUENew York, Canal StreetNew York County212
10242PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10249PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10256UNIQUENew York, Deutsche BankNew York County212
10257UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10258UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10259UNIQUENew York, New York CityNew York County212
10260UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10261UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10265UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10268PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10269UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10270STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 347, 646, 718, 917
10271STANDARDNew York, New York County646, 212, 917
10272PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10273UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10274PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10275UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10276PO BOXNew York, New York County212
10277UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10278STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 917
10279STANDARDNew York, New York County917, 212, 646, 718
10280STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646, 347, 917
10281STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646
10282STANDARDNew York, New York County212, 646
10285UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10286UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10292UNIQUENew York, New York County212
10301STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County718
10302STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County917, 718, 347
10303STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County718
10304STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County718, 347, 917
10305STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County718
10306STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County917, 718, 646
10307STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County718, 347
10308STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County718
10309STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County718, 347, 917
10310STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County718, 914
10311STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County718
10312STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County917, 718, 347
10313PO BOXStaten Island, Richmond County212
10314STANDARDStaten Island, Richmond County203, 718, 347
10451STANDARDBronx, Bronx County347, 718, 914, 917
10452STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718, 347, 646
10453STANDARDBronx, Bronx County917, 718
10454STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718
10455STANDARDBronx, Bronx County914, 718
10456STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718, 347, 646, 917
10457STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718, 917, 347, 646
10458STANDARDBronx, Bronx County347, 718, 646
10459STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718, 917
10460STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718
10461STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718, 212, 347
10462STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718, 914, 347, 917
10463STANDARDBronx, Bronx County914, 718
10464STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718, 914, 917
10465STANDARDBronx, Bronx County845, 718, 347
10466STANDARDBronx, Bronx County914, 718, 845, 347
10467STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718, 347
10468STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718
10469STANDARDBronx, Bronx County917, 718, 347
10470STANDARDBronx, Bronx County914, 718, 347
10471STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718
10472STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718
10473STANDARDBronx, Bronx County917, 718, 347
10474STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718, 917
10475STANDARDBronx, Bronx County718
10499UNIQUEBronx, Bronx County212
10501STANDARDAmawalk, Westchester County914
10502STANDARDArdsley, Westchester County914
10503PO BOXArdsley On Hudson, Ardsley HdsnWestchester County914
10504STANDARDArmonk, North CastleWestchester County914
10505STANDARDBaldwin Place, Westchester County914
10506STANDARDBedford, Westchester County914
10507STANDARDBedford Hills, Westchester County914
10509STANDARDBrewster, Putnam County845, 203, 914
10510STANDARDBriarcliff Manor, Briarcliff, ScarboroughWestchester County914, 203
10511STANDARDBuchanan, Westchester County914
10512STANDARDCarmel, Kent LakesPutnam County845, 914, 203
10514STANDARDChappaqua, Westchester County914, 203
10516STANDARDCold Spring, NelsonvillePutnam County845, 914
10517PO BOXCrompond, Westchester County914
10518STANDARDCross River, Westchester County914
10519PO BOXCroton Falls, Westchester County845
10520STANDARDCroton On Hudson, Croton HdsnWestchester County914, 212
10521PO BOXCroton On Hudson, Croton Hdsn, CrugersWestchester County914
10522STANDARDDobbs Ferry, Westchester County914
10523STANDARDElmsford, Westchester County914
10524STANDARDGarrison, Putnam County917, 845
10526STANDARDGoldens Bridge, Goldens BrgWestchester County917, 914, 845
10527STANDARDGranite Springs, Granite SpgsWestchester County914
10528STANDARDHarrison, Westchester County914
10530STANDARDHartsdale, Westchester County914, 203, 718
10532STANDARDHawthorne, Westchester County914, 203
10533STANDARDIrvington, Westchester County914
10535STANDARDJefferson Valley, Jefferson VlyWestchester County914
10536STANDARDKatonah, Westchester County914, 917
10537STANDARDLake Peekskill, Lk PeekskillPutnam County845, 914
10538STANDARDLarchmont, Westchester County914, 212
10540PO BOXLincolndale, Westchester County914
10541STANDARDMahopac, Lake Lincolnd, Lake LincolndalePutnam County845, 914
10542PO BOXMahopac Falls, Putnam County845
10543STANDARDMamaroneck, Westchester County914, 917, 212
10545PO BOXMaryknoll, Westchester County914
10546STANDARDMillwood, Westchester County914
10547STANDARDMohegan Lake, Westchester County914
10548STANDARDMontrose, Westchester County914
10549STANDARDMount Kisco, Bedford Corners, Bedford CorsWestchester County845, 914
10550STANDARDMount Vernon, Westchester County845, 917, 914
10551PO BOXMount Vernon, Westchester County914
10552STANDARDMount Vernon, FleetwoodWestchester County914
10553STANDARDMount Vernon, Westchester County914
10557UNIQUEMount Vernon, Westchester County914
10558UNIQUEMount Vernon, Westchester County914
10560STANDARDNorth Salem, Westchester County203, 845, 914
10562STANDARDOssining, Westchester County914
10566STANDARDPeekskill, Westchester County845, 914
10567STANDARDCortlandt Manor, Cortlandt MnrWestchester County914, 845
10570STANDARDPleasantville, Westchester County914, 203
10571UNIQUEPleasantville, Westchester County914
10572UNIQUEPleasantville, Westchester County914
10573STANDARDPort Chester, Rye BrookWestchester County914
10576STANDARDPound Ridge, Westchester County914
10577STANDARDPurchase, Westchester County914
10578STANDARDPurdys, Westchester County914, 845
10579STANDARDPutnam Valley, Putnam County914, 845
10580STANDARDRye, Westchester County914
10583STANDARDScarsdale, HeathcoteWestchester County914
10587PO BOXShenorock, Westchester County914
10588STANDARDShrub Oak, Westchester County914, 845
10589STANDARDSomers, Westchester County914, 845
10590STANDARDSouth Salem, Westchester County914
10591STANDARDTarrytown, N Tarrytown, North Tarrytown, Sleepy HollowWestchester County914
10594STANDARDThornwood, Westchester County914, 203
10595STANDARDValhalla, Westchester County914, 203
10596PO BOXVerplanck, Westchester County914
10597STANDARDWaccabuc, Westchester County914
10598STANDARDYorktown Heights, Yorktown HtsWestchester County914
10601STANDARDWhite Plains, Westchester County914, 203
10602PO BOXWhite Plains, Westchester County914
10603STANDARDWhite Plains, N White Plains, N White PlnsWestchester County914
10604STANDARDWest Harrison, W Harrison, White PlainsWestchester County914, 203, 845
10605STANDARDWhite Plains, Westchester County914, 203
10606STANDARDWhite Plains, Westchester County914, 845
10607STANDARDWhite Plains, Westchester County914, 203
10610PO BOXWhite Plains, Westchester County914
10701STANDARDYonkers, Westchester County914
10702STANDARDYonkers, Westchester County914
10703STANDARDYonkers, Westchester County914, 347, 845
10704STANDARDYonkers, Westchester County914, 917
10705STANDARDYonkers, Westchester County914
10706STANDARDHastings On Hudson, Hastings Hdsn, YonkersWestchester County914
10707STANDARDTuckahoe, Eastchester, YonkersWestchester County914
10708STANDARDBronxville, YonkersWestchester County914
10709STANDARDEastchester, YonkersWestchester County914
10710STANDARDYonkers, Westchester County914, 845
10801STANDARDNew Rochelle, Westchester County516, 914
10802PO BOXNew Rochelle, Westchester County914
10803STANDARDPelham, Westchester County914
10804STANDARDNew Rochelle, WykagylWestchester County914
10805STANDARDNew Rochelle, Westchester County845, 914
10901STANDARDSuffern, Airmont, MontebelloRockland County845, 914, 917
10910PO BOXArden, Orange County845
10911STANDARDBear Mountain, Rockland County845
10912PO BOXBellvale, Orange County845
10913STANDARDBlauvelt, Rockland County845
10914PO BOXBlooming Grove, Blooming Grv, S Bloomng GrvOrange County845
10915PO BOXBullville, Orange County845
10916STANDARDCampbell Hall, Orange County845
10917STANDARDCentral Valley, Central VlyOrange County845
10918STANDARDChester, Orange County845
10919STANDARDCircleville, Orange County845
10920STANDARDCongers, Rockland County845
10921STANDARDFlorida, Orange County845
10922PO BOXFort Montgomery, Ft MontgomeryOrange County845
10923STANDARDGarnerville, Rockland County914, 845
10924STANDARDGoshen, Orange County845
10925STANDARDGreenwood Lake, Greenwood LkOrange County845
10926STANDARDHarriman, Orange County845
10927STANDARDHaverstraw, Rockland County516, 845
10928STANDARDHighland Falls, Highland FlsOrange County845
10930STANDARDHighland Mills, Highland MlsOrange County845
10931STANDARDHillburn, Rockland County914, 845
10932PO BOXHowells, Orange County845
10933PO BOXJohnson, Orange County845
10940STANDARDMiddletown, Scotchtown, Scotchtown BranchOrange County845, 914
10941STANDARDMiddletown, Scotchtown, Scotchtown BranchOrange County845, 914
10943UNIQUEMiddletown, Orange County845
10949PO BOXMonroe, Orange County845
10950STANDARDMonroe, Kiryas JoelOrange County914, 845
10952STANDARDMonsey, Airmont, KaserRockland County914, 845
10953PO BOXMountainville, Orange County845
10954STANDARDNanuet, BardoniaRockland County914, 845
10956STANDARDNew City, Rockland County845, 914, 201
10958STANDARDNew Hampton, Orange County845, 914
10959PO BOXNew Milford, Orange County845
10960STANDARDNyack, Grand View-on-hudson, Grnd Vw HudsnRockland County845, 914
10962STANDARDOrangeburg, Rockland County845
10963STANDARDOtisville, Orange County845
10964STANDARDPalisades, Rockland County845
10965STANDARDPearl River, Rockland County845, 914
10968STANDARDPiermont, Rockland County845, 914
10969STANDARDPine Island, Orange County845
10970STANDARDPomona, Rockland County845
10973STANDARDSlate Hill, Orange County914, 845
10974STANDARDSloatsburg, Rockland County845
10975STANDARDSouthfields, Orange County845
10976STANDARDSparkill, Rockland County845
10977STANDARDSpring Valley, Chestnut Rdg, Chestnut Ridge, New SquareRockland County845, 914, 917
10979PO BOXSterling Forest, Sterling FrstOrange County845
10980STANDARDStony Point, Rockland County845
10981PO BOXSugar Loaf, Orange County845
10982PO BOXTallman, Rockland County845
10983STANDARDTappan, Rockland County201, 845, 212
10984STANDARDThiells, Rockland County845
10985STANDARDThompson Ridge, Thompson RdgOrange County845
10986STANDARDTomkins Cove, Rockland County845
10987STANDARDTuxedo Park, Orange County845
10988PO BOXUnionville, Orange County845
10989STANDARDValley Cottage, Vly CottageRockland County845
10990STANDARDWarwick, Orange County914, 845
10992STANDARDWashingtonville, WashingtonvleOrange County845
10993STANDARDWest Haverstraw, W HaverstrawRockland County845
10994STANDARDWest Nyack, Rockland County917, 845, 914
10996STANDARDWest Point, Orange County914, 845
10997PO BOXWest Point, Orange County845
10998STANDARDWesttown, Orange County845
11001STANDARDFloral Park, Bellerose Vil, Bellerose Village, S Floral Park, South Floral ParkNassau County516, 718
11002PO BOXFloral Park, Queens County212
11003STANDARDElmont, Alden Manor, Floral Park, MeachamNassau County516, 917, 718
11004STANDARDGlen Oaks, Floral ParkQueens County631, 718, 516
11005STANDARDFloral Park, Queens County718
11010STANDARDFranklin Square, Franklin SqNassau County516
11020STANDARDGreat Neck, Lake SuccessNassau County516
11021STANDARDGreat Neck, Great Nck Plz, Great Neck PlazaNassau County347, 516, 631, 718
11022PO BOXGreat Neck, Nassau County516
11023STANDARDGreat Neck, Nassau County516, 718
11024STANDARDGreat Neck, Kings PointNassau County516
11025UNIQUEGreat Neck, Nassau County516
11026PO BOXGreat Neck, Nassau County516
11027PO BOXGreat Neck, Nassau County516
11030STANDARDManhasset, PlandomeNassau County516, 212
11040STANDARDNew Hyde Park, Garden City P, Garden City Park, Hillside Manor, Hillside Mnr, Manhasset Hil, Manhasset Hills, N New Hyde Pk, North Hills, North New Hyde ParkNassau County516, 917, 718
11041UNIQUENew Hyde Park, Nassau County516
11042STANDARDNew Hyde Park, N New Hyde Pk, North New Hyde ParkNassau County516
11043UNIQUENew Hyde Park, Nassau County516
11044UNIQUENew Hyde Park, Eastern States Bkcard AssocNassau County516
11050STANDARDPort Washington, Prt Washingtn, Sands PointNassau County516
11051UNIQUEPort Washington, Prt WashingtnNassau County516
11052UNIQUEPort Washington, Prt WashingtnNassau County516
11053UNIQUEPort Washington, Prt WashingtnNassau County516
11054UNIQUEPort Washington, Prt WashingtnNassau County516
11055UNIQUEPort Washington, Prt WashingtnNassau County516
11096STANDARDInwood, Far RockawayNassau County516, 718, 347
11099UNIQUENew Hyde Park, Nassau County516
11101STANDARDLong Island City, Astoria, Long Is CityQueens County917, 718, 212
11102STANDARDAstoria, Long Is City, Long Island CityQueens County917, 718
11103STANDARDAstoria, Long Is City, Long Island CityQueens County917, 718
11104STANDARDSunnyside, Astoria, Long Is City, Long Island CityQueens County718
11105STANDARDAstoria, Long Is City, Long Island CityQueens County718, 914
11106STANDARDAstoria, Long Is City, Long Island CityQueens County718, 917
11109STANDARDLong Island City, Long Is CityQueens County718, 347
11120UNIQUELong Island City, Long Is CityQueens County718
11201STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 917, 347, 212
11202PO BOXBrooklyn, Kings County718, 347
11203STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 917, 212
11204STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11205STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County646, 718
11206STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County917, 718, 347
11207STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11208STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11209STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County917, 718, 646
11210STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 347
11211STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County516, 718, 917, 646, 347
11212STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11213STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County917, 718, 347
11214STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County917, 718
11215STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County646, 718, 917
11216STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County917, 718, 212, 347
11217STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 917
11218STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County917, 718, 212
11219STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11220STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11221STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 917, 347
11222STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County347, 718, 917
11223STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 917, 212
11224STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11225STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11226STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County917, 718, 212
11228STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11229STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County631, 718, 917, 347
11230STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 917
11231STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 212, 917
11232STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County917, 718
11233STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11234STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 917, 212, 347
11235STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 917, 212
11236STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County917, 718
11237STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County347, 718
11238STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 347, 917
11239STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718
11240STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County212
11241STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County347
11242STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County718, 347
11243STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County212
11244UNIQUEBrooklyn, Kings County212
11245UNIQUEBrooklyn, Kings County212
11247PO BOXBrooklyn, Kings County212
11248UNIQUEBrooklyn, Kings County212
11249STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County212
11251UNIQUEBrooklyn, Kings County212
11252STANDARDBrooklyn, Fort HamiltonKings County212
11254UNIQUEBrooklyn, Kings County212
11255UNIQUEBrooklyn, Kings County212
11256STANDARDBrooklyn, Kings County212
11351STANDARDFlushing, Queens County347, 718, 917
11352PO BOXFlushing, Queens County212
11354STANDARDFlushing, Queens County917, 718, 347
11355STANDARDFlushing, Queens County718, 347, 917
11356STANDARDCollege Point, FlushingQueens County718
11357STANDARDWhitestone, Beechhurst, Flushing, MalbaQueens County718, 917, 347
11358STANDARDFlushing, Queens County917, 718, 212
11359STANDARDBayside, Flushing, Fort TottenQueens County718
11360STANDARDBayside, FlushingQueens County347, 718
11361STANDARDBayside, FlushingQueens County718, 917
11362STANDARDLittle Neck, Douglaston, FlushingQueens County718
11363STANDARDLittle Neck, Douglaston, FlushingQueens County718, 347, 917
11364STANDARDOakland Gardens, Bayside, Bayside Hills, Flushing, Hollis Hills, Oakland GdnsQueens County718, 917, 347
11365STANDARDFresh Meadows, FlushingQueens County718, 917
11366STANDARDFresh Meadows, FlushingQueens County718
11367STANDARDFlushing, Kew Garden Hl, Kew Gardens HillsQueens County718, 917
11368STANDARDCorona, FlushingQueens County917, 718
11369STANDARDEast Elmhurst, FlushingQueens County917, 718
11370STANDARDEast Elmhurst, FlushingQueens County914, 718, 347, 917
11371STANDARDFlushing, East Elmhurst, La Guardia Airport, La Gurda ArptQueens County914
11372STANDARDJackson Heights, Flushing, Jackson HtsQueens County718, 347, 917
11373STANDARDElmhurst, FlushingQueens County646, 917, 718, 347
11374STANDARDRego Park, FlushingQueens County917, 718, 347
11375STANDARDForest Hills, FlushingQueens County646, 718, 917, 212
11377STANDARDWoodside, FlushingQueens County718, 347
11378STANDARDMaspeth, FlushingQueens County917, 718
11379STANDARDMiddle Village, Flushing, Middle VlgQueens County718
11380PO BOXElmhurst, FlushingQueens County212
11381UNIQUEFlushing, Queens County212
11385STANDARDRidgewood, Flushing, GlendaleQueens County718, 516, 917, 212
11386PO BOXRidgewood, FlushingQueens County212
11390UNIQUEFlushing, Queens County212
11405UNIQUEJamaica, Queens County212
11411STANDARDCambria Heights, Cambria Hts, JamaicaQueens County917, 718, 347
11412STANDARDSaint Albans, JamaicaQueens County718, 646, 347
11413STANDARDSpringfield Gardens, Jamaica, Laurelton, Rosedale, Saint Albans, Sprngfld GdnsQueens County917, 718
11414STANDARDHoward Beach, JamaicaQueens County917, 718, 516
11415STANDARDKew Gardens, JamaicaQueens County718
11416STANDARDOzone Park, JamaicaQueens County718
11417STANDARDOzone Park, JamaicaQueens County718
11418STANDARDRichmond Hill, JamaicaQueens County718, 917, 347
11419STANDARDSouth Richmond Hill, Jamaica, S Richmond HlQueens County917, 718, 347
11420STANDARDSouth Ozone Park, Jamaica, S Ozone ParkQueens County718, 347
11421STANDARDWoodhaven, JamaicaQueens County516, 718, 917
11422STANDARDRosedale, JamaicaQueens County917, 718
11423STANDARDHollis, JamaicaQueens County718
11424PO BOXJamaica, Kew GardensQueens County718
11425UNIQUEJamaica, Queens County212
11426STANDARDBellerose, JamaicaQueens County917, 718, 516
11427STANDARDQueens Village, Bellerose Manor, Bellrs Manor, Jamaica, Queens VlgQueens County718
11428STANDARDQueens Village, Bellerose Manor, Bellrs Manor, Jamaica, Queens VlgQueens County347, 516, 718
11429STANDARDQueens Village, Jamaica, Queens VlgQueens County718, 347, 917
11430STANDARDJamaica, Jf Kennedy Ap, Jfk Airport, John F Kennedy AirportQueens County718
11431PO BOXJamaica, Queens County212
11432STANDARDJamaica, Queens County718, 516, 347
11433STANDARDJamaica, Addisleigh Park, Addisleigh PkQueens County718
11434STANDARDJamaica, Addisleigh Park, Addisleigh Pk, Rochdale Vill, Rochdale VillageQueens County646, 917, 718, 347
11435STANDARDJamaica, BriarwoodQueens County718, 917, 347
11436STANDARDJamaica, S Ozone Park, South Ozone ParkQueens County718, 917
11439UNIQUEJamaica, Queens County212
11451UNIQUEJamaica, Queens County212
11499UNIQUEJamaica, Queens County212
11501STANDARDMineola, Nassau County516
11507STANDARDAlbertson, Nassau County516
11509STANDARDAtlantic Beach, Atlantic BchNassau County516
11510STANDARDBaldwin, N Baldwin, North BaldwinNassau County516
11514STANDARDCarle Place, Nassau County516, 718, 631
11516STANDARDCedarhurst, Nassau County516, 718
11518STANDARDEast Rockaway, Nassau County516
11520STANDARDFreeport, Nassau County516, 917, 631
11530STANDARDGarden City, Garden City S, Garden City South, Stewart ManorNassau County516, 631, 718
11531PO BOXGarden City, Nassau County516
11535UNIQUEGarden City, Nassau County516
11536UNIQUEGarden City, Select And SaveNassau County516
11542STANDARDGlen Cove, Nassau County516
11545STANDARDGlen Head, Nassau County516, 212
11547PO BOXGlenwood Landing, Glenwood LndgNassau County516
11548STANDARDGreenvale, Nassau County516
11549UNIQUEHempstead, Hofstra UnivNassau County516
11550STANDARDHempstead, S Hempstead, South HempsteadNassau County516, 631, 212, 718
11551PO BOXHempstead, Nassau County516
11552STANDARDWest Hempstead, W HempsteadNassau County631, 516
11553STANDARDUniondale, Nassau County516
11554STANDARDEast Meadow, Nassau County516, 716
11555UNIQUEUniondale, Nassau County516
11556STANDARDUniondale, Nassau County516
11557STANDARDHewlett, Nassau County516
11558STANDARDIsland Park, Nassau County516
11559STANDARDLawrence, Nassau County516, 718
11560STANDARDLocust Valley, Nassau County516
11561STANDARDLong Beach, E Atlantc Bch, E Atlantic Beach, East Atlantic Beach, Lido BeachNassau County516, 917
11563STANDARDLynbrook, Nassau County516
11565STANDARDMalverne, Nassau County516
11566STANDARDMerrick, N Merrick, North MerrickNassau County631, 516
11568STANDARDOld Westbury, WestburyNassau County516, 631, 718
11569PO BOXPoint Lookout, Nassau County516
11570STANDARDRockville Centre, Rockville CtrNassau County516
11571PO BOXRockville Centre, Rockville CtrNassau County516
11572STANDARDOceanside, Rockville Centre, Rockville CtrNassau County516, 212
11575STANDARDRoosevelt, Nassau County631, 917, 516
11576STANDARDRoslyn, Nassau County516
11577STANDARDRoslyn Heights, Roslyn HtsNassau County516
11579STANDARDSea Cliff, Nassau County516
11580STANDARDValley Stream, Nassau County347, 516, 212
11581STANDARDValley Stream, Nassau County516
11582PO BOXValley Stream, Nassau County516
11590STANDARDWestbury, Nassau County516, 631, 718
11592UNIQUERockville Center, Rvc, National Profit, Rockville Ctr, Rockville CentreNassau County516
11594UNIQUEWestbury, 115 FirmsNassau County516
11595UNIQUEWestbury, CheeseloversNassau County516
11596STANDARDWilliston Park, E Williston, East Williston, Williston PkNassau County516
11597UNIQUEWestbury, 115 Crm FirmsNassau County516
11598STANDARDWoodmere, Nassau County516
11599STANDARDGarden City, Nassau County516
11690PO BOXFar Rockaway, Edgemere, Wave CrestQueens County718
11691STANDARDFar Rockaway, Queens County718
11692STANDARDArverne, Far RockawayQueens County718, 347
11693STANDARDFar Rockaway, Broad Channel, Rockaway Beac, Rockaway BeachQueens County718
11694STANDARDRockaway Park, Belle Harbor, Far Rockaway, NeponsitQueens County718
11695PO BOXFar Rockaway, Fort TildenQueens County212
11697STANDARDBreezy Point, Far Rockaway, Rockaway Point, Rockaway PtQueens County718
11701STANDARDAmityville, Amity HarborSuffolk County631, 516
11702STANDARDBabylon, Captree Is, Captree Island, Gilgo Beach, Oak Beach, Oak Island, W Gilgo Beach, West Gilgo BeachSuffolk County516, 631, 212
11703STANDARDNorth Babylon, BabylonSuffolk County631, 516
11704STANDARDWest Babylon, BabylonSuffolk County631, 516
11705STANDARDBayport, Suffolk County631
11706STANDARDBay Shore, Fair Harbor, Kismet, Point O Woods, SaltaireSuffolk County516, 631
11707PO BOXWest Babylon, BabylonSuffolk County631
11708STANDARDAmityville, Suffolk County631
11709STANDARDBayville, Nassau County516
11710STANDARDBellmore, N Bellmore, North BellmoreNassau County917, 516
11713STANDARDBellport, Suffolk County516, 631
11714STANDARDBethpage, Nassau County516
11715STANDARDBlue Point, Suffolk County631
11716STANDARDBohemia, Suffolk County631
11717STANDARDBrentwood, Edgewood, W Brentwood, West BrentwoodSuffolk County631, 212, 516
11718STANDARDBrightwaters, Suffolk County631
11719STANDARDBrookhaven, Suffolk County631
11720STANDARDCentereach, S Setauket, South SetauketSuffolk County516, 631
11721STANDARDCenterport, Suffolk County631
11722STANDARDCentral Islip, Suffolk County516, 631
11724STANDARDCold Spring Harbor, Cold Spg HbrSuffolk County631, 516
11725STANDARDCommack, Suffolk County631, 516
11726STANDARDCopiague, Suffolk County631
11727STANDARDCoram, Suffolk County631
11729STANDARDDeer Park, Suffolk County631, 516
11730STANDARDEast Islip, Suffolk County516, 631
11731STANDARDEast Northport, E Northport, ElwoodSuffolk County631, 516
11732STANDARDEast Norwich, Nassau County516
11733STANDARDEast Setauket, SetauketSuffolk County516, 631
11735STANDARDFarmingdale, S Farmingdale, South FarmingdaleNassau County631, 516
11736UNIQUEFarmingdale, Nassau County516
11737STANDARDFarmingdale, Nassau County516
11738STANDARDFarmingville, Suffolk County631
11739PO BOXGreat River, Suffolk County516, 631
11740STANDARDGreenlawn, Suffolk County516, 631
11741STANDARDHolbrook, Suffolk County631, 516
11742STANDARDHoltsville, Suffolk County631
11743STANDARDHuntington, Halesite, Lloyd HarborSuffolk County516, 631
11746STANDARDHuntington Station, Dix Hills, Huntingtn StaSuffolk County516, 631, 212
11747STANDARDMelville, Huntingtn Sta, Huntington StationSuffolk County516, 631
11749STANDARDIslandia, Central Islip, Hauppauge, RonkonkomaSuffolk County631, 516
11750UNIQUEHuntington Station, Huntingtn Sta, MelvilleSuffolk County631
11751STANDARDIslip, Suffolk County516, 631
11752STANDARDIslip Terrace, Suffolk County631
11753STANDARDJericho, Nassau County516
11754STANDARDKings Park, Suffolk County631
11755STANDARDLake Grove, Suffolk County631, 516
11756STANDARDLevittown, Nassau County631, 516, 917
11757STANDARDLindenhurst, Suffolk County516, 631
11758STANDARDMassapequa, N Massapequa, North MassapequaNassau County516, 631
11760PO BOXIslandia, Suffolk County631
11762STANDARDMassapequa Park, Massapequa PkNassau County516
11763STANDARDMedford, Suffolk County631
11764STANDARDMiller Place, Suffolk County631
11765STANDARDMill Neck, Nassau County516
11766STANDARDMount Sinai, Suffolk County516, 631
11767STANDARDNesconset, Suffolk County631
11768STANDARDNorthport, Fort SalongaSuffolk County631
11769STANDARDOakdale, Suffolk County516, 631
11770PO BOXOcean Beach, Suffolk County631
11771STANDARDOyster Bay, Nassau County631, 516
11772STANDARDPatchogue, Davis Park, E Patchogue, East PatchogueSuffolk County631, 917, 516
11773UNIQUESyosset, Nassau County516
11774UNIQUEFarmingdale, FulfillmentNassau County516
11775UNIQUEMelville, Suffolk County631
11776STANDARDPort Jefferson Station, Port Jeff StaSuffolk County516, 631
11777STANDARDPort Jefferson, Port Jeff Sta, Port Jefferson Station, Prt JeffersonSuffolk County516, 631, 917
11778STANDARDRocky Point, Suffolk County631
11779STANDARDRonkonkoma, Lake Ronkonkoma, Lk RonkonkomaSuffolk County516, 631
11780STANDARDSaint James, Suffolk County631
11782STANDARDSayville, Cherry Grove, Fire Is Pines, Fire Island PinesSuffolk County631, 516
11783STANDARDSeaford, Nassau County516, 631
11784STANDARDSelden, Suffolk County631
11786STANDARDShoreham, Suffolk County516, 631
11787STANDARDSmithtown, Suffolk County631
11788STANDARDHauppauge, SmithtownSuffolk County516, 631
11789STANDARDSound Beach, Suffolk County631
11790STANDARDStony Brook, Suffolk County631
11791STANDARDSyosset, Nassau County516, 845, 631
11792STANDARDWading River, Suffolk County516, 631
11793STANDARDWantagh, Nassau County631, 516
11794UNIQUEStony Brook, Suffolk County631
11795STANDARDWest Islip, Suffolk County631
11796STANDARDWest Sayville, Suffolk County631
11797STANDARDWoodbury, Nassau County516, 203, 631
11798STANDARDWyandanch, Wheatley Heights, Wheatley HtsSuffolk County631
11801STANDARDHicksville, Nassau County516
11802PO BOXHicksville, Nassau County516
11803STANDARDPlainview, Nassau County516, 917
11804STANDARDOld Bethpage, Nassau County516
11815UNIQUEHicksville, Nassau County516
11819UNIQUEHicksville, Nassau County516
11853UNIQUEJericho, Nassau County516
11854UNIQUEHicksville, Nassau County516
11855UNIQUEHicksville, Nassau County516
11901STANDARDRiverhead, FlandersSuffolk County631, 516
11930PO BOXAmagansett, Suffolk County631
11931PO BOXAquebogue, Suffolk County631
11932PO BOXBridgehampton, Suffolk County631, 516
11933STANDARDCalverton, Baiting Hollo, Baiting HollowSuffolk County631
11934STANDARDCenter Moriches, Ctr MorichesSuffolk County631
11935STANDARDCutchogue, Suffolk County631
11937STANDARDEast Hampton, Suffolk County631, 516
11939STANDARDEast Marion, Suffolk County917, 631
11940STANDARDEast Moriches, Suffolk County631
11941STANDARDEastport, Suffolk County631
11942STANDARDEast Quogue, Suffolk County631
11944STANDARDGreenport, Suffolk County631, 516
11946STANDARDHampton Bays, Suffolk County516, 631
11947PO BOXJamesport, Suffolk County631
11948STANDARDLaurel, Suffolk County631
11949STANDARDManorville, Suffolk County631
11950STANDARDMastic, Suffolk County516, 631
11951STANDARDMastic Beach, Suffolk County631
11952STANDARDMattituck, Suffolk County631
11953STANDARDMiddle Island, Suffolk County631
11954STANDARDMontauk, Suffolk County516, 631
11955STANDARDMoriches, Suffolk County631
11956PO BOXNew Suffolk, Suffolk County631
11957STANDARDOrient, Suffolk County631
11958STANDARDPeconic, Suffolk County631
11959PO BOXQuogue, Suffolk County631
11960PO BOXRemsenburg, Suffolk County631
11961STANDARDRidge, Suffolk County516, 631
11962PO BOXSagaponack, Suffolk County631
11963STANDARDSag Harbor, Suffolk County631
11964PO BOXShelter Island, Shelter IsSuffolk County631
11965PO BOXShelter Island Heights, Shelter Is HtSuffolk County631
11967STANDARDShirley, E Yaphank, East Yaphank, Smith PointSuffolk County631, 516
11968STANDARDSouthampton, Suffolk County516, 631
11969PO BOXSouthampton, Suffolk County631
11970PO BOXSouth Jamesport, S JamesportSuffolk County631
11971STANDARDSouthold, Suffolk County631
11972PO BOXSpeonk, Suffolk County631
11973PO BOXUpton, Suffolk County631
11975PO BOXWainscott, Suffolk County631
11976STANDARDWater Mill, Suffolk County631
11977STANDARDWesthampton, Suffolk County631
11978STANDARDWesthampton Beach, W Hampton BchSuffolk County631
11980STANDARDYaphank, Suffolk County631
12007STANDARDAlcove, Albany County518
12008STANDARDAlplaus, SchenectadySchenectady County518
12009STANDARDAltamont, Albany County518
12010STANDARDAmsterdam, West CharltonMontgomery County518
12015STANDARDAthens, Greene County518
12016PO BOXAuriesville, FultonvilleMontgomery County518
12017STANDARDAusterlitz, Columbia County518
12018STANDARDAverill Park, Rensselaer County518
12019STANDARDBallston Lake, Burnt Hills, CharltonSaratoga County518
12020STANDARDBallston Spa, MaltaSaratoga County518
12022STANDARDBerlin, Rensselaer County518
12023STANDARDBerne, Albany County518
12024STANDARDBrainard, Columbia County518
12025STANDARDBroadalbin, Fulton County518
12027STANDARDBurnt Hills, Saratoga County518
12028STANDARDBuskirk, Rensselaer County518
12029STANDARDCanaan, Columbia County518
12031STANDARDCarlisle, Schoharie County518
12032STANDARDCaroga Lake, Fulton County518
12033STANDARDCastleton On Hudson, Brookview, Castleton, S Schodack, South SchodackRensselaer County518
12035STANDARDCentral Bridge, Central BrgSchoharie County518
12036STANDARDCharlotteville, CharlottevleSchoharie County607
12037STANDARDChatham, Columbia County518
12040PO BOXCherry Plain, Rensselaer County518
12041STANDARDClarksville, Albany County518
12042STANDARDClimax, Greene County518
12043STANDARDCobleskill, LawyersvilleSchoharie County518
12045PO BOXCoeymans, Albany County518
12046STANDARDCoeymans Hollow, Coeymans HolwAlbany County518
12047STANDARDCohoes, Albany County518
12050PO BOXColumbiaville, Columbia County518
12051STANDARDCoxsackie, Greene County518
12052STANDARDCropseyville, Rensselaer County518
12053STANDARDDelanson, Schenectady County518
12054STANDARDDelmar, Albany County518
12055STANDARDDormansville, Albany County518
12056STANDARDDuanesburg, Schenectady County518
12057STANDARDEagle Bridge, White CreekWashington County518
12058STANDARDEarlton, Greene County518
12059STANDARDEast Berne, Albany County518
12060STANDARDEast Chatham, Columbia County518
12061STANDARDEast Greenbush, E GreenbushRensselaer County518
12062STANDARDEast Nassau, Rensselaer County518
12063STANDARDEast Schodack, Rensselaer County518
12064STANDARDEast Worcester, E WorcesterOtsego County607
12065STANDARDClifton Park, Saratoga County518
12066STANDARDEsperance, Schoharie County518
12067STANDARDFeura Bush, Albany County518
12068STANDARDFonda, Montgomery County518
12069PO BOXFort Hunter, Montgomery County518
12070STANDARDFort Johnson, Montgomery County518
12071STANDARDFultonham, Schoharie County518
12072STANDARDFultonville, Montgomery County518
12073PO BOXGallupville, Schoharie County518
12074STANDARDGalway, Saratoga County518
12075STANDARDGhent, Columbia County518
12076STANDARDGilboa, Schoharie County607, 518
12077STANDARDGlenmont, Albany County518
12078STANDARDGloversville, Fulton County518
12082PO BOXGrafton, Rensselaer County518
12083STANDARDGreenville, Norton Hill, S Westerlo, South WesterloGreene County518
12084STANDARDGuilderland, Albany County518
12085STANDARDGuilderland Center, Guildrlnd CtrAlbany County518
12086STANDARDHagaman, Montgomery County518
12087STANDARDHannacroix, Greene County518
12089PO BOXHoosick, Rensselaer County518
12090STANDARDHoosick Falls, Rensselaer County518
12092STANDARDHowes Cave, Schoharie County518
12093STANDARDJefferson, Schoharie County607
12094STANDARDJohnsonville, Rensselaer County518
12095STANDARDJohnstown, Fulton County518
12106STANDARDKinderhook, Columbia County518
12107PO BOXKnox, Albany County518
12108STANDARDLake Pleasant, Hamilton County518
12110STANDARDLatham, NewtonvilleAlbany County518
12115STANDARDMalden Bridge, Columbia County518
12116STANDARDMaryland, Otsego County607
12117STANDARDMayfield, Fulton County518
12118STANDARDMechanicville, Saratoga County518
12120STANDARDMedusa, Albany County518
12121STANDARDMelrose, Rensselaer County518
12122STANDARDMiddleburgh, Schoharie County518
12123STANDARDNassau, Rensselaer County518
12124PO BOXNew Baltimore, Greene County518
12125STANDARDNew Lebanon, Lebanon Spg, Lebanon SpringsColumbia County518
12128PO BOXNewtonville, LathamAlbany County518
12130STANDARDNiverville, Columbia County518
12131STANDARDNorth Blenheim, N BlenheimSchoharie County518
12132PO BOXNorth Chatham, Columbia County518
12133PO BOXNorth Hoosick, Rensselaer County518
12134STANDARDNorthville, Fulton County518
12136STANDARDOld Chatham, Columbia County518
12137STANDARDPattersonville, PattersonvleSchenectady County518
12138STANDARDPetersburg, Petersburgh, Taconic LakeRensselaer County518
12139STANDARDPiseco, Hamilton County518
12140STANDARDPoestenkill, Rensselaer County518
12141PO BOXQuaker Street, Schenectady County518
12143STANDARDRavena, Albany County518
12144STANDARDRensselaer, Rensselaer County518
12147STANDARDRensselaerville, RensselaervleAlbany County518
12148STANDARDRexford, Saratoga County518
12149STANDARDRichmondville, Schoharie County518
12150STANDARDRotterdam Junction, Rotterdam JctSchenectady County518
12151STANDARDRound Lake, Saratoga County518
12153STANDARDSand Lake, Rensselaer County518
12154STANDARDSchaghticoke, Rensselaer County518
12155STANDARDSchenevus, Otsego County607
12156STANDARDSchodack Landing, Schodack LndgRensselaer County518
12157STANDARDSchoharie, Schoharie County518
12158STANDARDSelkirk, Albany County518
12159STANDARDSlingerlands, Albany County518
12160STANDARDSloansville, Schoharie County518
12161PO BOXSouth Bethlehem, S BethlehemAlbany County518
12164STANDARDSpeculator, Hamilton County518
12165STANDARDSpencertown, Columbia County518
12166STANDARDSprakers, Montgomery County518
12167STANDARDStamford, Delaware County607
12168STANDARDStephentown, Rensselaer County518
12169STANDARDStephentown, Rensselaer County518
12170STANDARDStillwater, Saratoga County518
12172PO BOXStottville, Columbia County518
12173STANDARDStuyvesant, Columbia County518
12174PO BOXStuyvesant Falls, Stuyvesant FlColumbia County518
12175STANDARDSummit, Schoharie County518
12176STANDARDSurprise, Greene County518
12177PO BOXTribes Hill, Montgomery County518
12180STANDARDTroy, Rensselaer County518, 212
12181PO BOXTroy, Rensselaer County518
12182STANDARDTroy, Rensselaer County518
12183STANDARDTroy, Green IslandAlbany County518
12184STANDARDValatie, Columbia County518
12185STANDARDValley Falls, Rensselaer County518
12186STANDARDVoorheesville, Albany County518
12187STANDARDWarnerville, Schoharie County518
12188STANDARDWaterford, Saratoga County518
12189STANDARDWatervliet, Albany County518
12190STANDARDWells, Hamilton County518
12192STANDARDWest Coxsackie, W CoxsackieGreene County518
12193STANDARDWesterlo, Albany County518
12194STANDARDWest Fulton, Schoharie County518
12195PO BOXWest Lebanon, Columbia County518
12196STANDARDWest Sand Lake, W Sand LakeRensselaer County518
12197STANDARDWorcester, Otsego County607, 518
12198STANDARDWynantskill, Rensselaer County518
12201PO BOXAlbany, Albany County518
12202STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12203STANDARDAlbany, Stuyvesant Plaza, Stuyvsnt PlzAlbany County518
12204STANDARDAlbany, MenandsAlbany County518
12205STANDARDAlbany, Colonie, RoesslevilleAlbany County518
12206STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12207STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12208STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12209STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12210STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12211STANDARDAlbany, Loudonville, SienaAlbany County518, 212
12212PO BOXAlbany, Albany County518
12214UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12220PO BOXAlbany, Albany County518
12222UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12223STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12224PO BOXAlbany, Albany County518
12225PO BOXAlbany, Albany County518
12226STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12227UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12228UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12229UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12230UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12231UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12232UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12233UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12234UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12235UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12236UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12237UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12238UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12239UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12240UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12241UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12242UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12243UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12244UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12245UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12246UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12247STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12248UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12249UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12250UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12252UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12255UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12256UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12257UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12260STANDARDAlbany, Albany County518
12261UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12288UNIQUEAlbany, Albany County518
12301PO BOXSchenectady, Schenectady County518
12302STANDARDSchenectady, Glenville, ScotiaSchenectady County518
12303STANDARDSchenectady, Schenectady County518
12304STANDARDSchenectady, Schenectady County518
12305STANDARDSchenectady, Schenectady County518
12306STANDARDSchenectady, RotterdamSchenectady County518
12307STANDARDSchenectady, Schenectady County518
12308STANDARDSchenectady, Schenectady County518
12309STANDARDSchenectady, NiskayunaSchenectady County518
12325PO BOXSchenectady, GlenvilleSchenectady County518
12345UNIQUESchenectady, Schenectady County518
12401STANDARDKingston, Eddyville, Saint RemyUlster County914, 845
12402PO BOXKingston, Ulster County845
12404STANDARDAccord, Ulster County845
12405STANDARDAcra, Greene County518
12406STANDARDArkville, Delaware County845
12407STANDARDAshland, Greene County518
12409STANDARDBearsville, ShadyUlster County845
12410STANDARDBig Indian, OlivereaUlster County845
12411STANDARDBloomington, Ulster County201, 845
12412STANDARDBoiceville, Ulster County845
12413STANDARDCairo, Greene County518
12414STANDARDCatskill, CementonGreene County845, 518
12416STANDARDChichester, Ulster County845
12417PO BOXConnelly, Ulster County845
12418STANDARDCornwallville, Greene County518
12419STANDARDCottekill, Ulster County845
12420PO BOXCragsmoor, Ulster County845
12421STANDARDDenver, Delaware County607
12422STANDARDDurham, Greene County518
12423STANDARDEast Durham, Greene County518
12424STANDARDEast Jewett, TannersvilleGreene County518
12427STANDARDElka Park, Greene County518
12428STANDARDEllenville, Ulster County845
12429PO BOXEsopus, Ulster County845
12430STANDARDFleischmanns, Halcott Center, Halcott CtrDelaware County845
12431STANDARDFreehold, Greene County518
12432PO BOXGlasco, Ulster County845
12433STANDARDGlenford, Ulster County845
12434STANDARDGrand Gorge, Delaware County607
12435STANDARDGreenfield Park, Greenfld ParkUlster County845
12436PO BOXHaines Falls, Greene County518
12438PO BOXHalcottsville, Delaware County607
12439STANDARDHensonville, East WindhamGreene County518
12440STANDARDHigh Falls, Ulster County845
12441PO BOXHighmount, Ulster County845
12442STANDARDHunter, Greene County518
12443STANDARDHurley, Ulster County845
12444STANDARDJewett, Greene County518
12446STANDARDKerhonkson, Ulster County845
12448STANDARDLake Hill, Ulster County845
12449STANDARDLake Katrine, Ulster County845
12450STANDARDLanesville, Greene County845
12451STANDARDLeeds, Greene County518
12452PO BOXLexington, Greene County518
12453PO BOXMalden On Hudson, Malden HudsonUlster County845
12454STANDARDMaplecrest, Greene County518
12455STANDARDMargaretville, Delaware County845
12456STANDARDMount Marion, Ulster County845
12457STANDARDMount Tremper, Ulster County845
12458STANDARDNapanoch, Ulster County845
12459PO BOXNew Kingston, Delaware County
12460STANDARDOak Hill, Greene County518
12461STANDARDOlivebridge, KrumvilleUlster County845
12463STANDARDPalenville, Greene County518
12464STANDARDPhoenicia, Ulster County845
12465STANDARDPine Hill, Ulster County845
12466STANDARDPort Ewen, Ulster County845
12468STANDARDPrattsville, Greene County518, 607
12469STANDARDPreston Hollow, Preston HolwAlbany County518
12470STANDARDPurling, Greene County518
12471PO BOXRifton, Ulster County914, 845
12472STANDARDRosendale, Ulster County845
12473STANDARDRound Top, Greene County518
12474STANDARDRoxbury, Delaware County607
12475PO BOXRuby, Ulster County845
12477STANDARDSaugerties, Ulster County845, 518
12480STANDARDShandaken, Ulster County845
12481STANDARDShokan, Ulster County845
12482STANDARDSouth Cairo, Greene County518
12483PO BOXSpring Glen, Ulster County845
12484STANDARDStone Ridge, Ulster County845
12485STANDARDTannersville, Greene County518
12486STANDARDTillson, Ulster County914, 845
12487STANDARDUlster Park, Ulster County845
12489PO BOXWawarsing, Ulster County845
12490PO BOXWest Camp, Ulster County845
12491STANDARDWest Hurley, Ulster County845
12492STANDARDWest Kill, Greene County518
12493PO BOXWest Park, Ulster County845
12494STANDARDWest Shokan, Ulster County845
12495STANDARDWillow, Ulster County845
12496STANDARDWindham, Greene County518
12498STANDARDWoodstock, Ulster County845
12501STANDARDAmenia, Dutchess County845
12502STANDARDAncram, Columbia County518
12503STANDARDAncramdale, Columbia County518
12504PO BOXAnnandale On Hudson, Annandale, Red HookDutchess County845
12506PO BOXBangall, Dutchess County
12507STANDARDBarrytown, Red HookDutchess County845
12508STANDARDBeacon, Dutchess County845, 914
12510PO BOXBillings, Dutchess County
12511PO BOXCastle Point, Dutchess County
12512PO BOXChelsea, Dutchess County
12513STANDARDClaverack, Columbia County518
12514STANDARDClinton Corners, Clinton CorsDutchess County845
12515STANDARDClintondale, Ulster County631, 845
12516STANDARDCopake, Columbia County518
12517STANDARDCopake Falls, Columbia County518
12518STANDARDCornwall, Orange County845
12520STANDARDCornwall On Hudson, Cornwall HdsnOrange County845
12521STANDARDCraryville, TaghkanicColumbia County518
12522STANDARDDover Plains, Dutchess County845, 914
12523STANDARDElizaville, TaghkanicColumbia County845, 518
12524STANDARDFishkill, Dutchess County845, 914
12525STANDARDGardiner, Ulster County845
12526STANDARDGermantown, Columbia County518, 845
12527PO BOXGlenham, Dutchess County845
12528STANDARDHighland, Ulster County845, 914
12529STANDARDHillsdale, Columbia County518
12530PO BOXHollowville, Columbia County518
12531STANDARDHolmes, Dutchess County845
12533STANDARDHopewell Junction, East Fishkill, Hopewell, Hopewell Jct, WiccopeeDutchess County845
12534STANDARDHudson, Columbia County518
12537PO BOXHughsonville, Dutchess County
12538STANDARDHyde Park, Dutchess County845
12540STANDARDLagrangeville, Dutchess County845, 914
12541PO BOXLivingston, Columbia County518
12542STANDARDMarlboro, Ulster County845
12543STANDARDMaybrook, Orange County845
12544PO BOXMellenville, Columbia County518
12545STANDARDMillbrook, Dutchess County845
12546STANDARDMillerton, Dutchess County518, 845
12547STANDARDMilton, Ulster County845
12548STANDARDModena, Ulster County845
12549STANDARDMontgomery, Orange County845
12550STANDARDNewburgh, Orange County845, 914
12551PO BOXNewburgh, Orange County845
12552PO BOXNewburgh, Orange County845
12553STANDARDNew Windsor, NewburghOrange County845, 914
12555PO BOXNewburgh, Mid HudsonOrange County845
12561STANDARDNew Paltz, Ulster County845, 914
12563STANDARDPatterson, Putnam County845, 203
12564STANDARDPawling, Dutchess County914, 845
12565STANDARDPhilmont, Columbia County518
12566STANDARDPine Bush, Ulster County845, 914
12567STANDARDPine Plains, Dutchess County518
12568PO BOXPlattekill, Ulster County845
12569STANDARDPleasant Valley, Pleasant VlyDutchess County845
12570STANDARDPoughquag, Dutchess County845
12571STANDARDRed Hook, MilanDutchess County845, 914
12572STANDARDRhinebeck, Dutchess County845
12574PO BOXRhinecliff, Dutchess County845
12575STANDARDRock Tavern, Orange County845
12577STANDARDSalisbury Mills, Salisbury MlsOrange County845
12578STANDARDSalt Point, Dutchess County845
12580STANDARDStaatsburg, Dutchess County845, 914
12581STANDARDStanfordville, Dutchess County845
12582STANDARDStormville, Dutchess County845
12583STANDARDTivoli, Dutchess County845
12584PO BOXVails Gate, Orange County845
12585STANDARDVerbank, Dutchess County845
12586STANDARDWalden, Orange County845, 914
12588PO BOXWalker Valley, Ulster County845
12589STANDARDWallkill, Ulster County845
12590STANDARDWappingers Falls, New Hamburg, Wappingers FlDutchess County845, 914
12592STANDARDWassaic, Dutchess County845
12593STANDARDWest Copake, CopakeColumbia County518
12594STANDARDWingdale, Dutchess County845
12601STANDARDPoughkeepsie, Dutchess County845, 914
12602PO BOXPoughkeepsie, Dutchess County845
12603STANDARDPoughkeepsie, ArlingtonDutchess County845, 914
12604UNIQUEPoughkeepsie, Dutchess County845
12701STANDARDMonticello, Sullivan County845
12719STANDARDBarryville, Sullivan County845
12720STANDARDBethel, Sullivan County845
12721STANDARDBloomingburg, Sullivan County845
12722PO BOXBurlingham, Sullivan County845
12723STANDARDCallicoon, Sullivan County845
12724PO BOXCallicoon Center, Callicoon CtrSullivan County845
12725STANDARDClaryville, Ulster County845
12726STANDARDCochecton, Sullivan County845
12727PO BOXCochecton Center, Cochecton CtrSullivan County845
12729STANDARDCuddebackville, Cuddebackvlle, GodeffroyOrange County845
12732STANDARDEldred, Sullivan County845
12733STANDARDFallsburg, Sullivan County845
12734STANDARDFerndale, Sullivan County845
12736STANDARDFremont Center, Fremont CtrSullivan County845
12737STANDARDGlen Spey, Sullivan County845
12738STANDARDGlen Wild, Sullivan County845
12740STANDARDGrahamsville, SundownSullivan County845
12741STANDARDHankins, Sullivan County845
12742STANDARDHarris, Sullivan County845
12743STANDARDHighland Lake, Sullivan County845
12745STANDARDHortonville, Sullivan County845
12746STANDARDHuguenot, Orange County845
12747STANDARDHurleyville, Sullivan County845
12748STANDARDJeffersonville, JeffersonvlleSullivan County845
12749PO BOXKauneonga Lake, Kauneonga LkSullivan County845
12750STANDARDKenoza Lake, Sullivan County845
12751STANDARDKiamesha Lake, Sullivan County845
12752STANDARDLake Huntington, Lk HuntingtonSullivan County845
12754STANDARDLiberty, Sullivan County845
12758STANDARDLivingston Manor, Lew Beach, Livingstn MnrSullivan County845
12759STANDARDLoch Sheldrake, Loch SheldrkeSullivan County845
12760STANDARDLong Eddy, Delaware County845
12762STANDARDMongaup Valley, Mongaup VlySullivan County845
12763STANDARDMountain Dale, Sullivan County845
12764STANDARDNarrowsburg, Sullivan County845
12765STANDARDNeversink, Sullivan County845
12766STANDARDNorth Branch, Sullivan County845
12767PO BOXObernburg, Sullivan County845
12768STANDARDParksville, Sullivan County845
12769PO BOXPhillipsport, Sullivan County845
12770STANDARDPond Eddy, Sullivan County845
12771STANDARDPort Jervis, Orange County845
12775STANDARDRock Hill, Sullivan County845
12776STANDARDRoscoe, Delaware County607, 845
12777STANDARDForestburgh, MonticelloSullivan County845, 914
12778PO BOXSmallwood, Sullivan County845
12779STANDARDSouth Fallsburg, S FallsburgSullivan County845
12780STANDARDSparrow Bush, SparrowbushOrange County845
12781PO BOXSummitville, Sullivan County
12783STANDARDSwan Lake, Sullivan County845
12784PO BOXThompsonville, Sullivan County845
12785PO BOXWestbrookville, Port Jervis, WestbrookvlleSullivan County845
12786STANDARDWhite Lake, Sullivan County845
12787STANDARDWhite Sulphur Springs, Wht Sphr SpgsSullivan County845
12788STANDARDWoodbourne, Sullivan County845
12789STANDARDWoodridge, Sullivan County845
12790STANDARDWurtsboro, Sullivan County845
12791STANDARDYoungsville, Sullivan County845
12792STANDARDYulan, Sullivan County845
12801STANDARDGlens Falls, QueensburyWarren County518
12803STANDARDSouth Glens Falls, Glens Falls, S Glens FallsSaratoga County518
12804STANDARDQueensbury, Glens FallsWarren County518
12808STANDARDAdirondack, Warren County518
12809STANDARDArgyle, Washington County518
12810STANDARDAthol, Warren County518
12811PO BOXBakers Mills, Warren County518
12812STANDARDBlue Mountain Lake, Blue Mtn LakeHamilton County518
12814STANDARDBolton Landing, Bolton LndgWarren County518
12815STANDARDBrant Lake, Warren County518
12816STANDARDCambridge, Washington County518
12817STANDARDChestertown, Warren County518
12819STANDARDClemons, Washington County518
12820PO BOXCleverdale, Warren County518
12821STANDARDComstock, Washington County518
12822STANDARDCorinth, Saratoga County518
12823STANDARDCossayuna, Washington County518
12824STANDARDDiamond Point, Warren County518
12827STANDARDFort Ann, Washington County518
12828STANDARDFort Edward, Saratoga County518
12831STANDARDGansevoort, WiltonSaratoga County518
12832STANDARDGranville, Washington County518
12833STANDARDGreenfield Center, Greenfld CtrSaratoga County518
12834STANDARDGreenwich, ThomsonWashington County518
12835STANDARDHadley, Saratoga County518
12836STANDARDHague, Warren County518
12837STANDARDHampton, Washington County518
12838STANDARDHartford, Washington County518
12839STANDARDHudson Falls, Washington County518
12841PO BOXHuletts Landing, Huletts LndgWashington County518
12842STANDARDIndian Lake, Hamilton County518
12843STANDARDJohnsburg, Warren County518
12844STANDARDKattskill Bay, Pilot KnobWashington County518
12845STANDARDLake George, Warren County518
12846STANDARDLake Luzerne, Warren County518
12847STANDARDLong Lake, Hamilton County518, 315
12848PO BOXMiddle Falls, Washington County518
12849STANDARDMiddle Granville, Mdl GranvilleWashington County518
12850STANDARDMiddle Grove, Saratoga County518
12851STANDARDMinerva, Essex County518
12852STANDARDNewcomb, Essex County518
12853STANDARDNorth Creek, Warren County518
12854STANDARDNorth Granville, N GranvilleWashington County518
12855STANDARDNorth Hudson, Essex County518
12856PO BOXNorth River, Warren County518
12857STANDARDOlmstedville, Essex County518
12858STANDARDParadox, TiconderogaEssex County518
12859STANDARDPorter Corners, Porter CorsSaratoga County518
12860STANDARDPottersville, Warren County518
12861STANDARDPutnam Station, Putnam StaWashington County518
12862PO BOXRiparius, Warren County518
12863STANDARDRock City Falls, Rock City FlsSaratoga County518
12864PO BOXSabael, Hamilton County518
12865STANDARDSalem, E Greenwich, East GreenwichWashington County518
12866STANDARDSaratoga Springs, Saratoga SpgsSaratoga County518
12870STANDARDSchroon Lake, Essex County518
12871STANDARDSchuylerville, Saratoga County518
12872PO BOXSeverance, Essex County518
12873STANDARDShushan, Washington County518
12874STANDARDSilver Bay, Warren County518
12878STANDARDStony Creek, Warren County518
12879STANDARDNewcomb, TahawusEssex County518
12883STANDARDTiconderoga, Essex County518
12884PO BOXVictory Mills, Saratoga County518
12885STANDARDWarrensburg, ThurmanWarren County518
12886STANDARDWevertown, Warren County518
12887STANDARDWhitehall, Washington County518
12901STANDARDPlattsburgh, Clinton County518
12903STANDARDPlattsburgh, Clinton County518
12910STANDARDAltona, Clinton County518
12911STANDARDKeeseville, Au Sable Chasm, Ausable ChasmClinton County518
12912STANDARDAu Sable Forks, Au Sable FrksClinton County518
12913STANDARDBloomingdale, Essex County518
12914STANDARDBombay, Franklin County518
12915PO BOXBrainardsville, BrainardsvleFranklin County518
12916STANDARDBrushton, Franklin County518
12917STANDARDBurke, Franklin County518
12918STANDARDCadyville, Clinton County518
12919STANDARDChamplain, Clinton County518
12920STANDARDChateaugay, Franklin County518
12921STANDARDChazy, Clinton County518
12922STANDARDChildwold, St Lawrence County518
12923STANDARDChurubusco, Clinton County518
12924STANDARDKeeseville, ClintonvilleClinton County518
12926STANDARDConstable, Franklin County518
12927PO BOXCranberry Lake, Cranberry LkSt Lawrence County315
12928STANDARDCrown Point, Essex County518
12929PO BOXDannemora, Clinton County518
12930STANDARDDickinson Center, Dickinson CtrFranklin County518
12932STANDARDElizabethtown, Essex County518
12933PO BOXEllenburg, Clinton County518
12934STANDARDEllenburg Center, Ellenburg CtrClinton County518
12935STANDARDEllenburg Depot, Ellenburg DepClinton County518
12936STANDARDEssex, WhallonsburgEssex County518
12937STANDARDFort Covington, Ft CovingtonFranklin County518
12939PO BOXGabriels, Franklin County518
12941STANDARDJay, Essex County518
12942STANDARDKeene, Essex County518
12943STANDARDKeene Valley, Saint HubertsEssex County518
12944STANDARDKeeseville, Essex County518
12945STANDARDLake Clear, Upper Saint Regis, Upper St RegFranklin County518
12946STANDARDLake Placid, Essex County518, 917
12949STANDARDLawrenceville, St Lawrence County315
12950STANDARDLewis, Essex County518
12952STANDARDLyon Mountain, Clinton County518
12953STANDARDMalone, Franklin County518
12955STANDARDLyon Mountain, MerrillClinton County518
12956STANDARDMineville, Essex County518
12957STANDARDMoira, Franklin County518
12958STANDARDMooers, Clinton County518
12959STANDARDMooers Forks, Clinton County518
12960STANDARDMoriah, Essex County518
12961STANDARDMoriah Center, Essex County518
12962STANDARDMorrisonville, Clinton County518
12964STANDARDNew Russia, Essex County518
12965STANDARDNicholville, Fort Jackson, HopkintonSt Lawrence County315
12966STANDARDNorth Bangor, Bangor, West BangorFranklin County518
12967STANDARDNorth Lawrence, N LawrenceSt Lawrence County315
12969STANDARDOwls Head, Franklin County518
12970STANDARDPaul Smiths, Franklin County518
12972STANDARDPeru, Clinton County518
12973PO BOXPiercefield, St Lawrence County518
12974STANDARDPort Henry, Essex County518
12975PO BOXPort Kent, Essex County518
12976PO BOXRainbow Lake, Franklin County518
12977PO BOXRay Brook, Essex County518
12978STANDARDRedford, Clinton County518
12979STANDARDRouses Point, Clinton County518
12980STANDARDSaint Regis Falls, St Regis FlsFranklin County518, 315
12981STANDARDSaranac, Clinton County518
12983STANDARDSaranac Lake, Franklin County518
12985STANDARDSchuyler Falls, Schuyler FlsClinton County518
12986STANDARDTupper Lake, MassawepieFranklin County518
12987STANDARDUpper Jay, Essex County518
12989STANDARDVermontville, Loon Lake, OnchiotaFranklin County518
12992STANDARDWest Chazy, Clinton County518
12993STANDARDWestport, WadhamsEssex County518
12995PO BOXWhippleville, Franklin County518
12996STANDARDWillsboro, Essex County518
12997STANDARDWilmington, Whiteface Mountain, Whiteface MtnEssex County518
12998STANDARDWitherbee, Essex County518
13020PO BOXApulia Station, Apulia StaOnondaga County315
13021STANDARDAuburn, OwascoCayuga County315, 607
13022PO BOXAuburn, Cayuga County315
13024UNIQUEAuburn, Cayuga County315
13026STANDARDAurora, Cayuga County315
13027STANDARDBaldwinsville, LysanderOnondaga County315
13028STANDARDBernhards Bay, Oswego County315
13029STANDARDBrewerton, Onondaga County315
13030STANDARDBridgeport, Madison County315
13031STANDARDCamillus, Onondaga County315
13032STANDARDCanastota, PerryvilleMadison County315
13033STANDARDCato, Cayuga County315
13034STANDARDCayuga, Cayuga County315, 607
13035STANDARDCazenovia, Madison County315
13036STANDARDCentral Square, Central SqOswego County315
13037STANDARDChittenango, Madison County315
13039STANDARDCicero, Onondaga County315
13040STANDARDCincinnatus, East FreetownCortland County607
13041STANDARDClay, Onondaga County315
13042STANDARDCleveland, Oneida County315
13043PO BOXClockville, Madison County315
13044STANDARDConstantia, Oswego County315
13045STANDARDCortland, Cortland County315, 607
13051PO BOXDelphi Falls, Onondaga County315
13052STANDARDDe Ruyter, Madison County315
13053STANDARDDryden, Tompkins County607
13054STANDARDDurhamville, Oneida County315
13056PO BOXEast Homer, Cortland County607
13057STANDARDEast Syracuse, Onondaga County315
13060STANDARDElbridge, Onondaga County315
13061STANDARDErieville, Madison County315
13062PO BOXEtna, Tompkins County607
13063STANDARDFabius, Onondaga County315
13064PO BOXFair Haven, Cayuga County315
13065PO BOXFayette, Seneca County315
13066STANDARDFayetteville, Onondaga County315
13068STANDARDFreeville, Tompkins County607
13069STANDARDFulton, Oswego County315
13071STANDARDGenoa, Cayuga County315
13072STANDARDGeorgetown, Madison County315
13073STANDARDGroton, Tompkins County607
13074STANDARDHannibal, Oswego County315
13076STANDARDHastings, Oswego County315
13077STANDARDHomer, Cortland County607
13078STANDARDJamesville, Onondaga County315
13080STANDARDJordan, Onondaga County315
13081STANDARDKing Ferry, Cayuga County315
13082STANDARDKirkville, Madison County315
13083STANDARDLacona, Oswego County315
13084STANDARDLa Fayette, Onondaga County315
13087PO BOXLittle York, Cortland County607
13088STANDARDLiverpool, Onondaga County315
13089PO BOXLiverpool, Onondaga County315
13090STANDARDLiverpool, BayberryOnondaga County315
13092STANDARDLocke, Cayuga County315, 607
13093PO BOXLycoming, Oswego County315
13101STANDARDMc Graw, Cortland County607
13102PO BOXMc Lean, Tompkins County607
13103STANDARDMallory, Oswego County315
13104STANDARDManlius, Onondaga County315
13107PO BOXMaple View, Oswego County315
13108STANDARDMarcellus, Onondaga County315
13110STANDARDMarietta, Onondaga County315
13111STANDARDMartville, Cayuga County315
13112STANDARDMemphis, Onondaga County315
13113PO BOXMeridian, Cayuga County315
13114STANDARDMexico, Oswego County315
13115PO BOXMinetto, Oswego County315
13116STANDARDMinoa, Onondaga County315
13117PO BOXMontezuma, Cayuga County315
13118STANDARDMoravia, Cayuga County315
13119PO BOXMottville, Onondaga County315
13120STANDARDNedrow, Onondaga County917, 315
13121PO BOXNew Haven, Oswego County315
13122STANDARDNew Woodstock, Madison County315
13123PO BOXNorth Bay, Oneida County315
13124STANDARDNorth Pitcher, Chenango County315
13126STANDARDOswego, Oswego County315
13131STANDARDParish, Oswego County315
13132STANDARDPennellville, Oswego County315
13134PO BOXPeterboro, Madison County315
13135STANDARDPhoenix, Oswego County315
13136STANDARDPitcher, Chenango County607, 315
13137PO BOXPlainville, Onondaga County315
13138PO BOXPompey, Onondaga County315
13139PO BOXPoplar Ridge, Cayuga County315
13140STANDARDPort Byron, Cayuga County315
13141STANDARDPreble, Cortland County315, 607
13142STANDARDPulaski, Oswego County315
13143STANDARDRed Creek, Wayne County315
13144STANDARDRichland, Oswego County315
13145STANDARDSandy Creek, Oswego County315
13146STANDARDSavannah, Wayne County315
13147STANDARDScipio Center, Venice CenterCayuga County315
13148STANDARDSeneca Falls, Seneca County315
13152STANDARDSkaneateles, Onondaga County315
13153PO BOXSkaneateles Falls, Skan FallsOnondaga County315
13154PO BOXSouth Butler, Wayne County315
13155STANDARDSouth Otselic, Chenango County315
13156STANDARDSterling, Cayuga County315
13157PO BOXSylvan Beach, Oneida County315
13158STANDARDTruxton, Cuyler, East HomerCortland County607, 315
13159STANDARDTully, Onondaga County315, 607
13160STANDARDUnion Springs, Cayuga County315
13162PO BOXVerona Beach, Oneida County315
13163PO BOXWampsville, Madison County315
13164STANDARDWarners, Onondaga County315
13165STANDARDWaterloo, Seneca County315
13166STANDARDWeedsport, Cayuga County315
13167STANDARDWest Monroe, Oswego County315
13201PO BOXSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13202STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13203STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13204STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13205STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13206STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13207STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13208STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13209STANDARDSyracuse, SolvayOnondaga County315
13210STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13211STANDARDSyracuse, MattydaleOnondaga County315
13212STANDARDSyracuse, N Syracuse, North SyracuseOnondaga County315
13214STANDARDSyracuse, De WittOnondaga County315
13215STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13217PO BOXSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13218PO BOXSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13219STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13220PO BOXSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13221PO BOXSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13224STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13225UNIQUESyracuse, Onondaga County315
13235PO BOXSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13244UNIQUESyracuse, Onondaga County315
13250UNIQUESyracuse, Onondaga County315
13251UNIQUESyracuse, Onondaga County315
13252UNIQUESyracuse, Onondaga County315
13261PO BOXSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13290STANDARDSyracuse, Onondaga County315
13301STANDARDAlder Creek, Oneida County315
13302STANDARDAltmar, Oswego County315
13303STANDARDAva, Oneida County315
13304STANDARDBarneveld, Oneida County315
13305PO BOXBeaver Falls, Beaver FlsLewis County315
13308STANDARDBlossvale, Oneida County315
13309STANDARDBoonville, Oneida County315
13310STANDARDBouckville, Madison County315
13312PO BOXBrantingham, GlenfieldLewis County315
13313PO BOXBridgewater, Oneida County315
13314STANDARDBrookfield, Madison County315
13315STANDARDBurlington Flats, Burlngtn FltOtsego County607
13316STANDARDCamden, Oneida County315
13317STANDARDCanajoharie, AmesMontgomery County518
13318STANDARDCassville, Oneida County315
13319STANDARDChadwicks, Oneida County315
13320STANDARDCherry Valley, Otsego County607, 518
13321PO BOXClark Mills, Oneida County315
13322STANDARDClayville, Oneida County315
13323STANDARDClinton, Oneida County315
13324STANDARDCold Brook, OhioHerkimer County315
13325STANDARDConstableville, ConstablevleLewis County315
13326STANDARDCooperstown, Hartwick Seminary, Hrtwk SeminryOtsego County607
13327STANDARDCroghan, Lewis County315
13328STANDARDDeansboro, Oneida County315
13329STANDARDDolgeville, Fulton County315, 518
13331STANDARDEagle Bay, Herkimer County315
13332STANDARDEarlville, Lebanon, PoolvilleMadison County315
13333STANDARDEast Springfield, E SpringfieldOtsego County607
13334STANDARDEaton, Madison County315
13335STANDARDEdmeston, Otsego County607, 315
13337STANDARDFly Creek, Otsego County607
13338STANDARDForestport, Oneida County315
13339STANDARDFort Plain, Montgomery County518
13340STANDARDFrankfort, SchuylerHerkimer County315
13341PO BOXFranklin Springs, Franklin SpgsOneida County315
13342STANDARDGarrattsville, Otsego County607
13343STANDARDGlenfield, Lewis County315
13345STANDARDGreig, Lewis County315
13346STANDARDHamilton, Madison County315
13348STANDARDHartwick, Otsego County607
13350STANDARDHerkimer, Herkimer County315
13352PO BOXHinckley, Oneida County315
13353PO BOXHoffmeister, Hamilton County315
13354STANDARDHolland Patent, Holland PatntOneida County315
13355STANDARDHubbardsville, Madison County315
13357STANDARDIlion, Herkimer County315
13360STANDARDInlet, Hamilton County315
13361STANDARDJordanville, Herkimer County315
13362PO BOXKnoxboro, Oneida County315
13363STANDARDLee Center, Oneida County315
13364PO BOXLeonardsville, Madison County315
13365STANDARDLittle Falls, Herkimer County315
13367STANDARDLowville, Beaver RiverLewis County315
13368STANDARDLyons Falls, Lewis County315
13401PO BOXMc Connellsville, Mc ConelsvileOneida County315
13402STANDARDMadison, Madison County315
13403STANDARDMarcy, Oneida County315
13404PO BOXMartinsburg, Lewis County315
13406STANDARDMiddleville, Herkimer County315
13407STANDARDMohawk, Herkimer County315
13408STANDARDMorrisville, Madison County315
13409STANDARDMunnsville, Pratts HollowMadison County315
13410PO BOXNelliston, Montgomery County518
13411STANDARDNew Berlin, S Edmeston, South EdmestonChenango County607
13413STANDARDNew Hartford, Oneida County315
13415STANDARDNew Lisbon, Otsego County607
13416STANDARDNewport, Herkimer County315
13417STANDARDNew York Mills, New York MlsOneida County315
13418STANDARDNorth Brookfield, N BrookfieldMadison County315
13420STANDARDOld Forge, Herkimer County315
13421STANDARDOneida, Madison County315
13424STANDARDOriskany, Oneida County315
13425STANDARDOriskany Falls, Oriskany FlsOneida County315
13426PO BOXOrwell, Oswego County315
13428STANDARDPalatine Bridge, Palatine BrgMontgomery County518
13431STANDARDPoland, Herkimer County315
13433STANDARDPort Leyden, Lewis County315
13435PO BOXProspect, Oneida County315
13436STANDARDRaquette Lake, Hamilton County315
13437STANDARDRedfield, Oswego County315
13438STANDARDRemsen, Oneida County315
13439STANDARDRichfield Springs, Richfld SpgsOtsego County315
13440STANDARDRome, Oneida County315
13441STANDARDRome, Oneida County315
13442PO BOXRome, Oneida County315
13449UNIQUERome, Oneida County315
13450STANDARDRoseboom, Otsego County607
13452STANDARDSaint Johnsville, St JohnsvilleFulton County518
13454STANDARDSalisbury Center, Salisbury CtrHerkimer County315
13455PO BOXSangerfield, Oneida County315
13456STANDARDSauquoit, ParisOneida County315
13457PO BOXSchuyler Lake, Otsego County315
13459STANDARDSharon Springs, Sharon SpgsSchoharie County518
13460STANDARDSherburne, Chenango County607
13461STANDARDSherrill, Oneida County315
13464STANDARDSmyrna, Chenango County607
13465STANDARDSolsville, Madison County315
13468STANDARDSpringfield Center, Springfld CtrOtsego County315, 607
13469STANDARDStittville, Oneida County315
13470STANDARDStratford, Fulton County315
13471STANDARDTaberg, Oneida County315
13472PO BOXThendara, Herkimer County315
13473STANDARDTurin, Lewis County315
13475STANDARDVan Hornesville, Van HornesvleOtsego County315
13476STANDARDVernon, Oneida County315
13477STANDARDVernon Center, Oneida County315
13478STANDARDVerona, Oneida County315
13479PO BOXWashington Mills, Washingtn MlsOneida County315
13480STANDARDWaterville, Oneida County315
13482STANDARDWest Burlington, W BurlingtonOtsego County607
13483STANDARDWestdale, Oneida County315
13484PO BOXWest Eaton, Madison County315
13485STANDARDWest Edmeston, Madison County315
13486STANDARDWesternville, Oneida County315
13488STANDARDWestford, Otsego County607
13489STANDARDWest Leyden, Lewis County315
13490STANDARDWestmoreland, Oneida County315
13491STANDARDWest Winfield, West ExeterHerkimer County315
13492STANDARDWhitesboro, Oneida County315
13493STANDARDWilliamstown, Oswego County315
13494STANDARDWoodgate, Oneida County315
13495STANDARDYorkville, Oneida County315
13501STANDARDUtica, Oneida County315
13502STANDARDUtica, DeerfieldOneida County315
13503PO BOXUtica, Oneida County315
13504PO BOXUtica, Oneida County315
13505PO BOXUtica, Oneida County315
13599UNIQUEUtica, Oneida County315
13601STANDARDWatertown, Glen ParkJefferson County315
13602STANDARDFort Drum, WatertownJefferson County315
13603STANDARDWatertown, Fort DrumJefferson County315
13605STANDARDAdams, SmithvilleJefferson County315
13606STANDARDAdams Center, Jefferson County315
13607STANDARDAlexandria Bay, Alex Bay, Point VivianJefferson County315
13608STANDARDAntwerp, OxbowJefferson County315
13611PO BOXBelleville, Jefferson County315
13612STANDARDBlack River, Jefferson County315
13613STANDARDBrasher Falls, St Lawrence County315
13614STANDARDBrier Hill, St Lawrence County315
13615PO BOXBrownville, Jefferson County315
13616STANDARDCalcium, Jefferson County315
13617STANDARDCanton, St Lawrence County315
13618STANDARDCape Vincent, Jefferson County315
13619STANDARDCarthage, Jefferson County315
13620STANDARDCastorland, Lewis County315
13621STANDARDChase Mills, St Lawrence County315
13622STANDARDChaumont, Jefferson County315
13623PO BOXChippewa Bay, St Lawrence County315
13624STANDARDClayton, Frontenac, Grenell, Murray IsleJefferson County315
13625STANDARDColton, St Lawrence County315
13626STANDARDCopenhagen, Barnes Corners, Barnes Cors, South RutlandLewis County315
13627PO BOXDeer River, Lewis County315
13628PO BOXDeferiet, Jefferson County315
13630STANDARDDe Kalb Junction, De Kalb JctSt Lawrence County315
13631PO BOXDenmark, Lewis County315
13632PO BOXDepauville, Jefferson County315
13633STANDARDDe Peyster, St Lawrence County315
13634STANDARDDexter, Jefferson County315
13635STANDARDEdwards, St Lawrence County315
13636STANDARDEllisburg, Jefferson County315
13637STANDARDEvans Mills, Jefferson County315
13638STANDARDFelts Mills, Jefferson County315
13639STANDARDFine, St Lawrence County315
13640STANDARDWellesley Island, Fineview, Wellesley IsJefferson County315
13641PO BOXFishers Landing, Fishers LndgJefferson County315
13642STANDARDGouverneur, BalmatSt Lawrence County315
13643PO BOXGreat Bend, Jefferson County315
13645PO BOXHailesboro, St Lawrence County315
13646STANDARDHammond, St Lawrence County315
13647PO BOXHannawa Falls, St Lawrence County315
13648STANDARDHarrisville, St Lawrence County315
13649PO BOXHelena, St. Lawrence County315
13650STANDARDHenderson, WoodvilleJefferson County315
13651PO BOXHenderson Harbor, Henderson HbrJefferson County315
13652STANDARDHermon, St Lawrence County315
13654STANDARDHeuvelton, St Lawrence County315
13655STANDARDHogansburg, AkwesasneFranklin County518
13656STANDARDLa Fargeville, Jefferson County315
13657PO BOXLimerick, Jefferson County315
13658STANDARDLisbon, St Lawrence County315
13659STANDARDLorraine, Jefferson County315
13660STANDARDMadrid, St Lawrence County315
13661STANDARDMannsville, Jefferson County315
13662STANDARDMassena, St Lawrence County315
13664STANDARDMorristown, St Lawrence County315
13665STANDARDNatural Bridge, Natural BrgLewis County315
13666PO BOXNewton Falls, St Lawrence County315
13667STANDARDNorfolk, St Lawrence County315
13668STANDARDNorwood, St Lawrence County315
13669STANDARDOgdensburg, St Lawrence County315
13670STANDARDOswegatchie, St Lawrence County315
13671PO BOXOxbow, Jefferson County315
13672STANDARDParishville, St Lawrence County315
13673STANDARDPhiladelphia, Jefferson County315
13674PO BOXPierrepont Manor, Pierrepnt MnrJefferson County315
13675STANDARDPlessis, Jefferson County315
13676STANDARDPotsdam, St Lawrence County315
13677PO BOXPyrites, St Lawrence County315
13678PO BOXRaymondville, St. Lawrence County315
13679STANDARDRedwood, Jefferson County315
13680STANDARDRensselaer Falls, Rensslaer FlsSt Lawrence County315
13681STANDARDRichville, St Lawrence County315
13682STANDARDRodman, Jefferson County315
13683PO BOXRooseveltown, St Lawrence County315
13684STANDARDRussell, DegrasseSt Lawrence County315
13685STANDARDSackets Harbor, Sackets HbrJefferson County315
13687STANDARDSouth Colton, St Lawrence County315
13690STANDARDStar Lake, St Lawrence County315
13691STANDARDTheresa, Jefferson County315
13692PO BOXThousand Island Park, Thous Is PkJefferson County315
13693STANDARDThree Mile Bay, Three Mle BayJefferson County315
13694STANDARDWaddington, St Lawrence County315
13695PO BOXWanakena, St Lawrence County315
13696STANDARDWest Stockholm, W StockholmSt Lawrence County315
13697STANDARDWinthrop, St Lawrence County315
13699UNIQUEPotsdam, St Lawrence County315
13730STANDARDAfton, Chenango County607
13731STANDARDAndes, Delaware County845
13732STANDARDApalachin, Tioga County607
13733STANDARDBainbridge, Chenango County607
13734STANDARDBarton, Tioga County607
13736STANDARDBerkshire, Tioga County607
13737PO BOXBible School Park, Bible Sch PkBroome County607
13738PO BOXBlodgett Mills, Blodgett MlsCortland County607
13739STANDARDBloomville, Delaware County607
13740STANDARDBovina Center, Delaware County607
13743STANDARDCandor, Tioga County607
13744STANDARDCastle Creek, Broome County607
13745PO BOXChenango Bridge, Chenango BrgBroome County607
13746STANDARDChenango Forks, Chenango FksBroome County607
13747PO BOXColliersville, Otsego County
13748STANDARDConklin, Broome County607
13749PO BOXCorbettsville, Broome County607
13750STANDARDDavenport, Delaware County607
13751STANDARDDavenport Center, Davenport CtrDelaware County607
13752STANDARDDelancey, Delaware County607
13753STANDARDDelhi, MeredithDelaware County607
13754STANDARDDeposit, Broome County607
13755STANDARDDownsville, ShinhoppleDelaware County607
13756STANDARDEast Branch, Delaware County607
13757STANDARDEast Meredith, Delaware County607
13758PO BOXEast Pharsalia, E PharsaliaChenango County607
13760STANDARDEndicott, EndwellBroome County607, 585
13761PO BOXEndicott, Broome County607
13762PO BOXEndwell, Broome County607
13763PO BOXEndicott, Broome County607
13774PO BOXFishs Eddy, Delaware County607
13775STANDARDFranklin, Delaware County607
13776STANDARDGilbertsville, Otsego County607
13777STANDARDGlen Aubrey, Broome County607
13778STANDARDGreene, Chenango County607
13780STANDARDGuilford, Chenango County607
13782STANDARDHamden, Delaware County607
13783STANDARDHancock, CadosiaDelaware County607, 845
13784PO BOXHarford, Cortland County607
13786STANDARDHarpersfield, Delaware County607
13787STANDARDHarpursville, Broome County607
13788STANDARDHobart, Delaware County607
13790STANDARDJohnson City, Broome County607
13794PO BOXKillawog, Broome County607
13795STANDARDKirkwood, Broome County607
13796STANDARDLaurens, Otsego County607
13797STANDARDLisle, Broome County607
13801STANDARDMc Donough, Chenango County607
13802STANDARDMaine, Broome County607
13803STANDARDMarathon, Cortland County607
13804STANDARDMasonville, Delaware County607
13806STANDARDMeridale, Delaware County607
13807STANDARDMilford, Otsego County607
13808STANDARDMorris, Otsego County607
13809STANDARDMount Upton, Chenango County607
13810STANDARDMount Vision, Otsego County607
13811STANDARDNewark Valley, Tioga County607
13812STANDARDNichols, Tioga County607
13813STANDARDNineveh, Broome County607
13814PO BOXNorth Norwich, Chenango County607
13815STANDARDNorwich, Chenango County607
13820STANDARDOneonta, Otsego County607
13825STANDARDOtego, Otsego County607
13826STANDARDOuaquaga, HarpursvilleBroome County607
13827STANDARDOwego, Tioga County607
13830STANDARDOxford, BrisbenChenango County607
13832STANDARDPlymouth, Chenango County607, 315
13833STANDARDPort Crane, Sanitaria Spg, Sanitaria SpringsBroome County607
13834STANDARDPortlandville, Otsego County607
13835STANDARDRichford, Harford MillsTioga County607
13837PO BOXShinhopple, Delaware County
13838STANDARDSidney, Delaware County607
13839STANDARDSidney Center, Delaware County607
13840PO BOXSmithboro, Tioga County607
13841STANDARDSmithville Flats, Smithvle FltsChenango County607
13842STANDARDSouth Kortright, S KortrightDelaware County607
13843STANDARDSouth New Berlin, S New BerlinChenango County607
13844STANDARDSouth Plymouth, So PlymouthChenango County607
13845PO BOXTioga Center, Tioga County607
13846STANDARDTreadwell, FranklinDelaware County607
13847PO BOXTrout Creek, Delaware County607
13848PO BOXTunnel, Broome County607
13849STANDARDUnadilla, Otsego County607
13850STANDARDVestal, Broome County607
13851PO BOXVestal, Broome County607
13856STANDARDWalton, Delaware County607
13859STANDARDWells Bridge, Otsego County607
13860PO BOXWest Davenport, W DavenportDelaware County
13861STANDARDWest Oneonta, Otsego County607
13862STANDARDWhitney Point, Broome County607
13863STANDARDWillet, Cortland County607
13864STANDARDWillseyville, Tioga County607
13865STANDARDWindsor, W Windsor, West WindsorBroome County607
13901STANDARDBinghamton, Broome County607
13902PO BOXBinghamton, Broome County607
13903STANDARDBinghamton, Broome County607
13904STANDARDBinghamton, Broome County607
13905STANDARDBinghamton, Broome County607
14001STANDARDAkron, Erie County716, 585
14004STANDARDAlden, Erie County716, 585
14005STANDARDAlexander, Genesee County585
14006STANDARDAngola, Erie County716
14008STANDARDAppleton, Niagara County716
14009STANDARDArcade, Wyoming County585, 716
14010PO BOXAthol Springs, Erie County
14011STANDARDAttica, Wyoming County585
14012STANDARDBarker, Niagara County716
14013STANDARDBasom, AlabamaGenesee County585
14020STANDARDBatavia, Genesee County585, 716
14021PO BOXBatavia, Genesee County585
14024STANDARDBliss, Wyoming County585
14025STANDARDBoston, Erie County716
14026STANDARDBowmansville, Erie County716
14027PO BOXBrant, Erie County716
14028STANDARDBurt, Niagara County716
14029PO BOXCenterville, Allegany County585
14030STANDARDChaffee, Erie County716, 585
14031STANDARDClarence, Erie County716
14032STANDARDClarence Center, Clarence CtrErie County716
14033STANDARDColden, Erie County716
14034STANDARDCollins, Erie County716
14035PO BOXCollins Center, Collins CtrErie County
14036STANDARDCorfu, Genesee County585, 716
14037STANDARDCowlesville, Wyoming County585
14038PO BOXCrittenden, Erie County
14039STANDARDDale, Wyoming County585
14040STANDARDDarien Center, Genesee County585
14041STANDARDDayton, Cattaraugus County716
14042STANDARDDelevan, Cattaraugus County716
14043STANDARDDepew, Erie County716
14047STANDARDDerby, Erie County716
14048STANDARDDunkirk, Van Buren BayChautauqua County716
14051STANDARDEast Amherst, SwormvilleErie County716
14052STANDARDEast Aurora, Erie County716, 585
14054STANDARDEast Bethany, Genesee County585
14055STANDARDEast Concord, ConcordErie County716
14056PO BOXEast Pembroke, Genesee County585
14057STANDARDEden, Erie County716
14058STANDARDElba, Genesee County585
14059STANDARDElma, Erie County716
14060STANDARDFarmersville Station, Farmersvl StaCattaraugus County
14061PO BOXFarnham, Erie County
14062STANDARDForestville, Chautauqua County716
14063STANDARDFredonia, Chautauqua County716
14065STANDARDFreedom, SanduskyCattaraugus County585
14066STANDARDGainesville, Wyoming County585
14067STANDARDGasport, Niagara County716
14068STANDARDGetzville, Erie County716
14069STANDARDGlenwood, Erie County716
14070STANDARDGowanda, Cattaraugus County716
14072STANDARDGrand Island, Erie County716
14075STANDARDHamburg, Erie County716, 718
14080STANDARDHolland, Erie County716
14081STANDARDIrving, Erie County716
14082STANDARDJava Center, Wyoming County585, 716
14083STANDARDJava Village, Wyoming County585
14085STANDARDLake View, Erie County716
14086STANDARDLancaster, Erie County716
14091STANDARDLawtons, Erie County716
14092STANDARDLewiston, Stela Niagara, Stella NiagaraNiagara County716
14094STANDARDLockport, Niagara County716, 585
14095PO BOXLockport, Niagara County716
14098STANDARDLyndonville, Orleans County585, 716
14101STANDARDMachias, Cattaraugus County716, 585
14102STANDARDMarilla, Erie County716
14103STANDARDMedina, Orleans County585, 716
14105STANDARDMiddleport, Niagara County716, 585
14107PO BOXModel City, Niagara County716
14108STANDARDNewfane, Niagara County716
14109PO BOXNiagara University, Niagara UnivNiagara County716
14110PO BOXNorth Boston, Erie County
14111STANDARDNorth Collins, Erie County716
14112PO BOXNorth Evans, Erie County
14113STANDARDNorth Java, Wyoming County585
14120STANDARDNorth Tonawanda, N TonawandaNiagara County716
14125STANDARDOakfield, Genesee County585
14126PO BOXOlcott, Niagara County716
14127STANDARDOrchard Park, Erie County716
14129STANDARDPerrysburg, Cattaraugus County716
14130PO BOXPike, Wyoming County585
14131STANDARDRansomville, Niagara County716
14132STANDARDSanborn, Niagara County716
14133PO BOXSandusky, Cattaraugus County
14134STANDARDSardinia, Erie County716
14135PO BOXSheridan, Chautauqua County716
14136STANDARDSilver Creek, Chautauqua County716
14138STANDARDSouth Dayton, Cattaraugus County716
14139STANDARDSouth Wales, Erie County716
14140PO BOXSpring Brook, Erie County
14141STANDARDSpringville, Erie County716
14143STANDARDStafford, Genesee County585
14144PO BOXStella Niagara, Stela NiagaraNiagara County716
14145STANDARDStrykersville, Wyoming County585, 716
14150STANDARDTonawanda, Erie County716
14151PO BOXTonawanda, Erie County716
14166PO BOXVan Buren Point, Dunkirk, Van Buren PtChautauqua County716
14167STANDARDVarysburg, Wyoming County585
14168PO BOXVersailles, Cattaraugus County
14169PO BOXWales Center, Erie County716
14170STANDARDWest Falls, Erie County716
14171STANDARDWest Valley, Cattaraugus County716
14172STANDARDWilson, Niagara County716
14173PO BOXYorkshire, Cattaraugus County585, 716
14174STANDARDYoungstown, Niagara County716
14201STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14202STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14203STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14204STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County585, 716
14205PO BOXBuffalo, Erie County716
14206STANDARDBuffalo, Cheektowaga, West SenecaErie County716
14207STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14208STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14209STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14210STANDARDBuffalo, West SenecaErie County716
14211STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14212STANDARDBuffalo, SloanErie County716
14213STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14214STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14215STANDARDBuffalo, Cheektowaga, SnyderErie County716
14216STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14217STANDARDBuffalo, Kenmore, Tn Of Tona, Tonawanda, Town Of TonawandaErie County716
14218STANDARDBuffalo, Lackawanna, West SenecaErie County716
14219STANDARDBuffalo, BlasdellErie County716
14220STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14221STANDARDBuffalo, Amherst, WilliamsvilleErie County585, 716
14222STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County716
14223STANDARDBuffalo, Kenmore, Tn Of Tona, Tonawanda, Town Of TonawandaErie County716, 917
14224STANDARDBuffalo, West SenecaErie County716
14225STANDARDBuffalo, CheektowagaErie County716
14226STANDARDBuffalo, Amherst, Eggertsville, SnyderErie County716
14227STANDARDBuffalo, Cheektowaga, S Cheek, South CheektowagaErie County716
14228STANDARDBuffalo, Amherst, W Amherst, West AmherstErie County716
14231PO BOXBuffalo, WilliamsvilleErie County716
14233UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14240PO BOXBuffalo, Erie County716
14241UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14260UNIQUEBuffalo, AmherstErie County716
14261UNIQUEBuffalo, AmherstErie County716
14263UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14264UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14265UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14267UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14269UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14270UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14272UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14273UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14276UNIQUEBuffalo, Erie County716
14280STANDARDBuffalo, Erie County585, 716
14301STANDARDNiagara Falls, Niagara County716
14302PO BOXNiagara Falls, Niagara County716
14303STANDARDNiagara Falls, Niagara County716
14304STANDARDNiagara Falls, Niagara County716
14305STANDARDNiagara Falls, Niagara County716
14410PO BOXAdams Basin, Monroe County585
14411STANDARDAlbion, Eagle HarborOrleans County585
14413PO BOXAlton, Wayne County315
14414STANDARDAvon, Livingston County585
14415STANDARDBellona, Yates County585
14416STANDARDBergen, Genesee County585
14418STANDARDBranchport, Yates County315, 607
14420STANDARDBrockport, Monroe County585
14422STANDARDByron, Genesee County585
14423STANDARDCaledonia, Livingston County585
14424STANDARDCanandaigua, Ontario County585
14425STANDARDFarmington, CanandaiguaOntario County716, 585, 315
14427STANDARDCastile, Wyoming County585
14428STANDARDChurchville, CliftonMonroe County585
14429PO BOXClarendon, Orleans County585
14430PO BOXClarkson, Monroe County585
14432STANDARDClifton Springs, Clifton SpgsOntario County315, 585
14433STANDARDClyde, Wayne County315
14435STANDARDConesus, Livingston County585
14437STANDARDDansville, Livingston County585, 607
14441STANDARDDresden, Yates County315
14443PO BOXEast Bloomfield, E BloomfieldOntario County585
14445STANDARDEast Rochester, E RochesterMonroe County585
14449PO BOXEast Williamson, E WilliamsonWayne County315
14450STANDARDFairport, Monroe County585, 716
14452PO BOXFancher, Orleans County585
14453PO BOXFishers, Ontario County585
14454STANDARDGeneseo, Livingston County585, 716
14456STANDARDGeneva, Ontario County315, 585
14461PO BOXGorham, Ontario County585
14462STANDARDGroveland, Livingston County585
14463PO BOXHall, Ontario County585
14464STANDARDHamlin, Monroe County585
14466STANDARDHemlock, Ontario County585
14467STANDARDHenrietta, Monroe County585
14468STANDARDHilton, Monroe County585
14469STANDARDBloomfield, Ontario County585
14470STANDARDHolley, HulbertonOrleans County585
14471STANDARDHoneoye, Ontario County585
14472STANDARDHoneoye Falls, Monroe County585
14475STANDARDIonia, Ontario County585
14476STANDARDKendall, Orleans County585
14477STANDARDKent, Orleans County585
14478STANDARDKeuka Park, Bluff PointYates County315
14479STANDARDKnowlesville, Orleans County585
14480STANDARDLakeville, Livingston County585
14481STANDARDLeicester, Livingston County585
14482STANDARDLe Roy, Genesee County585
14485STANDARDLima, Livingston County585
14486STANDARDLinwood, Livingston County585
14487STANDARDLivonia, Livingston County585
14488PO BOXLivonia Center, Livonia CtrLivingston County585
14489STANDARDLyons, Wayne County315
14502STANDARDMacedon, Wayne County585, 315
14504STANDARDManchester, Ontario County585
14505STANDARDMarion, Wayne County315
14506STANDARDMendon, Monroe County585
14507STANDARDMiddlesex, Yates County585
14508PO BOXMorton, Orleans County585
14510STANDARDMount Morris, TuscaroraLivingston County585
14511PO BOXMumford, Monroe County585
14512STANDARDNaples, Ontario County585
14513STANDARDNewark, East PalmyraWayne County315, 585
14514STANDARDNorth Chili, Monroe County585
14515PO BOXNorth Greece, Monroe County585
14516STANDARDNorth Rose, Wayne County315
14517STANDARDNunda, Livingston County585
14518PO BOXOaks Corners, Ontario County
14519STANDARDOntario, Wayne County315, 585
14520PO BOXOntario Center, Ontario CtrWayne County315
14521STANDARDOvid, Hayt CornersSeneca County607
14522STANDARDPalmyra, Wayne County315
14525STANDARDPavilion, Genesee County585
14526STANDARDPenfield, Monroe County585
14527STANDARDPenn Yan, Yates County315, 585, 607
14529PO BOXPerkinsville, Steuben County585
14530STANDARDPerry, Wyoming County585
14532STANDARDPhelps, Ontario County315
14533STANDARDPiffard, WadsworthLivingston County585
14534STANDARDPittsford, Monroe County585
14536STANDARDPortageville, RossburgWyoming County585
14537PO BOXPort Gibson, Ontario County315
14538PO BOXPultneyville, Wayne County315
14539PO BOXRetsof, Livingston County585
14541STANDARDRomulus, Mac DougallSeneca County315, 607
14542PO BOXRose, Wayne County315
14543STANDARDRush, Industry, West RushMonroe County585
14544STANDARDRushville, Yates County585
14545STANDARDScottsburg, GrovelandLivingston County585
14546STANDARDScottsville, Monroe County585
14547PO BOXSeneca Castle, Ontario County315, 585
14548STANDARDShortsville, Ontario County585, 315
14549PO BOXSilver Lake, Wyoming County585
14550STANDARDSilver Springs, Rock Glen, Silver SpgsWyoming County585
14551STANDARDSodus, Sodus CenterWayne County315
14555STANDARDSodus Point, Wayne County315
14556PO BOXSonyea, Livingston County585
14557PO BOXSouth Byron, Genesee County585
14558PO BOXSouth Lima, Livingston County585
14559STANDARDSpencerport, Monroe County585
14560STANDARDSpringwater, Webster Crossing, Webster CrsngOntario County585
14561STANDARDStanley, Ontario County585
14563PO BOXUnion Hill, Wayne County315
14564STANDARDVictor, Ontario County585
14568STANDARDWalworth, Wayne County315, 585
14569STANDARDWarsaw, Wyoming County585
14571STANDARDWaterport, Orleans County585
14572STANDARDWayland, Steuben County585
14580STANDARDWebster, Monroe County585, 716
14585STANDARDWest Bloomfield, W BloomfieldOntario County585
14586STANDARDWest Henrietta, W HenriettaMonroe County585
14588PO BOXWillard, Seneca County607
14589STANDARDWilliamson, Wayne County315
14590STANDARDWolcott, Wayne County315
14591STANDARDWyoming, Wyoming County585
14592PO BOXYork, Livingston County585
14602PO BOXRochester, Monroe County585
14603STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585
14604STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585
14605STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585
14606STANDARDRochester, GatesMonroe County585
14607STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585
14608STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585
14609STANDARDRochester, IrondequoitMonroe County585
14610STANDARDRochester, BrightonMonroe County585
14611STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585
14612STANDARDRochester, GreeceMonroe County585
14613STANDARDRochester, Monroe County315, 585
14614STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585, 315
14615STANDARDRochester, GreeceMonroe County585
14616STANDARDRochester, GreeceMonroe County585
14617STANDARDRochester, IrondequoitMonroe County585
14618STANDARDRochester, Loehmanns Plaza, Loehmanns PlzMonroe County585
14619STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585
14620STANDARDRochester, BrightonMonroe County585
14621STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585
14622STANDARDRochester, IrondequoitMonroe County585
14623STANDARDRochester, Monroe County585
14624STANDARDRochester, Gates, WestgateMonroe County585
14625STANDARDRochester, PanoramaMonroe County585
14626STANDARDRochester, Greece, RidgemontMonroe County585
14627PO BOXRochester, Monroe County585
14638UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14639UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14642UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14643UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14644UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14645UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14646UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14647UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14649UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14650UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14651UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14652UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14653UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14664UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14673UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14683UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14692PO BOXRochester, Monroe County585
14694UNIQUERochester, Monroe County585
14701STANDARDJamestown, West EllicottChautauqua County716
14702PO BOXJamestown, Chautauqua County716
14706STANDARDAllegany, Cattaraugus County
14707PO BOXAllentown, Allegany County585
14708STANDARDAlma, Allegany County585
14709STANDARDAngelica, Allegany County585
14710STANDARDAshville, Chautauqua County716
14711STANDARDBelfast, Allegany County585
14712STANDARDBemus Point, Chautauqua County716
14714STANDARDBlack Creek, Allegany County585
14715STANDARDBolivar, Allegany County585
14716STANDARDBrocton, Chautauqua County716
14717STANDARDCaneadea, Allegany County585
14718STANDARDCassadaga, Chautauqua County716
14719STANDARDCattaraugus, Cattaraugus County716
14720PO BOXCeloron, Chautauqua County716
14721STANDARDCeres, Allegany County585, 716
14722PO BOXChautauqua, Chautauqua County716
14723STANDARDCherry Creek, Chautauqua County716
14724STANDARDClymer, Chautauqua County716
14726STANDARDConewango Valley, Conewango VlyCattaraugus County716
14727STANDARDCuba, Allegany County585, 716
14728STANDARDDewittville, Chautauqua County716
14729STANDARDEast Otto, Cattaraugus County716
14730PO BOXEast Randolph, Cattaraugus County716
14731STANDARDEllicottville, Cattaraugus County716
14732PO BOXEllington, Chautauqua County716
14733STANDARDFalconer, Chautauqua County716
14735STANDARDFillmore, Allegany County585
14736STANDARDFindley Lake, Chautauqua County716
14737STANDARDFranklinville, Cattaraugus County716
14738STANDARDFrewsburg, Chautauqua County716
14739STANDARDFriendship, Allegany County585
14740STANDARDGerry, Chautauqua County716
14741STANDARDGreat Valley, Cattaraugus County716
14742PO BOXGreenhurst, Chautauqua County716
14743STANDARDHinsdale, IschuaCattaraugus County716
14744STANDARDHoughton, Allegany County585
14745PO BOXHume, Allegany County585
14747STANDARDKennedy, Chautauqua County716
14748STANDARDKill Buck, Cattaraugus County716
14750STANDARDLakewood, Chautauqua County716
14751PO BOXLeon, Cattaraugus County716
14752PO BOXLily Dale, Chautauqua County716
14753STANDARDLimestone, Cattaraugus County716
14754STANDARDLittle Genesee, Little GeneseAllegany County585
14755STANDARDLittle Valley, Cattaraugus County716
14756PO BOXMaple Springs, Chautauqua County716
14757STANDARDMayville, Chautauqua County716
14758PO BOXNiobe, Chautauqua County716
14760STANDARDOlean, Knapp CreekCattaraugus County585, 716
14766PO BOXOtto, Cattaraugus County
14767STANDARDPanama, Chautauqua County716
14769STANDARDPortland, Chautauqua County716
14770STANDARDPortville, Cattaraugus County585
14772STANDARDRandolph, Cattaraugus County716
14774PO BOXRichburg, Allegany County585
14775STANDARDRipley, Chautauqua County716
14777STANDARDRushford, Allegany County585, 716
14778PO BOXSaint Bonaventure, St BonasCattaraugus County
14779STANDARDSalamanca, Cattaraugus County716
14781STANDARDSherman, Chautauqua County716
14782STANDARDSinclairville, Chautauqua County716
14783PO BOXSteamburg, Cattaraugus County716
14784STANDARDStockton, Chautauqua County716
14785PO BOXStow, Chautauqua County716
14786PO BOXWest Clarksville, W ClarksvilleAllegany County
14787STANDARDWestfield, Chautauqua County716
14788PO BOXWestons Mills, Cattaraugus County
14801STANDARDAddison, Steuben County607
14802STANDARDAlfred, Allegany County607
14803STANDARDAlfred Station, Alfred StaAllegany County607
14804STANDARDAlmond, Allegany County607, 585
14805STANDARDAlpine, Schuyler County607
14806STANDARDAndover, Allegany County607
14807STANDARDArkport, Steuben County607
14808STANDARDAtlanta, N Cohocton, North CohoctonSteuben County585
14809STANDARDAvoca, WallaceSteuben County607
14810STANDARDBath, Veterans Administration, Veterans AdmnSteuben County607
14812STANDARDBeaver Dams, Schuyler County607
14813STANDARDBelmont, Allegany County585
14814STANDARDBig Flats, Chemung County607
14815STANDARDBradford, Schuyler County607
14816STANDARDBreesport, Chemung County607
14817STANDARDBrooktondale, Tompkins County607
14818STANDARDBurdett, Schuyler County607
14819STANDARDCameron, Steuben County607
14820STANDARDCameron Mills, Steuben County607
14821STANDARDCampbell, Steuben County607
14822STANDARDCanaseraga, Allegany County607
14823STANDARDCanisteo, Steuben County607
14824STANDARDCayuta, Schuyler County607
14825STANDARDChemung, Chemung County607
14826STANDARDCohocton, Steuben County585
14827PO BOXCoopers Plains, Coopers PlnsSteuben County
14830STANDARDCorning, South CorningSteuben County607
14831UNIQUECorning, Steuben County607
14836STANDARDDalton, Livingston County585
14837STANDARDDundee, Yates County607, 315
14838STANDARDErin, Chemung County607
14839STANDARDGreenwood, Steuben County607
14840STANDARDHammondsport, Steuben County607
14841STANDARDHector, ValoisSchuyler County607
14842STANDARDHimrod, Yates County607
14843STANDARDHornell, North HornellSteuben County607
14845STANDARDHorseheads, Chemung County607
14846STANDARDHunt, Livingston County585
14847STANDARDInterlaken, Seneca County607
14850STANDARDIthaca, Ithaca Coll, Ithaca CollegeTompkins County607
14851PO BOXIthaca, Tompkins County607
14852PO BOXIthaca, Tompkins County607
14853STANDARDIthaca, Tompkins County607
14854PO BOXJacksonville, Tompkins County607
14855STANDARDJasper, Steuben County607
14856PO BOXKanona, Steuben County607
14857PO BOXLakemont, Yates County607
14858STANDARDLindley, Steuben County607
14859STANDARDLockwood, Tioga County607
14860STANDARDLodi, Seneca County607
14861STANDARDLowman, Chemung County607
14863PO BOXMecklenburg, Schuyler County607
14864STANDARDMillport, Chemung County607
14865STANDARDMontour Falls, Schuyler County607
14867STANDARDNewfield, Tompkins County607
14869STANDARDOdessa, Schuyler County607
14870STANDARDPainted Post, Steuben County607
14871STANDARDPine City, Chemung County607
14872STANDARDPine Valley, Chemung County607
14873STANDARDPrattsburgh, Steuben County607
14874STANDARDPulteney, Steuben County607
14876PO BOXReading Center, Reading CtrSchuyler County607
14877STANDARDRexville, Steuben County607
14878STANDARDRock Stream, Schuyler County607
14879STANDARDSavona, Steuben County607
14880STANDARDScio, Allegany County585
14881STANDARDSlaterville Springs, Slatervle SpgTompkins County607
14882STANDARDLansing, IthacaTompkins County607
14883STANDARDSpencer, West DanbyTioga County607
14884STANDARDSwain, Allegany County607, 585
14885STANDARDTroupsburg, Steuben County607
14886STANDARDTrumansburg, Tompkins County607
14887PO BOXTyrone, Schuyler County607
14889STANDARDVan Etten, Chemung County607
14891STANDARDWatkins Glen, Schuyler County607
14892STANDARDWaverly, Tioga County607
14893PO BOXWayne, Schuyler County607
14894STANDARDWellsburg, Chemung County607
14895STANDARDWellsville, Allegany County585, 607
14897STANDARDWhitesville, Allegany County607
14898STANDARDWoodhull, Steuben County607
14901STANDARDElmira, Chemung County607
14902PO BOXElmira, Chemung County607
14903STANDARDElmira, Elmira Heights, Elmira Hgts, Elmira HtsChemung County607
14904STANDARDElmira, Chemung County607
14905STANDARDElmira, Chemung County607
14925STANDARDElmira, Chemung County607

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of New-York, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 11,143,349.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 2,986,172.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 14,969.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 1,933,127.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 10,815.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 2,210,633

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 60.90% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.06% of the population.