New-Jersey zip codes

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ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
07001STANDARDAvenel, Middlesex County732, 848, 908
07002STANDARDBayonne, Hudson County201, 551
07003STANDARDBloomfield, Essex County973, 908, 862
07004STANDARDFairfield, Essex County973
07005STANDARDBoonton, Boonton Township, Boonton TwpMorris County973, 862
07006STANDARDCaldwell, N Caldwell, North Caldwell, W Caldwell, West CaldwellEssex County973, 201, 862
07007PO BOXCaldwell, West CaldwellEssex County862
07008STANDARDCarteret, Middlesex County732
07009STANDARDCedar Grove, Essex County973
07010STANDARDCliffside Park, Cliffside PkBergen County201
07011STANDARDClifton, Passaic County973, 201
07012STANDARDClifton, Passaic County973
07013STANDARDClifton, Passaic County201, 973
07014STANDARDClifton, Passaic County973
07015PO BOXClifton, Passaic County862
07016STANDARDCranford, Union County201, 908
07017STANDARDEast Orange, Essex County973
07018STANDARDEast Orange, Essex County973
07019PO BOXEast Orange, Essex County862
07020STANDARDEdgewater, Bergen County201, 551
07021STANDARDEssex Fells, Essex County973
07022STANDARDFairview, Bergen County201, 551
07023STANDARDFanwood, Union County908, 973
07024STANDARDFort Lee, Bergen County201
07026STANDARDGarfield, Bergen County973
07027STANDARDGarwood, Union County908
07028STANDARDGlen Ridge, Essex County973
07029STANDARDHarrison, East NewarkHudson County973
07030STANDARDHoboken, Hudson County201, 732
07031STANDARDNorth Arlington, N ArlingtonBergen County201
07032STANDARDKearny, Hudson County201, 973, 551
07033STANDARDKenilworth, Union County908
07034STANDARDLake Hiawatha, Morris County973
07035STANDARDLincoln Park, Morris County973
07036STANDARDLinden, Winfield ParkUnion County908, 732
07039STANDARDLivingston, Essex County973, 862
07040STANDARDMaplewood, Essex County973
07041STANDARDMillburn, Essex County973, 862
07042STANDARDMontclair, Essex County201, 973, 212
07043STANDARDMontclair, Upper Montclair, Upr MontclairEssex County973
07044STANDARDVerona, Essex County973, 201
07045STANDARDMontville, Morris County973
07046STANDARDMountain Lakes, Mountain LksMorris County973
07047STANDARDNorth Bergen, Hudson County201
07050STANDARDOrange, Essex County973, 201, 862
07051PO BOXOrange, Essex County973
07052STANDARDWest Orange, Essex County973
07054STANDARDParsippany, Morris County201, 973, 516
07055STANDARDPassaic, Passaic County201, 973, 862
07057STANDARDWallington, Bergen County201, 973
07058STANDARDPine Brook, Morris County973, 201
07059STANDARDWarren, Somerset County908, 973, 732
07060STANDARDPlainfield, N Plainfield, North PlainfieldUnion County732, 908
07061PO BOXPlainfield, Union County908
07062STANDARDPlainfield, N Plainfield, North PlainfieldUnion County908
07063STANDARDPlainfield, N Plainfield, North PlainfieldUnion County908, 732
07064STANDARDPort Reading, Middlesex County732
07065STANDARDRahway, Union County732, 848, 908
07066STANDARDClark, Union County732, 908, 848
07067STANDARDColonia, Middlesex County732
07068STANDARDRoseland, Essex County973
07069STANDARDWatchung, PlainfieldSomerset County908
07070STANDARDRutherford, Bergen County201
07071STANDARDLyndhurst, Bergen County201
07072STANDARDCarlstadt, Bergen County201
07073STANDARDEast Rutherford, E RutherfordBergen County201, 973
07074STANDARDMoonachie, Bergen County201, 212
07075STANDARDWood Ridge, Bergen County201
07076STANDARDScotch Plains, Union County201, 732, 908
07077STANDARDSewaren, Middlesex County732
07078STANDARDShort Hills, Essex County973
07079STANDARDSouth Orange, Essex County973
07080STANDARDSouth Plainfield, S PlainfieldMiddlesex County908, 732
07081STANDARDSpringfield, Union County201, 908, 973
07082STANDARDTowaco, Morris County973
07083STANDARDUnion, Union County908, 973, 201
07086STANDARDWeehawken, Hudson County201, 551, 908, 973
07087STANDARDUnion City, Hudson County201, 551
07088STANDARDVauxhall, Union County908
07090STANDARDWestfield, Union County201, 908
07091PO BOXWestfield, Union County908
07092STANDARDMountainside, Union County908
07093STANDARDWest New York, GuttenbergHudson County201
07094STANDARDSecaucus, Hudson County201, 973, 908
07095STANDARDWoodbridge, Middlesex County732, 908, 848
07096PO BOXSecaucus, Hudson County201
07097UNIQUEJersey City, Hudson County201
07099UNIQUEKearny, Hudson County201
07101PO BOXNewark, Essex County201, 973
07102STANDARDNewark, Essex County973, 201, 862
07103STANDARDNewark, Essex County973, 201, 732, 862, 908
07104STANDARDNewark, Essex County973
07105STANDARDNewark, Essex County908, 973, 201, 732, 862
07106STANDARDNewark, Essex County973, 908
07107STANDARDNewark, Essex County973, 908
07108STANDARDNewark, Essex County973, 201, 908
07109STANDARDBelleville, Essex County973, 862
07110STANDARDNutley, Essex County973, 862
07111STANDARDIrvington, Essex County973
07112STANDARDNewark, Essex County201, 973
07114STANDARDNewark, Essex County973
07175UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07182UNIQUENewark, Shared Firm ZipEssex County862
07184UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07188UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07189UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07191UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07192UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07193UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07194UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07195UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07198UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07199UNIQUENewark, Essex County862
07201STANDARDElizabeth, Union County908, 973
07202STANDARDElizabeth, Union County908
07203STANDARDRoselle, Union County908
07204STANDARDRoselle Park, Union County908
07205STANDARDHillside, Ind Hillside, Industrial HillsideUnion County908, 973
07206STANDARDElizabethport, ElizabethUnion County732, 973, 908
07207PO BOXElizabeth, Union County908
07208STANDARDElizabeth, Union County908
07302STANDARDJersey City, Hudson County201, 212, 551
07303PO BOXJersey City, Hudson County201
07304STANDARDJersey City, Hudson County201
07305STANDARDJersey City, Hudson County201
07306STANDARDJersey City, Hudson County201
07307STANDARDJersey City, Hudson County201
07308PO BOXJersey City, Hudson County201
07309STANDARDJersey City, Hudson County201
07310STANDARDJersey City, Hudson County201, 551, 908, 973
07311STANDARDJersey City, Hudson County201, 551, 908, 973
07395UNIQUEJersey City, Hudson County201
07399UNIQUEJersey City, Hudson County201
07401STANDARDAllendale, Bergen County201
07403STANDARDBloomingdale, Passaic County973
07405STANDARDButler, KinnelonMorris County973, 201
07407STANDARDElmwood Park, Bergen County201, 551
07410STANDARDFair Lawn, Bergen County201, 973, 551
07416STANDARDFranklin, Sussex County973
07417STANDARDFranklin Lakes, Franklin LksBergen County201, 732
07418STANDARDGlenwood, Sussex County973
07419STANDARDHamburg, Sussex County973
07420STANDARDHaskell, Passaic County973
07421STANDARDHewitt, Passaic County973
07422STANDARDHighland Lakes, Highland LksSussex County973
07423STANDARDHo Ho Kus, Bergen County201
07424STANDARDLittle Falls, West Paterson, Woodland ParkPassaic County973, 862
07428PO BOXMc Afee, Sussex County973
07430STANDARDMahwah, Bergen County201, 732
07432STANDARDMidland Park, Bergen County201
07435STANDARDNewfoundland, Morris County973
07436STANDARDOakland, Bergen County201
07438STANDARDOak Ridge, Morris County973
07439STANDARDOgdensburg, Sussex County973
07440STANDARDPequannock, Morris County973
07442STANDARDPompton Lakes, Passaic County973, 201, 862
07444STANDARDPompton Plains, Pompton PlnsMorris County973
07446STANDARDRamsey, Bergen County201, 551
07450STANDARDRidgewood, Bergen County201
07451PO BOXRidgewood, Bergen County201
07452STANDARDGlen Rock, Bergen County201
07456STANDARDRingwood, Passaic County973
07457STANDARDRiverdale, Morris County973
07458STANDARDSaddle River, U Saddle Riv, Upper Saddle RiverBergen County201
07460STANDARDStockholm, HardystonSussex County973
07461STANDARDSussex, WantageSussex County973
07462STANDARDVernon, Sussex County973
07463STANDARDWaldwick, Bergen County201
07465STANDARDWanaque, Passaic County973
07470STANDARDWayne, Passaic County201, 973, 862
07474PO BOXWayne, Passaic County973, 201
07477UNIQUEWayne, Passaic County862
07480STANDARDWest Milford, Passaic County973
07481STANDARDWyckoff, Bergen County201, 551
07495STANDARDMahwah, Bergen County201
07501STANDARDPaterson, Passaic County973, 201, 862
07502STANDARDPaterson, TotowaPassaic County973
07503STANDARDPaterson, Passaic County201, 973
07504STANDARDPaterson, Passaic County973
07505STANDARDPaterson, Passaic County973, 862
07506STANDARDHawthorne, Passaic County973, 862
07507PO BOXHawthorne, Passaic County862
07508STANDARDHaledon, North Haledon, Paterson, Prospect ParkPassaic County973
07509PO BOXPaterson, Passaic County973
07510STANDARDPaterson, Passaic County862, 973
07511PO BOXTotowa, PatersonPassaic County862
07512STANDARDTotowa, PatersonPassaic County973
07513STANDARDPaterson, Passaic County973
07514STANDARDPaterson, Passaic County201, 973
07522STANDARDPaterson, Passaic County973, 201
07524STANDARDPaterson, Passaic County973
07533PO BOXPaterson, Passaic County973
07538PO BOXHaledon, PatersonPassaic County862
07543PO BOXPaterson, Passaic County862
07544PO BOXPaterson, Passaic County862
07601STANDARDHackensack, Bergen County201, 551
07602PO BOXHackensack, Bergen County201
07603STANDARDBogota, Bergen County201
07604STANDARDHasbrouck Heights, Hasbrouck HtsBergen County201
07605STANDARDLeonia, Bergen County201
07606STANDARDSouth Hackensack, S HackensackBergen County201, 973
07607STANDARDMaywood, Bergen County201
07608STANDARDTeterboro, Bergen County201
07620PO BOXAlpine, Bergen County201
07621STANDARDBergenfield, Bergen County201
07624STANDARDCloster, Bergen County201
07626STANDARDCresskill, Bergen County201
07627STANDARDDemarest, Bergen County201
07628STANDARDDumont, Bergen County201
07630STANDARDEmerson, Bergen County201
07631STANDARDEnglewood, Bergen County201
07632STANDARDEnglewood Cliffs, Englewd Clfs, EnglewoodBergen County201
07640STANDARDHarrington Park, Harrington PkBergen County201
07641STANDARDHaworth, Bergen County201
07642STANDARDHillsdale, Bergen County201
07643STANDARDLittle Ferry, Bergen County201
07644STANDARDLodi, Bergen County201, 973
07645STANDARDMontvale, Bergen County201
07646STANDARDNew Milford, Bergen County201
07647STANDARDNorthvale, RockleighBergen County201
07648STANDARDNorwood, Bergen County201
07649STANDARDOradell, Bergen County201
07650STANDARDPalisades Park, Palisades PkBergen County201
07652STANDARDParamus, Bergen County201
07653PO BOXParamus, Bergen County201
07656STANDARDPark Ridge, Bergen County201
07657STANDARDRidgefield, Bergen County201
07660STANDARDRidgefield Park, Ridgefield PkBergen County201
07661STANDARDRiver Edge, Bergen County201
07662STANDARDRochelle Park, Bergen County201, 862, 973
07663STANDARDSaddle Brook, Bergen County201, 973, 551
07666STANDARDTeaneck, Bergen County201
07670STANDARDTenafly, Bergen County201
07675STANDARDWestwood, Old Tappan, River Vale, RivervaleBergen County201
07676STANDARDTownship Of Washington, Twp Washingtn, Twp Washinton, Washington TwpsBergen County201
07677STANDARDWoodcliff Lake, Westwood, Woodcliff LkBergen County201
07699UNIQUETeterboro, Bergen County201
07701STANDARDRed Bank, Tinton FallsMonmouth County732, 908, 973
07702STANDARDShrewsbury, Red BankMonmouth County732, 848
07703STANDARDFort Monmouth, Red BankMonmouth County732, 848
07704STANDARDFair Haven, Red BankMonmouth County732
07709UNIQUERed Bank, Monmouth County732
07710PO BOXAdelphia, Monmouth County
07711STANDARDAllenhurst, Loch Arbour, W Allenhurst, West AllenhurstMonmouth County732
07712STANDARDAsbury Park, Interlaken, Ocean, Tinton FallsMonmouth County732
07715UNIQUEBelmar, Monmouth County732
07716STANDARDAtlantic Highlands, Atlantic HldsMonmouth County732
07717STANDARDAvon By The Sea, Avon By SeaMonmouth County732
07718STANDARDBelford, Monmouth County732
07719STANDARDBelmar, Lake Como, Wall, Wall TownshipMonmouth County732
07720STANDARDBradley Beach, Monmouth County732
07721STANDARDCliffwood, Monmouth County732
07722STANDARDColts Neck, Monmouth County732
07723STANDARDDeal, Monmouth County732
07724STANDARDEatontown, Tinton FallsMonmouth County732
07726STANDARDEnglishtown, ManalapanMonmouth County732, 848, 908
07727STANDARDFarmingdale, Tinton Falls, Wall TownshipMonmouth County732
07728STANDARDFreehold, Monmouth County609, 732, 908
07730STANDARDHazlet, Monmouth County732
07731STANDARDHowell, Wall TownshipMonmouth County732
07732STANDARDHighlands, Sandy HookMonmouth County732
07733STANDARDHolmdel, Monmouth County732, 973
07734STANDARDKeansburg, Monmouth County732
07735STANDARDKeyport, Union BeachMonmouth County732
07737STANDARDLeonardo, Monmouth County732
07738STANDARDLincroft, Monmouth County732
07739STANDARDLittle Silver, Monmouth County732
07740STANDARDLong Branch, Monmouth County732, 908
07746STANDARDMarlboro, Monmouth County732, 848, 908
07747STANDARDMatawan, AberdeenMonmouth County609, 732, 848
07748STANDARDMiddletown, N Middletown, New Monmouth, North MiddletownMonmouth County732, 848, 908
07750STANDARDMonmouth Beach, Monmouth BchMonmouth County732
07751STANDARDMorganville, Monmouth County908, 732
07752PO BOXNavesink, Monmouth County
07753STANDARDNeptune, Neptune City, Tinton Falls, Wall TownshipMonmouth County732
07754PO BOXNeptune, Monmouth County732
07755STANDARDOakhurst, Monmouth County732
07756STANDARDOcean Grove, Monmouth County732
07757STANDARDOceanport, Monmouth County732, 908
07758STANDARDPort Monmouth, Monmouth County732
07760STANDARDRumson, Locust, Sea BrightMonmouth County973, 732
07762STANDARDSpring Lake, Monmouth County732, 848
07763PO BOXTennent, Monmouth County
07764STANDARDWest Long Branch, W Long BranchMonmouth County732, 908
07765PO BOXWickatunk, Monmouth County732
07799STANDARDEatontown, Monmouth County732
07801STANDARDDover, Morris County973, 862
07802PO BOXDover, Morris County973
07803STANDARDMine Hill, DoverMorris County973
07806STANDARDPicatinny Arsenal, Dover, Picatinny ArsMorris County973
07820PO BOXAllamuchy, Warren County908
07821STANDARDAndover, Byram Township, Byram Twp, Green Township, Green TwpSussex County973, 908
07822STANDARDAugusta, Sussex County973
07823STANDARDBelvidere, Warren County908
07825STANDARDBlairstown, Hardwick, JohnsonburgWarren County908, 201
07826STANDARDBranchville, SandystonSussex County973
07827STANDARDMontague, Branchville, SandystonSussex County973
07828STANDARDBudd Lake, Morris County973, 908
07829PO BOXButtzville, Warren County908
07830STANDARDCalifon, Tewksbury Township, Tewksbury TwpHunterdon County908
07831PO BOXChangewater, Hunterdon County
07832STANDARDColumbia, Warren County908
07833PO BOXDelaware, Warren County908
07834STANDARDDenville, Morris County973
07836STANDARDFlanders, Roxbury Township, Roxbury TwpMorris County973, 908
07837PO BOXGlasser, Sussex County862
07838STANDARDGreat Meadows, Warren County908
07839PO BOXGreendell, Sussex County862
07840STANDARDHackettstown, Warren County908
07842PO BOXHibernia, Morris County
07843STANDARDHopatcong, Sussex County973
07844PO BOXHope, Warren County908
07845PO BOXIronia, Morris County973
07846PO BOXJohnsonburg, Warren County908
07847STANDARDKenvil, Morris County973
07848STANDARDLafayette, Sussex County973
07849STANDARDLake Hopatcong, Lk HopatcongMorris County973
07850STANDARDLanding, Morris County973
07851STANDARDLayton, SandystonSussex County973
07852STANDARDLedgewood, Morris County973
07853STANDARDLong Valley, Morris County908
07855PO BOXMiddleville, Sussex County862
07856STANDARDMount Arlington, Mt ArlingtonMorris County973
07857STANDARDNetcong, Morris County973, 862
07860STANDARDNewton, Fredon, Fredon Township, Fredon TwpSussex County201, 973, 908, 862
07863STANDARDOxford, Warren County908, 201
07865STANDARDPort Murray, Hunterdon County908
07866STANDARDRockaway, Morris County973, 862
07869STANDARDRandolph, DoverMorris County973, 862
07870PO BOXSchooleys Mountain, Schooleys MtnMorris County
07871STANDARDSparta, Sussex County973
07874STANDARDStanhope, Sussex County973
07875PO BOXStillwater, Sussex County973
07876STANDARDSuccasunna, Morris County201, 973, 862
07877PO BOXSwartswood, Sussex County862
07878PO BOXMount Tabor, Morris County973
07879PO BOXTranquility, Sussex County862
07880PO BOXVienna, Warren County908
07881STANDARDWallpack Center, Wallpack CtrSussex County862
07882STANDARDWashington, Warren County908
07885STANDARDWharton, Morris County201, 973
07890UNIQUEBranchville, Sussex County862
07901STANDARDSummit, Union County201, 732, 908, 973
07902PO BOXSummit, Union County908
07920STANDARDBasking Ridge, Somerset County908, 973
07921STANDARDBedminster, Somerset County908
07922STANDARDBerkeley Heights, Berkeley HtsUnion County908, 973
07924STANDARDBernardsville, Somerset County908, 973
07926PO BOXBrookside, Morris County
07927STANDARDCedar Knolls, Morris County973, 908
07928STANDARDChatham, Chatham TwpMorris County732, 973, 201
07930STANDARDChester, Morris County201, 908, 973
07931STANDARDFar Hills, Somerset County908
07932STANDARDFlorham Park, Morris County973, 201
07933STANDARDGillette, Morris County908
07934STANDARDGladstone, Somerset County908
07935STANDARDGreen Village, Morris County973
07936STANDARDEast Hanover, Morris County973
07938PO BOXLiberty Corner, Liberty CorSomerset County908
07939STANDARDLyons, Basking RidgeSomerset County
07940STANDARDMadison, Morris County973, 862
07945STANDARDMendham, Mendham TwspMorris County973, 908
07946STANDARDMillington, Morris County908
07950STANDARDMorris Plains, Greystone Park, Greystone PkMorris County973, 201
07960STANDARDMorristown, Morris County973, 201, 908, 862
07961PO BOXConvent Station, Convent Sta, MorristownMorris County201, 973
07962PO BOXMorristown, Morris County862
07963PO BOXMorristown, Morris County862
07970PO BOXMount Freedom, Morris County973
07974STANDARDNew Providence, New ProvidnceUnion County908, 973
07976STANDARDNew Vernon, Morris County973
07977PO BOXPeapack, Somerset County908
07978PO BOXPluckemin, Somerset County908
07979PO BOXPottersville, Hunterdon County908
07980STANDARDStirling, Morris County908
07981STANDARDWhippany, Morris County732, 908, 973, 862
07983UNIQUEWhippany, Corporate MailingsMorris County862
07999STANDARDWhippany, Morris County862, 973
08001PO BOXAlloway, Salem County856
08002STANDARDCherry Hill, Camden County609, 856
08003STANDARDCherry Hill, Camden County609, 856
08004STANDARDAtco, Camden County609, 856
08005STANDARDBarnegat, Ocean County609
08006PO BOXBarnegat Light, Barnegat LgtOcean County609
08007STANDARDBarrington, Camden County856
08008STANDARDBeach Haven, Harvey Cedars, Long Bch Twp, Long Beach, Long Beach Township, Ship Bottom, Surf CityOcean County609
08009STANDARDBerlin, Camden County856
08010STANDARDBeverly, Edgewater Park, Edgewater PrkBurlington County609
08011PO BOXBirmingham, Burlington County
08012STANDARDBlackwood, TurnersvilleCamden County609, 856
08014STANDARDBridgeport, Gloucester County856
08015STANDARDBrowns Mills, Burlington County856, 609
08016STANDARDBurlington, Burlington City, Burlington Township, Burlngtn City, Burlngtn TwpBurlington County609
08018PO BOXCedar Brook, Camden County609
08019STANDARDChatsworth, Burlington County609
08020STANDARDClarksboro, Gloucester County856
08021STANDARDClementon, Laurel Spgs, Laurel Springs, Lindenwold, Pine Hill, Pine ValleyCamden County856, 609
08022STANDARDColumbus, Burlington County609
08023PO BOXDeepwater, Salem County856
08025PO BOXEwan, Gloucester County856
08026STANDARDGibbsboro, Camden County856
08027STANDARDGibbstown, Gloucester County856
08028STANDARDGlassboro, Gloucester County856, 609
08029STANDARDGlendora, Camden County856
08030STANDARDGloucester City, Brooklawn, Gloucester Cy, Gloucstr CityCamden County856
08031STANDARDBellmawr, Camden County856, 609
08032STANDARDGrenloch, Gloucester County856
08033STANDARDHaddonfield, Camden County856, 609
08034STANDARDCherry Hill, Camden County856
08035STANDARDHaddon Heights, Haddon Hgts, Haddon HtsCamden County856, 609
08036STANDARDHainesport, Hainesport Township, Hainesprt TwpBurlington County609
08037STANDARDHammonton, BatstoAtlantic County609
08038PO BOXHancocks Bridge, Hancocks BrgSalem County856
08039PO BOXHarrisonville, Gloucester County856
08041STANDARDJobstown, Burlington County609
08042PO BOXJuliustown, Burlington County609
08043STANDARDVoorhees, Kirkwd Vrhes, KirkwoodCamden County609, 856
08045STANDARDLawnside, Camden County856
08046STANDARDWillingboro, Burlington County609
08048STANDARDLumberton, Lumberton Township, Lumberton TwpBurlington County609
08049STANDARDMagnolia, Camden County609, 856
08050STANDARDManahawkin, Stafford Township, Stafford TwpOcean County609
08051STANDARDMantua, West DeptfordGloucester County856
08052STANDARDMaple Shade, Burlington County856, 609
08053STANDARDMarlton, EveshamBurlington County609, 856
08054STANDARDMount Laurel, Burlington County609, 856
08055STANDARDMedford, Medford LakesBurlington County609, 856
08056STANDARDMickleton, Gloucester County856
08057STANDARDMoorestown, Burlington County609, 856
08059STANDARDMount Ephraim, W Colls Hgts, West Collingswood HeightsCamden County856
08060STANDARDMount Holly, Eastamptn Twp, Eastampton, Eastampton Township, WestamptonBurlington County609, 856
08061STANDARDMount Royal, Gloucester County856
08062STANDARDMullica Hill, S Harrisn Twp, South Harrison TownshipGloucester County856, 609
08063STANDARDNational Park, West DeptfordGloucester County856
08064PO BOXNew Lisbon, Burlington County609
08065STANDARDPalmyra, Burlington County856
08066STANDARDPaulsboro, West DeptfordGloucester County856
08067STANDARDPedricktown, Salem County856
08068STANDARDPemberton, Burlington County609
08069STANDARDPenns Grove, Carneys PointSalem County856
08070STANDARDPennsville, Salem County609, 856
08071STANDARDPitman, Gloucester County609, 856
08072PO BOXQuinton, Salem County856
08073PO BOXRancocas, Burlington County
08074PO BOXRichwood, Gloucester County856
08075STANDARDRiverside, Delanco, DelranBurlington County609, 856
08076PO BOXRiverton, Burlington County856
08077STANDARDRiverton, CinnaminsonBurlington County856, 609
08078STANDARDRunnemede, Camden County856
08079STANDARDSalem, ManningtonSalem County856, 609
08080STANDARDSewell, Gloucester County856, 609
08081STANDARDSicklerville, ErialCamden County856
08083STANDARDSomerdale, Hi NellaCamden County856
08084STANDARDStratford, Camden County856
08085STANDARDSwedesboro, Logan Township, Logan Twp, Woolwich Township, Woolwich TwpGloucester County856, 609
08086STANDARDThorofare, West DeptfordGloucester County609, 856
08087STANDARDTuckerton, Little Egg Harbor, Little Egg Harbor Twp, Ltl Egg Hbr, Mystic Islands, Mystic IslndsOcean County609
08088STANDARDVincentown, Shamong, Southampton, TabernacleBurlington County609
08089STANDARDWaterford Works, Chesilhurst, Waterford WksCamden County856, 609
08090STANDARDWenonah, Gloucester County856
08091STANDARDWest Berlin, Berlin Township, Berlin TwpCamden County856
08092STANDARDWest Creek, Ocean County609
08093STANDARDWestville, West DeptfordGloucester County609, 856
08094STANDARDWilliamstown, Gloucester County609, 856
08095PO BOXWinslow, Camden County609, 856
08096STANDARDWest Deptford, Blackwood Ter, Blackwood Terrace, WoodburyGloucester County609, 856
08097STANDARDWoodbury Heights, Woodbury, Woodbury HtsGloucester County856
08098STANDARDWoodstown, Pilesgrove, Pilesgrove Township, Pilesgrv TwpSalem County856
08099PO BOXBellmawr, Camden County856
08101PO BOXCamden, Camden County856
08102STANDARDCamden, Camden County856
08103STANDARDCamden, Camden County856, 609
08104STANDARDCamden, Haddon Township, Haddon TwpCamden County856
08105STANDARDCamden, Camden County609, 856
08106STANDARDAudubon, Camden County856
08107STANDARDOaklyn, Collingswood, Haddon Township, Haddon Twp, W Colls, West Collingswood, WoodlynneCamden County856, 609
08108STANDARDCollingswood, Haddon Township, Haddon Twp, WestmontCamden County856, 609
08109STANDARDMerchantville, PennsaukenCamden County856, 609
08110STANDARDPennsauken, DelairCamden County856, 609
08201STANDARDAbsecon, Atlantic County609
08202STANDARDAvalon, Cape May County609
08203STANDARDBrigantine, Atlantic County609
08204STANDARDCape May, N Cape May, North Cape May, West Cape MayCape May County609
08205STANDARDAbsecon, Galloway, SmithvilleAtlantic County609
08210STANDARDCape May Court House, Cape May ChCape May County609
08212PO BOXCape May Point, Cape May PtCape May County609
08213PO BOXCologne, Atlantic County
08214PO BOXDennisville, Cape May County609
08215STANDARDEgg Harbor City, Egg Harbor Cy, Egg Hbr CityAtlantic County609, 856
08217PO BOXElwood, Atlantic County
08218PO BOXGoshen, Cape May County609
08219PO BOXGreen Creek, Cape May County609
08220PO BOXLeeds Point, Atlantic County
08221STANDARDLinwood, Atlantic County609
08223STANDARDMarmora, Cape May County609
08224PO BOXNew Gretna, Burlington County609
08225STANDARDNorthfield, Atlantic County609
08226STANDARDOcean City, Cape May County609
08230STANDARDOcean View, Cape May County609
08231PO BOXOceanville, Atlantic County
08232STANDARDPleasantville, Mckee CityAtlantic County609
08234STANDARDEgg Harbor Township, Egg Harbor Twp, Egg Hbr TwpAtlantic County609, 856
08240PO BOXPomona, Atlantic County609
08241STANDARDPort Republic, Atlantic County609
08242STANDARDRio Grande, Cape May County609
08243STANDARDSea Isle City, Townsend Inlt, Townsends InletCape May County609
08244STANDARDSomers Point, Atlantic County609
08245PO BOXSouth Dennis, Cape May County609
08246PO BOXSouth Seaville, S SeavilleCape May County609
08247STANDARDStone Harbor, Cape May County609
08248PO BOXStrathmere, Cape May County609
08250PO BOXTuckahoe, Cape May County609
08251STANDARDVillas, Del HavenCape May County609
08252PO BOXWhitesboro, Cape May County609
08260STANDARDWildwood, N Wildwood, North Wildwood, West Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, Wildwood CrstCape May County201, 609
08270STANDARDWoodbine, Corbin CityCape May County609
08302STANDARDBridgeton, Cumberland County609, 856
08310STANDARDBuena, Atlantic County856, 609
08311STANDARDCedarville, Cumberland County856
08312STANDARDClayton, Gloucester County856, 609
08313PO BOXDeerfield Street, Deerfield StCumberland County856
08314STANDARDDelmont, Cumberland County856
08315PO BOXDividing Creek, Dividing CrkCumberland County856
08316PO BOXDorchester, Cumberland County856
08317STANDARDDorothy, Atlantic County609
08318STANDARDElmer, PittsgroveSalem County856
08319STANDARDEstell Manor, Atlantic County609
08320PO BOXFairton, Cumberland County856
08321PO BOXFortescue, Cumberland County856
08322STANDARDFranklinville, Gloucester County856
08323STANDARDGreenwich, Cumberland County856
08324STANDARDHeislerville, Cumberland County856
08326STANDARDLandisville, Atlantic County856
08327STANDARDLeesburg, Cumberland County856
08328STANDARDMalaga, Gloucester County856
08329PO BOXMauricetown, Cumberland County856
08330STANDARDMays Landing, Atlantic County609
08332STANDARDMillville, Cumberland County856, 609
08340STANDARDMilmay, Atlantic County609
08341STANDARDMinotola, Atlantic County856
08342PO BOXMizpah, Atlantic County609
08343STANDARDMonroeville, Gloucester County856
08344STANDARDNewfield, Gloucester County856
08345STANDARDNewport, Cumberland County856
08346STANDARDNewtonville, Atlantic County609
08347PO BOXNorma, Salem County856
08348STANDARDPort Elizabeth, Prt ElizabethCumberland County856
08349STANDARDPort Norris, Cumberland County856
08350STANDARDRichland, Atlantic County856
08352PO BOXRosenhayn, Cumberland County856
08353PO BOXShiloh, Cumberland County856
08360STANDARDVineland, Cumberland County856
08361STANDARDVineland, Cumberland County856, 609
08362PO BOXVineland, Cumberland County856
08401STANDARDAtlantic City, Atlantic County609
08402STANDARDMargate City, Atlantic County609
08403STANDARDLongport, Atlantic County609
08404PO BOXAtlantic City, Atlantic County609
08405UNIQUEAtlantic City, Atlantic County609
08406STANDARDVentnor City, Atlantic County609
08501STANDARDAllentown, Monmouth County609
08502STANDARDBelle Mead, Somerset County908, 732
08504PO BOXBlawenburg, Somerset County
08505STANDARDBordentown, FieldsboroBurlington County609
08510STANDARDMillstone Township, Clarksburg, Millstone TwpMonmouth County609, 732
08511STANDARDCookstown, Burlington County609
08512STANDARDCranbury, East WindsorMiddlesex County609, 732
08514STANDARDCream Ridge, Monmouth County609
08515STANDARDChesterfield, CrosswicksBurlington County609
08518STANDARDFlorence, Burlington County856, 609
08520STANDARDHightstown, East WindsorMercer County609
08525STANDARDHopewell, Mercer County609
08526PO BOXImlaystown, Monmouth County609
08527STANDARDJackson, Ocean County732
08528STANDARDKingston, Somerset County609
08530STANDARDLambertville, Hunterdon County609
08533STANDARDNew Egypt, Ocean County609
08534STANDARDPennington, Mercer County609
08535STANDARDMillstone Township, Millstone Twp, PerrinevilleMonmouth County732, 609
08536STANDARDPlainsboro, Middlesex County609
08540STANDARDPrinceton, Mercer County201, 609, 732, 908
08541UNIQUEPrinceton, Mercer County609
08542STANDARDPrinceton, Mercer County609
08543PO BOXPrinceton, Mercer County609
08544UNIQUEPrinceton, Mercer County609
08550STANDARDPrinceton Junction, Princeton Jct, West WindsorMercer County609
08551STANDARDRingoes, Hunterdon County908, 609
08553STANDARDRocky Hill, Somerset County609
08554STANDARDRoebling, Burlington County609
08555PO BOXRoosevelt, Monmouth County
08556STANDARDRosemont, Hunterdon County609
08557PO BOXSergeantsville, SergeantsvlleHunterdon County
08558STANDARDSkillman, Somerset County908, 609
08559STANDARDStockton, Hunterdon County609, 908
08560STANDARDTitusville, EwingMercer County908, 609
08561PO BOXWindsor, Mercer County609
08562STANDARDWrightstown, Burlington County609
08601PO BOXTrenton, Mercer County609
08602PO BOXTrenton, Mercer County609
08603PO BOXTrenton, Mercer County609
08604PO BOXTrenton, Mercer County609
08605PO BOXTrenton, Mercer County609
08606PO BOXTrenton, Mercer County609
08607PO BOXTrenton, Mercer County609
08608STANDARDTrenton, Mercer County609
08609STANDARDTrenton, HamiltonMercer County609
08610STANDARDTrenton, HamiltonMercer County609
08611STANDARDTrenton, HamiltonMercer County609
08618STANDARDTrenton, EwingMercer County609
08619STANDARDTrenton, Hamilton, MercervilleMercer County609
08620STANDARDTrenton, HamiltonMercer County609
08625PO BOXTrenton, Mercer County609
08628STANDARDTrenton, Ewing, West TrentonMercer County609, 908
08629STANDARDTrenton, HamiltonMercer County609
08638STANDARDTrenton, EwingMercer County609
08640STANDARDFort Dix, Burlington County609
08641STANDARDTrenton, Mc Guire AfbBurlington County609
08645UNIQUETrenton, Mercer County609
08646UNIQUETrenton, Mercer County609
08647UNIQUETrenton, Mercer County609
08648STANDARDLawrence Township, Lawrence, Lawrence Twp, Lawrenceville, TrentonMercer County609, 914
08650PO BOXTrenton, HamiltonMercer County609
08666UNIQUETrenton, Mercer County609
08690STANDARDTrenton, Hamilton, Hamilton Sq, Hamilton SquareMercer County609
08691STANDARDTrenton, Hamilton, RobbinsvilleMercer County609
08695UNIQUETrenton, Mercer County609
08701STANDARDLakewood, Ocean County732, 609, 848, 908
08720PO BOXAllenwood, Monmouth County732
08721STANDARDBayville, Ocean County732
08722STANDARDBeachwood, Ocean County732
08723STANDARDBrick, OsbornvilleOcean County732
08724STANDARDBrick, Wall TownshipOcean County732
08730STANDARDBrielle, Monmouth County732
08731STANDARDForked River, Ocean County609, 732, 856
08732PO BOXIsland Heights, Island HgtsOcean County732
08733STANDARDLakehurst, Lakehurst Nae, Lakehurst NaecOcean County732
08734STANDARDLanoka Harbor, Ocean County609
08735STANDARDLavallette, Ocean County732
08736STANDARDManasquan, Monmouth County732
08738STANDARDMantoloking, Ocean County732
08739PO BOXNormandy Beach, Normandy BchOcean County732
08740PO BOXOcean Gate, Ocean County732
08741STANDARDPine Beach, Ocean County732
08742STANDARDPoint Pleasant Beach, Bay Head, Point Pleasant Boro, Pt Pleas Bch, Pt Pleasant, Pt Pleasant B, Pt Pleasant BeachOcean County732
08750STANDARDSea Girt, Monmouth County732
08751STANDARDSeaside Heights, Seaside HgtsOcean County201, 732
08752STANDARDSeaside Park, Ocean County201, 732
08753STANDARDToms River, Ocean County732
08754PO BOXToms River, Ocean County732
08755STANDARDToms River, Ocean County732, 848, 908
08756PO BOXToms River, Ocean County732
08757STANDARDToms River, Ocean County732, 848, 908
08758STANDARDWaretown, Ocean County609
08759STANDARDManchester Township, Lakehurst, Manchester, Manchester Tw, WhitingOcean County732
08801STANDARDAnnandale, Hunterdon County908
08802STANDARDAsbury, Hunterdon County908
08803PO BOXBaptistown, Hunterdon County
08804STANDARDBloomsbury, Hunterdon County908
08805STANDARDBound Brook, Somerset County732, 908, 848
08807STANDARDBridgewater, Somerset County908, 973, 732
08808PO BOXBroadway, Warren County908
08809STANDARDClinton, Hunterdon County908
08810STANDARDDayton, Middlesex County732
08812STANDARDDunellen, Green BrookSomerset County732, 908
08816STANDARDEast Brunswick, E BrunswickMiddlesex County732, 973, 908
08817STANDARDEdison, Middlesex County732, 848, 908
08818PO BOXEdison, Middlesex County732
08820STANDARDEdison, Middlesex County732, 908
08821PO BOXFlagtown, Somerset County908
08822STANDARDFlemington, Hunterdon County908
08823STANDARDFranklin Park, Somerset County732
08824STANDARDKendall Park, Middlesex County732, 908
08825STANDARDFrenchtown, Hunterdon County908
08826STANDARDGlen Gardner, Hunterdon County908
08827STANDARDHampton, Hunterdon County908
08828STANDARDHelmetta, Middlesex County732
08829STANDARDHigh Bridge, Hunterdon County908
08830STANDARDIselin, Middlesex County732, 908, 973
08831STANDARDMonroe Township, Jamesburg, Monroe, Monroe TwpMiddlesex County609, 732
08832STANDARDKeasbey, Middlesex County732, 848, 908
08833STANDARDLebanon, Hunterdon County908
08834PO BOXLittle York, Hunterdon County
08835STANDARDManville, Somerset County908
08836STANDARDMartinsville, Somerset County732
08837STANDARDEdison, Middlesex County732, 848, 908
08840STANDARDMetuchen, Middlesex County732, 908
08844STANDARDHillsborough, Somerset County908, 732
08846STANDARDMiddlesex, Middlesex County609, 732, 848
08848STANDARDMilford, Hunterdon County908
08850STANDARDMilltown, Middlesex County732
08852STANDARDMonmouth Junction, Monmouth JctMiddlesex County732, 848
08853STANDARDNeshanic Station, Branchburg, Neshanic StaSomerset County908
08854STANDARDPiscataway, Middlesex County732, 908, 201
08855PO BOXPiscataway, Middlesex County732
08857STANDARDOld Bridge, Middlesex County732, 973
08858PO BOXOldwick, Hunterdon County908
08859STANDARDParlin, Middlesex County732
08861STANDARDPerth Amboy, HopelawnMiddlesex County732
08862PO BOXPerth Amboy, Middlesex County732
08863STANDARDFords, Perth AmboyMiddlesex County732, 908, 848
08865STANDARDPhillipsburg, AlphaWarren County484, 908
08867STANDARDPittstown, Hunterdon County908
08868PO BOXQuakertown, Hunterdon County
08869STANDARDRaritan, Somerset County908
08870PO BOXReadington, Hunterdon County908
08871PO BOXSayreville, Middlesex County732
08872STANDARDSayreville, Middlesex County732, 908
08873STANDARDSomerset, Somerset County732, 908
08875PO BOXSomerset, E Millstone, East MillstoneSomerset County732
08876STANDARDSomerville, Branchburg, North BranchSomerset County908, 609, 732
08879STANDARDSouth Amboy, Laurence Harbor, Laurence HbrMiddlesex County732, 973
08880STANDARDSouth Bound Brook, S Bound BrookSomerset County732
08882STANDARDSouth River, Middlesex County732
08884STANDARDSpotswood, Middlesex County732
08885PO BOXStanton, Hunterdon County
08886STANDARDStewartsville, Warren County908
08887STANDARDThree Bridges, Hunterdon County908
08888PO BOXWhitehouse, Hunterdon County908
08889STANDARDWhitehouse Station, White Hse StaHunterdon County908
08890PO BOXZarephath, Somerset County
08899STANDARDEdison, Middlesex County732, 848, 908
08901STANDARDNew Brunswick, Middlesex County732, 908
08902STANDARDNorth Brunswick, N Brunswick, New BrunswickMiddlesex County732, 908
08903PO BOXNew Brunswick, Middlesex County732
08904STANDARDHighland Park, New BrunswickMiddlesex County732, 848, 908
08905UNIQUENew Brunswick, Middlesex County732
08906PO BOXNew Brunswick, Middlesex County732
08922UNIQUENew Brunswick, Middlesex County732
08933UNIQUENew Brunswick, Middlesex County732
08988UNIQUENew Brunswick, Middlesex County732
08989UNIQUENew Brunswick, Middlesex County732

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of New-Jersey, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 5,112,280.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 1,219,770.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 51,186.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 95,009.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 3,533.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 1,048,641

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 67.89% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.05% of the population.