Montana zip codes

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ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
59001STANDARDAbsarokee, Stillwater County406
59002STANDARDActon, MoltYellowstone County406
59003STANDARDAshland, Rosebud County406
59004UNIQUEAshland, Rosebud County406
59006STANDARDBallantine, Yellowstone County406
59007STANDARDBearcreek, WashoeCarbon County406
59008STANDARDBelfry, Carbon County406, 307
59010STANDARDBighorn, Treasure County406
59011STANDARDBig Timber, Sweet Grass County406
59012STANDARDBirney, Rosebud County406
59013PO BOXBoyd, Carbon County406
59014STANDARDBridger, Carbon County406
59015STANDARDBroadview, Yellowstone County406
59016STANDARDBusby, Big Horn County406
59018PO BOXClyde Park, Park County406
59019STANDARDColumbus, Stillwater County406
59020PO BOXCooke City, Park County406
59022STANDARDCrow Agency, Big Horn County406
59024STANDARDCuster, Yellowstone County406
59025STANDARDDecker, Big Horn County406, 307
59026STANDARDEdgar, Carbon County406
59027STANDARDEmigrant, Park County406
59028STANDARDFishtail, Stillwater County406
59029STANDARDFromberg, Carbon County406
59030STANDARDGardiner, Park County406
59031STANDARDGarryowen, Big Horn County406
59032STANDARDGrass Range, Fergus County406
59033STANDARDGreycliff, Sweet Grass County406
59034STANDARDHardin, Big Horn County406
59035PO BOXFort Smith, YellowtailBig Horn County406
59036PO BOXHarlowton, Wheatland County406
59037STANDARDHuntley, Yellowstone County406
59038STANDARDHysham, SandersTreasure County406
59039STANDARDIngomar, Rosebud County406
59041STANDARDJoliet, SilesiaCarbon County406
59043PO BOXLame Deer, Rosebud County406
59044STANDARDLaurel, Yellowstone County406
59046STANDARDLavina, Golden Valley County406
59047STANDARDLivingston, Park County406
59050STANDARDLodge Grass, Big Horn County406
59052STANDARDMc Leod, Sweet Grass County406
59053STANDARDMartinsdale, Meagher County406
59054PO BOXMelstone, Musselshell County406
59055STANDARDMelville, Sweet Grass County406
59057STANDARDMolt, Stillwater County406
59058STANDARDMosby, Garfield County406
59059STANDARDMusselshell, Musselshell County406
59061STANDARDNye, Stillwater County406
59062STANDARDOtter, Powder River County406
59063STANDARDPark City, Stillwater County406
59064STANDARDPompeys Pillar, Pompey PillarYellowstone County406
59065STANDARDPray, Park County406
59066PO BOXPryor, Big Horn County406
59067STANDARDRapelje, Stillwater County406
59068STANDARDRed Lodge, LutherCarbon County406
59069STANDARDReed Point, Stillwater County406
59070STANDARDRoberts, FoxCarbon County406
59071STANDARDRoscoe, Carbon County406
59072STANDARDRoundup, Musselshell County406
59073PO BOXRoundup, Musselshell County406
59074STANDARDRyegate, Golden Valley County406
59075STANDARDSaint Xavier, Big Horn County406
59076STANDARDSanders, HyshamTreasure County406
59077STANDARDSand Springs, Garfield County406
59078STANDARDShawmut, Wheatland County406
59079STANDARDShepherd, Yellowstone County406
59081STANDARDSilver Gate, Cooke CityPark County406
59082PO BOXSpringdale, Sweet Grass County406
59083PO BOXSumatra, Rosebud County406
59084STANDARDTeigen, WinnettPetroleum County406
59085STANDARDTwo Dot, Wheatland County406
59086STANDARDWilsall, Park County406
59087STANDARDWinnett, Cat CreekPetroleum County406
59088STANDARDWorden, Yellowstone County406
59089STANDARDWyola, Big Horn County406
59101STANDARDBillings, Yellowstone County406
59102STANDARDBillings, Yellowstone County406
59103PO BOXBillings, Yellowstone County406
59104PO BOXBillings, Yellowstone County406
59105STANDARDBillings, Yellowstone County406
59106STANDARDBillings, Yellowstone County406
59107PO BOXBillings, Yellowstone County406
59108PO BOXBillings, Yellowstone County406
59111UNIQUEBillings, Yellowstone County406
59112UNIQUEBillings, Yellowstone County406
59114UNIQUEBillings, Yellowstone County406
59115UNIQUEBillings, Yellowstone County406
59116UNIQUEBillings, Yellowstone County406
59117UNIQUEBillings, Yellowstone County406
59201STANDARDWolf Point, Roosevelt County406
59211STANDARDAntelope, Sheridan County406
59212STANDARDBainville, Roosevelt County406
59213STANDARDBrockton, Roosevelt County406
59214STANDARDBrockway, McCone County406
59215STANDARDCircle, McCone County406
59217PO BOXCrane, Richland County406
59218STANDARDCulbertson, MccabeRichland County406
59219STANDARDDagmar, Sheridan County406
59221STANDARDFairview, Richland County406, 701
59222STANDARDFlaxville, Daniels County406
59223STANDARDFort Peck, Valley County406
59225STANDARDFrazer, LustreValley County406
59226STANDARDFroid, Roosevelt County406
59230STANDARDGlasgow, Saint MarieValley County406
59231PO BOXSaint Marie, GlasgowValley County406
59240STANDARDGlentana, Valley County406
59241STANDARDHinsdale, Valley County406
59242STANDARDHomestead, Sheridan County406
59243STANDARDLambert, Richland County406
59244STANDARDLarslan, Valley County406
59247STANDARDMedicine Lake, Sheridan County406
59248STANDARDNashua, Valley County406
59250STANDARDOpheim, Valley County406
59252STANDARDOutlook, Sheridan County406
59253STANDARDPeerless, Daniels County406
59254STANDARDPlentywood, Sheridan County406
59255STANDARDPoplar, Roosevelt County406
59256PO BOXRaymond, Sheridan County406
59257STANDARDRedstone, Sheridan County406
59258STANDARDReserve, Sheridan County406
59259STANDARDRichey, Dawson County406
59260STANDARDRichland, Valley County406
59261STANDARDSaco, Phillips County406
59262STANDARDSavage, Richland County406
59263STANDARDScobey, Four ButtesDaniels County406
59270STANDARDSidney, Richland County406, 701
59273STANDARDVandalia, Valley County406
59274STANDARDVida, McCone County406
59275STANDARDWestby, Sheridan County406, 701
59276STANDARDWhitetail, Daniels County406
59301STANDARDMiles City, Custer County406
59311STANDARDAlzada, Carter County307, 406
59312STANDARDAngela, Rosebud County406
59313STANDARDBaker, Fallon County406
59314STANDARDBiddle, Powder River County406
59315STANDARDBloomfield, Dawson County406
59316STANDARDBoyes, Carter County406
59317STANDARDBroadus, SonnettePowder River County406
59318STANDARDBrusett, Garfield County406
59319STANDARDCapitol, Carter County406
59322STANDARDCohagen, Garfield County406
59323PO BOXColstrip, Rosebud County406
59324STANDARDEkalaka, Mill IronCarter County406
59326STANDARDFallon, Prairie County406
59327STANDARDForsyth, Rosebud County406
59330STANDARDGlendive, Dawson County406
59332STANDARDHammond, Carter County406
59333STANDARDHathaway, Rosebud County406
59336STANDARDIsmay, Custer County406
59337STANDARDJordan, Garfield County406
59338STANDARDKinsey, Custer County406
59339STANDARDLindsay, Dawson County406
59341STANDARDMildred, FallonPrairie County406
59343STANDARDOlive, Powder River County406
59344STANDARDPlevna, Fallon County406
59345STANDARDPowderville, Powder River County406
59347STANDARDRosebud, Rosebud County406
59349STANDARDTerry, Prairie County406
59351STANDARDVolborg, Custer County406
59353STANDARDWibaux, Wibaux County406
59354PO BOXWillard, Fallon County406
59401STANDARDGreat Falls, Cascade County406
59402STANDARDMalmstrom A F B, Great Falls, Malmstrom AfbCascade County406
59403PO BOXGreat Falls, Cascade County406
59404STANDARDGreat Falls, Cascade County406
59405STANDARDGreat Falls, Cascade County406
59406PO BOXGreat Falls, Cascade County406
59410PO BOXAugusta, Lewis and Clark County406
59411PO BOXBabb, Glacier County406
59412STANDARDBelt, Cascade County406
59414STANDARDBlack Eagle, Cascade County406
59416STANDARDBrady, Pondera County406
59417STANDARDBrowning, Saint MaryGlacier County406
59418STANDARDBuffalo, Fergus County406
59419STANDARDBynum, Teton County406
59420STANDARDCarter, Chouteau County406
59421STANDARDCascade, Cascade County406
59422STANDARDChoteau, Teton County406
59424STANDARDCoffee Creek, Fergus County406
59425STANDARDConrad, Pondera County406
59427STANDARDCut Bank, Santa RitaGlacier County406
59430STANDARDDenton, Fergus County406
59432PO BOXDupuyer, Pondera County406
59433STANDARDDutton, Teton County406
59434PO BOXEast Glacier Park, E Glacier Par, E Glacier Park, E Glacier PkGlacier County406
59435PO BOXEthridge, Toole County406
59436STANDARDFairfield, Teton County406
59440STANDARDFloweree, Cascade County406
59441STANDARDForest Grove, Fergus County406
59442STANDARDFort Benton, Chouteau County406
59443STANDARDFort Shaw, Cascade County406
59444STANDARDGalata, Toole County406
59446STANDARDGeraldine, Square ButteChouteau County406
59447STANDARDGeyser, Judith Basin County406
59448PO BOXHeart Butte, Pondera County406
59450STANDARDHighwood, ShonkinChouteau County406
59451STANDARDHilger, Fergus County406
59452STANDARDHobson, Judith Basin County406
59453STANDARDJudith Gap, GarneillWheatland County406
59454STANDARDKevin, Toole County406
59456STANDARDLedger, Pondera County406
59457STANDARDLewistown, Fergus County406
59460STANDARDLoma, Chouteau County406
59461STANDARDLothair, Liberty County406
59462STANDARDMoccasin, Judith Basin County406
59463STANDARDMonarch, Cascade County406
59464STANDARDMoore, Fergus County406
59465STANDARDNeihart, Cascade County406
59466STANDARDOilmont, FerdigToole County406
59467STANDARDPendroy, Teton County406
59468STANDARDPower, Teton County406
59469STANDARDRaynesford, Judith Basin County406
59471STANDARDRoy, Fergus County406
59472STANDARDSand Coulee, TracyCascade County406
59474STANDARDShelby, LothairToole County406
59477PO BOXSimms, Cascade County406
59479STANDARDStanford, Judith Basin County406
59480STANDARDStockett, Cascade County406
59482STANDARDSunburst, Toole County406
59483STANDARDSun River, Cascade County406
59484STANDARDSweet Grass, Toole County406
59485PO BOXUlm, Cascade County406
59486STANDARDValier, Pondera County406
59487STANDARDVaughn, Cascade County406
59489STANDARDWinifred, Fergus County406
59501STANDARDHavre, Hill County406
59520STANDARDBig Sandy, Chouteau County406
59521STANDARDBox Elder, Hill County406
59522STANDARDChester, Liberty County406
59523STANDARDChinook, Blaine County406
59524STANDARDDodson, Phillips County406
59525STANDARDGildford, Hill County406
59526STANDARDHarlem, Blaine County406
59527PO BOXHays, Blaine County406
59528STANDARDHingham, Hill County406
59529STANDARDHogeland, Blaine County406
59530STANDARDInverness, Hill County406
59531STANDARDJoplin, Liberty County406
59532STANDARDKremlin, Hill County406
59535STANDARDLloyd, Blaine County406
59537STANDARDLoring, Phillips County406
59538STANDARDMalta, Phillips County406
59540STANDARDRudyard, Hill County406
59542STANDARDTurner, Blaine County406
59544STANDARDWhitewater, Phillips County406
59545STANDARDWhitlash, Liberty County406
59546STANDARDZortman, Phillips County406
59547STANDARDZurich, Blaine County406
59601STANDARDHelena, Lewis and Clark County406
59602STANDARDHelena, Lewis and Clark County406
59604PO BOXHelena, Lewis and Clark County406
59620PO BOXHelena, Lewis and Clark County406
59623UNIQUEHelena, Lewis and Clark County406
59624PO BOXHelena, Lewis and Clark County406
59625UNIQUEHelena, Lewis and Clark County406
59626STANDARDHelena, Lewis and Clark County406
59631PO BOXBasin, Jefferson County406
59632STANDARDBoulder, Jefferson County406
59633STANDARDCanyon Creek, Lewis and Clark County406
59634STANDARDClancy, Montana CityJefferson County406
59635STANDARDEast Helena, Lewis and Clark County406
59636PO BOXFort Harrison, Lewis and Clark County406
59638PO BOXJefferson City, Jefferson CtyJefferson County406
59639STANDARDLincoln, Lewis and Clark County406
59640PO BOXMarysville, Lewis and Clark County406
59641STANDARDRadersburg, Broadwater County406
59642PO BOXRingling, Meagher County406
59643STANDARDToston, Broadwater County406
59644STANDARDTownsend, Broadwater County406
59645STANDARDWhite Sulphur Springs, Wht Sphr SpgsMeagher County406
59647PO BOXWinston, Broadwater County406
59648STANDARDWolf Creek, CraigLewis and Clark County406
59701STANDARDButte, WalkervilleSilver Bow County406
59702PO BOXButte, Silver Bow County406
59703PO BOXButte, Silver Bow County406
59707UNIQUEButte, Silver Bow County406
59710PO BOXAlder, Madison County406
59711STANDARDAnaconda, Deer Lodge County406
59713PO BOXAvon, Powell County406
59714STANDARDBelgrade, Gallatin County406
59715STANDARDBozeman, Gallatin County406
59716PO BOXBig Sky, Gallatin County406
59717PO BOXBozeman, Gallatin County406
59718STANDARDBozeman, Gallatin County406
59719PO BOXBozeman, Gallatin County406
59720STANDARDCameron, Madison County406
59721STANDARDCardwell, Jefferson County406
59722STANDARDDeer Lodge, Powell County406
59724PO BOXDell, Beaverhead County406
59725STANDARDDillon, Beaverhead County406
59727STANDARDDivide, Silver Bow County406
59728PO BOXElliston, Powell County406
59729STANDARDEnnis, Madison County406
59730STANDARDGallatin Gateway, Gallatin GtwyGallatin County406
59731STANDARDGarrison, Powell County406
59732PO BOXGlen, Beaverhead County406
59733STANDARDGold Creek, Powell County406
59735PO BOXHarrison, Madison County406
59736STANDARDJackson, Beaverhead County406
59739STANDARDLima, Beaverhead County406
59740PO BOXMc Allister, Madison County406
59741STANDARDManhattan, Gallatin County406
59743PO BOXMelrose, Silver Bow County406
59745STANDARDNorris, Madison County406
59746STANDARDPolaris, Beaverhead County406
59747PO BOXPony, Madison County406
59748PO BOXRamsay, Silver Bow County406
59749STANDARDSheridan, Madison County406
59750STANDARDButte, Silver Bow County406
59751STANDARDSilver Star, Madison County406
59752STANDARDThree Forks, Gallatin County406
59754STANDARDTwin Bridges, Madison County406
59755STANDARDVirginia City, Madison County406
59756PO BOXWarm Springs, Deer Lodge County406
59758STANDARDWest Yellowstone, W YellowstoneGallatin County406
59759STANDARDWhitehall, Jefferson County406
59760PO BOXWillow Creek, Gallatin County406
59761STANDARDWisdom, Beaverhead County406
59762STANDARDWise River, Beaverhead County406
59771PO BOXBozeman, Gallatin County406
59772PO BOXBozeman, Gallatin County406
59773STANDARDBozeman, Gallatin County406
59801STANDARDMissoula, Missoula County406
59802STANDARDMissoula, Missoula County406
59803STANDARDMissoula, Missoula County406
59804STANDARDMissoula, Missoula County406
59806PO BOXMissoula, Missoula County406
59807PO BOXMissoula, Missoula County406
59808STANDARDMissoula, Missoula County406
59812UNIQUEMissoula, Missoula County406
59820STANDARDAlberton, Mineral County406
59821STANDARDArlee, Lake County406
59823STANDARDBonner, Greenough, PotomacMissoula County406
59824STANDARDCharlo, MoieseLake County406
59825STANDARDClinton, Missoula County406
59826STANDARDCondon, Missoula County406
59827STANDARDConner, Ravalli County406
59828STANDARDCorvallis, Ravalli County406
59829STANDARDDarby, Ravalli County406
59830PO BOXDe Borgia, Mineral County406
59831STANDARDDixon, Sanders County406
59832STANDARDDrummond, Granite County406
59833STANDARDFlorence, Ravalli County406
59834STANDARDFrenchtown, Missoula County406
59835PO BOXGrantsdale, Ravalli County406
59837STANDARDHall, Granite County406
59840STANDARDHamilton, PinesdaleRavalli County406
59841PO BOXPinesdale, Ravalli County406
59842PO BOXHaugan, Mineral County406
59843STANDARDHelmville, Powell County406
59844STANDARDHeron, Sanders County406
59845STANDARDHot Springs, NiaradaSanders County406
59846STANDARDHuson, Missoula County406
59847STANDARDLolo, Missoula County208, 406
59848STANDARDLonepine, Hot SpringsSanders County406
59851PO BOXMilltown, Missoula County406
59853STANDARDNoxon, Sanders County406
59854STANDARDOvando, Powell County406
59855PO BOXPablo, Lake County406
59856PO BOXParadise, Sanders County406
59858STANDARDPhilipsburg, Granite County406
59859STANDARDPlains, Sanders County406
59860STANDARDPolson, Lake County406
59863STANDARDRavalli, Lake County406
59864STANDARDRonan, Lake County406
59865STANDARDSaint Ignatius, St IgnatiusLake County406
59866STANDARDSaint Regis, Mineral County406
59867STANDARDSaltese, Mineral County406
59868STANDARDSeeley Lake, Missoula County406
59870STANDARDStevensville, Ravalli County406
59871STANDARDSula, Ravalli County406
59872STANDARDSuperior, Mineral County406
59873STANDARDThompson Falls, Thompson FlsSanders County406
59874STANDARDTrout Creek, Sanders County406
59875STANDARDVictor, Ravalli County406
59901STANDARDKalispell, Creston, EvergreenFlathead County406
59903PO BOXKalispell, Flathead County406
59904PO BOXKalispell, Flathead County406
59910STANDARDBig Arm, Lake County406
59911STANDARDBigfork, Swan LakeLake County406
59912STANDARDColumbia Falls, Columbia FlsFlathead County406
59913PO BOXCoram, Flathead County406
59914STANDARDDayton, Lake County406
59915STANDARDElmo, Lake County406
59916STANDARDEssex, Flathead County406
59917STANDARDEureka, Lincoln County406
59918PO BOXFortine, Lincoln County406
59919PO BOXHungry Horse, Flathead County406
59920STANDARDKila, Flathead County406
59921PO BOXLake Mc Donald, Lake Mcdonald, West GlacierFlathead County406
59922STANDARDLakeside, Flathead County406
59923STANDARDLibby, Lincoln County406
59925STANDARDMarion, Flathead County406
59926STANDARDMartin City, Flathead County406
59927PO BOXOlney, Flathead County406
59928STANDARDPolebridge, Flathead County406
59929STANDARDProctor, Lake County406
59930STANDARDRexford, Lincoln County406
59931STANDARDRollins, Lake County406
59932STANDARDSomers, Flathead County406
59933PO BOXStryker, Lincoln County406
59934PO BOXTrego, Lincoln County406
59935STANDARDTroy, Lincoln County406
59936PO BOXWest Glacier, Flathead County406
59937STANDARDWhitefish, Flathead County406

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Montana, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 916,524.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 5,484.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 67,612.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 83.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 941.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 14,089

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 91.22% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Indian or Alaska Native, representing 0.01% of the population.