Louisiana zip codes

To find the postal code of a town or city, select it and then navigate until you reach the desired postal code.

ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
19701STANDARDBear, New Castle County302
19702STANDARDNewark, ChristianaNew Castle County302
19703STANDARDClaymont, New Castle County302
19706PO BOXDelaware City, New Castle County302
19707STANDARDHockessin, New Castle County302
19708PO BOXKirkwood, New Castle County302
19709STANDARDMiddletown, New Castle County302
19710PO BOXMontchanin, New Castle County302
19711STANDARDNewark, New Castle County302
19712UNIQUENewark, New Castle County302
19713STANDARDNewark, New Castle County302
19714PO BOXNewark, New Castle County302
19715PO BOXNewark, New Castle County302
19716STANDARDNewark, New Castle County302
19717STANDARDNewark, New Castle County302
19718UNIQUENewark, New Castle County302
19720STANDARDNew Castle, ManorNew Castle County302
19721UNIQUENew Castle, New Castle County302
19725UNIQUENewark, New Castle County302
19726UNIQUENewark, New Castle County302
19730PO BOXOdessa, New Castle County302
19731PO BOXPort Penn, New Castle County302
19732PO BOXRockland, New Castle County302
19733PO BOXSaint Georges, New Castle County302
19734STANDARDTownsend, New Castle County302
19735STANDARDWinterthur, New Castle County302
19736STANDARDYorklyn, New Castle County302
19801STANDARDWilmington, New Castle County302
19802STANDARDWilmington, New Castle County302
19803STANDARDWilmington, TalleyvilleNew Castle County302
19804STANDARDWilmington, Newport, StantonNew Castle County302
19805STANDARDWilmington, ElsmereNew Castle County302
19806STANDARDWilmington, New Castle County302
19807STANDARDWilmington, GreenvilleNew Castle County302
19808STANDARDWilmington, MarshalltonNew Castle County302
19809STANDARDWilmington, Bellefonte, EdgemoorNew Castle County302
19810STANDARDWilmington, EdgemoorNew Castle County302
19850PO BOXWilmington, New Castle County302
19880PO BOXWilmington, New Castle County302
19884UNIQUEWilmington, GreenvilleNew Castle County302
19885UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19886UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19887UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19889UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19890UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19891UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19892UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19893UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19894UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19895UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19896UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19897UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19898UNIQUEWilmington, New Castle County302
19899PO BOXWilmington, New Castle County302
19901STANDARDDover, LeipsicKent County302
19902STANDARDDover Afb, Dover, Dover Air Force BaseKent County302
19903PO BOXDover, Kent County302
19904STANDARDDover, Kent County302
19905PO BOXDover, Kent County302
19906STANDARDDover, Kent County302
19930STANDARDBethany Beach, S Bethany, South BethanySussex County302
19931STANDARDBethel, Sussex County302
19933STANDARDBridgeville, Sussex County302
19934STANDARDCamden Wyoming, Camden, Camden Wyo, WyomingKent County302
19936PO BOXCheswold, Kent County302
19938STANDARDClayton, Kent County302
19939STANDARDDagsboro, Sussex County302
19940STANDARDDelmar, Sussex County302
19941STANDARDEllendale, Sussex County302
19943STANDARDFelton, Kent County302
19944STANDARDFenwick Island, Fenwick Isle, SelbyvilleSussex County302
19945STANDARDFrankford, Sussex County302
19946STANDARDFrederica, Kent County302
19947STANDARDGeorgetown, Sussex County302
19950STANDARDGreenwood, FarmingtonSussex County302
19951STANDARDHarbeson, Sussex County302
19952STANDARDHarrington, Kent County302
19953STANDARDHartly, Kent County302
19954STANDARDHouston, Kent County302
19955PO BOXKenton, Kent County302
19956STANDARDLaurel, Sussex County302
19958STANDARDLewes, Sussex County302
19960STANDARDLincoln, Sussex County302
19961PO BOXLittle Creek, Kent County302
19962STANDARDMagnolia, Kent County302
19963STANDARDMilford, Sussex County302
19964STANDARDMarydel, Kent County302
19966STANDARDMillsboro, Long NeckSussex County302
19967STANDARDMillville, Ocean ViewSussex County302
19968STANDARDMilton, Sussex County302
19969PO BOXNassau, Sussex County302
19970STANDARDOcean View, Clarksville, MillvilleSussex County302
19971STANDARDRehoboth Beach, Rehoboth BchSussex County302
19973STANDARDSeaford, BladesSussex County302
19975STANDARDSelbyville, Sussex County302
19977STANDARDSmyrna, Kent County302
19979STANDARDViola, Kent County302
19980PO BOXWoodside, Kent County302
70001STANDARDMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70002STANDARDMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70003STANDARDMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70004PO BOXMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70005STANDARDMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70006STANDARDMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70009PO BOXMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70010PO BOXMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70011PO BOXMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70030STANDARDDes Allemands, St Charles Parish985
70031STANDARDAma, St Charles Parish504
70032STANDARDArabi, St Bernard Parish504
70033PO BOXMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70036STANDARDBarataria, Jefferson Parish504
70037STANDARDBelle Chasse, Plaquemines Parish504
70038PO BOXBoothville, Plaquemines Parish985
70039STANDARDBoutte, St Charles Parish985
70040STANDARDBraithwaite, CarlislePlaquemines Parish985, 504
70041STANDARDBuras, Plaquemines Parish985, 504
70043STANDARDChalmette, St Bernard Parish504
70044PO BOXChalmette, St Bernard Parish504
70047STANDARDDestrehan, St Charles Parish985, 225
70049STANDARDEdgard, St John the Baptist Parish985, 225
70050PO BOXEmpire, Plaquemines Parish
70051STANDARDGaryville, St John the Baptist Parish985
70052STANDARDGramercy, St James Parish225
70053STANDARDGretna, Jefferson Parish504, 985
70054PO BOXGretna, Jefferson Parish504
70055PO BOXMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70056STANDARDGretna, TerrytownJefferson Parish504
70057STANDARDHahnville, KillonaSt Charles Parish985
70058STANDARDHarvey, Jefferson Parish504
70059PO BOXHarvey, Jefferson Parish504
70060UNIQUEMetairie, Jefferson Parish504
70062STANDARDKenner, Jefferson Parish504
70063PO BOXKenner, Jefferson Parish504
70064PO BOXKenner, Jefferson Parish504
70065STANDARDKenner, Jefferson Parish504
70067STANDARDLafitte, Jean LafitteJefferson Parish504, 337
70068STANDARDLa Place, MontzSt John the Baptist Parish504, 985
70069PO BOXLa Place, St. John the Baptist Parish985
70070STANDARDLuling, St Charles Parish985
70071STANDARDLutcher, St James Parish225
70072STANDARDMarrero, Jefferson Parish504
70073PO BOXMarrero, Jefferson Parish504
70075STANDARDMeraux, St Bernard Parish504
70076STANDARDMount Airy, St John the Baptist Parish985
70078PO BOXNew Sarpy, St. Charles Parish985
70079STANDARDNorco, St Charles Parish985
70080STANDARDParadis, St Charles Parish985
70081PO BOXPilottown, Plaquemines Parish
70082PO BOXPointe A La Hache, Davant, Pt A La HachePlaquemines Parish985
70083STANDARDPort Sulphur, Plaquemines Parish985, 504
70084STANDARDReserve, St John the Baptist Parish985
70085STANDARDSaint Bernard, St Bernard Parish504
70086STANDARDSaint James, St James Parish225
70087STANDARDSaint Rose, St Charles Parish504
70090STANDARDVacherie, St James Parish225, 985
70091STANDARDVenice, Plaquemines Parish985, 504
70092STANDARDViolet, St Bernard Parish504
70093STANDARDBelle Chasse, Plaquemines Parish504
70094STANDARDWestwego, Avondale, Bridge City, 9 Mile PointJefferson Parish504
70096PO BOXWestwego, Jefferson Parish504
70097PO BOXKenner, Jefferson Parish504
70112STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70113STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70114STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish985, 504
70115STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70116STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70117STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70118STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504, 985
70119STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70121STANDARDNew Orleans, JeffersonJefferson Parish504, 985
70122STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70123STANDARDNew Orleans, Elmwood, Harahan, River RidgeJefferson Parish504
70124STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504, 985
70125STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70126STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70127STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70128STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70129STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70130STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504, 225
70131STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70139STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70140STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70141PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70142UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70143UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70145STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70146STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70148UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70149STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70150PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70151PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70152PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70153PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70154UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70156PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70157PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70158PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70159UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70160PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70161PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70162UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70163STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70164UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70165UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70166UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70167UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70170STANDARDNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70172PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70174PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70175PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70176PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70177PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70178PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70179PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70181PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70182PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70183PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70184PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70185PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70186PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70187PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70189PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70190PO BOXNew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70195UNIQUENew Orleans, Orleans Parish504
70301STANDARDThibodaux, Lafourche Parish985
70302PO BOXThibodaux, Lafourche Parish985
70310UNIQUEThibodaux, Lafourche Parish985
70339STANDARDPierre Part, Assumption Parish985
70340PO BOXAmelia, St Mary Parish985
70341STANDARDBelle Rose, Assumption Parish225, 985
70342STANDARDBerwick, St Mary Parish985
70343STANDARDBourg, Terrebonne Parish985
70344STANDARDChauvin, Terrebonne Parish985
70345STANDARDCut Off, Lafourche Parish985, 504
70346STANDARDDonaldsonville, Donaldsonvlle, ModesteAscension Parish225, 985
70352STANDARDDonner, Terrebonne Parish985
70353STANDARDDulac, Terrebonne Parish985
70354STANDARDGalliano, Lafourche Parish985
70355STANDARDGheens, Lafourche Parish985
70356STANDARDGibson, Terrebonne Parish985
70357STANDARDGolden Meadow, Lafourche Parish985
70358STANDARDGrand Isle, Jefferson Parish985
70359STANDARDGray, Terrebonne Parish985
70360STANDARDHouma, Terrebonne Parish985, 504
70361PO BOXHouma, Terrebonne Parish985
70363STANDARDHouma, Terrebonne Parish985
70364STANDARDHouma, Terrebonne Parish985
70371PO BOXKraemer, Lafourche Parish985
70372STANDARDLabadieville, Assumption Parish985
70373STANDARDLarose, Lafourche Parish985
70374STANDARDLockport, Lafourche Parish985
70375STANDARDMathews, Lafourche Parish985
70377STANDARDMontegut, Terrebonne Parish504, 985
70380STANDARDMorgan City, St Mary Parish985, 337
70381PO BOXMorgan City, St. Mary Parish985
70390STANDARDNapoleonville, Assumption Parish985
70391PO BOXPaincourtville, PaincourtvlleAssumption Parish985
70392STANDARDPatterson, St. Mary Parish985, 337
70393STANDARDPlattenville, Assumption Parish985
70394STANDARDRaceland, Lafourche Parish985
70395STANDARDSchriever, Terrebonne Parish985
70397STANDARDTheriot, Terrebonne Parish985
70401STANDARDHammond, Tangipahoa Parish985, 225
70402UNIQUEHammond, Tangipahoa Parish985
70403STANDARDHammond, Tangipahoa Parish985, 225
70404PO BOXHammond, Tangipahoa Parish985
70420STANDARDAbita Springs, St Tammany Parish985
70421STANDARDAkers, Tangipahoa Parish
70422STANDARDAmite, Hillsdale, MontpelierTangipahoa Parish985, 225
70426STANDARDAngie, Washington Parish985
70427STANDARDBogalusa, Washington Parish985
70429PO BOXBogalusa, Washington Parish985
70431STANDARDBush, St Tammany Parish985, 504
70433STANDARDCovington, St Tammany Parish985, 504
70434PO BOXCovington, St. Tammany Parish504
70435STANDARDCovington, St Tammany Parish985
70436STANDARDFluker, Tangipahoa Parish985
70437STANDARDFolsom, St Tammany Parish985, 504
70438STANDARDFranklinton, SheridanWashington Parish985
70441STANDARDGreensburg, St Helena Parish225
70442STANDARDHusser, Tangipahoa Parish985
70443STANDARDIndependence, Tangipahoa Parish985, 225
70444STANDARDKentwood, New ZionTangipahoa Parish985
70445STANDARDLacombe, St Tammany Parish985
70446STANDARDLoranger, Tangipahoa Parish985
70447STANDARDMadisonville, St Tammany Parish985
70448STANDARDMandeville, St Tammany Parish985
70449STANDARDMaurepas, Livingston Parish225
70450STANDARDMount Hermon, Washington Parish985
70451PO BOXNatalbany, Tangipahoa Parish
70452STANDARDPearl River, St Tammany Parish985
70453STANDARDPine Grove, St Helena Parish225
70454STANDARDPonchatoula, Tangipahoa Parish985, 225
70455STANDARDRobert, Tangipahoa Parish985
70456STANDARDRoseland, Tangipahoa Parish985, 225
70457PO BOXSaint Benedict, St BenedictSt. Tammany Parish985
70458STANDARDSlidell, St Tammany Parish985, 504
70459PO BOXSlidell, St. Tammany Parish985
70460STANDARDSlidell, St Tammany Parish985, 504
70461STANDARDSlidell, St Tammany Parish985
70462STANDARDSpringfield, Livingston Parish225
70463PO BOXSun, St. Tammany Parish985
70464PO BOXTalisheek, St Tammany Parish985
70465PO BOXTangipahoa, Tangipahoa Parish985
70466STANDARDTickfaw, Tangipahoa Parish225, 985
70467PO BOXVarnado, AngieWashington Parish985
70469PO BOXSlidell, St. Tammany Parish985
70470PO BOXMandeville, St Tammany Parish504
70471STANDARDMandeville, St Tammany Parish985
70500STANDARDLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70501STANDARDLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70502PO BOXLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70503STANDARDLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70504UNIQUELafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70505PO BOXLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70506STANDARDLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70507STANDARDLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70508STANDARDLafayette, Lafayette Parish337, 318
70509PO BOXLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70510STANDARDAbbeville, Cow Island, MeauxVermilion Parish337
70511PO BOXAbbeville, Vermilion Parish337
70512STANDARDArnaudville, St Landry Parish337
70513PO BOXAvery Island, Iberia Parish337
70514STANDARDBaldwin, St Mary Parish337
70515STANDARDBasile, Evangeline Parish337
70516STANDARDBranch, Acadia Parish337
70517STANDARDBreaux Bridge, Butte Larose, HendersonSt Martin Parish318, 337
70518STANDARDBroussard, Lafayette Parish337
70519PO BOXCade, St Martin Parish337
70520STANDARDCarencro, Lafayette Parish337
70521PO BOXCecilia, St Martin Parish337
70522PO BOXCenterville, St Mary Parish337
70523PO BOXCharenton, St Mary Parish337
70524PO BOXChataignier, Evangeline Parish337
70525STANDARDChurch Point, Acadia Parish337
70526STANDARDCrowley, Acadia Parish337
70527PO BOXCrowley, Acadia Parish337
70528STANDARDDelcambre, Iberia Parish337
70529STANDARDDuson, Lafayette Parish337
70531STANDARDEgan, Acadia Parish337
70532STANDARDElton, Jefferson Davis Parish337
70533STANDARDErath, Vermilion Parish337
70534PO BOXEstherwood, Acadia Parish337
70535STANDARDEunice, St Landry Parish337
70537STANDARDEvangeline, Acadia Parish337
70538STANDARDFranklin, Cypremort Point, Cypremort PtSt Mary Parish337, 985
70540PO BOXGarden City, St Mary Parish
70541PO BOXGrand Coteau, St Landry Parish337
70542STANDARDGueydan, Vermilion Parish337
70543STANDARDIota, Acadia Parish337
70544STANDARDJeanerette, Iberia Parish337
70546STANDARDJennings, Jefferson Davis Parish318, 337
70548STANDARDKaplan, Vermilion Parish337
70549STANDARDLake Arthur, Jefferson Davis Parish337
70550PO BOXLawtell, St Landry Parish337
70551PO BOXLeonville, St Landry Parish337
70552STANDARDLoreauville, Iberia Parish337
70554STANDARDMamou, Evangeline Parish337
70555STANDARDMaurice, Vermilion Parish337
70556PO BOXMermentau, Acadia Parish337
70558PO BOXMilton, Vermilion Parish337
70559STANDARDMorse, MidlandAcadia Parish337
70560STANDARDNew Iberia, Iberia Parish337
70562PO BOXNew Iberia, Iberia Parish337
70563STANDARDNew Iberia, Iberia Parish337
70569PO BOXLydia, Iberia Parish337
70570STANDARDOpelousas, St Landry Parish337
70571PO BOXOpelousas, St. Landry Parish337
70575PO BOXPerry, Vermilion Parish337
70576PO BOXPine Prairie, Evangeline Parish337
70577STANDARDPort Barre, St Landry Parish337
70578STANDARDRayne, Acadia Parish337
70580PO BOXReddell, Evangeline Parish337
70581STANDARDRoanoke, Jefferson Davis Parish337
70582STANDARDSaint Martinville, Parks, St MartinvlleSt Martin Parish337
70583STANDARDScott, Lafayette Parish337
70584STANDARDSunset, CanktonSt Landry Parish337
70585PO BOXTurkey Creek, Evangeline Parish337
70586STANDARDVille Platte, Evangeline Parish337
70589STANDARDWashington, St Landry Parish337
70591STANDARDWelsh, Jefferson Davis Parish337
70592STANDARDYoungsville, Lafayette Parish337
70593PO BOXLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70595PO BOXLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70596PO BOXLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70598PO BOXLafayette, Lafayette Parish337
70601STANDARDLake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70602PO BOXLake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70605STANDARDLake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70606PO BOXLake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70607STANDARDLake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70609UNIQUELake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70611STANDARDLake Charles, Moss BluffCalcasieu Parish337
70612PO BOXLake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70615STANDARDLake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70616PO BOXLake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70629STANDARDLake Charles, Calcasieu Parish337
70630STANDARDBell City, Calcasieu Parish337
70631STANDARDCameron, Cameron Parish337
70632STANDARDCreole, Cameron Parish337
70633STANDARDDequincy, Calcasieu Parish337
70634STANDARDDeridder, Beauregard Parish337
70637STANDARDDry Creek, Beauregard Parish337
70638PO BOXElizabeth, Allen Parish318, 337
70639STANDARDEvans, Vernon Parish337
70640PO BOXFenton, Jefferson Davis Parish337
70643STANDARDGrand Chenier, Cameron Parish337
70644PO BOXGrant, Allen Parish
70645STANDARDHackberry, Cameron Parish337
70646PO BOXHayes, Calcasieu Parish337
70647STANDARDIowa, Calcasieu Parish337
70648STANDARDKinder, Allen Parish337
70650PO BOXLacassine, Jefferson Davis Parish337
70651PO BOXLeblanc, Allen Parish
70652STANDARDLongville, Beauregard Parish337
70653STANDARDMerryville, FieldsBeauregard Parish337
70654STANDARDMittie, Allen Parish337
70655STANDARDOberlin, Allen Parish337
70656STANDARDPitkin, FullertonVernon Parish318, 337
70657STANDARDRagley, Beauregard Parish337
70658STANDARDReeves, Allen Parish337
70659PO BOXRosepine, Vernon Parish337
70660STANDARDSinger, Beauregard Parish337
70661STANDARDStarks, Calcasieu Parish337
70662STANDARDSugartown, Beauregard Parish337, 318
70663STANDARDSulphur, Calcasieu Parish337
70664PO BOXSulphur, Calcasieu Parish337
70665STANDARDSulphur, Calcasieu Parish337
70668STANDARDVinton, Calcasieu Parish337
70669STANDARDWestlake, Calcasieu Parish337
70704PO BOXBaker, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70706STANDARDDenham Springs, Denham SpgsLivingston Parish225
70707PO BOXGonzales, Ascension Parish225
70710STANDARDAddis, West Baton Rouge Parish225
70711STANDARDAlbany, Livingston Parish225
70712PO BOXAngola, West Feliciana Parish225
70714STANDARDBaker, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70715STANDARDBatchelor, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70718PO BOXBrittany, Ascension Parish225
70719STANDARDBrusly, West Baton Rouge Parish225
70721STANDARDCarville, Iberville Parish225
70722STANDARDClinton, East Feliciana Parish225
70723STANDARDConvent, St James Parish504, 225
70725STANDARDDarrow, Ascension Parish225
70726STANDARDDenham Springs, Denham Spgs, Dennis Mills, Port VincentLivingston Parish225
70727PO BOXDenham Springs, Denham SpgsLivingston Parish225
70728PO BOXDuplessis, Ascension Parish225
70729STANDARDErwinville, BuecheWest Baton Rouge Parish225
70730STANDARDEthel, East Feliciana Parish225
70732STANDARDFordoche, Pointe Coupee Parish225, 337
70733STANDARDFrench Settlement, Fr SettlementLivingston Parish225
70734STANDARDGeismar, Ascension Parish225
70736STANDARDGlynn, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70737STANDARDGonzales, Ascension Parish225, 985
70738PO BOXBurnside, Ascension Parish225
70739STANDARDGreenwell Springs, Greenwel SpgsEast Baton Rouge Parish225
70740STANDARDGrosse Tete, Iberville Parish225
70743PO BOXHester, St. James Parish225
70744STANDARDHolden, Livingston Parish225
70747PO BOXInnis, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70748STANDARDJackson, The BluffsEast Feliciana Parish225
70749STANDARDJarreau, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70750STANDARDKrotz Springs, St Landry Parish337
70752STANDARDLakeland, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70753STANDARDLettsworth, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70754STANDARDLivingston, Livingston Parish225
70755STANDARDLivonia, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70756STANDARDLottie, BlanksPointe Coupee Parish225
70757STANDARDMaringouin, RamahIberville Parish225
70759STANDARDMorganza, LabarrePointe Coupee Parish225
70760STANDARDNew Roads, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70761STANDARDNorwood, East Feliciana Parish225
70762STANDARDOscar, TorbertPointe Coupee Parish225
70763STANDARDPaulina, St James Parish225
70764STANDARDPlaquemine, Iberville Parish225
70765PO BOXPlaquemine, Iberville Parish225
70767STANDARDPort Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish225
70769STANDARDPrairieville, GalvezAscension Parish225
70770STANDARDPride, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70772STANDARDRosedale, Iberville Parish225
70773STANDARDRougon, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70774STANDARDSaint Amant, Ascension Parish225
70775STANDARDSaint Francisville, Bains, Hardwood, St FrancisvleWest Feliciana Parish985, 225
70776STANDARDSaint Gabriel, IbervilleIberville Parish225
70777STANDARDSlaughter, East Feliciana Parish225
70778STANDARDSorrento, Ascension Parish225
70780STANDARDSunshine, Iberville Parish225
70782PO BOXTunica, West Feliciana Parish225
70783STANDARDVentress, Pointe Coupee Parish225
70784PO BOXWakefield, West Feliciana Parish225
70785STANDARDWalker, Livingston Parish225
70786PO BOXWatson, Livingston Parish225
70787PO BOXWeyanoke, West Feliciana Parish225
70788STANDARDWhite Castle, Bayou GoulaIberville Parish225
70789STANDARDWilson, East Feliciana Parish225
70791STANDARDZachary, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70792PO BOXUncle Sam, St James Parish225
70801STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225, 337
70802STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70803UNIQUEBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70804PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70805STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70806STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70807STANDARDBaton Rouge, ScotlandvilleEast Baton Rouge Parish225
70808STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70809STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225, 504
70810STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70811STANDARDBaton Rouge, ScotlandvilleEast Baton Rouge Parish225
70812STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70813UNIQUEBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70814STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70815STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70816STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225, 985
70817STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70818STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70819STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70820STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70821PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70822UNIQUEBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70823UNIQUEBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70825STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70826PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70827STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70831PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70833UNIQUEBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70835PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70836STANDARDBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70837PO BOXBaton Rouge, CentralEast Baton Rouge Parish225
70873PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70874PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70879PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70883UNIQUEBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70884PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70891UNIQUEBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70892PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70893PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70894PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70895PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70896PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
70898PO BOXBaton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish225
71001STANDARDArcadia, Bienville Parish318
71002STANDARDAshland, Natchitoches Parish318
71003STANDARDAthens, Claiborne Parish318
71004STANDARDBelcher, Caddo Parish318
71006STANDARDBenton, Bossier Parish318
71007STANDARDBethany, Caddo Parish318
71008STANDARDBienville, BrycelandBienville Parish318
71009PO BOXBlanchard, Caddo Parish318
71016STANDARDCastor, Bienville Parish318
71018STANDARDCotton Valley, Webster Parish318
71019STANDARDCoushatta, East Point, Edgefield, Hanna, Harmon, MartinRed River Parish318
71021PO BOXCullen, Webster Parish318
71023STANDARDDoyline, Webster Parish318
71024STANDARDDubberly, Webster Parish318
71027STANDARDFrierson, De Soto Parish318
71028STANDARDGibsland, Bienville Parish318
71029STANDARDGilliam, Caddo Parish318
71030STANDARDGloster, De Soto Parish318
71031STANDARDGoldonna, Natchitoches Parish318
71032STANDARDGrand Cane, De Soto Parish318
71033STANDARDGreenwood, Caddo Parish318
71034STANDARDHall Summit, Red River Parish318
71037STANDARDHaughton, Bossier Parish318
71038STANDARDHaynesville, Claiborne Parish318
71039STANDARDHeflin, Webster Parish318
71040STANDARDHomer, Claiborne Parish318
71043STANDARDHosston, Caddo Parish318
71044STANDARDIda, MiraCaddo Parish318
71045STANDARDJamestown, Bienville Parish318
71046STANDARDKeatchie, De Soto Parish318
71047STANDARDKeithville, Caddo Parish318
71048STANDARDLisbon, Claiborne Parish318
71049STANDARDLogansport, StanleyDe Soto Parish318
71050PO BOXLongstreet, De Soto Parish318
71051STANDARDElm Grove, Bossier Parish318
71052STANDARDMansfield, S Mansfield, South MansfieldDe Soto Parish318
71055STANDARDMinden, Dixie InnWebster Parish318
71058PO BOXMinden, Webster Parish318
71060STANDARDMooringsport, Caddo Parish318
71061STANDARDOil City, Caddo Parish318
71063STANDARDPelican, De Soto Parish318
71064STANDARDPlain Dealing, Bossier Parish318
71065STANDARDPleasant Hill, Sabine Parish318
71066PO BOXPowhatan, Natchitoches Parish318
71067STANDARDPrinceton, Bossier Parish318
71068STANDARDRinggold, Bienville Parish318
71069STANDARDRodessa, Caddo Parish318
71070STANDARDSaline, Chestnut, CrestonNatchitoches Parish318
71071STANDARDSarepta, Webster Parish318
71072STANDARDShongaloo, Webster Parish318
71073STANDARDSibley, Webster Parish318
71075STANDARDSpringhill, Webster Parish318, 870
71078STANDARDStonewall, De Soto Parish318
71079STANDARDSummerfield, Claiborne Parish318
71080PO BOXTaylor, Bienville Parish318
71082STANDARDVivian, TreesCaddo Parish318, 903
71101STANDARDShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71102PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71103STANDARDShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71104STANDARDShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71105STANDARDShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71106STANDARDShreveport, ForbingCaddo Parish318
71107STANDARDShreveport, DixieCaddo Parish318
71108STANDARDShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71109STANDARDShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71110STANDARDBarksdale Afb, Bossier Parish318
71111STANDARDBossier City, Bossier Parish318
71112STANDARDBossier City, Bossier Parish318
71113PO BOXBossier City, Bossier Parish318
71115STANDARDShreveport, CaspianaCaddo Parish318
71118STANDARDShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71119STANDARDShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71120PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71129STANDARDShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71130PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71133PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71134PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71135PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71136PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71137PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71138PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71148PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71149PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71150PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71151UNIQUEShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71152UNIQUEShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71153UNIQUEShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71154UNIQUEShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71156UNIQUEShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71161PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71162PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71163PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71164PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71165PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71166PO BOXShreveport, Caddo Parish318
71171PO BOXBossier City, Bossier Parish318
71172PO BOXBossier City, Bossier Parish318
71201STANDARDMonroe, Ouachita Parish318, 504
71202STANDARDMonroe, RichwoodOuachita Parish318
71203STANDARDMonroe, Ouachita Parish318
71207PO BOXMonroe, Ouachita Parish318
71208UNIQUEMonroe, Ouachita Parish318
71209UNIQUEMonroe, Ouachita Parish318
71210PO BOXMonroe, Ouachita Parish318
71211PO BOXMonroe, Ouachita Parish318
71212UNIQUEMonroe, Ouachita Parish318
71213PO BOXMonroe, Ouachita Parish318
71217PO BOXMonroe, Ouachita Parish318
71218PO BOXArchibald, Richland Parish318
71219STANDARDBaskin, Franklin Parish318
71220STANDARDBastrop, Morehouse Parish318
71221PO BOXBastrop, Morehouse Parish318
71222STANDARDBernice, Union Parish318
71223STANDARDBonita, Morehouse Parish318
71225STANDARDCalhoun, Ouachita Parish318
71226STANDARDChatham, Jackson Parish318
71227STANDARDChoudrant, Lincoln Parish318
71229STANDARDCollinston, Morehouse Parish318
71230PO BOXCrowville, Franklin Parish318
71232STANDARDDelhi, Warden, WaverlyRichland Parish318
71233PO BOXDelta, Madison Parish318
71234STANDARDDownsville, Union Parish318
71235STANDARDDubach, Lincoln Parish318
71237STANDARDEpps, West Carroll Parish318
71238STANDARDEros, Ouachita Parish318
71240PO BOXFairbanks, Ouachita Parish318
71241STANDARDFarmerville, 318
71242PO BOXForest, West Carroll Parish318
71243STANDARDFort Necessity, Extension, Ft NecessityFranklin Parish318
71245STANDARDGrambling, Lincoln Parish318
71247PO BOXHodge, Jackson Parish318
71249PO BOXJigger, Franklin Parish318
71250STANDARDJones, Morehouse Parish318
71251STANDARDJonesboro, Jackson Parish318
71253PO BOXKilbourne, Chicot County318
71254STANDARDLake Providence, Lk ProvidenceEast Carroll Parish318
71256STANDARDLillie, Junction CityUnion Parish318
71259STANDARDMangham, Richland Parish318
71260STANDARDMarion, LinvilleUnion Parish318
71261STANDARDMer Rouge, Morehouse Parish318
71263STANDARDOak Grove, TerryWest Carroll Parish318
71264STANDARDOak Ridge, Morehouse Parish318
71266STANDARDPioneer, West Carroll Parish318
71268STANDARDQuitman, Jackson Parish337, 318
71269STANDARDRayville, Alto, Girard, Holly RidgeRichland Parish318
71270STANDARDRuston, Lincoln Parish318
71272UNIQUERuston, Lincoln Parish318
71273PO BOXRuston, Lincoln Parish318
71275STANDARDSimsboro, Lincoln Parish318
71276STANDARDSondheimer, East Carroll Parish318
71277STANDARDSpearsville, Union Parish318
71279PO BOXStart, Richland Parish318
71280STANDARDSterlington, SpencerOuachita Parish318
71281PO BOXSwartz, Ouachita Parish318
71282STANDARDTallulah, MoundMadison Parish318
71284PO BOXTallulah, Madison Parish318
71286STANDARDTransylvania, East Carroll Parish318
71291STANDARDWest Monroe, Ouachita Parish318
71292STANDARDWest Monroe, Ouachita Parish318
71294PO BOXWest Monroe, Ouachita Parish318
71295STANDARDWinnsboro, Franklin Parish318
71301STANDARDAlexandria, Rapides Parish318
71302STANDARDAlexandria, Rapides Parish318
71303STANDARDAlexandria, Rapides Parish318
71306PO BOXAlexandria, Rapides Parish318
71307PO BOXAlexandria, Rapides Parish318
71309PO BOXAlexandria, Rapides Parish318
71315PO BOXAlexandria, Rapides Parish318
71316STANDARDAcme, Concordia Parish318
71320PO BOXBordelonville, Avoyelles Parish318
71322STANDARDBunkie, Eola, WhitehallAvoyelles Parish318, 337
71323STANDARDCenter Point, Avoyelles Parish318
71324PO BOXChase, Franklin Parish318
71325STANDARDCheneyville, Rapides Parish318, 337
71326STANDARDClayton, Tensas Parish318
71327STANDARDCottonport, Avoyelles Parish318
71328STANDARDDeville, BuckeyeRapides Parish318
71329PO BOXDupont, Avoyelles Parish318
71330PO BOXEcho, Rapides Parish318
71331STANDARDEffie, VickAvoyelles Parish318
71333STANDARDEvergreen, GoudeauAvoyelles Parish318
71334STANDARDFerriday, Frogmore, RidgecrestConcordia Parish318
71336STANDARDGilbert, Franklin Parish318
71339PO BOXHamburg, Avoyelles Parish318
71340STANDARDHarrisonburg, Catahoula Parish318
71341STANDARDHessmer, Avoyelles Parish318
71342STANDARDJena, La Salle Parish318
71343STANDARDJonesville, LartoCatahoula Parish318
71345PO BOXLebeau, RosaSt Landry Parish
71346STANDARDLecompte, Rapides Parish318
71348PO BOXLibuse, Rapides Parish318
71350STANDARDMansura, Avoyelles Parish318
71351STANDARDMarksville, Avoyelles Parish318
71353STANDARDMelville, St Landry Parish225, 337
71354STANDARDMonterey, Concordia Parish318
71355STANDARDMoreauville, Avoyelles Parish318
71356STANDARDMorrow, Le MoyenSt Landry Parish318
71357STANDARDNewellton, Tensas Parish318
71358STANDARDPalmetto, St Landry Parish337
71359UNIQUEPineville, Rapides Parish318
71360STANDARDPineville, Camp Beauregard, Cp Beauregard, KolinRapides Parish318
71361PO BOXPineville, Rapides Parish318
71362STANDARDPlaucheville, Avoyelles Parish318, 337
71363PO BOXRhinehart, Catahoula Parish318
71365PO BOXRuby, Rapides Parish318
71366STANDARDSaint Joseph, Tensas Parish318
71367STANDARDSaint Landry, Evangeline Parish318, 337
71368STANDARDSicily Island, Catahoula Parish318
71369STANDARDSimmesport, Avoyelles Parish318
71371STANDARDTrout, La Salle Parish318
71373STANDARDVidalia, Concordia Parish318
71375STANDARDWaterproof, Tensas Parish318
71377PO BOXWildsville, Concordia Parish318
71378STANDARDWisner, Franklin Parish318
71401STANDARDAimwell, Catahoula Parish318
71403STANDARDAnacoco, Vernon Parish337, 318
71404STANDARDAtlanta, Winn Parish318
71405STANDARDBall, Pineville, PollockRapides Parish318
71406STANDARDBelmont, Sabine Parish318
71407STANDARDBentley, Grant Parish318
71409STANDARDBoyce, GardnerRapides Parish318
71410PO BOXCalvin, Winn Parish318
71411STANDARDCampti, Natchitoches Parish318
71414PO BOXClarence, Natchitoches Parish318
71415PO BOXClarks, Caldwell Parish318
71416STANDARDCloutierville, DerryNatchitoches Parish318
71417STANDARDColfax, Grant Parish318
71418STANDARDColumbia, Caldwell Parish318
71419STANDARDConverse, MitchellSabine Parish318
71422STANDARDDodson, Winn Parish318
71423STANDARDDry Prong, CreolaGrant Parish318
71424STANDARDElmer, Rapides Parish318
71425STANDARDEnterprise, Catahoula Parish318
71426PO BOXFisher, Sabine Parish318
71427STANDARDFlatwoods, Rapides Parish318
71428PO BOXFlora, Natchitoches Parish318
71429STANDARDFlorien, Sabine Parish318
71430STANDARDForest Hill, Rapides Parish318
71431PO BOXGardner, Rapides Parish318
71432STANDARDGeorgetown, Grant Parish318
71433STANDARDGlenmora, MelderRapides Parish318
71434PO BOXGorum, Natchitoches Parish318
71435STANDARDGrayson, Caldwell Parish318
71438STANDARDHineston, Lacamp, LeanderRapides Parish318
71439STANDARDHornbeck, Vernon Parish318
71440PO BOXJoyce, Winn Parish318
71441STANDARDKelly, Caldwell Parish318
71443STANDARDKurthwood, Vernon Parish
71446STANDARDLeesville, HicksVernon Parish318, 337
71447STANDARDLena, Chopin, CliftonRapides Parish318
71448PO BOXLongleaf, Rapides Parish318
71449STANDARDMany, Sabine Parish318
71450STANDARDMarthaville, Natchitoches Parish318
71452STANDARDMelrose, Natchitoches Parish318
71454STANDARDMontgomery, VerdaGrant Parish318
71455STANDARDMora, Rapides Parish318
71456STANDARDNatchez, Natchitoches Parish318
71457STANDARDNatchitoches, CypressNatchitoches Parish318
71458PO BOXNatchitoches, Natchitoches Parish318
71459STANDARDFort Polk, LeesvilleVernon Parish337
71460PO BOXNegreet, Sabine Parish318
71461STANDARDNew Llano, Vernon Parish337
71462STANDARDNoble, Sabine Parish318
71463STANDARDOakdale, Allen Parish318
71465STANDARDOlla, La Salle Parish318
71466STANDARDOtis, Rapides Parish318
71467STANDARDPollock, Grant Parish318
71468STANDARDProvencal, Natchitoches Parish318
71469STANDARDRobeline, Natchitoches Parish318
71471PO BOXSaint Maurice, Winn Parish318
71472STANDARDSieper, Rapides Parish318
71473STANDARDSikes, Winn Parish318
71474PO BOXSimpson, TempleVernon Parish337
71475PO BOXSlagle, Vernon Parish
71477PO BOXTioga, Rapides Parish318
71479STANDARDTullos, La Salle Parish318
71480PO BOXUrania, La Salle Parish318
71483STANDARDWinnfield, Winn Parish318
71485STANDARDWoodworth, Rapides Parish318
71486STANDARDZwolle, Sabine Parish318
71496PO BOXLeesville, Vernon Parish337
71497UNIQUENatchitoches, Natchitoches Parish318

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Louisiana, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 2,657,652.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 1,464,023.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 31,657.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 86,438.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 1,911.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 142,699

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 60.62% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.04% of the population.