Georgia zip codes

To find the postal code of a town or city, select it and then navigate until you reach the desired postal code.

ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
30002STANDARDAvondale Estates, Avondale EstDekalb County770, 404
30003PO BOXNorcross, Gwinnett County770
30004STANDARDAlpharetta, MiltonFulton County404, 678, 770
30005STANDARDAlpharetta, Johns CreekFulton County404, 678, 770
30006PO BOXMarietta, Cobb County678
30007PO BOXMarietta, Cobb County770
30008STANDARDMarietta, Cobb County770, 678
30009STANDARDAlpharetta, MiltonFulton County678
30010PO BOXNorcross, Gwinnett County678
30011STANDARDAuburn, Barrow County770, 678
30012STANDARDConyers, Rockdale County678, 770
30013STANDARDConyers, Rockdale County678, 770
30014STANDARDCovington, PorterdaleNewton County404, 678, 770
30015PO BOXCovington, Newton County678
30016STANDARDCovington, PorterdaleNewton County770, 678
30017STANDARDGrayson, Gwinnett County770, 678
30018PO BOXJersey, Walton County770
30019STANDARDDacula, Gwinnett County770, 678
30021STANDARDClarkston, Dekalb County404, 678, 770
30022STANDARDAlpharetta, Johns CreekFulton County678, 770, 404
30023PO BOXAlpharetta, Fulton County678
30024STANDARDSuwanee, Johns CreekGwinnett County770, 678, 404
30025STANDARDSocial Circle, Walton County770, 706, 678
30026PO BOXNorth Metro, DuluthGwinnett County678
30028STANDARDCumming, Forsyth County678, 770
30029PO BOXNorth Metro, DuluthGwinnett County678
30030STANDARDDecatur, Dekalb County404, 770, 678
30031PO BOXDecatur, Dekalb County404
30032STANDARDDecatur, Dekalb County404, 770, 678
30033STANDARDDecatur, Dekalb County404, 678, 770
30034STANDARDDecatur, Dekalb County404, 770, 678
30035STANDARDDecatur, Dekalb County770, 678, 404
30036PO BOXDecatur, Dekalb County404
30037PO BOXDecatur, Dekalb County404
30038STANDARDLithonia, Dekalb County404, 770, 678
30039STANDARDSnellville, Gwinnett County404, 678, 770
30040STANDARDCumming, Forsyth County770, 678
30041STANDARDCumming, Forsyth County678, 770, 404
30042PO BOXLawrenceville, Gwinnett County770
30043STANDARDLawrenceville, Gwinnett County678, 770, 404
30044STANDARDLawrenceville, Gwinnett County678, 770, 404
30045STANDARDLawrenceville, Gwinnett County404, 678, 770
30046STANDARDLawrenceville, Gwinnett County770
30047STANDARDLilburn, Gwinnett County404, 770, 678
30048PO BOXLilburn, Gwinnett County678, 770
30049PO BOXLawrenceville, Gwinnett County678
30052STANDARDLoganville, Walnut GroveWalton County678, 770
30054STANDARDOxford, Newton County678, 770
30055STANDARDMansfield, Newton County706, 770, 678
30056STANDARDNewborn, Jasper County706, 678, 770
30058STANDARDLithonia, Dekalb County404, 678, 770
30060STANDARDMarietta, Cobb County404, 770, 678
30061PO BOXMarietta, Cobb County770
30062STANDARDMarietta, Cobb County678, 770, 404
30063UNIQUEMarietta, Cobb County770
30064STANDARDMarietta, Cobb County678, 404, 770
30065PO BOXMarietta, Cobb County770
30066STANDARDMarietta, Cobb County404, 678, 770
30067STANDARDMarietta, Cobb County404, 770, 678, 334
30068STANDARDMarietta, Cobb County678, 770, 404
30069UNIQUEMarietta, Dobbins AfbCobb County678
30070PO BOXPorterdale, Newton County678
30071STANDARDNorcross, Gwinnett County404, 678, 770
30072PO BOXPine Lake, Dekalb County770
30073STANDARDDecatur, Dekalb County404
30074PO BOXRedan, Dekalb County678
30075STANDARDRoswell, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30076STANDARDRoswell, Fulton County678, 770, 404
30077PO BOXRoswell, Fulton County770
30078STANDARDSnellville, Gwinnett County678, 404, 770
30079STANDARDScottdale, Dekalb County404, 678
30080STANDARDSmyrna, Cobb County404, 678, 770
30081PO BOXSmyrna, Cobb County770
30082STANDARDSmyrna, Cobb County770, 678
30083STANDARDStone Mountain, Stone MtnDekalb County404, 678, 770
30084STANDARDTucker, Dekalb County678, 770, 404
30085PO BOXTucker, Dekalb County678
30086PO BOXStone Mountain, Stone MtnDekalb County404, 770
30087STANDARDStone Mountain, Smoke Rise, Stone MtnDekalb County678, 770, 404
30088STANDARDStone Mountain, Stone MtnDekalb County404, 678, 770
30090STANDARDMarietta, Cobb County770
30091PO BOXNorcross, Gwinnett County404, 770
30092STANDARDNorcross, Berkeley LakeGwinnett County678, 770, 404
30093STANDARDNorcross, Gwinnett County678, 770, 404
30094STANDARDConyers, Rockdale County770, 678, 404
30095PO BOXDuluth, Gwinnett County678
30096STANDARDDuluth, Berkeley LakeGwinnett County678, 770, 404
30097STANDARDDuluth, Johns CreekGwinnett County678, 404, 770
30098UNIQUEDuluth, Gwinnett County678
30099UNIQUEDuluth, Gwinnett County678
30101STANDARDAcworth, Cobb County404, 770, 678
30102STANDARDAcworth, Cherokee County404, 678, 770
30103STANDARDAdairsville, Bartow County770, 706, 678
30104STANDARDAragon, Polk County770, 706, 678
30105STANDARDArmuchee, Floyd County706
30106STANDARDAustell, Cobb County678, 770
30107STANDARDBall Ground, Cherokee County678, 770
30108STANDARDBowdon, Carroll County770, 678
30109PO BOXBowdon Junction, Bowdon JctCarroll County678
30110STANDARDBremen, Haralson County770, 404, 678
30111PO BOXClarkdale, Cobb County678
30112PO BOXCarrollton, Carroll County678
30113STANDARDBuchanan, Haralson County770, 678
30114STANDARDCanton, Holly SpringsCherokee County678, 770
30115STANDARDCanton, Holly SpringsCherokee County678, 770, 706, 404
30116STANDARDCarrollton, Carroll County770, 678
30117STANDARDCarrollton, Carroll County678, 770
30118UNIQUECarrollton, Carroll County678
30119UNIQUECarrollton, Carroll County678
30120STANDARDCartersville, EuharleeBartow County678, 770
30121STANDARDCartersville, Bartow County678, 770
30122STANDARDLithia Springs, Lithia SpgsDouglas County770, 404, 678
30123PO BOXCassville, Bartow County
30124STANDARDCave Spring, Floyd County706, 678
30125STANDARDCedartown, Polk County770, 706, 678
30126STANDARDMableton, Cobb County678, 770, 404
30127STANDARDPowder Springs, Powder SpgsCobb County404, 678, 770
30129PO BOXCoosa, Floyd County706
30132STANDARDDallas, Paulding County770, 678, 404
30133PO BOXDouglasville, Douglas County678
30134STANDARDDouglasville, Douglas County678, 770, 404
30135STANDARDDouglasville, Douglas County678, 770, 404
30137STANDARDEmerson, Bartow County770
30138PO BOXEsom Hill, Cleburne County678
30139STANDARDFairmount, Gordon County706, 770
30140PO BOXFelton, Haralson County678
30141STANDARDHiram, Paulding County678, 770
30142PO BOXHolly Springs, Cherokee County770
30143STANDARDJasper, Big CanoePickens County706, 770, 678
30144STANDARDKennesaw, Cobb County678, 770
30145STANDARDKingston, EuharleeBartow County770, 706, 678
30146PO BOXLebanon, Cherokee County678
30147STANDARDLindale, Floyd County706
30148STANDARDMarble Hill, Pickens County770, 678, 706
30149PO BOXMount Berry, RomeFloyd County706
30150PO BOXMount Zion, Carroll County678
30151PO BOXNelson, Pickens County770
30152STANDARDKennesaw, Cobb County678, 404, 770
30153STANDARDRockmart, BraswellPolk County770, 678
30154PO BOXDouglasville, Douglas County770
30156PO BOXKennesaw, Cobb County770
30157STANDARDDallas, Paulding County770, 678
30160PO BOXKennesaw, Cobb County678
30161STANDARDRome, Floyd County706
30162PO BOXRome, Floyd County706
30163PO BOXRome, Floyd County706
30164PO BOXRome, Floyd County706
30165STANDARDRome, Floyd County706
30168STANDARDAustell, Cobb County678, 770
30169PO BOXCanton, Cherokee County678
30170STANDARDRoopville, Carroll County770, 678
30171STANDARDRydal, Bartow County706, 770, 678
30172PO BOXShannon, Floyd County706
30173STANDARDSilver Creek, Floyd County706
30175STANDARDTalking Rock, Pickens County706, 678
30176STANDARDTallapoosa, Haralson County770, 678
30177STANDARDTate, Pickens County770
30178STANDARDTaylorsville, Bartow County770, 678
30179STANDARDTemple, Carroll County770, 678
30180STANDARDVilla Rica, Carroll County770, 678
30182STANDARDWaco, Carroll County770
30183STANDARDWaleska, Cherokee County770, 678
30184STANDARDWhite, Bartow County770, 678
30185STANDARDWhitesburg, Carroll County770, 678
30187STANDARDWinston, Douglas County770, 678
30188STANDARDWoodstock, Holly SpringsCherokee County678, 770, 404
30189STANDARDWoodstock, Cherokee County678, 770
30204STANDARDBarnesville, Lamar County404, 770, 706, 478, 678
30205STANDARDBrooks, Fayette County770, 678
30206STANDARDConcord, Pike County770, 678
30212PO BOXExperiment, Spalding County678
30213STANDARDFairburn, Fulton County770, 678
30214STANDARDFayetteville, WoolseyFayette County770, 678, 404
30215STANDARDFayetteville, Fayette County678, 770
30216STANDARDFlovilla, Butts County678, 770
30217STANDARDFranklin, Centralhatchee, CtrlhatcheeHeard County706, 678, 770
30218STANDARDGay, Meriwether County706, 770
30219PO BOXGlenn, Heard County706
30220STANDARDGrantville, Coweta County770, 706, 678
30222STANDARDGreenville, StovallMeriwether County706, 678, 770
30223STANDARDGriffin, Spalding County770, 678
30224STANDARDGriffin, Spalding County770
30228STANDARDHampton, Henry County770, 678
30229PO BOXHaralson, Coweta County770
30230STANDARDHogansville, Troup County706, 770
30233STANDARDJackson, Butts County478, 770, 678
30234STANDARDJenkinsburg, Butts County678, 770
30236STANDARDJonesboro, Lake SpiveyClayton County678, 770, 404
30237PO BOXJonesboro, Clayton County678
30238STANDARDJonesboro, Clayton County404, 678, 770
30240STANDARDLagrange, Troup County706, 770
30241STANDARDLagrange, Troup County706
30248STANDARDLocust Grove, Henry County404, 678, 770
30250PO BOXLovejoy, Clayton County678
30251STANDARDLuthersville, Meriwether County770, 678
30252STANDARDMcdonough, Henry County404, 770, 678
30253STANDARDMcdonough, Henry County678, 770
30256STANDARDMeansville, Pike County770, 706
30257STANDARDMilner, Lamar County770
30258STANDARDMolena, Pike County770, 706, 678
30259STANDARDMoreland, Coweta County770, 678
30260STANDARDMorrow, Lake CityClayton County404, 678, 770
30261PO BOXLagrange, MountvilleTroup County706
30263STANDARDNewnan, RaymondCoweta County770, 678
30264PO BOXNewnan, Coweta County678, 770
30265STANDARDNewnan, Coweta County678, 770
30266PO BOXOrchard Hill, Spalding County678
30268STANDARDPalmetto, Chatt Hills, Chattahoochee HillsFulton County770, 678
30269STANDARDPeachtree City, Peachtree CtyFayette County678, 770, 404
30270UNIQUEPeachtree City, Fayetteville, Peachtree CtyFayette County678
30271PO BOXNewnan, Coweta County678
30272PO BOXRed Oak, Fulton County404
30273STANDARDRex, Clayton County770, 678
30274STANDARDRiverdale, Clayton County770, 678, 404
30275PO BOXSargent, Coweta County678
30276STANDARDSenoia, Coweta County770, 706, 678
30277STANDARDSharpsburg, Coweta County770, 678
30281STANDARDStockbridge, Henry County678, 770, 404
30284PO BOXSunny Side, Spalding County678
30285STANDARDThe Rock, Upson County770, 706
30286STANDARDThomaston, Upson County706
30287PO BOXMorrow, Clayton County404
30288STANDARDConley, Dekalb County404, 678, 770
30289PO BOXTurin, Coweta County770
30290STANDARDTyrone, Fayette County770, 678
30291STANDARDUnion City, Fulton County770
30292STANDARDWilliamson, Pike County678, 770
30293STANDARDWoodbury, Meriwether County706
30294STANDARDEllenwood, Henry County404, 770, 678
30295STANDARDZebulon, Pike County770, 678
30296STANDARDRiverdale, Clayton County770, 678
30297STANDARDForest Park, Fort GillemClayton County404, 770, 678
30298PO BOXForest Park, Clayton County770
30301PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30302PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30303STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30304STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404
30305STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30306STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30307STANDARDAtlanta, Dekalb County404, 770, 678
30308STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 770, 678
30309STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30310STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 770, 678
30311STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30312STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County770, 404, 678
30313STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30314STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30315STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 770, 678
30316STANDARDAtlanta, Dekalb County770, 404, 678
30317STANDARDAtlanta, Dekalb County770, 404
30318STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County770, 404, 678
30319STANDARDAtlanta, Dekalb County404, 770, 678
30320PO BOXAtlanta, Clayton County404
30321PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30322UNIQUEAtlanta, Dekalb County404
30324STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678, 770
30325PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County770
30326STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 706, 678, 770
30327STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County678, 404, 770
30328STANDARDAtlanta, Sandy Spgs, Sandy SpringsFulton County404, 678, 770
30329STANDARDAtlanta, Dekalb County404, 678, 770
30330UNIQUEAtlanta, Fort Mcpherson, Ft McphersonFulton County404, 678
30331STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County770, 404
30332UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
30333PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30334STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678
30336STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404
30337STANDARDAtlanta, College ParkFulton County678, 770, 404
30338STANDARDAtlanta, Dunwoody, Sandy SpringsDekalb County678, 770, 404
30339STANDARDAtlanta, Cobb County404, 678, 770
30340STANDARDAtlanta, DoravilleDekalb County770, 678, 404
30341STANDARDAtlanta, ChambleeDekalb County678, 770, 404
30342STANDARDAtlanta, Sandy SpringsFulton County404, 678, 770
30343PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30344STANDARDAtlanta, East PointFulton County404, 678, 770
30345STANDARDAtlanta, Dekalb County404, 678, 770
30346STANDARDAtlanta, DunwoodyDekalb County678, 770, 404
30347STANDARDAtlanta, Atl, Executive ParkFulton County404
30348PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30349STANDARDAtlanta, College ParkFulton County404, 770, 678
30350STANDARDAtlanta, Sandy Spgs, Sandy SpringsFulton County678, 770, 404
30353PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30354STANDARDAtlanta, HapevilleFulton County404, 770, 678
30355PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30356PO BOXAtlanta, DunwoodyFulton County404
30357PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30358PO BOXAtlanta, Sandy Spgs, Sandy SpringsFulton County404
30359PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30360STANDARDAtlanta, Doraville, DunwoodyDekalb County678, 770, 404
30361STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404, 678
30362PO BOXAtlanta, DoravilleFulton County404, 770
30363STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404
30364PO BOXAtlanta, East PointFulton County404
30366PO BOXAtlanta, ChambleeFulton County404
30368UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
30369STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County678, 404
30370PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30371PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30374PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30375UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
30376STANDARDAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
30377PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30378PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30379STANDARDAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
30380UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
30384UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
30385UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
30386UNIQUEAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
30387UNIQUEAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
30388UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
30389UNIQUEAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
30390UNIQUEAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
30392PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30394PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
30396UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
30398UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
30399UNIQUEAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
30401STANDARDSwainsboro, Covena, Oak Park, SummertownEmanuel County478, 912
30410STANDARDAiley, Montgomery County912
30411STANDARDAlamo, Wheeler County912, 478
30412PO BOXAlston, Montgomery County912
30413STANDARDBartow, Jefferson County478
30414PO BOXBellville, Evans County912
30415STANDARDBrooklet, Bulloch County912
30417STANDARDClaxton, Evans County912
30420STANDARDCobbtown, Tattnall County912
30421STANDARDCollins, Tattnall County912
30423PO BOXDaisy, Evans County912
30424PO BOXDover, Screven County912
30425STANDARDGarfield, Jenkins County478, 912
30426STANDARDGirard, Burke County478, 912, 843
30427STANDARDGlennville, Tattnall County912
30428STANDARDGlenwood, Wheeler County912, 478
30429PO BOXHagan, Evans County912
30434STANDARDLouisville, Jefferson County478, 706
30436STANDARDLyons, Toombs County912
30438PO BOXManassas, Tattnall County912
30439STANDARDMetter, Candler County912, 478
30441STANDARDMidville, Burke County478
30442STANDARDMillen, Jenkins County478, 706
30445STANDARDMount Vernon, Montgomery County912
30446STANDARDNewington, Screven County912
30447PO BOXNorristown, Emanuel County478
30448PO BOXNunez, Emanuel County912
30449PO BOXOliver, Screven County912
30450STANDARDPortal, Bulloch County912
30451PO BOXPulaski, Candler County912
30452STANDARDRegister, Bulloch County912
30453STANDARDReidsville, Tattnall County912
30454STANDARDRockledge, Laurens County478
30455STANDARDRocky Ford, Screven County912
30456STANDARDSardis, Burke County478
30457STANDARDSoperton, Treutlen County912
30458STANDARDStatesboro, Bulloch County912
30459PO BOXStatesboro, Bulloch County912
30460UNIQUEStatesboro, Bulloch County912
30461STANDARDStatesboro, Bulloch County912
30464PO BOXStillmore, Emanuel County912
30467STANDARDSylvania, HiltoniaScreven County912
30470STANDARDTarrytown, Montgomery County912
30471STANDARDTwin City, Emanuel County478, 912
30473STANDARDUvalda, Montgomery County912
30474STANDARDVidalia, Toombs County912
30475PO BOXVidalia, Toombs County912
30477STANDARDWadley, Jefferson County478
30499UNIQUEReidsville, Tattnall County912
30501STANDARDGainesville, Hall County678, 404, 770
30502PO BOXChestnut Mountain, Chestnut Mtn, OakwoodHall County678
30503PO BOXGainesville, Hall County770
30504STANDARDGainesville, Hall County404, 678, 770
30506STANDARDGainesville, Hall County404, 770, 678
30507STANDARDGainesville, Hall County770, 678
30510STANDARDAlto, Habersham County678, 770, 706
30511STANDARDBaldwin, Banks County706
30512STANDARDBlairsville, Union County706
30513STANDARDBlue Ridge, Fannin County706
30514PO BOXBlairsville, Union County706
30515PO BOXBuford, Gwinnett County678
30516STANDARDBowersville, Hart County706
30517STANDARDBraselton, Jackson County706, 770
30518STANDARDBuford, Rest Haven, Sugar HillGwinnett County770, 678, 404
30519STANDARDBuford, Gwinnett County678, 770
30520STANDARDCanon, Hart County706
30521STANDARDCarnesville, Franklin County706
30522STANDARDCherry Log, Gilmer County706
30523STANDARDClarkesville, Habersham County706
30525STANDARDClayton, Rabun County706
30527STANDARDClermont, Hall County770, 678
30528STANDARDCleveland, White County706
30529STANDARDCommerce, Jackson County706
30530STANDARDCommerce, Banks County706, 770
30531STANDARDCornelia, Habersham County706
30533STANDARDDahlonega, Lumpkin County706
30534STANDARDDawsonville, Dawson County706, 770, 678
30535STANDARDDemorest, Habersham County706
30536STANDARDEllijay, Gilmer County706
30537STANDARDDillard, Sky ValleyRabun County706
30538STANDARDEastanollee, Stephens County706
30539STANDARDEast Ellijay, Gilmer County706
30540STANDARDEllijay, East EllijayGilmer County678, 706
30541STANDARDEpworth, Fannin County706
30542STANDARDFlowery Branch, Flowery BrHall County770, 678
30543STANDARDGillsville, Hall County770, 706, 678
30544PO BOXHabersham, DemorestHabersham County706
30545STANDARDHelen, White County706
30546STANDARDHiawassee, Towns County706
30547STANDARDHomer, Banks County706
30548STANDARDHoschton, Jackson County706, 770, 678
30549STANDARDJefferson, ArcadeJackson County706
30552STANDARDLakemont, Rabun County706
30553STANDARDLavonia, Franklin County706
30554STANDARDLula, Hall County678, 770, 706
30555STANDARDMc Caysville, Fannin County706
30557STANDARDMartin, AvalonStephens County706
30558STANDARDMaysville, Banks County706
30559STANDARDMineral Bluff, Fannin County706
30560STANDARDMorganton, Fannin County706
30562PO BOXMountain City, Rabun County706
30563STANDARDMount Airy, Habersham County706
30564STANDARDMurrayville, Lumpkin County706, 770, 678
30565STANDARDNicholson, Jackson County706
30566STANDARDOakwood, Hall County770, 678
30567STANDARDPendergrass, Jackson County706
30568STANDARDRabun Gap, Rabun County706
30571STANDARDSautee Nacoochee, Saute Nacoche, Saute-nacocheWhite County706
30572STANDARDSuches, Union County706
30573PO BOXTallulah Falls, Tallulah FlsHabersham County706
30575STANDARDTalmo, Jackson County706
30576STANDARDTiger, Rabun County706
30577STANDARDToccoa, Stephens County706
30580PO BOXTurnerville, Habersham County706
30581PO BOXWiley, Rabun County706
30582STANDARDYoung Harris, Towns County706
30596UNIQUEAlto, Habersham County706
30597UNIQUEDahlonega, Lumpkin County706
30598PO BOXToccoa Falls, Stephens County706
30599UNIQUECommerce, Jackson County706
30601STANDARDAthens, Clarke County706
30602UNIQUEAthens, Clarke County706
30603PO BOXAthens, Clarke County706
30604PO BOXAthens, Clarke County706
30605STANDARDAthens, Clarke County706
30606STANDARDAthens, Clarke County706, 678
30607STANDARDAthens, Clarke County706, 770
30608PO BOXAthens, Clarke County706
30609UNIQUEAthens, Clarke County706
30612PO BOXAthens, Clarke County706
30619STANDARDArnoldsville, Oglethorpe County706
30620STANDARDBethlehem, Barrow County770, 678
30621STANDARDBishop, N High Shoals, North High ShoalsOconee County706, 770
30622STANDARDBogart, Oconee County706, 678, 770
30623PO BOXBostwick, Morgan County706
30624STANDARDBowman, Elbert County706
30625STANDARDBuckhead, Morgan County706
30627STANDARDCarlton, Oglethorpe County706
30628STANDARDColbert, Madison County706
30629STANDARDComer, Madison County706
30630STANDARDCrawford, Oglethorpe County706
30631STANDARDCrawfordville, Taliaferro County706
30633STANDARDDanielsville, Madison County706
30634STANDARDDewy Rose, Elbert County706
30635STANDARDElberton, Elbert County706
30638PO BOXFarmington, Oconee County706
30639PO BOXFranklin Springs, Franklin SpgsFranklin County706
30641STANDARDGood Hope, Walton County770, 706
30642STANDARDGreensboro, Greene County706
30643STANDARDHartwell, Hart County706
30645PO BOXHigh Shoals,
30646STANDARDHull, Madison County706
30647PO BOXIla, Madison County706
30648STANDARDLexington, Oglethorpe County706
30650STANDARDMadison, Morgan County706
30655STANDARDMonroe, BetweenWalton County770
30656STANDARDMonroe, BetweenWalton County770, 678
30660STANDARDRayle, PhilomathWilkes County706
30662STANDARDRoyston, Franklin County706
30663STANDARDRutledge, Morgan County706
30664PO BOXSharon, Taliaferro County706
30665PO BOXSiloam, Greene County706
30666STANDARDStatham, Barrow County770, 706, 678
30667STANDARDStephens, Oglethorpe County706
30668STANDARDTignall, DanburgWilkes County706
30669STANDARDUnion Point, WoodvilleGreene County706
30671PO BOXMaxeys, Oglethorpe County706
30673STANDARDWashington, Wilkes County706
30677STANDARDWatkinsville, Oconee County706, 678, 770
30678STANDARDWhite Plains, Greene County706
30680STANDARDWinder, Barrow County770, 678
30683STANDARDWinterville, Oglethorpe County706
30701STANDARDCalhoun, Gordon County706, 770
30703PO BOXCalhoun, Gordon County706
30705STANDARDChatsworth, Murray County706
30707STANDARDChickamauga, Walker County706
30708STANDARDCisco, Murray County706
30710STANDARDCohutta, Whitfield County706
30711STANDARDCrandall, Murray County706
30719PO BOXDalton, Whitfield County706
30720STANDARDDalton, Whitfield County706
30721STANDARDDalton, Whitfield County706
30722PO BOXDalton, Whitfield County706
30724PO BOXEton, Murray County706
30725STANDARDFlintstone, Walker County706
30726PO BOXGraysville, Catoosa County706
30728STANDARDLa Fayette, Walker County706
30730STANDARDLyerly, Chattooga County706
30731STANDARDMenlo, CloudlandChattooga County706
30732PO BOXOakman, Gordon County706
30733STANDARDPlainville, Gordon County770, 706
30734STANDARDRanger, Gordon County706
30735STANDARDResaca, Gordon County706
30736STANDARDRinggold, Catoosa County706, 423
30738STANDARDRising Fawn, Dade County706
30739STANDARDRock Spring, Walker County706
30740STANDARDRocky Face, Whitfield County706
30741STANDARDRossville, Walker County706, 423
30742STANDARDFort Oglethorpe, Ft Oglethorpe, RossvilleCatoosa County706
30746STANDARDSugar Valley, Gordon County706
30747STANDARDSummerville, Chattooga County706
30750STANDARDLookout Mountain, Lookout MtnDade County706
30751PO BOXTennga, Murray County706
30752STANDARDTrenton, Dade County706
30753STANDARDTrion, Chattooga County706
30755STANDARDTunnel Hill, Whitfield County706
30756PO BOXVarnell, Whitfield County706
30757STANDARDWildwood, Dade County706
30802STANDARDAppling, Columbia County706
30803STANDARDAvera, Jefferson County706
30805STANDARDBlythe, Richmond County706
30806PO BOXBoneville, McDuffie County706
30807PO BOXCamak, Warren County706
30808STANDARDDearing, McDuffie County706
30809STANDARDEvans, Columbia County706
30810STANDARDGibson, Edge HillGlascock County706
30811PO BOXGough, Burke County
30812PO BOXGracewood, Richmond County706
30813STANDARDGrovetown, Columbia County706
30814STANDARDHarlem, Columbia County706
30815STANDARDHephzibah, Richmond County706
30816STANDARDKeysville, Burke County706, 478
30817STANDARDLincolnton, Lincoln County706
30818STANDARDMatthews, WrensJefferson County706
30819PO BOXMesena, Warren County706
30820STANDARDMitchell, Glascock County706
30821STANDARDNorwood, Warren County706
30822STANDARDPerkins, Jenkins County478
30823STANDARDStapleton, Jefferson County706, 478
30824STANDARDThomson, McDuffie County706
30828STANDARDWarrenton, Warren County706
30830STANDARDWaynesboro, Burke County706
30833STANDARDWrens, Jefferson County706
30901STANDARDAugusta, Richmond County706
30903PO BOXAugusta, Richmond County706
30904STANDARDAugusta, Richmond County706
30905STANDARDAugusta, Fort GordonRichmond County706
30906STANDARDAugusta, Richmond County706
30907STANDARDAugusta, MartinezColumbia County706
30909STANDARDAugusta, Richmond County706, 770
30911STANDARDAugusta, Richmond County706
30912STANDARDAugusta, Richmond County706
30913STANDARDAugusta, Richmond County706
30914PO BOXAugusta, Richmond County706
30916PO BOXAugusta, Richmond County706
30917PO BOXAugusta, Richmond County706
30919PO BOXAugusta, Richmond County706
30999UNIQUEAugusta, Richmond County706
31001STANDARDAbbeville, Wilcox County229
31002STANDARDAdrian, Emanuel County478, 912
31003PO BOXAllentown, Wilkinson County478
31004PO BOXBolingbroke, Monroe County478
31005STANDARDBonaire, Houston County478
31006STANDARDButler, Taylor County478
31007STANDARDByromville, Dooly County478
31008STANDARDByron, PowersvillePeach County478
31009STANDARDCadwell, Laurens County478
31010PO BOXCordele, Crisp County229
31011STANDARDChauncey, Dodge County229
31012STANDARDChester, Dodge County478
31013PO BOXClinchfield, Houston County478
31014STANDARDCochran, EmpireBleckley County478
31015STANDARDCordele, Crisp County229
31016STANDARDCulloden, Monroe County478, 706
31017STANDARDDanville, Twiggs County478
31018STANDARDDavisboro, RiddlevilleWashington County478
31019STANDARDDexter, Laurens County478
31020STANDARDDry Branch, Twiggs County478
31021STANDARDDublin, Laurens County478
31022STANDARDDudley, Laurens County478
31023STANDARDEastman, PlainfieldDodge County478, 229
31024STANDARDEatonton, Putnam County706, 478
31025STANDARDElko, Houston County478
31026UNIQUEEatonton, Putnam County706
31027STANDARDEast Dublin, Dublin, E DublinLaurens County478
31028STANDARDCenterville, Houston County478
31029STANDARDForsyth, Monroe County478
31030STANDARDFort Valley, Peach County478
31031STANDARDGordon, IveyWilkinson County478
31032STANDARDGray, Jones County478
31033STANDARDHaddock, Jones County478
31034PO BOXHardwick, Baldwin County478
31035STANDARDHarrison, Washington County478
31036STANDARDHawkinsville, Pulaski County478
31037STANDARDHelena, Telfair County229, 912, 478
31038STANDARDHillsboro, Round OakJasper County706, 478
31039PO BOXHoward, Taylor County478
31040PO BOXDublin, Laurens County478
31041STANDARDIdeal, Macon County478
31042STANDARDIrwinton, Wilkinson County478
31044STANDARDJeffersonville, JeffersonvlleTwiggs County478
31045STANDARDJewell, Warren County706
31046STANDARDJuliette, Monroe County478
31047STANDARDKathleen, Houston County478
31049STANDARDKite, Johnson County478
31050STANDARDKnoxville, Crawford County478
31051PO BOXLilly, Dooly County
31052STANDARDLizella, Bibb County478
31054STANDARDMc Intyre, Wilkinson County478
31055STANDARDMc Rae, Telfair County229, 912
31057STANDARDMarshallville, Macon County478
31058STANDARDMauk, Marion County229, 478
31059PO BOXMilledgeville, Baldwin County478
31060STANDARDMilan, Telfair County229
31061STANDARDMilledgeville, Baldwin County478, 706
31062UNIQUEMilledgeville, Baldwin County478
31063STANDARDMontezuma, DoolingMacon County478
31064STANDARDMonticello, Jasper County706, 678, 770
31065STANDARDMontrose, Laurens County478
31066STANDARDMusella, Crawford County478
31067PO BOXOconee, Washington County478
31068STANDARDOglethorpe, Macon County478
31069STANDARDPerry, Houston County478
31070STANDARDPinehurst, Dooly County229, 478
31071STANDARDPineview, Wilcox County229
31072STANDARDPitts, Wilcox County229
31075STANDARDRentz, Laurens County478
31076STANDARDReynolds, Taylor County478
31077STANDARDRhine, Dodge County229
31078STANDARDRoberta, Crawford County478
31079STANDARDRochelle, Wilcox County229
31081STANDARDRupert, Taylor County478
31082STANDARDSandersville, DeepstepWashington County478
31083PO BOXScotland, Telfair County
31084PO BOXSeville, Wilcox County229
31085STANDARDShady Dale, Jasper County706
31086PO BOXSmarr, Monroe County478
31087STANDARDSparta, MayfieldHancock County706
31088STANDARDWarner Robins, Houston County478
31089STANDARDTennille, Washington County478
31090STANDARDToomsboro, Wilkinson County478
31091STANDARDUnadilla, Dooly County478, 229
31092STANDARDVienna, Dooly County229
31093STANDARDWarner Robins, Houston County478
31094STANDARDWarthen, Washington County478
31095PO BOXWarner Robins, Houston County478
31096STANDARDWrightsville, Johnson County478
31097STANDARDYatesville, Upson County706
31098STANDARDWarner Robins, Robins A F B, Robins Afb, South BaseHouston County478
31099PO BOXWarner Robins, Houston County478
31106PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
31107PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
31119PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County770
31120STANDARDAtlanta, Fulton County404
31126PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
31131PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
31136UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
31139PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
31141PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
31145PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County770
31146PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
31150PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
31156PO BOXAtlanta, Fulton County404
31169UNIQUEPeachtree City, Peachtree CtyFayette County678
31191UNIQUEAtlanta, Atlanta Bmc, Fingerhut, AtlFulton County404
31192UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
31193UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
31195UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
31196UNIQUEAtlanta, Fulton County404
31197UNIQUEAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
31198UNIQUEAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
31199UNIQUEAtlanta, AtlFulton County404
31201STANDARDMacon, HuberBibb County478, 912
31202PO BOXMacon, Bibb County478
31203PO BOXMacon, Bibb County478
31204STANDARDMacon, Payne, Payne CityBibb County478
31205PO BOXMacon, Bibb County478
31206STANDARDMacon, Bibb County478
31207UNIQUEMacon, Mercer UniversityBibb County478
31208PO BOXMacon, Bibb County478
31209PO BOXMacon, Bibb County478
31210STANDARDMacon, Bibb County478
31211STANDARDMacon, Jones County478
31212PO BOXMacon, Bibb County478
31213UNIQUEMacon, Bibb County478
31216STANDARDMacon, Bibb County478
31217STANDARDMacon, Bibb County478, 912
31220STANDARDMacon, Bibb County478
31221PO BOXMacon, Bibb County478
31294UNIQUEMacon, Bibb County478
31295UNIQUEMacon, Bibb County478
31296UNIQUEMacon, Bibb County478
31297PO BOXMacon, Bibb County478
31301STANDARDAllenhurst, Liberty County912
31302STANDARDBloomingdale, Effingham County912
31303STANDARDClyo, Effingham County912
31304PO BOXCrescent, McIntosh County912
31305STANDARDDarien, McIntosh County912
31307PO BOXEden, Effingham County912
31308STANDARDEllabell, Black CreekBryan County912
31309STANDARDFleming, Liberty County912
31310PO BOXHinesville, Liberty County912
31312STANDARDGuyton, Effingham County912
31313STANDARDHinesville, Fort StewartLiberty County912
31314STANDARDFort Stewart, Liberty County912
31315STANDARDFort Stewart, HinesvilleLiberty County912
31316STANDARDLudowici, Long County912
31318PO BOXMeldrim, Effingham County912
31319PO BOXMeridian, ValonaMcIntosh County912
31320STANDARDMidway, Liberty County912
31321STANDARDPembroke, NevilsBryan County912
31322STANDARDPooler, Chatham County912
31323STANDARDRiceboro, Liberty County912
31324STANDARDRichmond Hill, Bryan County229, 912
31326STANDARDRincon, Effingham County912
31327PO BOXSapelo Island, McIntosh County912
31328STANDARDTybee Island, Chatham County912
31329STANDARDSpringfield, StillwellEffingham County912
31331STANDARDTownsend, Shellman Blf, Shellman BluffMcIntosh County912
31333PO BOXWalthourville, Liberty County912
31401STANDARDSavannah, Chatham County478, 912
31402PO BOXSavannah, Chatham County912
31403PO BOXSavannah, Chatham County912
31404STANDARDSavannah, ThunderboltChatham County912
31405STANDARDSavannah, Garden City, Garden CtyChatham County912
31406STANDARDSavannah, VernonburgChatham County912
31407STANDARDSavannah, Port Wentworth, Prt WentworthChatham County912
31408STANDARDSavannah, Garden City, Garden CtyChatham County912
31409PO BOXSavannah, Hunter AafChatham County912
31410STANDARDSavannah, ThunderboltChatham County912
31411STANDARDSavannah, Chatham County912
31412PO BOXSavannah, Chatham County912
31414PO BOXSavannah, Chatham County912
31415STANDARDSavannah, Garden City, Garden CtyChatham County912
31416PO BOXSavannah, Chatham County912
31418PO BOXSavannah, Garden City, Garden CtyChatham County912
31419STANDARDSavannah, Chatham County912, 404
31420PO BOXSavannah, Chatham County912
31421STANDARDSavannah, Chatham County912
31501STANDARDWaycross, Ware County912
31502PO BOXWaycross, Ware County912
31503STANDARDWaycross, Ware County912
31510STANDARDAlma, Bacon County912
31512STANDARDAmbrose, Coffee County912
31513STANDARDBaxley, Appling County912
31515PO BOXBaxley, Appling County912
31516STANDARDBlackshear, Pierce County912
31518STANDARDBristol, Pierce County912
31519STANDARDBroxton, Coffee County912
31520STANDARDBrunswick, Glynn County912
31521PO BOXBrunswick, Glynn County912
31522STANDARDSaint Simons Island, Brunswick, Saint Simons Is, St Simons Is, St Simons IslandGlynn County912
31523STANDARDBrunswick, Glynn County912
31524UNIQUEBrunswick, Glynn County912
31525STANDARDBrunswick, Glynn County912
31527STANDARDJekyll Island, BrunswickGlynn County912
31532STANDARDDenton, Jeff Davis County912
31533STANDARDDouglas, Coffee County912
31534PO BOXDouglas, Coffee County912
31535STANDARDDouglas, Coffee County912
31537STANDARDFolkston, HomelandCharlton County912
31539STANDARDHazlehurst, Jeff Davis County912
31542STANDARDHoboken, Brantley County912
31543STANDARDHortense, Wayne County912
31544STANDARDJacksonville, Telfair County229
31545STANDARDJesup, Wayne County912
31546STANDARDJesup, Wayne County912
31547STANDARDKings Bay, Camden County912
31548STANDARDKingsland, Camden County912
31549STANDARDLumber City, Telfair County912
31550STANDARDManor, Ware County912
31551STANDARDMershon, Pierce County912
31552STANDARDMillwood, Ware County912
31553STANDARDNahunta, Brantley County912
31554STANDARDNicholls, Coffee County912
31555STANDARDOdum, Wayne County912
31556PO BOXOfferman, Pierce County912
31557STANDARDPatterson, Pierce County912
31558STANDARDSaint Marys, Camden County912
31560STANDARDScreven, Wayne County912
31561PO BOXSea Island, BrunswickGlynn County912
31562STANDARDSaint George, Charlton County912
31563STANDARDSurrency, Appling County912
31564PO BOXWaresboro, Ware County912
31565STANDARDWaverly, Camden County912
31566STANDARDWaynesville, Brantley County912
31567STANDARDWest Green, Coffee County912
31568STANDARDWhite Oak, Camden County912
31569STANDARDWoodbine, Camden County912
31598PO BOXJesup, Wayne County912
31599UNIQUEJesup, Wayne County912
31601STANDARDValdosta, ClyattvilleLowndes County229
31602STANDARDValdosta, Lowndes County229
31603PO BOXValdosta, Lowndes County229
31604PO BOXValdosta, Lowndes County229
31605STANDARDValdosta, Lowndes County229
31606STANDARDValdosta, Lowndes County229
31620STANDARDAdel, Cook County229
31622STANDARDAlapaha, Berrien County229, 912
31623PO BOXArgyle, Clinch County912
31624STANDARDAxson, Atkinson County912
31625STANDARDBarney, Brooks County229
31626STANDARDBoston, Thomas County229
31627PO BOXCecil, Cook County229
31629STANDARDDixie, Brooks County229
31630STANDARDDu Pont, Clinch County912
31631STANDARDFargo, Clinch County912
31632STANDARDHahira, Lowndes County229
31634STANDARDHomerville, CogdellClinch County912
31635STANDARDLakeland, Lanier County229
31636STANDARDLake Park, Lowndes County229
31637STANDARDLenox, Cook County229
31638STANDARDMorven, Brooks County229
31639STANDARDNashville, Berrien County229
31641STANDARDNaylor, Lowndes County229
31642STANDARDPearson, Atkinson County912
31643STANDARDQuitman, Brooks County229
31645STANDARDRay City, Berrien County229
31647STANDARDSparks, Cook County229
31648STANDARDStatenville, Echols County229
31649STANDARDStockton, Lanier County229
31650STANDARDWillacoochee, Atkinson County912
31698UNIQUEValdosta, Lowndes County229
31699UNIQUEMoody A F B, Moody AfbLowndes County229
31701STANDARDAlbany, Dougherty County229
31702PO BOXAlbany, Dougherty County229
31703PO BOXAlbany, Dougherty County229
31704UNIQUEAlbany, Dougherty County229
31705STANDARDAlbany, BridgeboroDougherty County229
31706PO BOXAlbany, Dougherty County229
31707STANDARDAlbany, Dougherty County229
31708PO BOXAlbany, Dougherty County229
31709STANDARDAmericus, Sumter County229
31711STANDARDAndersonville, Sumter County229
31712STANDARDArabi, Crisp County229
31714STANDARDAshburn, Turner County229
31716STANDARDBaconton, Mitchell County229
31719STANDARDAmericus, Sumter County229
31720PO BOXBarwick, Brooks County229
31721STANDARDAlbany, Dougherty County229
31722PO BOXBerlin, Colquitt County229
31727PO BOXBrookfield, Tift County229
31730STANDARDCamilla, Mitchell County229
31733STANDARDChula, Tift County229
31735STANDARDCobb, Sumter County229
31738STANDARDCoolidge, Thomas County229
31739PO BOXCotton, Mitchell County229
31743STANDARDDe Soto, Sumter County229
31744STANDARDDoerun, Colquitt County229
31747PO BOXEllenton, Colquitt County229
31749STANDARDEnigma, Berrien County229
31750STANDARDFitzgerald, Ben Hill County229
31753PO BOXFunston, Colquitt County229
31756STANDARDHartsfield, Colquitt County229
31757STANDARDThomasville, Thomas County229
31758PO BOXThomasville, Thomas County229
31760PO BOXIrwinville, Irwin County229
31763STANDARDLeesburg, Lee County229
31764STANDARDLeslie, Sumter County229
31765STANDARDMeigs, Mitchell County229
31768STANDARDMoultrie, RiversideColquitt County229
31769PO BOXMystic, Irwin County
31771STANDARDNorman Park, Colquitt County229
31772STANDARDOakfield, Worth County229
31773STANDARDOchlocknee, Thomas County229
31774STANDARDOcilla, Irwin County229
31775STANDARDOmega, Tift County229
31776PO BOXMoultrie, Colquitt County229
31778STANDARDPavo, Brooks County229
31779STANDARDPelham, Mitchell County229
31780STANDARDPlains, Sumter County229
31781STANDARDPoulan, Worth County229
31782PO BOXPutney, Dougherty County229
31783STANDARDRebecca, Turner County229
31784STANDARDSale City, Mitchell County229
31787STANDARDSmithville, Lee County229
31788STANDARDMoultrie, Colquitt County229
31789STANDARDSumner, Worth County229
31790STANDARDSycamore, Turner County229
31791STANDARDSylvester, Worth County229
31792STANDARDThomasville, MetcalfThomas County229
31793STANDARDTifton, Tift County229
31794STANDARDTifton, Abac, Abraham Baldwin CollegeTift County229
31795STANDARDTy Ty, Tift County229
31796STANDARDWarwick, Worth County229
31798STANDARDWray, Irwin County912, 229
31799PO BOXThomasville, Thomas County229
31801STANDARDBox Springs, JuniperTalbot County706, 229
31803STANDARDBuena Vista, TazewellMarion County229
31804STANDARDCataula, Harris County706
31805STANDARDCusseta, Chattahoochee County706, 229
31806STANDARDEllaville, Schley County229
31807STANDARDEllerslie, Harris County706
31808STANDARDFortson, Harris County706
31810PO BOXGeneva, Talbot County706
31811STANDARDHamilton, Harris County706
31812STANDARDJunction City, Talbot County706
31814PO BOXLouvale, Stewart County229
31815STANDARDLumpkin, Stewart County229
31816STANDARDManchester, Meriwether County706
31820STANDARDMidland, Muscogee County706
31821STANDARDOmaha, Stewart County478, 229
31822STANDARDPine Mountain, Harris County706
31823STANDARDPine Mountain Valley, Pine Mtn ValyHarris County706
31824STANDARDPreston, Webster County229
31825STANDARDRichland, Stewart County229
31826STANDARDShiloh, Harris County706
31827STANDARDTalbotton, Talbot County706
31829STANDARDUpatoi, ColumbusMuscogee County706
31830STANDARDWarm Springs, Meriwether County706
31831STANDARDWaverly Hall, Harris County706
31832STANDARDWeston, Webster County229
31833STANDARDWest Point, Troup County706
31836STANDARDWoodland, Talbot County706
31901STANDARDColumbus, Muscogee County706
31902PO BOXColumbus, Muscogee County706
31903STANDARDColumbus, Muscogee County706
31904STANDARDColumbus, Muscogee County706
31905STANDARDFort Benning, ColumbusChattahoochee County706
31906STANDARDColumbus, Muscogee County706
31907STANDARDColumbus, Muscogee County706
31908PO BOXColumbus, Muscogee County706
31909STANDARDColumbus, Muscogee County706
31914PO BOXColumbus, Muscogee County706
31917PO BOXColumbus, Muscogee County706
31993UNIQUEColumbus, Muscogee County706
31995PO BOXFort Benning, ColumbusChattahoochee County706
31997UNIQUEColumbus, Muscogee County706
31998UNIQUEColumbus, Muscogee County706
31999UNIQUEColumbus, Muscogee County706
39813STANDARDArlington, Calhoun County229
39815STANDARDAttapulgus, Decatur County229
39817STANDARDBainbridge, Decatur County229
39818PO BOXBainbridge, Decatur County229
39819STANDARDBainbridge, Decatur County229
39823STANDARDBlakely, Early County229
39824STANDARDBluffton, Clay County229
39825STANDARDBrinson, Decatur County229
39826STANDARDBronwood, Terrell County229
39827STANDARDCairo, Grady County229
39828STANDARDCairo, Grady County229
39829PO BOXCalvary, Grady County229
39832PO BOXCedar Springs, Early County229
39834STANDARDClimax, Decatur County229
39836STANDARDColeman, Randolph County229
39837STANDARDColquitt, Miller County229
39840STANDARDCuthbert, Randolph County229
39841STANDARDDamascus, Early County229
39842STANDARDDawson, Terrell County229
39845STANDARDDonalsonville, Seminole County229
39846STANDARDEdison, Calhoun County229
39851STANDARDFort Gaines, Clay County229
39852PO BOXFowlstown, Decatur County229
39854STANDARDGeorgetown, Quitman County229
39859STANDARDIron City, Seminole County229
39861STANDARDJakin, Early County229
39862STANDARDLeary, Calhoun County229
39866STANDARDMorgan, Calhoun County229
39867STANDARDMorris, Quitman County
39870STANDARDNewton, Baker County229
39877STANDARDParrott, Terrell County229
39885PO BOXSasser, Terrell County229
39886STANDARDShellman, Randolph County229
39897STANDARDWhigham, Grady County229
39901UNIQUEAtlanta, ChambleeFulton County404

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Georgia, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 5,555,483.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 3,320,513.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 50,618.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 479,028.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 7,299.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 555,059

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 55.73% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.07% of the population.