Connecticut zip codes

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ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
06001STANDARDAvon, Hartford County203, 860
06002STANDARDBloomfield, Hartford County860
06006UNIQUEWindsor, Hartford County860
06010STANDARDBristol, Hartford County860, 203
06011PO BOXBristol, Hartford County860
06013STANDARDBurlington, UnionvilleHartford County860
06016STANDARDBroad Brook, Melrose, WindsorvilleHartford County860
06018STANDARDCanaan, Litchfield County860
06019STANDARDCanton, CollinsvilleHartford County860
06020STANDARDCanton Center, Hartford County860
06021STANDARDColebrook, Litchfield County860
06022STANDARDCollinsville, Hartford County860
06023STANDARDEast Berlin, Hartford County860
06024STANDARDEast Canaan, Litchfield County860
06025PO BOXEast Glastonbury, E GlastonburyHartford County860
06026STANDARDEast Granby, Hartford County860
06027STANDARDEast Hartland, Hartford County860
06028PO BOXEast Windsor Hill, E Windsor HlHartford County860
06029STANDARDEllington, Tolland County860
06030UNIQUEFarmington, Hartford County860
06031STANDARDFalls Village, Litchfield County860
06032STANDARDFarmington, Hartford County860
06033STANDARDGlastonbury, Hartford County860, 203
06034PO BOXFarmington, Hartford County860
06035STANDARDGranby, Hartford County203, 860
06037STANDARDBerlin, KensingtonHartford County860
06039STANDARDLakeville, Litchfield County860
06040STANDARDManchester, Hartford County860
06041UNIQUEManchester, Hartford County860
06042STANDARDManchester, Hartford County860
06043STANDARDBolton, Tolland County860
06045PO BOXManchester, Hartford County860
06050PO BOXNew Britain, Hartford County860
06051STANDARDNew Britain, Hartford County860
06052STANDARDNew Britain, Hartford County860
06053STANDARDNew Britain, Hartford County860
06057STANDARDNew Hartford, Litchfield County860
06058STANDARDNorfolk, Litchfield County860
06059STANDARDNorth Canton, Hartford County860
06060STANDARDNorth Granby, Hartford County860
06061PO BOXPine Meadow, Litchfield County
06062STANDARDPlainville, Hartford County860
06063STANDARDBarkhamsted, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant Vly, WinstedLitchfield County860
06064PO BOXPoquonock, Hartford County860
06065STANDARDRiverton, Hartford County860
06066STANDARDVernon Rockville, Vernon, Vernon RockvlTolland County860
06067STANDARDRocky Hill, Hartford County860
06068STANDARDSalisbury, Litchfield County860
06069STANDARDSharon, Litchfield County860
06070STANDARDSimsbury, Hartford County860
06071STANDARDSomers, Tolland County860
06072PO BOXSomersville, Tolland County860
06073STANDARDSouth Glastonbury, S GlastonburyHartford County860
06074STANDARDSouth Windsor, Hartford County860, 203
06075PO BOXStafford, Tolland County860
06076STANDARDStafford Springs, Stafford Spgs, UnionTolland County860
06077PO BOXStaffordville, Tolland County860
06078STANDARDSuffield, Hartford County860
06079PO BOXTaconic, Litchfield County
06080UNIQUESuffield, Hartford County860
06081STANDARDTariffville, Hartford County860
06082STANDARDEnfield, Hartford County860
06083PO BOXEnfield, Hartford County860
06084STANDARDTolland, Tolland County860
06085STANDARDUnionville, Hartford County860
06087UNIQUEUnionville, Hartford County860
06088STANDARDEast Windsor, Hartford County860
06089STANDARDWeatogue, Hartford County860
06090STANDARDWest Granby, Hartford County860
06091STANDARDWest Hartland, Hartford County860
06092STANDARDWest Simsbury, Hartford County860
06093STANDARDWest Suffield, Hartford County860
06094PO BOXWinchester Center, Winchestr CtrLitchfield County
06095STANDARDWindsor, Hartford County860
06096STANDARDWindsor Locks, Hartford County860
06098STANDARDWinsted, Winchester Center, Winchestr CtrLitchfield County860
06101STANDARDHartford, Hartford County860
06102PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06103STANDARDHartford, Hartford County860, 203
06104PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06105STANDARDHartford, Hartford County203, 860
06106STANDARDHartford, Hartford County860, 203
06107STANDARDWest Hartford, Hartford, West HartfrdHartford County860
06108STANDARDEast Hartford, HartfordHartford County860
06109STANDARDWethersfield, HartfordHartford County860
06110STANDARDWest Hartford, Hartford, West HartfrdHartford County860
06111STANDARDNewington, HartfordHartford County860
06112STANDARDHartford, Hartford County860
06114STANDARDHartford, Hartford County860
06115PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06117STANDARDWest Hartford, Hartford, West HartfrdHartford County203, 860
06118STANDARDEast Hartford, HartfordHartford County860
06119STANDARDWest Hartford, Hartford, West HartfrdHartford County860
06120STANDARDHartford, Hartford County860
06123PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06126PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06127PO BOXWest Hartford, Hartford, West HartfrdHartford County860
06128PO BOXEast Hartford, HartfordHartford County860
06129PO BOXWethersfield, HartfordHartford County860
06131PO BOXNewington, HartfordHartford County860
06132PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06133PO BOXWest Hartford, Hartford, West HartfrdHartford County860
06134PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06137PO BOXWest Hartford, Bishops Cor, Bishops Corner, Hartford, West HartfrdHartford County860
06138PO BOXEast Hartford, Hartford, Silver LaneHartford County860
06140PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06141PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06142PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06143PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06144PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06145PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06146PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06147PO BOXHartford, Hartford County860
06150UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06151UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06152STANDARDHartford, Hartford County860
06153UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06154UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06155UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06156UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06160UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06161UNIQUEHartford, WethersfieldHartford County860
06167UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06176UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06180UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06183UNIQUEHartford, Hartford County860
06199STANDARDHartford, Hartford County860
06226STANDARDWillimantic, Windham County860
06230PO BOXAbington, Windham County860
06231STANDARDAmston, Tolland County860
06232STANDARDAndover, Tolland County860
06233PO BOXBallouville, Windham County860
06234STANDARDBrooklyn, Windham County860
06235STANDARDChaplin, Mansfield Center, Mansfield Ctr, North WindhamWindham County860
06237STANDARDColumbia, Tolland County860
06238STANDARDCoventry, Tolland County860
06239STANDARDDanielson, Windham County860
06241STANDARDDayville, Windham County860
06242STANDARDEastford, Windham County860
06243STANDARDEast Killingly, E KillinglyWindham County860
06244PO BOXEast Woodstock, E WoodstockWindham County860
06245PO BOXFabyan, Windham County860
06246PO BOXGrosvenor Dale, Grosvenor DlWindham County860
06247STANDARDHampton, Windham County860
06248STANDARDHebron, Tolland County860
06249STANDARDLebanon, New London County860
06250STANDARDMansfield Center, Mansfield CtrTolland County860
06251PO BOXMansfield Depot, Mansfield DptTolland County860
06254STANDARDNorth Franklin, N FranklinNew London County860
06255STANDARDNorth Grosvenordale, N GrosvenordlWindham County860
06256STANDARDNorth Windham, Windham County860
06258PO BOXPomfret, Windham County860
06259STANDARDPomfret Center, Pomfret CtrWindham County860
06260STANDARDPutnam, Windham County860
06262STANDARDQuinebaug, Windham County860
06263PO BOXRogers, Windham County860
06264STANDARDScotland, Windham County860
06265PO BOXSouth Willington, S WillingtonTolland County860
06266STANDARDSouth Windham, Windham County860
06267PO BOXSouth Woodstock, S WoodstockWindham County860
06268STANDARDStorrs Mansfield, Storrs, Storrs ManfldTolland County860
06269UNIQUEStorrs Mansfield, Storrs, Storrs ManfldTolland County860
06277STANDARDThompson, Windham County860
06278STANDARDAshford, WarrenvilleWindham County860
06279STANDARDWillington, Tolland County860
06280STANDARDWindham, Windham County860
06281STANDARDWoodstock, Windham County860
06282STANDARDWoodstock Valley, Woodstock VlyWindham County860
06320STANDARDNew London, New London County860
06330STANDARDBaltic, New London County860
06331STANDARDCanterbury, Windham County860
06332PO BOXCentral Village, Central VlgWindham County860
06333STANDARDEast Lyme, New London County860
06334PO BOXBozrah, New London County860
06335STANDARDGales Ferry, New London County860
06336STANDARDGilman, New London County860
06338PO BOXMashantucket, LedyardNew London County860
06339STANDARDLedyard, Gales FerryNew London County860
06340STANDARDGroton, New London County860
06349PO BOXGroton, New London County860
06350PO BOXHanover, New London County860
06351STANDARDJewett City, Griswold, LisbonNew London County860
06353STANDARDMontville, New London County860
06354STANDARDMoosup, Windham County860
06355STANDARDMystic, New London County860
06357STANDARDNiantic, New London County860
06359STANDARDNorth Stonington, N StoningtonNew London County860
06360STANDARDNorwich, New London County860
06365STANDARDPreston, NorwichNew London County860
06370STANDARDOakdale, New London County203, 860
06371STANDARDOld Lyme, LymeNew London County860
06372PO BOXOld Mystic, New London County860
06373PO BOXOneco, Windham County860
06374STANDARDPlainfield, Windham County860
06375STANDARDQuaker Hill, New London County860
06376PO BOXSouth Lyme, New London County860
06377STANDARDSterling, Windham County860
06378STANDARDStonington, New London County860
06379STANDARDPawcatuck, New London County860
06380STANDARDTaftville, New London County860
06382STANDARDUncasville, New London County860
06383PO BOXVersailles, New London County860
06384STANDARDVoluntown, GlasgoNew London County860
06385STANDARDWaterford, New London County860
06386UNIQUEWaterford, New London County860
06387PO BOXWauregan, Windham County860
06388PO BOXWest Mystic, MysticNew London County860
06389PO BOXYantic, New London County860
06401STANDARDAnsonia, New Haven County203
06403STANDARDBeacon Falls, New Haven County203
06404PO BOXBotsford, Fairfield County203
06405STANDARDBranford, New Haven County203
06408UNIQUECheshire, Macys By MailNew Haven County203
06409STANDARDCenterbrook, Middlesex County860
06410STANDARDCheshire, New Haven County203
06411UNIQUECheshire, New Haven County203
06412STANDARDChester, Middlesex County860
06413STANDARDClinton, Middlesex County860
06414PO BOXCobalt, Middlesex County860
06415STANDARDColchester, New London County860
06416STANDARDCromwell, Middlesex County860
06417STANDARDDeep River, Middlesex County860
06418STANDARDDerby, New Haven County203
06419STANDARDKillingworth, Deep RiverMiddlesex County203, 860
06420STANDARDSalem, ColchesterNew London County860
06422STANDARDDurham, Middlesex County860
06423STANDARDEast Haddam, Middlesex County860
06424STANDARDEast Hampton, Haddam NeckMiddlesex County860
06426STANDARDEssex, Middlesex County860
06437STANDARDGuilford, New Haven County203
06438STANDARDHaddam, Middlesex County860
06439PO BOXHadlyme, New London County860
06440PO BOXHawleyville, Fairfield County203
06441STANDARDHigganum, Middlesex County860
06442STANDARDIvoryton, Middlesex County860
06443STANDARDMadison, New Haven County203, 860
06444PO BOXMarion, Hartford County860
06447STANDARDMarlborough, Hartford County860
06450STANDARDMeriden, New Haven County203
06451STANDARDMeriden, New Haven County203, 860
06454UNIQUEMeriden, Travlers InsuranceNew Haven County203
06455STANDARDMiddlefield, Middlesex County860, 203
06456PO BOXMiddle Haddam, Middlesex County860
06457STANDARDMiddletown, Middlesex County203, 860
06459UNIQUEMiddletown, Middlesex County860
06460STANDARDMilford, New Haven County203
06461STANDARDMilford, New Haven County203
06467PO BOXMilldale, Hartford County203
06468STANDARDMonroe, Fairfield County203
06469STANDARDMoodus, Middlesex County860
06470STANDARDNewtown, Fairfield County203
06471STANDARDNorth Branford, N BranfordNew Haven County203
06472STANDARDNorthford, New Haven County203
06473STANDARDNorth Haven, New Haven County203
06474PO BOXNorth Westchester, N WestchesterNew London County860
06475STANDARDOld Saybrook, Middlesex County860
06477STANDARDOrange, New Haven County203
06478STANDARDOxford, SeymourNew Haven County203
06479STANDARDPlantsville, Hartford County860
06480STANDARDPortland, Middlesex County860
06481STANDARDRockfall, Middlesex County860
06482STANDARDSandy Hook, Fairfield County203
06483STANDARDSeymour, New Haven County203
06484STANDARDShelton, HuntingtonFairfield County203, 860
06487PO BOXSouth Britain, New Haven County203
06488STANDARDSouthbury, New Haven County203, 860
06489STANDARDSouthington, Hartford County860
06491PO BOXStevenson, Fairfield County203
06492STANDARDWallingford, YalesvilleNew Haven County203
06493UNIQUEWallingford, New Haven County203
06494UNIQUEWallingford, New Haven County203
06495UNIQUEWallingford, New Haven County203
06497STANDARDStratford, Fairfield County203
06498STANDARDWestbrook, Middlesex County860
06501PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06502PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06503PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06504PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06505PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06506PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06507PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06508PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06509PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06510STANDARDNew Haven, New Haven County203
06511STANDARDNew Haven, HamdenNew Haven County203
06512STANDARDEast Haven, New HavenNew Haven County203
06513STANDARDNew Haven, East HavenNew Haven County203, 860
06514STANDARDHamden, New HavenNew Haven County203
06515STANDARDNew Haven, New Haven County203
06516STANDARDWest Haven, W HavenNew Haven County203, 860
06517STANDARDHamden, New Haven, WhitneyvilleNew Haven County203
06518STANDARDHamden, New HavenNew Haven County203
06519STANDARDNew Haven, New Haven County860, 203
06520PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06521PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06524STANDARDBethany, New HavenNew Haven County203
06525STANDARDWoodbridge, New Haven County203
06530PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06531PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06532PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06533PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06534PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06535PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06536PO BOXNew Haven, New Haven County203
06537UNIQUENew Haven, New Haven County203
06538UNIQUENew Haven, New Haven County203
06540UNIQUENew Haven, New Haven County203
06601PO BOXBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06602PO BOXBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06604STANDARDBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06605STANDARDBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06606STANDARDBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06607STANDARDBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06608STANDARDBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06610STANDARDBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06611STANDARDTrumbull, Fairfield County203
06612STANDARDEaston, Fairfield County203
06614STANDARDStratford, Fairfield County203
06615STANDARDStratford, Fairfield County203
06650STANDARDBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06673UNIQUEBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06699UNIQUEBridgeport, Fairfield County203
06701UNIQUEWaterbury, New Haven County203
06702STANDARDWaterbury, New Haven County203
06703PO BOXWaterbury, New Haven County203
06704STANDARDWaterbury, New Haven County203
06705STANDARDWaterbury, WolcottNew Haven County203
06706STANDARDWaterbury, New Haven County203
06708STANDARDWaterbury, New Haven County203, 860
06710STANDARDWaterbury, New Haven County203
06712STANDARDProspect, WaterburyNew Haven County203
06716STANDARDWolcott, WaterburyNew Haven County203
06720PO BOXWaterbury, New Haven County203
06721PO BOXWaterbury, New Haven County203
06722PO BOXWaterbury, New Haven County203
06723PO BOXWaterbury, New Haven County203
06724PO BOXWaterbury, New Haven County203
06725PO BOXWaterbury, New Haven County203
06726PO BOXWaterbury, New Haven County203
06749UNIQUEWaterbury, New Haven County203
06750STANDARDBantam, Litchfield County860
06751STANDARDBethlehem, Litchfield County203, 860
06752STANDARDBridgewater, Litchfield County860
06753PO BOXCornwall, Litchfield County860
06754STANDARDCornwall Bridge, Cornwall Brg, WarrenLitchfield County860
06755STANDARDGaylordsville, Litchfield County860
06756STANDARDGoshen, Litchfield County860
06757STANDARDKent, Litchfield County860
06758STANDARDLakeside, Litchfield County
06759STANDARDLitchfield, Litchfield County860
06762STANDARDMiddlebury, New Haven County203
06763STANDARDMorris, Litchfield County860
06770STANDARDNaugatuck, New Haven County203
06776STANDARDNew Milford, Litchfield County860, 203
06777STANDARDNew Preston Marble Dale, New Preston, Warren, Washington Depot, Washington DtLitchfield County860
06778STANDARDNorthfield, ThomastonLitchfield County860
06779STANDARDOakville, WatertownLitchfield County860
06781PO BOXPequabuck, Litchfield County
06782STANDARDPlymouth, Litchfield County860
06783STANDARDRoxbury, Litchfield County860
06784STANDARDSherman, Fairfield County860
06785STANDARDSouth Kent, Litchfield County860
06786STANDARDTerryville, Litchfield County860
06787STANDARDThomaston, Litchfield County860
06790STANDARDTorrington, Litchfield County860
06791STANDARDHarwinton, TorringtonLitchfield County860
06792UNIQUETorrington, HarwintonLitchfield County860
06793STANDARDWashington, Washington Depot, Washington DtLitchfield County860
06794STANDARDWashington Depot, Washington DtLitchfield County860
06795STANDARDWatertown, Litchfield County860
06796STANDARDWest Cornwall, Litchfield County860
06798STANDARDWoodbury, Litchfield County203
06801STANDARDBethel, Fairfield County203
06804STANDARDBrookfield, Brookfld CtrFairfield County203
06807STANDARDCos Cob, Fairfield County203
06810STANDARDDanbury, Fairfield County203
06811STANDARDDanbury, Fairfield County203
06812STANDARDNew Fairfield, Fairfield County203
06813PO BOXDanbury, Fairfield County203
06814UNIQUEDanbury, Fairfield County203
06816UNIQUEDanbury, Fairfield County203
06817UNIQUEDanbury, Fairfield County203
06820STANDARDDarien, Fairfield County203
06824STANDARDFairfield, Fairfield County203
06825STANDARDFairfield, Fairfield County203
06828UNIQUEFairfield, Fairfield County203
06829PO BOXGeorgetown, Fairfield County203
06830STANDARDGreenwich, Fairfield County203
06831STANDARDGreenwich, Fairfield County203, 914
06832UNIQUEGreenwich, BrmFairfield County203
06836PO BOXGreenwich, Fairfield County203
06838PO BOXGreens Farms, Fairfield County203
06840STANDARDNew Canaan, Fairfield County203, 860
06842UNIQUENew Canaan, Fairfield County203
06850STANDARDNorwalk, Fairfield County203, 860
06851STANDARDNorwalk, Fairfield County203
06852PO BOXNorwalk, Fairfield County203
06853STANDARDNorwalk, Fairfield County203
06854STANDARDNorwalk, Fairfield County203
06855STANDARDNorwalk, Fairfield County860, 203
06856PO BOXNorwalk, Fairfield County203
06857UNIQUENorwalk, Fairfield County203
06858UNIQUENorwalk, Fairfield County203
06859UNIQUENorwalk, Fairfield County203
06860UNIQUENorwalk, Fairfield County203
06870STANDARDOld Greenwich, Fairfield County203
06875PO BOXRedding Center, Redding CenFairfield County203
06876PO BOXRedding Ridge, Fairfield County203
06877STANDARDRidgefield, Fairfield County203
06878STANDARDRiverside, Fairfield County203
06879UNIQUERidgefield, Fairfield County203
06880STANDARDWestport, Fairfield County203, 860
06881PO BOXWestport, Fairfield County203
06883STANDARDWeston, Fairfield County203, 860
06888UNIQUEWestport, Fairfield County203
06889UNIQUEWestport, Fairfield County203
06890STANDARDSouthport, Fairfield County203
06896STANDARDRedding, West ReddingFairfield County860, 203
06897STANDARDWilton, Fairfield County203
06901STANDARDStamford, Fairfield County203
06902STANDARDStamford, Fairfield County203
06903STANDARDStamford, Fairfield County203
06904PO BOXStamford, Fairfield County203
06905STANDARDStamford, RidgewayFairfield County203
06906STANDARDStamford, Fairfield County203
06907STANDARDStamford, Fairfield County203, 860
06910STANDARDStamford, Fairfield County203
06911PO BOXStamford, Fairfield County203
06912PO BOXStamford, Fairfield County203
06913UNIQUEStamford, Fairfield County203
06914UNIQUEStamford, Fairfield County203
06920UNIQUEStamford, Fairfield County203
06921UNIQUEStamford, Fairfield County203
06922UNIQUEStamford, Fairfield County203
06925UNIQUEStamford, Fairfield County203
06926UNIQUEStamford, Fairfield County203
06927UNIQUEStamford, Fairfield County203
06928UNIQUEStamford, Fairfield County203

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Connecticut, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 2,395,128.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 388,675.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 16,051.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 172,455.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 1,598.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 299,133

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 73.18% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.05% of the population.