Colorado zip codes

To find the postal code of a town or city, select it and then navigate until you reach the desired postal code.

ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
80001PO BOXArvada, Jefferson County303
80002STANDARDArvada, Jefferson County303, 720
80003STANDARDArvada, WestminsterJefferson County720, 303
80004STANDARDArvada, Jefferson County720, 303
80005STANDARDArvada, WestminsterJefferson County303, 720
80006PO BOXArvada, Jefferson County303
80007STANDARDArvada, Jefferson County720, 303
80010STANDARDAurora, Arapahoe County303, 720
80011STANDARDAurora, Buckley Afb, Buckley Air Force BaseAdams County303, 720
80012STANDARDAurora, DenverArapahoe County303, 720
80013STANDARDAurora, Arapahoe County303, 720
80014STANDARDAurora, DenverArapahoe County303, 720
80015STANDARDAurora, CentennialArapahoe County303, 720
80016STANDARDAurora, Centennial, FoxfieldArapahoe County720, 303
80017STANDARDAurora, Arapahoe County720, 303
80018STANDARDAurora, Arapahoe County303, 720
80019STANDARDAurora, Adams County303
80020STANDARDBroomfield, WestminsterBroomfield County303, 720
80021STANDARDBroomfield, WestminsterJefferson County720, 303
80022STANDARDCommerce City, DenverAdams County303, 720
80023STANDARDBroomfield, Thornton, WestminsterBroomfield County303
80024PO BOXDupont, Adams County303
80025PO BOXEldorado Springs, Eldorado SprgBoulder County303
80026STANDARDLafayette, Boulder County720, 303
80027STANDARDLouisville, SuperiorBoulder County303, 720
80028UNIQUELouisville, Boulder County303
80030STANDARDWestminster, Adams County303, 720
80031STANDARDWestminster, Adams County303, 720
80033STANDARDWheat Ridge, DenverJefferson County303, 720
80034PO BOXWheat Ridge, Jefferson County303
80035PO BOXWestminster, Jefferson County303
80036PO BOXWestminster, Jefferson County303
80037PO BOXCommerce City, Adams County303
80038PO BOXBroomfield, Broomfield County303
80040PO BOXAurora, Arapahoe County303, 720
80041PO BOXAurora, Arapahoe County303
80042PO BOXAurora, Arapahoe County303
80044PO BOXAurora, Arapahoe County303
80045STANDARDAurora, Adams County303
80046PO BOXAurora, Arapahoe County303
80047STANDARDAurora, Arapahoe County720
80101STANDARDAgate, Elbert County719
80102STANDARDBennett, Arapahoe County303
80103STANDARDByers, Arapahoe County303
80104STANDARDCastle Rock, Douglas County303, 720
80105STANDARDDeer Trail, Arapahoe County303, 970, 719
80106STANDARDElbert, Elbert County303, 719
80107STANDARDElizabeth, Elbert County303
80108STANDARDCastle Rock, Castle PinesDouglas County303
80109STANDARDCastle Rock, Douglas County303
80110STANDARDEnglewood, Cherry Hills, Cherry Hills Village, Cherry Hl Vlg, Greenwood Village, Greenwood Vlg, SheridanArapahoe County720, 303
80111STANDARDEnglewood, Centennial, Cherry Hills, Cherry Hills Village, Cherry Hl Vlg, Greenwood Village, Greenwood VlgArapahoe County303, 720
80112STANDARDEnglewood, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Greenwood VlgArapahoe County303, 720
80113STANDARDEnglewood, Cherry Hills, Cherry Hills Village, Cherry Hl VlgArapahoe County303
80116STANDARDFranktown, Douglas County303, 720
80117STANDARDKiowa, Elbert County303
80118STANDARDLarkspur, Douglas County720, 303, 719
80120STANDARDLittleton, Arapahoe County303, 720, 970
80121STANDARDLittleton, Centennial, Cherry Hills Village, Cherry Hl Vlg, Greenwood Village, Greenwood VlgArapahoe County303, 720
80122STANDARDLittleton, CentennialArapahoe County303, 720
80123STANDARDLittleton, Bow Mar, Columbine Valley, Columbine Vly, Denver, LakewoodDenver County303, 720
80124STANDARDLone Tree, Littleton, LonetreeDouglas County303, 720
80125STANDARDLittleton, RoxboroughDouglas County720, 303
80126STANDARDLittleton, Hghlnds Ranch, Highlands RanchDouglas County720, 303
80127STANDARDLittleton, DenverJefferson County303, 720
80128STANDARDLittleton, Jefferson County720, 303
80129STANDARDLittleton, Hghlnds Ranch, Highlands RanchDouglas County303, 720
80130STANDARDLittleton, Hghlnds Ranch, Highlands RanchDouglas County720, 303
80131PO BOXLouviers, Douglas County303
80132STANDARDMonument, El Paso County719, 303
80133STANDARDPalmer Lake, El Paso County719
80134STANDARDParker, Douglas County303, 720
80135STANDARDSedalia, DeckersDouglas County303, 720
80136STANDARDStrasburg, Adams County303
80137STANDARDWatkins, Adams County303
80138STANDARDParker, Douglas County720, 303
80150PO BOXEnglewood, Arapahoe County303
80151PO BOXEnglewood, Arapahoe County303
80155PO BOXEnglewood, Greenwood Village, Greenwood VlgArapahoe County303
80160PO BOXLittleton, Arapahoe County303
80161PO BOXLittleton, CentennialArapahoe County720, 303
80162PO BOXLittleton, Arapahoe County303
80163PO BOXLittleton, Hghlnds Ranch, Highlands RanchArapahoe County303
80165UNIQUELittleton, Arapahoe County303
80166UNIQUELittleton, Arapahoe County303
80201PO BOXDenver, Denver County303, 720
80202STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80203STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80204STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80205STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80206STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80207STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80208UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80209STANDARDDenver, Denver County720, 303, 719
80210STANDARDDenver, Denver County720, 303
80211STANDARDDenver, Denver County720, 303
80212STANDARDDenver, Wheat RidgeDenver County720, 303
80214STANDARDDenver, Edgewater, Lakewood, Wheat RidgeJefferson County303, 720
80215STANDARDDenver, Lakewood, Wheat RidgeJefferson County303, 720
80216STANDARDDenver, Denver County720, 303
80217PO BOXDenver, Denver County303
80218STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80219STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80220STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80221STANDARDDenver, Federal Heights, Federal Hgts, Thornton, WestminsterAdams County303, 720
80222STANDARDDenver, Arapahoe County303, 720
80223STANDARDDenver, Denver County720, 303
80224STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80225STANDARDDenver, Denver County303
80226STANDARDDenver, LakewoodJefferson County303, 720
80227STANDARDDenver, LakewoodJefferson County720, 303
80228STANDARDDenver, LakewoodJefferson County303, 720
80229STANDARDDenver, ThorntonAdams County303, 720
80230STANDARDDenver, Lowry, MontclairDenver County720, 303
80231STANDARDDenver, Arapahoe County303, 720
80232STANDARDDenver, LakewoodJefferson County303, 720
80233STANDARDDenver, Northglenn, ThorntonAdams County720, 303
80234STANDARDDenver, North Glenn, Northglenn, WestminsterAdams County303, 720
80235STANDARDDenver, LakewoodJefferson County303, 720
80236STANDARDDenver, LakewoodDenver County720, 303
80237STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80238STANDARDDenver, MontbelloDenver County303, 720
80239STANDARDDenver, Denver County720, 303
80241STANDARDThornton, Denver, Northglenn, WestminsterAdams County303, 720
80243UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80244UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80246STANDARDDenver, GlendaleArapahoe County720, 303
80247STANDARDDenver, AuroraArapahoe County303
80248PO BOXDenver, Denver County303
80249STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80250PO BOXDenver, Denver County303
80251UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80252UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80256UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80257UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80259UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80260STANDARDDenver, Federal Heights, Federal Hgts, Northglenn, Thornton, WestminsterAdams County720, 303
80261UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80262UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80263UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80264STANDARDDenver, Denver County303
80265STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80266STANDARDDenver, Denver County303
80271UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80273UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80274UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80279UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80280UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80281UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80290STANDARDDenver, Denver County303
80291UNIQUEDenver, Denver County303
80293STANDARDDenver, Denver County303
80294STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80295STANDARDDenver, Denver County720
80299STANDARDDenver, Denver County303, 720
80301STANDARDBoulder, Boulder County303, 720
80302STANDARDBoulder, Boulder County303, 720
80303STANDARDBoulder, Boulder County303, 720
80304STANDARDBoulder, Boulder County720, 303
80305STANDARDBoulder, Boulder County303, 720
80306PO BOXBoulder, Boulder County303
80307PO BOXBoulder, Boulder County303
80308PO BOXBoulder, Boulder County303
80309UNIQUEBoulder, Boulder County303
80310UNIQUEBoulder, Boulder County303
80314UNIQUEBoulder, Boulder County303
80321UNIQUEBoulder, Boulder County303
80322UNIQUEBoulder, Boulder County303
80323UNIQUEBoulder, Boulder County303
80328UNIQUEBoulder, Boulder County303
80329UNIQUEBoulder, Boulder County303
80401STANDARDGolden, Evergreen, LakewoodJefferson County303, 720
80402PO BOXGolden, Jefferson County303
80403STANDARDGolden, ArvadaJefferson County303, 720
80419UNIQUEGolden, Jefferson County303
80420PO BOXAlma, Park County719
80421STANDARDBailey, Park County720, 303
80422STANDARDBlack Hawk, Gilpin County303
80423STANDARDBond, Eagle County970
80424STANDARDBreckenridge, Blue RiverSummit County970, 303
80425PO BOXBuffalo Creek, Jefferson County303
80426PO BOXBurns, Eagle County970
80427PO BOXCentral City, Gilpin County303
80428STANDARDClark, Routt County970
80429PO BOXClimax, LeadvilleLake County719
80430STANDARDCoalmont, WaldenJackson County970
80432PO BOXComo, FairplayPark County719
80433STANDARDConifer, FoxtonJefferson County303
80434PO BOXCowdrey, Jackson County970
80435STANDARDDillon, Keystone, MontezumaSummit County970
80436PO BOXDumont, Clear Creek County303
80437PO BOXEvergreen, Jefferson County303
80438PO BOXEmpire, Clear Creek County303
80439STANDARDEvergreen, GoldenJefferson County303, 720, 970
80440STANDARDFairplay, Park County719, 970
80442PO BOXFraser, Grand County970
80443PO BOXFrisco, Summit County970
80444PO BOXGeorgetown, Clear Creek County303
80446STANDARDGranby, Grand County970
80447STANDARDGrand Lake, Grand County970
80448PO BOXGrant, Park County303
80449STANDARDHartsel, Park County719
80451PO BOXHot Sulphur Springs, Hot Slphr SprGrand County970
80452STANDARDIdaho Springs, Clear Creek County303, 720
80453PO BOXIdledale, Jefferson County720, 303
80454PO BOXIndian Hills, Jefferson County303
80455STANDARDJamestown, Boulder County303
80456STANDARDJefferson, FairplayPark County719
80457PO BOXKittredge, Jefferson County303
80459STANDARDKremmling, Grand County970
80461STANDARDLeadville, Lake County719, 970
80463STANDARDMc Coy, Eagle County970
80465STANDARDMorrison, Jefferson County303, 720
80466STANDARDNederland, Boulder County303
80467STANDARDOak Creek, Routt County970
80468STANDARDParshall, Grand County970
80469PO BOXPhippsburg, Routt County970
80470STANDARDPine, Jefferson County303
80471PO BOXPinecliffe, Boulder County303
80473PO BOXRand, Jackson County970
80474STANDARDRollinsville, Gilpin County303
80475PO BOXShawnee, Park County303
80476PO BOXSilver Plume, Clear Creek County303
80477PO BOXSteamboat Springs, Steamboat SprRoutt County970
80478PO BOXTabernash, Grand County970
80479STANDARDToponas, Routt County970
80480STANDARDWalden, Jackson County970
80481STANDARDWard, Boulder County303
80482PO BOXWinter Park, Grand County970
80483PO BOXYampa, Routt County970
80487STANDARDSteamboat Springs, Steamboat SprRoutt County970
80488PO BOXSteamboat Springs, Steamboat SprRoutt County970
80497PO BOXSilverthorne, Summit County970
80498STANDARDSilverthorne, HeeneySummit County970
80501STANDARDLongmont, Boulder County720, 970, 303
80502PO BOXLongmont, Boulder County303
80503STANDARDLongmont, NiwotBoulder County720, 303
80504STANDARDLongmont, Firestone, Frederick, NiwotWeld County303, 970, 720
80510STANDARDAllenspark, Boulder County303, 720
80511PO BOXEstes Park, Larimer County970
80512STANDARDBellvue, Larimer County970
80513STANDARDBerthoud, Larimer County970, 303
80514STANDARDDacono, ErieWeld County303
80515STANDARDDrake, Larimer County970
80516STANDARDErie, FrederickWeld County303, 720
80517STANDARDEstes Park, Larimer County970
80520PO BOXFirestone, Weld County303
80521STANDARDFort Collins, Larimer County970
80522PO BOXFort Collins, Larimer County970
80523UNIQUEFort Collins, Larimer County970
80524STANDARDFort Collins, SeveranceLarimer County970
80525STANDARDFort Collins, Larimer County970
80526STANDARDFort Collins, Larimer County970
80527PO BOXFort Collins, Larimer County970
80528STANDARDFort Collins, WindsorLarimer County970
80530STANDARDFrederick, Weld County303
80532PO BOXGlen Haven, Larimer County970
80533PO BOXHygiene, Boulder County303
80534STANDARDJohnstown, LovelandWeld County970
80535STANDARDLaporte, Larimer County970
80536STANDARDLivermore, Virginia DaleLarimer County970
80537STANDARDLoveland, Larimer County970, 303
80538STANDARDLoveland, Larimer County970, 303
80539PO BOXLoveland, Larimer County970
80540STANDARDLyons, Boulder County303
80541PO BOXMasonville, Larimer County970
80542STANDARDMead, Weld County970
80543STANDARDMilliken, Weld County970
80544PO BOXNiwot, Boulder County303
80545STANDARDRed Feather Lakes, Red Fe LksLarimer County970
80546PO BOXSeverance, Weld County970
80547PO BOXTimnath, Larimer County970
80549STANDARDWellington, Larimer County970
80550STANDARDWindsor, SeveranceWeld County970
80551UNIQUEWindsor, Weld County970
80553UNIQUEFort Collins, Larimer County970
80601STANDARDBrighton, Adams County720, 303
80602STANDARDBrighton, ThorntonAdams County303, 720
80603STANDARDBrighton, LochbuieAdams County303, 720
80610STANDARDAult, SeveranceWeld County970
80611STANDARDBriggsdale, Weld County970
80612STANDARDCarr, Weld County970
80614PO BOXEastlake, Adams County303
80615STANDARDEaton, SeveranceWeld County970
80620STANDARDEvans, Weld County970
80621STANDARDFort Lupton, WattenburgWeld County303, 970
80622STANDARDGaleton, Weld County970
80623PO BOXGilcrest, Weld County970
80624STANDARDGill, Weld County
80631STANDARDGreeley, Garden CityWeld County970
80632PO BOXGreeley, Weld County970
80633PO BOXGreeley, Weld County970
80634STANDARDGreeley, EvansWeld County970, 303
80638UNIQUEGreeley, Weld County970
80639UNIQUEGreeley, Weld County970
80640STANDARDHenderson, Adams County720, 303
80642STANDARDHudson, Weld County303
80643STANDARDKeenesburg, Weld County303
80644STANDARDKersey, Weld County970
80645STANDARDLa Salle, EvansWeld County970
80646PO BOXLucerne, Weld County970
80648STANDARDNunn, Weld County970
80649STANDARDOrchard, Morgan County970
80650STANDARDPierce, Weld County970
80651STANDARDPlatteville, Weld County970, 303
80652STANDARDRoggen, Weld County303
80653STANDARDWeldona, Morgan County970
80654STANDARDWiggins, HoytMorgan County970
80701STANDARDFort Morgan, Morgan County970, 303
80705STANDARDLog Lane Village, Fort Morgan, Log Lane VlgMorgan County970
80720STANDARDAkron, Washington County970
80721STANDARDAmherst, Phillips County970
80722STANDARDAtwood, Logan County970
80723STANDARDBrush, Morgan County970
80726STANDARDCrook, Logan County970
80727STANDARDEckley, Yuma County970
80728STANDARDFleming, Logan County970
80729STANDARDGrover, Weld County970
80731STANDARDHaxtun, Phillips County970
80732PO BOXHereford, Weld County970
80733STANDARDHillrose, Morgan County970
80734STANDARDHolyoke, Phillips County970
80735STANDARDIdalia, HaleYuma County970
80736STANDARDIliff, Logan County970
80737STANDARDJulesburg, Sedgwick County308, 970
80740STANDARDLindon, Washington County970, 719
80741STANDARDMerino, WillardLogan County970
80742STANDARDNew Raymer, Weld County970
80743STANDARDOtis, Washington County970
80744STANDARDOvid, Sedgwick County970
80745STANDARDPadroni, Logan County970
80746PO BOXPaoli, Phillips County970
80747STANDARDPeetz, Logan County970
80749STANDARDSedgwick, Sedgwick County970
80750STANDARDSnyder, Morgan County970
80751STANDARDSterling, Logan County970
80754STANDARDStoneham, Weld County970
80755STANDARDVernon, Yuma County970
80757STANDARDWoodrow, Last ChanceWashington County970
80758STANDARDWray, LairdYuma County970
80759STANDARDYuma, Yuma County970
80801STANDARDAnton, Washington County970
80802STANDARDArapahoe, Cheyenne County719
80804STANDARDArriba, Lincoln County719
80805STANDARDBethune, Kit Carson County719
80807STANDARDBurlington, Kit Carson County719, 970
80808STANDARDCalhan, El Paso County719
80809STANDARDCascade, El Paso County719
80810STANDARDCheyenne Wells, Cheyenne WlsCheyenne County719
80812STANDARDCope, Washington County970
80813STANDARDCripple Creek, Teller County719
80814STANDARDDivide, Teller County719
80815STANDARDFlagler, Kit Carson County719, 970
80816STANDARDFlorissant, Teller County719
80817STANDARDFountain, El Paso County719
80818STANDARDGenoa, Lincoln County719
80819PO BOXGreen Mountain Falls, Green Mtn FlsEl Paso County719
80820STANDARDGuffey, Park County719
80821STANDARDHugo, BoyeroLincoln County719
80822STANDARDJoes, Yuma County970
80823STANDARDKarval, Lincoln County719
80824STANDARDKirk, Yuma County970
80825STANDARDKit Carson, Cheyenne County719
80826UNIQUELimon, Limon Correctional Facility, Limon CrrctnlLincoln County719
80827STANDARDLake George, Park County719
80828STANDARDLimon, Lincoln County719
80829STANDARDManitou Springs, Manitou SpgsEl Paso County719
80830STANDARDMatheson, Elbert County719
80831STANDARDPeyton, FalconEl Paso County719
80832STANDARDRamah, El Paso County719
80833STANDARDRush, Lincoln County719
80834STANDARDSeibert, Kit Carson County970
80835STANDARDSimla, Elbert County719
80836STANDARDStratton, Kit Carson County719, 970
80840STANDARDU S A F Academy, United States Air Force Acad, Us Air Force, Usaf AcademyEl Paso County719
80841PO BOXU S A F Academy, Cadet Sta, Usaf AcademyEl Paso County719
80860PO BOXVictor, Teller County719
80861STANDARDVona, Kit Carson County970
80862PO BOXWild Horse, Cheyenne County719
80863STANDARDWoodland Park, Teller County719, 303
80864STANDARDYoder, El Paso County719
80866PO BOXWoodland Park, Teller County719
80901PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80902STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado Spgs, Fort Carson, Ft CarsonEl Paso County719
80903STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80904STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80905STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80906STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80907STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80908STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80909STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80910STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80911STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80912STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado Spgs, Schriever AfbEl Paso County719
80913STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado Spgs, Fort Carson, Ft CarsonEl Paso County719
80914PO BOXColorado Springs, Chey Mtn Afb, Cheyenne Mountain Afb, Colo Spgs, Colorado Spgs, Peterson AfbEl Paso County719
80915STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80916STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80917STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80918STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80919STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80920STANDARDColorado Springs, Co Spgs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80921STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719, 720
80922STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80923STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80924STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80925STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80926STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80927STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80928STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80929STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80930STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80931PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80932PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80933PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80934PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80935PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80936PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80937PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80938STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80939STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80940UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80941UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80942UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80943UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80944UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80945UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80946UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80947UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80949PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80950UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80951STANDARDColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80960PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80962PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80970PO BOXColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80977UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80995UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
80997UNIQUEColorado Springs, Colo Spgs, Colorado SpgsEl Paso County719
81001STANDARDPueblo, Pueblo Dep Ac, Pueblo Depot ActivityPueblo County719
81002PO BOXPueblo, Pueblo County719
81003STANDARDPueblo, Pueblo County719
81004STANDARDPueblo, Pueblo County719
81005STANDARDPueblo, Pueblo County719
81006STANDARDPueblo, Pueblo County719
81007STANDARDPueblo, Pueblo WestPueblo County719
81008STANDARDPueblo, Pueblo County719
81009UNIQUEPueblo, Pueblo County719
81010UNIQUEPueblo, Pueblo County719
81011UNIQUEPueblo, Pueblo County719
81012UNIQUEPueblo, Pueblo County719
81019PO BOXColorado City, Colo CityPueblo County719
81020STANDARDAguilar, Las Animas County719
81021STANDARDArlington, Kiowa County719
81022STANDARDAvondale, N Avondale, North AvondalePueblo County719
81023STANDARDBeulah, Pueblo County719
81024PO BOXBoncarbo, Las Animas County719
81025STANDARDBoone, Pueblo County719
81027STANDARDBranson, Las Animas County719
81029STANDARDCampo, Baca County719
81030PO BOXCheraw, Otero County719
81033PO BOXCrowley, Crowley County719
81034UNIQUECrowley, Crowley County719
81036STANDARDEads, ChivingtonKiowa County719
81038PO BOXFort Lyon, Bent County719
81039STANDARDFowler, Otero County719
81040STANDARDGardner, Huerfano County719
81041STANDARDGranada, Prowers County719
81043PO BOXHartman, Prowers County719
81044STANDARDHasty, CaddoaBent County719
81045STANDARDHaswell, Kiowa County719
81046PO BOXHoehne, Las Animas County719
81047STANDARDHolly, BristolProwers County719
81049STANDARDKim, VillegreenLas Animas County719
81050STANDARDLa Junta, TimpasOtero County719
81052STANDARDLamar, Prowers County719
81054STANDARDLas Animas, Deora, Fort Lyon, NinaviewBent County719
81055STANDARDLa Veta, Huerfano County719
81057STANDARDMc Clave, Bent County719
81058STANDARDManzanola, Otero County719
81059STANDARDModel, Delhi, Thatcher, TyroneLas Animas County
81062STANDARDOlney Springs, Crowley County719
81063STANDARDOrdway, Crowley County719
81064STANDARDPritchett, UtleyvilleBaca County719
81067STANDARDRocky Ford, Otero County719
81069STANDARDRye, Pueblo County719
81071STANDARDSheridan Lake, Brandon, TownerKiowa County719
81073STANDARDSpringfield, Baca County719
81076STANDARDSugar City, Crowley County719
81077PO BOXSwink, Otero County719
81081STANDARDTrinchera, Las Animas County719
81082STANDARDTrinidad, Cokedale, Jansen, Sopris, StarkvilleLas Animas County719
81084STANDARDTwo Buttes, LycanBaca County719
81087PO BOXVilas, Baca County719
81089STANDARDWalsenburg, FaristaHuerfano County719
81090STANDARDWalsh, StoningtonBaca County719
81091STANDARDWeston, Las Animas County719
81092STANDARDWiley, Prowers County719
81101STANDARDAlamosa, Great Sand Dunes National Mo, Sand Dunes MoAlamosa County719
81102UNIQUEAlamosa, Alamosa County719
81120STANDARDAntonito, Conejos County719
81121PO BOXArboles, Archuleta County970
81122STANDARDBayfield, Chimney RockLa Plata County970
81123STANDARDBlanca, Costilla County719
81124PO BOXCapulin, Conejos County719
81125STANDARDCenter, Saguache County719
81126PO BOXChama, Costilla County719
81127STANDARDChimney Rock, PiedraArchuleta County970
81128PO BOXChromo, Archuleta County970
81129PO BOXConejos, Conejos County719
81130STANDARDCreede, Mineral County719
81131PO BOXCrestone, Saguache County719
81132STANDARDDel Norte, Rio Grande County719
81133STANDARDFort Garland, Sangre De Cri, Sangre De Cristo RanchesCostilla County719
81134STANDARDSan Luis, GarciaCostilla County719
81135PO BOXHomelake, Monte VistaRio Grande County719
81136STANDARDHooper, Alamosa County719
81137STANDARDIgnacio, S Ute Indian, Southern Ute Indian ReservatLa Plata County970
81138PO BOXJaroso, Costilla County719
81140STANDARDLa Jara, Conejos County719
81141PO BOXManassa, Conejos County719
81143STANDARDMoffat, Saguache County719
81144STANDARDMonte Vista, Rio Grande County719
81146STANDARDMosca, Alamosa County719
81147STANDARDPagosa Springs, Chimney Rock, Pagosa SpgsArchuleta County970
81148PO BOXRomeo, Conejos County719
81149STANDARDSaguache, Saguache County719
81151STANDARDSanford, San AcacioCostilla County719
81152STANDARDSan Luis, Garcia, Mesita, San PabloCostilla County719
81153PO BOXSan Pablo, La Valley, Los Fuertes, San Francisco, San Pedro, El RitoCostilla County719
81154STANDARDSouth Fork, Rio Grande County719
81155STANDARDVilla Grove, Saguache County719
81157PO BOXPagosa Springs, Pagosa SpgsArchuleta County970
81201STANDARDSalida, Chaffee County719
81210STANDARDAlmont, Gunnison County970
81211STANDARDBuena Vista, Chaffee County719
81212STANDARDCanon City, BrooksideFremont County719
81215PO BOXCanon City, Fremont County719
81220STANDARDCimarron, Gunnison County970
81221PO BOXCoal Creek, Fremont County719
81222PO BOXCoaldale, Fremont County719
81223STANDARDCotopaxi, Fremont County719
81224STANDARDCrested Butte, Gunnison County970
81225PO BOXCrested Butte, Gunnison County970
81226STANDARDFlorence, Fremont County719
81227PO BOXMonarch, SalidaChaffee County719
81228STANDARDGranite, Twin LakesLake County
81230STANDARDGunnison, Gunnison County970
81231UNIQUEGunnison, Gunnison County970
81232PO BOXHillside, Fremont County719
81233STANDARDHoward, Fremont County719
81235STANDARDLake City, Hinsdale County970
81236STANDARDNathrop, Chaffee County719
81237STANDARDOhio City, Gunnison County970
81239STANDARDParlin, Gunnison County970
81240STANDARDPenrose, Fremont County719
81241PO BOXPitkin, Gunnison County970
81242PO BOXPoncha Springs, Poncha SpgsChaffee County719
81243STANDARDPowderhorn, Gunnison County970
81244PO BOXRockvale, Fremont County719
81247STANDARDGunnison, SapineroGunnison County970
81248PO BOXSargents, Saguache County719
81251STANDARDTwin Lakes, Lake County719
81252STANDARDWestcliffe, Silver CliffCuster County719
81253STANDARDWetmore, Custer County719
81290UNIQUEFlorence, Fremont County719
81301STANDARDDurango, La Plata County970
81302PO BOXDurango, La Plata County970
81303STANDARDDurango, La Plata County970
81320STANDARDCahone, Dolores County970
81321STANDARDCortez, Montezuma County970
81323STANDARDDolores, Montezuma County970
81324STANDARDDove Creek, Dolores County970
81325STANDARDEgnar, Slick RockSan Miguel County970
81326STANDARDHesperus, La Plata County970
81327STANDARDLewis, Montezuma County970
81328STANDARDMancos, Montezuma County970
81329PO BOXMarvel, La Plata County970
81330PO BOXMesa Verde National Park, Mesa VerdeMontezuma County970
81331STANDARDPleasant View, Montezuma County970
81332PO BOXRico, Dolores County970
81334PO BOXTowaoc, Montezuma County970
81335STANDARDYellow Jacket, Montezuma County970
81401STANDARDMontrose, Montrose County970
81402PO BOXMontrose, Montrose County970
81403STANDARDMontrose, Montrose County970
81410STANDARDAustin, Orchard CityDelta County970
81411STANDARDBedrock, Montrose County970
81413STANDARDCedaredge, Delta County970
81414PO BOXCory, Delta County970
81415STANDARDCrawford, MaherMontrose County970
81416STANDARDDelta, Delta County970
81418STANDARDEckert, Delta County970
81419STANDARDHotchkiss, Delta County970
81420PO BOXLazear, Delta County970
81422STANDARDNaturita, Montrose County970
81423PO BOXNorwood, San Miguel County970
81424STANDARDNucla, Montrose County970
81425STANDARDOlathe, Montrose County970
81426PO BOXOphir, San Miguel County970
81427PO BOXOuray, Ouray County970
81428STANDARDPaonia, Delta County970
81429PO BOXParadox, Montrose County970
81430PO BOXPlacerville, San Miguel County970
81431STANDARDRedvale, Montrose County970
81432STANDARDRidgway, Ouray County970
81433PO BOXSilverton, San Juan County970
81434STANDARDSomerset, Gunnison County970
81435STANDARDTelluride, Mountain Village, Mountain VlgSan Miguel County970
81501STANDARDGrand Junction, Grand JctMesa County970
81502PO BOXGrand Junction, Grand JctMesa County970
81503STANDARDGrand Junction, Grand JctMesa County970
81504STANDARDGrand Junction, Fruitvale, Grand JctMesa County970
81505STANDARDGrand Junction, Grand JctMesa County970
81506STANDARDGrand Junction, Grand JctMesa County970
81507STANDARDGrand Junction, Grand JctMesa County970
81520STANDARDClifton, Mesa County970
81521STANDARDFruita, Mesa County970
81522STANDARDGateway, Mesa County970
81523STANDARDGlade Park, Mesa County970
81524STANDARDLoma, Mesa County970
81525STANDARDMack, Mesa County970
81526STANDARDPalisade, Mesa County970
81527STANDARDWhitewater, Mesa County970
81601STANDARDGlenwood Springs, Glenwood SpgsGarfield County970
81602PO BOXGlenwood Springs, Glenwood SpgsGarfield County970
81610STANDARDDinosaur, Moffat County970
81611STANDARDAspen, Pitkin County970
81612PO BOXAspen, Pitkin County970
81615PO BOXSnowmass Village, Snowmass VlgPitkin County970
81620PO BOXAvon, Beaver CreekEagle County970
81621STANDARDBasalt, Eagle County970
81623STANDARDCarbondale, El Jebel, Marble, RedstonePitkin County970
81624STANDARDCollbran, Mesa County970
81625STANDARDCraig, Moffat County970
81626PO BOXCraig, Moffat County970
81630STANDARDDe Beque, Garfield County970
81631PO BOXEagle, Eagle County970
81632STANDARDEdwards, CordilleraEagle County970
81633STANDARDDinosaur, Elk SpringsMoffat County970
81635STANDARDParachute, Battlement Mesa, Btlmt MesaGarfield County970
81636PO BOXBattlement Mesa, Btlmt Mesa, ParachuteGarfield County970
81637STANDARDGypsum, Eagle County970
81638STANDARDHamilton, Moffat County
81639STANDARDHayden, Routt County970
81640STANDARDMaybell, Moffat County970, 435
81641STANDARDMeeker, Rio Blanco County970
81642STANDARDMeredith, Pitkin County970
81643STANDARDMesa, Mesa County970
81645PO BOXMinturn, GilmanEagle County970
81646PO BOXMolina, Mesa County970
81647STANDARDNew Castle, Garfield County970
81648STANDARDRangely, Rio Blanco County970
81649PO BOXRed Cliff, Eagle County970
81650STANDARDRifle, Garfield County970
81652STANDARDSilt, Garfield County970
81653STANDARDSlater, Moffat County970
81654STANDARDSnowmass, Pitkin County970
81655PO BOXWolcott, Eagle County970
81656PO BOXWoody Creek, Pitkin County970
81657STANDARDVail, Eagle County970
81658PO BOXVail, Eagle County970

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Colorado, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 4,082,927.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 234,828.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 74,129.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 199,827.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 10,287.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 464,046

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 80.59% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.20% of the population.