Arizona zip codes

To find the postal code of a town or city, select it and then navigate until you reach the desired postal code.

ZIP CodeTypeCommon CitiesCountyArea Codes
85001PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County623
85002PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85003STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 928
85004STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480, 520, 623, 928
85005PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County480, 602
85006STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 623, 928
85007STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85008STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County623, 602
85009STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85010PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85011PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85012STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County480, 602, 623, 928
85013STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 623, 480, 520, 928
85014STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 623, 480, 520, 928
85015STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County480, 602, 623
85016STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480, 623
85017STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85018STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480, 623
85019STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 623
85020STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 623, 480
85021STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480, 623
85022STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85023STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85024STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 623, 480
85025STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480, 520, 623, 928
85026STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County520, 602, 623, 928
85027STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 623
85028STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County480, 602
85029STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480
85030PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85031STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County623, 602
85032STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480
85033STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County623, 602
85034STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480, 623, 505, 520, 000
85035STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 623
85036PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85037STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County623, 602
85038PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85039STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85040STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480
85041STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85042STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480
85043STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County623, 602
85044STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480
85045STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County480, 602
85046PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85048STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480
85050STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480, 623
85051STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 623
85053STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85054STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480
85055STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85060PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 480
85061PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85062PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85063PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85064PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85065STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County480, 602, 623
85066PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85067PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85068PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85069PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85070PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County480, 602
85071PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85072PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85073STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602, 928
85074PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85075PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85076PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85077UNIQUEPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85078PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85079PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85080PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85082PO BOXPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85083STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85085STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County480, 520, 602, 928
85086STANDARDPhoenix, Anthem, Desert HillsMaricopa County623, 602, 480, 928, 520
85087STANDARDNew River, PhoenixMaricopa County623, 602, 480, 928
85096STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85097STANDARDPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85098UNIQUEPhoenix, CtcMaricopa County602
85099UNIQUEPhoenix, Maricopa County602
85117STANDARDApache Junction, Apache JctPinal County480
85118STANDARDGold Canyon, Apache Jct, Apache Junction, Queen Valley, Superstition Mountain, Superstition Mtn, Suprstitn MtnPinal County520
85119STANDARDApache Junction, Apache JctPinal County480
85120STANDARDApache Junction, Apache JctPinal County480
85121STANDARDBapchule, Pinal County520
85122STANDARDCasa Grande, Eleven Mile, Eleven Mile CornerPinal County520
85123STANDARDArizona City, Pinal County520
85127STANDARDChandler Heights, Chandler HtsMaricopa County480
85128STANDARDCoolidge, Pinal County520
85130STANDARDCasa Grande, Pinal County520
85131STANDARDEloy, ToltecPinal County520
85132STANDARDFlorence, Pinal County520
85135STANDARDHayden, Gila County520
85137STANDARDKearny, Pinal County520
85138STANDARDMaricopa, Pinal County520
85139STANDARDMaricopa, MobilePinal County520
85140STANDARDSan Tan Valley, Queen Creek, San Tan VlyPinal County520
85141STANDARDPicacho, Pinal County520
85142STANDARDQueen Creek, Chandler Heights, Chandler Hts, San Tan Valley, San Tan VlyMaricopa County480
85143STANDARDSan Tan Valley, Queen Creek, San Tan VlyPinal County520
85145STANDARDRed Rock, Pinal County520
85147STANDARDSacaton, Pinal County520
85172STANDARDStanfield, Pinal County520
85173STANDARDSuperior, Pinal County520, 928
85178STANDARDApache Junction, Apache JctPinal County480
85190STANDARDTortilla Flat, Maricopa County480
85191STANDARDValley Farms, Pinal County520
85192STANDARDWinkelman, DudleyvilleGila County520
85193STANDARDCasa Grande, Pinal County520
85194STANDARDCasa Grande, Pinal County480, 520
85201STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480, 928, 602
85202STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480, 602, 928
85203STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480, 602
85204STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County602, 480
85205STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480, 602
85206STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480, 602
85207STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480, 602
85208STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480, 602
85209STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480
85210STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480, 602, 928
85211PO BOXMesa, Maricopa County602, 480
85212STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County602, 480
85213STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County602, 480
85214PO BOXMesa, Maricopa County480, 602
85215STANDARDMesa, Maricopa County480, 602
85216PO BOXMesa, Maricopa County602
85217STANDARDApache Junction, Apache JctPinal County480
85218STANDARDApache Junction, Suprston Mtn, Superstition Mtn, Gold Canyon, Apache Jct, Queen ValleyPinal County480
85219STANDARDApache Junction, Apache Jct, Tortilla FlatPinal County480
85220STANDARDApache Junction, Apache JctPinal County480
85221PO BOXBapchule, Pinal County520
85222STANDARDCasa Grande, Eleven Mile, Eleven Mile CornerPinal County520
85223STANDARDArizona City, Pinal County520
85224STANDARDChandler, Maricopa County480, 602
85225STANDARDChandler, Maricopa County480, 602
85226STANDARDChandler, Maricopa County480, 602, 520
85227STANDARDChandler Heights, Chandler Hts, Queen CreekMaricopa County480
85228STANDARDCoolidge, Pinal County520
85230STANDARDCasa Grande, Pinal County520
85231STANDARDEloy, ToltecPinal County520
85232STANDARDFlorence, Pinal County520
85233STANDARDGilbert, Maricopa County480, 602
85234STANDARDGilbert, Maricopa County480, 602
85235PO BOXHayden, Gila County928
85236STANDARDHigley, Maricopa County480, 602
85237STANDARDKearny, Pinal County520
85238STANDARDMaricopa, Pinal County520
85239STANDARDMaricopa, MobilePinal County520
85240STANDARDQueen Creek, Maricopa County480
85241PO BOXPicacho, Pinal County520
85242STANDARDQueen Creek, Chandler Hts, Chandler HeightsMaricopa County480
85243STANDARDQueen Creek, Maricopa County480
85244PO BOXChandler, Maricopa County602
85245PO BOXRed Rock, Pinal County520
85246PO BOXChandler, Maricopa County480, 602
85247PO BOXSacaton, Pinal County520
85248STANDARDChandler, Sun LakesMaricopa County480, 602, 520
85249STANDARDChandler, Maricopa County480, 602, 520
85250STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 602
85251STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 602
85252PO BOXScottsdale, Maricopa County602, 480
85253STANDARDParadise Valley, Paradise Vly, ScottsdaleMaricopa County480, 602
85254STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 602
85255STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 602
85256STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 520, 602, 623, 928
85257STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 602, 520, 623, 928
85258STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 602
85259STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 602
85260STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 602, 623
85261PO BOXScottsdale, Maricopa County602
85262STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480, 602
85263STANDARDRio Verde, ScottsdaleMaricopa County480
85264STANDARDFort Mcdowell, ScottsdaleMaricopa County602
85266STANDARDScottsdale, Maricopa County480
85267PO BOXScottsdale, Maricopa County480
85268STANDARDFountain Hills, Fountain Hls, ScottsdaleMaricopa County480
85269PO BOXFountain Hills, Fountain Hls, ScottsdaleMaricopa County602
85271PO BOXScottsdale, Maricopa County480
85272STANDARDStanfield, Pinal County520
85273STANDARDSuperior, Pinal County520
85274PO BOXMesa, Maricopa County602
85275PO BOXMesa, Maricopa County602
85277PO BOXMesa, Maricopa County602
85278STANDARDApache Junction, Apache JctPinal County480
85279STANDARDFlorence, Pinal County520
85280PO BOXTempe, Maricopa County480
85281STANDARDTempe, Maricopa County480, 602
85282STANDARDTempe, Maricopa County480, 602
85283STANDARDTempe, GuadalupeMaricopa County520, 480, 602
85284STANDARDTempe, Maricopa County480, 602
85285PO BOXTempe, Maricopa County480, 602
85286STANDARDChandler, Maricopa County480
85287UNIQUETempe, Arizona State University, AsuMaricopa County480
85289UNIQUETempe, Maricopa County480
85290STANDARDApache Junction, Apache Jct, Tortilla FlatMaricopa County480
85291PO BOXValley Farms, Pinal County520
85292STANDARDWinkelman, DudleyvillePinal County928
85293STANDARDCasa Grande, Pinal County520
85294STANDARDCasa Grande, Pinal County520
85295STANDARDGilbert, Maricopa County480
85296STANDARDGilbert, Maricopa County480, 602
85297STANDARDGilbert, Maricopa County480, 602
85298STANDARDGilbert, Maricopa County480
85299PO BOXGilbert, Maricopa County602, 480
85301STANDARDGlendale, Maricopa County623, 602
85302STANDARDGlendale, Maricopa County623, 602
85303STANDARDGlendale, Maricopa County623, 602
85304STANDARDGlendale, Maricopa County602, 623
85305STANDARDGlendale, Maricopa County623, 602
85306STANDARDGlendale, Maricopa County623, 602
85307STANDARDGlendale, Luke AfbMaricopa County602, 623
85308STANDARDGlendale, Maricopa County602, 623
85309STANDARDGlendale Luke Afb, Gbafaf, Glendale, Luke AfbMaricopa County480, 623
85310STANDARDGlendale, Maricopa County480, 602, 623
85311PO BOXGlendale, Maricopa County602
85312PO BOXGlendale, Maricopa County602
85313UNIQUEGlendale, Arizona State Univ WestMaricopa County623
85318PO BOXGlendale, Maricopa County602
85320PO BOXAguila, Maricopa County928
85321STANDARDAjo, Pima County520
85322STANDARDArlington, Maricopa County623
85323STANDARDAvondale, Maricopa County623, 602
85324STANDARDBlack Canyon City, Black Cyn Cty, Rock SpringsYavapai County623
85325PO BOXBouse, La Paz County928
85326STANDARDBuckeye, Maricopa County623, 602, 928
85327PO BOXCave Creek, Maricopa County480
85328STANDARDCibola, La Paz County928
85329PO BOXCashion, Maricopa County623
85331STANDARDCave Creek, Maricopa County480, 602, 623
85332PO BOXCongress, Yavapai County928
85333STANDARDDateland, Yuma County928
85334PO BOXEhrenberg, La Paz County928
85335STANDARDEl Mirage, Maricopa County623, 602
85336PO BOXGadsden, Yuma County928
85337STANDARDGila Bend, Maricopa County928
85338STANDARDGoodyear, Maricopa County623, 602
85339STANDARDLaveen, Maricopa County520, 602
85340STANDARDLitchfield Park, Litchfield PkMaricopa County623, 602
85341PO BOXLukeville, Pima County520
85342STANDARDMorristown, Maricopa County623, 602, 928
85343STANDARDPalo Verde, Maricopa County623
85344STANDARDParker, La Paz County928
85345STANDARDPeoria, Maricopa County623, 602
85346PO BOXQuartzsite, La Paz County928
85347STANDARDRoll, Yuma County928
85348STANDARDSalome, La Paz County928
85349PO BOXSan Luis, Yuma County928
85350STANDARDSomerton, Yuma County928
85351STANDARDSun City, Maricopa County623, 602
85352PO BOXTacna, Yuma County928
85353STANDARDTolleson, Maricopa County623, 602
85354STANDARDTonopah, Maricopa County928, 623
85355STANDARDWaddell, Maricopa County623
85356STANDARDWellton, Yuma County928
85357PO BOXWenden, La Paz County928
85358PO BOXWickenburg, Maricopa County928
85359PO BOXQuartzsite, La Paz County928
85360PO BOXWikieup, Mohave County928
85361STANDARDWittmann, Maricopa County623
85362PO BOXYarnell, Yavapai County928
85363STANDARDYoungtown, Maricopa County623
85364STANDARDYuma, Yuma County928
85365STANDARDYuma, Martinez Lake, Ypg, Yuma Proving GroundYuma County928, 520
85366PO BOXYuma, Yuma County928
85367STANDARDYuma, Yuma County928, 520
85369PO BOXYuma, Yuma County928
85371PO BOXPoston, La Paz County928
85372PO BOXSun City, Maricopa County623
85373STANDARDSun City, Maricopa County623, 602
85374STANDARDSurprise, Sun CityMaricopa County623, 602
85375STANDARDSun City West, Sun CityMaricopa County623, 602
85376PO BOXSun City West, Maricopa County623
85377PO BOXCarefree, Maricopa County480
85378STANDARDSurprise, Maricopa County623
85379STANDARDSurprise, Sun CityMaricopa County623
85380PO BOXPeoria, Maricopa County623, 602
85381STANDARDPeoria, Maricopa County623, 602, 480
85382STANDARDPeoria, Maricopa County928, 623, 602
85383STANDARDPeoria, Maricopa County623, 602, 928
85385PO BOXPeoria, Maricopa County623
85387STANDARDSurprise, Sun City, Sun City WestMaricopa County623
85388STANDARDSurprise, Maricopa County623
85390STANDARDWickenburg, Maricopa County928
85392STANDARDAvondale, Maricopa County623
85395STANDARDGoodyear, Maricopa County623
85396STANDARDBuckeye, Maricopa County623
85501STANDARDGlobe, Gila County928
85502PO BOXGlobe, Gila County928
85530PO BOXBylas, Graham County928
85531PO BOXCentral, Graham County928
85532PO BOXClaypool, Gila County928
85533STANDARDClifton, Greenlee County928
85534STANDARDDuncan, Greenlee County505, 928
85535STANDARDEden, Graham County928
85536PO BOXFort Thomas, Graham County928
85539STANDARDMiami, Gila County928, 520
85540STANDARDMorenci, Greenlee County928
85541STANDARDPayson, Star ValleyGila County928
85542STANDARDPeridot, Gila County928
85543STANDARDPima, Graham County928
85544STANDARDPine, StrawberryGila County928
85545STANDARDRoosevelt, Gila County928
85546STANDARDSafford, Graham County928, 520
85547PO BOXPayson, Gila County928
85548PO BOXSafford, Graham County928
85550PO BOXSan Carlos, Graham County928
85551PO BOXSolomon, Graham County928
85552STANDARDThatcher, Graham County928
85553PO BOXTonto Basin, Gila County928
85554PO BOXYoung, Gila County928
85601PO BOXArivaca, Pima County520
85602STANDARDBenson, Cochise County520
85603STANDARDBisbee, Cochise County520
85605PO BOXBowie, Cochise County520
85606STANDARDCochise, Cochise County520
85607STANDARDDouglas, Cochise County520
85608PO BOXDouglas, Cochise County520
85609PO BOXDragoon, Cochise County520
85610STANDARDElfrida, Cochise County520
85611STANDARDElgin, Santa Cruz County520
85613STANDARDFort Huachuca, Sierra VistaCochise County520
85614STANDARDGreen Valley, Madera Canyon, SahuaritaPima County520
85615STANDARDHereford, Cochise County520
85616STANDARDHuachuca City, Cochise County520
85617STANDARDMc Neal, Cochise County520
85618STANDARDMammoth, Pinal County520
85619PO BOXMount Lemmon, Pima County520
85620PO BOXNaco, Cochise County520
85621STANDARDNogales, Santa Cruz County520
85622STANDARDGreen Valley, Pima County520
85623STANDARDOracle, Pinal County520
85624STANDARDPatagonia, Santa Cruz County520
85625STANDARDPearce, SunsitesCochise County520
85626PO BOXPirtleville, Cochise County520
85627PO BOXPomerene, Cochise County520
85628PO BOXNogales, Santa Cruz County520
85629STANDARDSahuarita, Pima County520
85630STANDARDSaint David, Cochise County520
85631STANDARDSan Manuel, Pinal County520
85632STANDARDSan Simon, PortalCochise County520
85633PO BOXSasabe, Pima County520
85634STANDARDSells, PisinemoPima County520
85635STANDARDSierra Vista, Cochise County520
85636PO BOXSierra Vista, Cochise County520
85637STANDARDSonoita, Pima County520
85638STANDARDTombstone, Cochise County520
85639PO BOXTopawa, Pima County520
85640STANDARDTumacacori, Santa Cruz County520
85641STANDARDVail, Corona, Corona De Tuc, Corona De Tucson, Santa Rita, Santa Rita FoothillsPima County520
85643STANDARDWillcox, Ft GrantCochise County520, 928
85644PO BOXWillcox, Cochise County520
85645STANDARDAmado, Santa Cruz County520
85646PO BOXTubac, Santa Cruz County520
85648STANDARDRio Rico, NogalesSanta Cruz County520
85650STANDARDSierra Vista, Cochise County520
85652PO BOXCortaro, Pima County520
85653STANDARDMarana, Pima County520
85654PO BOXRillito, Pima County520
85655PO BOXDouglas, Cochise County520
85658STANDARDMarana, Pima County520
85662PO BOXNogales, Santa Cruz County520
85670PO BOXFort Huachuca, Sierra VistaCochise County520
85671PO BOXSierra Vista, Cochise County520
85701STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85702PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85703PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85704STANDARDTucson, Oro ValleyPima County520
85705STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85706STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85707PO BOXTucson, Davis Monthan Afb, Dm AfbPima County520
85708STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85709UNIQUETucson, Pima County520
85710STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85711STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85712STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85713STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85714STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85715STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85716STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85717PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85718STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85719STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85720PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85721UNIQUETucson, Pima County520
85722PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85723UNIQUETucson, Pima County520
85724UNIQUETucson, Pima County520
85725PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85726PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85728PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85730STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85731PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85732PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85733PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85734PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85735STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85736STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85737STANDARDTucson, Oro ValleyPima County520
85738PO BOXCatalina, TucsonPima County520
85739STANDARDTucson, SaddlebrookePima County520
85740PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85741STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85742STANDARDTucson, Oro ValleyPima County520
85743STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85744UNIQUETucson, Pima County520
85745STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85746STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85747STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85748STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85749STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85750STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85751PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85752PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85754PO BOXTucson, Pima County520
85755STANDARDTucson, Oro ValleyPima County520
85756STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85757STANDARDTucson, Pima County520
85775UNIQUETucson, Pima County520
85777UNIQUETucson, Pima County520
85901STANDARDShow Low, Navajo County928, 520
85902PO BOXShow Low, Navajo County928
85911PO BOXCibecue, Show LowNavajo County928
85912PO BOXWhite Mountain Lake, White Mtn LkNavajo County928
85920STANDARDAlpine, Apache County928
85922STANDARDBlue, Greenlee County928
85923PO BOXClay Springs, Navajo County928
85924STANDARDConcho, Apache County928
85925STANDARDEagar, Apache County928
85926PO BOXFort Apache, Navajo County928
85927STANDARDGreer, Apache County928
85928STANDARDHeber, Navajo County928
85929STANDARDLakeside, Navajo County928
85930PO BOXMcnary, Apache County928
85931PO BOXForest Lakes, HeberCoconino County928
85932PO BOXNutrioso, Apache County928
85933PO BOXOvergaard, Navajo County928
85934PO BOXPinedale, Navajo County928
85935STANDARDPinetop, Navajo County928
85936STANDARDSaint Johns, Apache County928
85937STANDARDSnowflake, Navajo County928
85938STANDARDSpringerville, Apache County928
85939PO BOXTaylor, Navajo County928
85940PO BOXVernon, Apache County928
85941PO BOXWhiteriver, Navajo County928
85942PO BOXWoodruff, SnowflakeNavajo County928
86001STANDARDFlagstaff, Coconino County928
86002PO BOXFlagstaff, Coconino County928
86003PO BOXFlagstaff, Coconino County928
86004STANDARDFlagstaff, Coconino County928, 602, 520
86011UNIQUEFlagstaff, Coconino County928
86015PO BOXBellemont, FlagstaffCoconino County928
86016PO BOXGray Mountain, CameronCoconino County928
86017PO BOXMunds Park, FlagstaffCoconino County928
86018PO BOXParks, Flagstaff, Parks Comm PoCoconino County928
86020PO BOXCameron, Coconino County928
86021PO BOXColorado City, Mohave County928
86022STANDARDFredonia, Coconino County928
86023PO BOXGrand Canyon, Coconino County928
86024STANDARDHappy Jack, FlagstaffCoconino County928
86025STANDARDHolbrook, Navajo County928
86028PO BOXPetrified Forest Natl Pk, Holbrook, Petrified ForNavajo County928
86029PO BOXSun Valley, HolbrookNavajo County928
86030PO BOXHotevilla, Navajo County928
86031PO BOXIndian Wells, HolbrookNavajo County928
86032PO BOXJoseph City, Navajo County928
86033PO BOXKayenta, Navajo County928
86034PO BOXKeams Canyon, Navajo County928
86035PO BOXLeupp, Coconino County928
86036STANDARDMarble Canyon, Coconino County928
86038STANDARDMormon Lake, FlagstaffCoconino County928, 520
86039PO BOXKykotsmovi Village, KykotsmoviNavajo County928
86040PO BOXPage, Coconino County928
86042PO BOXPolacca, Navajo County928
86043PO BOXSecond Mesa, Navajo County928
86044STANDARDTonalea, Coconino County928
86045PO BOXTuba City, Coconino County928
86046STANDARDWilliams, Coconino County928
86047STANDARDWinslow, Navajo County928
86052PO BOXNorth Rim, FredoniaCoconino County928
86053PO BOXKaibeto, TonaleaCoconino County928
86054PO BOXShonto, TonaleaNavajo County928
86301STANDARDPrescott, Yavapai County928, 602, 520
86302PO BOXPrescott, Yavapai County928
86303STANDARDPrescott, Groom CreekYavapai County928
86304PO BOXPrescott, Yavapai County928
86305STANDARDPrescott, Iron SpringsYavapai County928, 520
86312PO BOXPrescott Valley, Prescott VlyYavapai County928
86313PO BOXPrescott, Yavapai County928
86314STANDARDPrescott Valley, Prescott VlyYavapai County928
86315STANDARDPrescott Valley, Prescott VlyYavapai County928
86320PO BOXAsh Fork, Yavapai County928
86321STANDARDBagdad, Yavapai County928
86322STANDARDCamp Verde, Yavapai County928
86323STANDARDChino Valley, Yavapai County928
86324STANDARDClarkdale, Yavapai County928
86325STANDARDCornville, Yavapai County928
86326STANDARDCottonwood, Yavapai County928, 520
86327STANDARDDewey, Yavapai County928, 602
86329PO BOXHumboldt, Yavapai County928
86330STANDARDPrescott, Iron SpringsYavapai County928
86331PO BOXJerome, Yavapai County928
86332STANDARDKirkland, Peeples Valley, Peeples VlyYavapai County928
86333STANDARDMayer, Bensch Ranch, Cordes Lakes, Spring ValleyYavapai County928
86334STANDARDPaulden, Yavapai County928
86335STANDARDRimrock, Yavapai County928
86336STANDARDSedona, Yavapai County520, 928, 602
86337PO BOXSeligman, Yavapai County928
86338PO BOXSkull Valley, Yavapai County928
86339PO BOXSedona, Yavapai County928
86340PO BOXSedona, Yavapai County928
86341PO BOXSedona, Yavapai County928
86342PO BOXLake Montezuma, Lk MontezumaYavapai County928
86343PO BOXCrown King, Yavapai County928
86351STANDARDSedona, Yavapai County928, 520
86401STANDARDKingman, Mohave County928
86402PO BOXKingman, Mohave County928
86403STANDARDLake Havasu City, Lk Havasu CtyMohave County928
86404STANDARDLake Havasu City, Lk Havasu CtyMohave County928
86405PO BOXLake Havasu City, Lk Havasu CtyMohave County928
86406STANDARDLake Havasu City, Lk Havasu CtyMohave County928
86409STANDARDKingman, Mohave County928
86411PO BOXHackberry, KingmanMohave County928
86412PO BOXHualapai, KingmanMohave County928
86413STANDARDGolden Valley, KingmanMohave County928
86426STANDARDFort Mohave, Bullhead CityMohave County928
86427PO BOXFort Mohave, Bullhead CityMohave County928
86429STANDARDBullhead City, Mohave County928
86430PO BOXBullhead City, Mohave County928
86431PO BOXChloride, Mohave County928
86432PO BOXLittlefield, Mohave County928
86433PO BOXOatman, Mohave County928
86434STANDARDPeach Springs, Mohave County928
86435PO BOXSupai, Coconino County928
86436STANDARDTopock, Mohave County928
86437STANDARDValentine, KingmanMohave County928
86438PO BOXYucca, Mohave County928
86439PO BOXBullhead City, Mohave County928
86440STANDARDMohave Valley, Mohave County928
86441STANDARDDolan Springs, Mohave County928
86442STANDARDBullhead City, Mohave County928
86443STANDARDTemple Bar Marina, Templ Bar MarMohave County928
86444STANDARDMeadview, Mohave County928
86445STANDARDWillow Beach, Kingman, White HillsMohave County928
86446PO BOXMohave Valley, Bullhead CityMohave County928
86502PO BOXChambers, Apache County928
86503STANDARDChinle, Apache County928
86504PO BOXFort Defiance, Apache County928
86505STANDARDGanado, Apache County928
86506PO BOXHouck, Apache County928
86507PO BOXLukachukai, ChinleApache County520, 928
86508PO BOXLupton, HouckApache County928
86510PO BOXPinon, Navajo County928
86511PO BOXSaint Michaels, St MichaelsApache County928
86512PO BOXSanders, Apache County928
86514STANDARDTeec Nos Pos, Apache County928
86515PO BOXWindow Rock, Apache County928, 505
86520PO BOXBlue Gap, PinonApache County928
86535PO BOXDennehotso, Teec Nos PosApache County928
86538PO BOXMany Farms, ChinleApache County928
86540PO BOXNazlini, GanadoApache County928
86544PO BOXRed Valley, Teec Nos PosApache County928
86545PO BOXRock Point, Apache County928
86547PO BOXRound Rock, ChinleApache County928
86555STANDARDDouglas, Cochise County520
86556PO BOXTsaile, ChinleApache County928

Racial distribution

In examining the racial composition of Arizona, we derive insights from a comprehensive dataset. This data encompasses various racial categories, allowing us to understand the demographic diversity within the state. Below is a summary of the racial distribution based on the data collected at the zip code level:

  • White: The population identifying as White is 4,322,337.
  • Black or African American: The population identifying as Black or African American is 33,915.
  • Asian: The population identifying as Asian is 319,512.
  • Native Indian or Alaska Native: The population identifying as Native Indian or Alaska Native is 25,743.
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: The population identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander is 16,397.
  • Others The population identifyng as other races is 89,987

Based on the data, the dominant racial group in the state is White, comprising approximately 89.90% of the population. The minority racial group is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, representing 0.34% of the population.